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Steer Davies Gleave integrates CycleStreets routing for Local Authority websites

Saturday, March 23rd, 2013

Craig Nelson, from Steer Davies Gleave, writes in this guest post about their experiences of integrating the CycleStreets data interface (API) into cycling promotion websites recently created for Local Authorities:

In 2006 Steer Davies Gleave developed the UK’s first multi-modal journey planner for Brighton and Hove Council, as part of the Journey On project. Whilst it was ground-breaking, the project was tough – there was nothing on the market like it at that time so we had to work with a GIS software provider, set up a web service and play around with ITN data ‘fused’ locally collected network information. Whilst this allowed us to create a really accurate network for journey planning (including gradient information), maintenance was expensive and time consuming. Also, whilst we had full control of the network, it was near-impossible to let others edit or contribute.

Last year we took the decision to start looking at alternative data sources that are crowdsourced and alternative planning engines, and CycleStreets was the obvious match for our needs. We’d previously been working with a broad range of APIs for travel information provision – we like to use existing data sources rather than replicate or create new ones.

We were impressed with the CycleStreets approach, and really liked the way that OSM data was being managed by local people. With the push for ‘Big Society’ and an emphasis on local authorities saving money, we thought that hooking into what CycleStreets had created would be a good move. After discussing with Martin and Simon it became clear that an API could add considerably value to what we do and what we could offer our clients and, importantly, the public.

We’ve recently used the CycleStreets API for a wide range of multi-modal journey planning projects.

The first was a schools journey planner for Hertfordshire County Council. The client on this project really liked the way that their sustainable transport team could update the cycle network themselves and encourage others to do so as well.

Schools journey planner for Hertfordshire County Council

At the same time we were working with Swindon Borough Council to develop a new Swindon cycle map – we soon realised that we could use OSM to provide printed outputs as well as online and journey planning networks. Genius! With some initial support from the OSM team, we started to train up Swindon’s sustainable transport staff and get them involved with maintaining Swindon’s OSM network.

We now take regular updates to maintain their cycle map (printed and online) and rely on CycleStreets to update their journey planning network. It’s a fantastic proposition that works brilliantly.

Swindon Borough Council cycle map

More recently we’ve used the CycleStreets API for Travel West’s new multi-modal journey planner and will be using it for three more UK local authority mapping and journey planning projects.

Travel West multi-modal journey planner

What makes the API so attractive, apart from the regular updates to the network, is the ease of use and the way it can be integrated with our existing products. Clients love it too as they can keep their costs down and feel that they are buying into a really cutting edge source of data.

We’re really looking forward to what CycleStreets come up with next!

For further information, visit

‘White label’ cycle journey planners for Local Authorities and others

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

White label sites

We can create ‘white label’ sites which blend our journey planner seamlessly into your website, for a small fee.

We’ve created such sites for a range of organisations as our new webpage about this service outlines.

These sites are a great way to promote cycling in a Local Authority area or for a business. (They do not include the Photomap aspect of our system, to avoid liability issues.)

These sites can include:

  • Quick links to particular towns/cities in your area (or perhaps employment sites for a company)
  • ‘Cycle to us’ links so that the start/destination point for a journey can be pre-set
  • Extra option: Points of Interest (e.g. bike shop locations, cycle parking, etc.)

We can also include our leisure routing mode, or undertake customisation work.

Read full details on our White label sites page.

West Sussex cycle journey planner   Demo site: 'Placeford'

Bike Week cycle journey planner   Cycling Scotland cycle journey planner

Moving Somerset Forward cycle journey planner   PleaseCycle journey planner

Spogo cycle journey planner   Bike Hub cycle journey planner

LCC cycle journey planner   CTC cycle journey planner

London Travel live app adds CycleStreets cycle routing

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

This is a guest post from the creators of the London Travel live app, who have integrated our routing into the app.

London Travel live screenshot

London Travel live started as a one man’s quest for travelling around London. The concept materialised more out of frustration whilst standing out on a cold winter’s night waiting for the public transport to arrive.

The app provides more than one transport option and aims to answer the travellers needs whether be it TUBE / BUS / CYCLE / CAB or if one needs to walk to his/her destination.

The app combines data from different sources to keep it realtime and hence the tag “live” to the app name.

If one were to travel in London during the Xmas period you would definitely notice the swarm of Barclays Bikes zipping past you, when there is limited or no public transport.

To benefit these users we integrated the CycleStreets journey planner solution.

The idea of letting the user to plan his/her rides along the roads of London with the ability to choose a Safe / Quick or Balanced route instils them with confidence, whether they are tourists or locals.

London Travel live screenshot   London Travel live screenshot   London Travel live screenshot

We thank CycleStreets for providing this valuable information. This integration sets the base for further sharing of data by the community between the two entities.

For more information on London Travel live visit:

Please do add your reviews/suggestions about the app.

Traveline Cymru adds cycle routing from CycleStreets

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

This is a guest post from Traveline Cymru who have just integrated our cycle routing data interface (API) into their multi-modal travel service.

Traveline Cymru logo

Traveline Cymru has launched the latest addition to the journey planning service on its website, with the introduction of the option to plan a cycle route. The routing is provided by CycleStreets.

Now when planning a journey in Wales using the Traveline Cymru website, you will be able to select ‘cycle only’ and a written route of directions will be provided as well as the option to view your route in map form.

Step 1: Go to the Traveline website and plan your journey by entering a travelling from and a going to destination.

By selecting ‘Additional Options’ it allows you to decide what kind of cycle route you require for example the fastest or quietest way. It also gives the option to select a cycling speed.

Traveline Cymru screenshot

Step 2: Select the ‘Cycle Only’ tab.

Step 3: This then allows you to see how long your cycle journey will take you. To get further information on the route, click ‘Journey Details’.

Traveline Cymru screenshot   Traveline Cymru screenshot

Step 4: The journey details will tell you exactly what roads you will be cycling down, how far to go and how long it will take you. This can be saved, bookmarked, printed or emailed for future reference.

Step 5: If you would like to see your journey plotted on a map, click ‘View route on map’. This will then open another browser with your cycle route shown on a Google map. The yellow markers indicate a new point on your written instructions.

Traveline Cymru screenshot   Traveline Cymru screenshot

Traveline are very excited about the addition of CycleStreets to the website as it will allow people to consider cycling as one of their travel options. It helps put Traveline Cymru one step closer to being Wales’ one stop shop for ALL travel information.

Please visit to try it out for yourself!

PleaseCycle integrates cycle journey planner

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

PleaseCycleThis is a guest post from PleaseCycle, who include a journey planner run by CycleStreets in their product.

PleaseCycle is an online system allowing councils or employers to encourage and reward resident or employee cycling through an innovative leaderboard system and redemption of ‘points’ earned, whilst being able to report on the carbon saved as a result (very useful for CSR reporting) and routes taken (useful for infrastructure projects and further funding).

PleaseCycle helps organisations or councils understand, encourage and reward resident and employee sustainable travel – a proven way of saving carbon, increasing productivity and lowering absenteeism.

PleaseCycle journey planner

Our system is an online portal containing educational content, safe route planners, weather updates and a ‘leaderboard’. This allows staff or residents to ‘compete’ in teams across the organisation or Council, build morale and fitness, see how much they’re cycling, the resultant carbon saved and earn rewards for their mileage – like an “Air Miles” for bikes. These can be redeemed for free coffee, discounts off fitness/cycle accessories, bike servicing etc.

PleaseCycle BikeMiles   PleaseCycle leaderboard

It’s an employee-engagement, benefit and CSR tool rolled into one, helping organisations or councils to inspire healthy and sustainable behaviour  capture carbon data (valuable for carbon-reduction targets) and demonstrate the ROI of cycle2work schemes.

We utilise the Cyclestreets embedded journey planner solution for the PleaseCycle journey planner – see image below. Our whole product is about getting people new to cycling to give it a go, or have the confidence to cycle further. The Journey planner allows people to get over some of the barriers to cycling such as finding a safe route, or identifying where cycle paths are. The ability to map a quick, safe or balanced route is fantastic, and seeing the journey times makes people realise cycling is so much more efficient than public transport for short journeys.

PleaseCycle app   PleaseCycle usage

Thank you, CycleStreets, for a wonderful product which our clients and users value greatly.

Ronan Carter – Director, PleaseCycle

We welcome your feedback, especially to report bugs or give us route feedback.

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