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Urban Cycle Parking website goes live across London

Monday, March 21st, 2016

A new website, Urban Cycle Parking, built by CycleStreets, has been launched by London Cycling Campaign and Transport for London, aiming to outline where existing bike parking facilities are available in and around the capital and invites people to highlight existing facilities as well as outlining where more is needed.

The site builds on the crowdsourcing components of our data API, which had various enhancements made to enable auditing facilities.

Image credit: Primary Image

London Cycling Campaign’s Chief Executive Ashok Sinha commented:

“Substantially more high quality cycle parking at stations and on streets is vital to sustain the welcome growth in cycle use.

“The launch of this interactive Urban Cycle Parking website is a great opportunity for London cyclists to play an active role in improving cycling provision and to suggest the right places to install cycle stands.”

Cyclists just need to click on the map, or take a photo (which will auto-locate the image on a modern phone), and add a few details, such as the number of stands which would be useful. After agreeing to the open data license, the location is added, so that TfL can consider the suggestions.

Urban Cycle Parking

The site has been in public beta for several boroughs. Various improvements have been made to the site during this period to enable a wider rollout.

The visual design of the site, which is mobile-friendly, was created by Mike from Primary Image, who was a pleasure to work with. We then worked with this design to implement the functionality.

The Urban Cycle Parking site replaces the previous Cycle Parking 4 London site that we created several years ago for LCC.

Cycle North Staffs app created by CycleStreets

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

We’ve created a new cycling app for Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

The Cycle North Staffs app, developed by CycleStreets, is here to help you to get the most out of your cycling. The app is packed with routes across Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme to get you to school, to work, or for leisure. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android, and is available free of charge:


The app has a wide range of features:

  • Plan cycle routes from A-B
  • Gives a choice of routes: fastest, quietest, and balanced option
  • Browse leisure routes – fancy a pleasant hour’s ride somewhere nice?
  • Browse points of interest, such as bike shops or tourist attractions
  • Shows time, distance and quietness level
  • Shows how many calories you would use
  • Avoids hills automatically where possible, and shows the elevation profile
  • Calculates CO2 saving compared to a car
  • Browse photos and videos of cycle facilities in the area
  • Save your favourite places for easy access

Leisure routes   Local area information

Points of interest   Photos and videos of the area

The app makes use of our open-source iOS and Android codebases, helping lower costs to the Council and providing a well-tested codebase.

We are able to create custom cycle apps and embedded cycle journey planner websites for Local Authorities, companies and others. Do get in touch if this might be of interest to your organisation.

The apps have been possible thanks to the great work of our developers Neil and Jez.

Cycle Hackney app created by CycleStreets

Sunday, July 6th, 2014


We’ve created a new app for Hackney Council, the Cycle Hackney app.

Available for both iPhone and Android, the app aims to provide information to the Council on where people cycle for their daily journeys, and where improvements to the street and path network are most needed. This combines crowsourced GPS traces to help create a heatmap of utility cycle journeys.

Download on the App Store    Get it on Google Play

The app is aimed at utility journeys – everyday cycle journeys, rather than being an app for the sport or time-trialling demographic that can be found elsewhere.

Cycle Hackney app - screenshot     Cycle Hackney app - screenshot

After each journey, a short questionnaire appears to obtain some basic demographic information – this only takes a few seconds to complete:

Finished recording

In a press release for the app, we said:

“We’ve been pleased to create the Cycle Hackney app for Hackney Council. Although there are other apps for leisure route sharing, none have focussed on utility cycling data. The app will help identify streets and paths heavily used for everyday cycle journeys, as well as letting people report problems on the network. Local people can therefore use it to help the Council improve cycle infrastructure that will enable more people to cycle. Higher cycling levels are crucial for economic, environmental and health reasons, and Hackney is a leading borough in this.”

The app was launched at the Hackney Cycling Conference 2014. Hackney Council asked attendees of the conference to come up with an unusual or notable route to the conference. Here were the two winning entries:

One person, the winning entry, cycled the boundary of Hackney – an impressive feat!

Hackney boundary

Another person took the opportunity to create some ‘GPS art’ to spell out ‘I Love Hackney Cycling’:

I Love Hackney Cycling

As well as giving a list of routes, enabling users to track their distance and calorie usage, the app allows people to upload reports of problems they encounter in their daily journeys.

Cycle Hackney app - screenshot     Cycle Hackney app - screenshot

We’re pleased that the new app was a finalist for the London Cycling Campaign Awards 2014, in the Digital Campaign of the Year category.

Hackney Council’s transport team would welcome any feedback on the app, for instance, new features that would be useful to add, or other feedback. We’ve enjoyed working with Hackney on this project.

The app uses code from Cycle Atlanta and our own CycleStreets apps. The app has been created by our developers,  Neil Edwards (iPhone) and Jez Higgins (Android).

PS We can create apps for Local Authorities and others that combine our portfolio of cycle mapping solutions – journey planner, photomap for reporting problems, GPS tracking, and information updates. Do get in touch if this may be of interest.

Halfords cycle journey planner

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

The new Halfords cycle journey planner, created by CycleStreets, is live on their website, complementing their wide range of bikes and advice to help people get cycling.

The site includes map markers for easy directions to Halfords stores.

Halfords cycle journey planner

There’s also a version for the site: cycle journey planner

The site has been created using our White Label Sites service.

Transition Black Isle embeds CycleStreets into its website to help cut one million car miles

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

CycleStreets has worked with Transition Black Isle to provide an embedded cycle journey planner for their website. Peter Elbourne, project officer for the Million Miles project explains.

Million Miles logo

Transition Black Isle is a community organisation and registered charity that aims to take local action on issues relating to peak oil and climate change. The group decided to undertake a bold project to make local travel more sustainable and, in March 2012, they were awarded a grant of £195,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund. Transition Black Isle’s Million Miles project aims to cut one million car miles by 2015 by encouraging active travel, improving access to public transport and promoting greener car travel.

One of the key objectives of the Million Miles project is to create an active travel map of the Black Isle to signpost less confident cyclists along quiet off-road tracks through farmland and forests. However, the group had some significant hurdles to overcome:

  • The Black Isle is a large rural peninsula with a dispersed population, which makes gathering information about routes a time-consuming and arduous process and it is also difficult to know what journeys local residents make.
  • Active travel routes will change over time (e.g. alteration of forestry tracks, new purpose-built paths), which means that a map could be out-of-date soon after printing.

Transition Black Isle cycle journey planner

Transition Black Isle’s solution was to ‘crowdsource’ mapping data by asking local people to contribute information to the online map, OpenStreetMap. This innovative approach means that the group has access to a digital map that can continually be updated. A diverse network of contributors – including keen walkers, weekend cyclists and even remote mappers without a particular connection to the Black Isle – have been adding to the map since early 2013. Huge amounts of progress has been made and the peninsula is mapped on OpenStreetMap with valuable detail for walking and cycling, providing information such as track surface, barriers, access and bike parking.

Transition Black Isle is now looking to create a printed map to distribute locally, but a single map cannot convey all of the information that is available through OpenStreetMap. The group had been promoting CycleStreets locally as it was a great application for the information they collectively contributed to OpenStreetMap. Their experience of our bespoke lift-sharing website demonstrated that it is important to promote an online service with a local connection, so Transition Black Isle decided to take advantage of an offer from CycleStreets to embed a version of the journey planner into their website. After a quick and hassle-free set up, went live in April 2014!

Peter Elbourne, project officer for the Million Miles project said:

“CycleStreets now fits seamlessly into our website and with the homepage map centred over the Black Isle, selecting the start and end points of a route is straightforward and you can toggle between a selection of useful background maps and aerial photography.”

“Quiet, Fastest and Balanced are the ideal categories for routes options from A to B because people using the journey planner will take different approaches to cycling: one cyclist may want to stick to the roads and get somewhere as quickly as possible and another may be happy meandering through the forests free from traffic.”

Culbokie Journey on embedded CycleStreets planner

The screenshot below shows some of the work that has been done to improve the OpenStreetMap map data in the area. Peter said:

“It’s particularly satisfying when CycleStreets routes you along a forest access road or farm track that you added to OpenStreetMap – it completes the circle!”

OSM Culbokie Apr 2013 to Jan 2014

Transition Black Isle will also ensure that their printed map heavily promotes OpenStreetMap and the new online cycle router. In a sense, the printed map will be an elaborate flyer for There’s a lot going on in the Million Miles project – visit the page on the group’s website for more information.

Want an embedded cycle journey planner on your website? Read our page to find out more.

‘White label’ cycle journey planners for Local Authorities and others

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

White label sites

We can create ‘white label’ sites which blend our journey planner seamlessly into your website, for a small fee.

We’ve created such sites for a range of organisations as our new webpage about this service outlines.

These sites are a great way to promote cycling in a Local Authority area or for a business. (They do not include the Photomap aspect of our system, to avoid liability issues.)

These sites can include:

  • Quick links to particular towns/cities in your area (or perhaps employment sites for a company)
  • ‘Cycle to us’ links so that the start/destination point for a journey can be pre-set
  • Extra option: Points of Interest (e.g. bike shop locations, cycle parking, etc.)

We can also include our leisure routing mode, or undertake customisation work.

Read full details on our White label sites page.

West Sussex cycle journey planner   Demo site: 'Placeford'

Bike Week cycle journey planner   Cycling Scotland cycle journey planner

Moving Somerset Forward cycle journey planner   PleaseCycle journey planner

Spogo cycle journey planner   Bike Hub cycle journey planner

LCC cycle journey planner   CTC cycle journey planner

Traveline Cymru adds cycle routing from CycleStreets

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

This is a guest post from Traveline Cymru who have just integrated our cycle routing data interface (API) into their multi-modal travel service.

Traveline Cymru logo

Traveline Cymru has launched the latest addition to the journey planning service on its website, with the introduction of the option to plan a cycle route. The routing is provided by CycleStreets.

Now when planning a journey in Wales using the Traveline Cymru website, you will be able to select ‘cycle only’ and a written route of directions will be provided as well as the option to view your route in map form.

Step 1: Go to the Traveline website and plan your journey by entering a travelling from and a going to destination.

By selecting ‘Additional Options’ it allows you to decide what kind of cycle route you require for example the fastest or quietest way. It also gives the option to select a cycling speed.

Traveline Cymru screenshot

Step 2: Select the ‘Cycle Only’ tab.

Step 3: This then allows you to see how long your cycle journey will take you. To get further information on the route, click ‘Journey Details’.

Traveline Cymru screenshot   Traveline Cymru screenshot

Step 4: The journey details will tell you exactly what roads you will be cycling down, how far to go and how long it will take you. This can be saved, bookmarked, printed or emailed for future reference.

Step 5: If you would like to see your journey plotted on a map, click ‘View route on map’. This will then open another browser with your cycle route shown on a Google map. The yellow markers indicate a new point on your written instructions.

Traveline Cymru screenshot   Traveline Cymru screenshot

Traveline are very excited about the addition of CycleStreets to the website as it will allow people to consider cycling as one of their travel options. It helps put Traveline Cymru one step closer to being Wales’ one stop shop for ALL travel information.

Please visit to try it out for yourself!

PleaseCycle integrates cycle journey planner

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

PleaseCycleThis is a guest post from PleaseCycle, who include a journey planner run by CycleStreets in their product.

PleaseCycle is an online system allowing councils or employers to encourage and reward resident or employee cycling through an innovative leaderboard system and redemption of ‘points’ earned, whilst being able to report on the carbon saved as a result (very useful for CSR reporting) and routes taken (useful for infrastructure projects and further funding).

PleaseCycle helps organisations or councils understand, encourage and reward resident and employee sustainable travel – a proven way of saving carbon, increasing productivity and lowering absenteeism.

PleaseCycle journey planner

Our system is an online portal containing educational content, safe route planners, weather updates and a ‘leaderboard’. This allows staff or residents to ‘compete’ in teams across the organisation or Council, build morale and fitness, see how much they’re cycling, the resultant carbon saved and earn rewards for their mileage – like an “Air Miles” for bikes. These can be redeemed for free coffee, discounts off fitness/cycle accessories, bike servicing etc.

PleaseCycle BikeMiles   PleaseCycle leaderboard

It’s an employee-engagement, benefit and CSR tool rolled into one, helping organisations or councils to inspire healthy and sustainable behaviour  capture carbon data (valuable for carbon-reduction targets) and demonstrate the ROI of cycle2work schemes.

We utilise the Cyclestreets embedded journey planner solution for the PleaseCycle journey planner – see image below. Our whole product is about getting people new to cycling to give it a go, or have the confidence to cycle further. The Journey planner allows people to get over some of the barriers to cycling such as finding a safe route, or identifying where cycle paths are. The ability to map a quick, safe or balanced route is fantastic, and seeing the journey times makes people realise cycling is so much more efficient than public transport for short journeys.

PleaseCycle app   PleaseCycle usage

Thank you, CycleStreets, for a wonderful product which our clients and users value greatly.

Ronan Carter – Director, PleaseCycle

Go Dutch map for London Cycling Campaign

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Which roads in London would you like to Go Dutch?

Add your suggestions to London Cycling Campaign’s map submission system that we created for them recently:

This is one of a number of customised views we have created of our Photomap, making it easy to request and collection locations of problematic areas around cities. If you’d like something similar done, get in touch.

Journey planner for Samsung Bike Week

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

We’ve created a customised cycle journey planner for the Samsung Bike Week website.

We hope you’re enjoying Bike Week, and using it as an opportunity to spread the joys of cycling!

Each event has a new ‘Plan your route to the event’ link, which pre-fills the destination box, making it even easier to promote events and encourage people to come.

We’re able to create customised journey planners for a variety of organisations – such as councils, companies, and cycling promotion organisations. There’s a small fee to cover its hosting for 3 years and to support ongoing development of the routing. Do get in touch if you’d be interested to explore the possibilities.

We welcome your feedback, especially to report bugs or give us route feedback.

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