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Cross St A56 Sale near Manchester newly resurfaced road with lane markings and cycle icons. Lane is not wide enough to accommodate a cycle lane. Probably better than a painted line. At least the whole width of the road has been surfaced. … [more]

New cycleway approaching Angouleme Way. Good protection but the dark surface is very bumpy.

It seems that someone is annoyed that cyclists are avoiding the stupid barriers placed here.

Cattle pen removed from central island to give more space to pedestrians as a resonse to the covid pandemic. Unfortunately the cycle is still very long so queues of pedestrians still build up.

To continue riding on the A56 covid-19 pop-up cycleway from here you need to head right (where it is blocked by the two blue arrows) across the path of motor traffic heading straight on up Barton Road. An accident waiting to happen.

The A56 gains 10m of pop-up cycle lane

Sign saying nothing at all blocks the half-width cycle lane on the A56 in Trafford.

Sign as part of the pop-up covid-19 cycle lane on the A56 in Trafford. Why?

Covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the A56 through Trafford. Busy high-speed slip road for the M60 motorway crosses the cycle lane. To motorists this just appears to be coned off road works. For a video showing how dangerous this is see: … [more]

Covid-19 pop-up cycle lane on the A56 in Sale. Too many high speed crossings .

Not much assistance getting national cycle route 562 across the busy A56.

route sign

route sign

Cyclists' favorite sign.

Runcorn Loop cycleway crosses the A56 at a toucan crossing.

Illegally parked car protects cyclists from getting their wheels caught on the wrong type of corduroy paving #83711

Dangerous Give Way markings for Springbrook Road are set forward into the road, obstructing cyclists heading for the cycle lane.

Kissing gate replaced by an 'A' frame barrier. UPDATE 2018: The kissing gate has now been replace by chicanes.

sign for national cycle network - but no indication of destinations

two sheffield stands outside Lymm Co-op

Central island complete with cattle pens and a long stagger for pedestrians creates a long pinch point for cyclists.

"Waffle" pattern grid - no slots to catch cyclists wheels.

No signal head for cyclists or pedestrians crossing this three lane exit slip road from the M56. There is very limited visibility of approaching traffic due to the bend. I thinnk the Mid-Mersy Cycle Path just ends here. There are no signs … [more]

Unprotected crossing of a high speed two-lane exit slip road.

No signal head for cyclists where the cycle path crosses three lanes of traffic.This could leave you half way across just as the lights change to green.

One of many metal barriers placed across the Mid-Mersey cycle path. These are a serious hazard at night as they have no reflective warnings.

Cycleway running parallel to main road yields priority to a country lane.

Fence across cycle path. Avoidable by riding on the grass verge.

Cycle path interrupted by Keckwick Lane even though it is only the last couple of metres before the blocked end of the road.

No expense spared to provide parallel crossings for horses and pedestrians/cyclists. The toucan crossing features the traditional staggered cattle pen arrangement. The horse crossing has rustic fencing is more direct and closer to the … [more]

One of many barriers across this cycle path can be avoided by cycling on the grass verge.

Crossing at junction with Daresbury Expressway involve four separate stages with convolulted passages through cattle pens. Each push button requires you to wait for a complete cycle of the lights even if the crossing traffic is held on red … [more]

Drivers turning right from the dual carriageway to enter the dental academy are given no signs or markings to indicate that they are crossing a cyclepath. Their attendion understandably will be on identifying a gap in oncoming traffic so … [more]

Barriers across cycle path. Most tend to avoid it by riding on the narrow grass verge between the path and the road, UPDATE 2020: Boulders have now been added #141317 Someone in Halton Borough Council must really hate cyclists.

Kerbed gap in cycleway where it crosses field entrance. Is this the boundary between Warrington and Halton perhaps?

Blind junctions between private drives and narowed cycleway running immediately adjacent to the hedge. Near miss witnessed here.

Poor visibility between cycleway and private drive due to a tree blocking the sightline. There are a number of driveway crossings with similarly poor visibility on the section between #83744 and #83746

Cycleway narrows and passes imedieatly adjecent to the wall approaching a driveway creating a blind corner.

Cycleway alongside A56 gives way to country lane

Fence across cycleway

Barrier across cycleway. Most riders avoid this by riding on the grass verge.

Country lane has marked priority over cyclepath alongside A road.

Minor road has priority over main cycle route.

Cycle path alongside A56 yields priority to a small lane.

Fence across cycle path

Road sign mounted on a single off-centre post to avoid obstructing the cycle path.

Fence across the cycle path on the ramp towards the toastrack bridge. Most cyclists avoid this by riding on the grass verge.

There is no stage at the traffic lights for cyclists where the cycle path crosses Runcorn Road. The direct line is obstructed by a fence. Cyclists need to follow the narrow pavement before turning sharply to make an unprotected crossing. … [more]

cycle lane (#83711) runs into a kerb

Strange curved 2-way on-carriageway cycle lane takes the Mid Mersey Cycle Path round a bus stop against the flow of the A56 dual carriageway. The wrong sort of textured paving is a hazard to cyclists and misleading to visually impaired … [more]

For some reason, a cycle path crosses the dual carriagway without any signal protection - rather than use the traffic lights 10m to the west.

Indistinct markings where Mid Mersey Cycle Path crosses the exit from the garden centre

Dual carriageway crossing point made more tricky by having to avoid the sign plonked in the middle of the narrow cycleway.

Vegetation growing across what is already a narrow cycle-path

Cycle path alongside the A56 main road yields priority to a small country lane. Visibilty is not helped by the growth of vegetation across the path.

Vegetation encroaching what was already a sub-standard shared-use pavement. Width is particularly important here as the hill makes for high speeds.

Cyclists heading west to join the Mid Mersey cycle path need to filter right to cross the A56 dual carriageway with no protection, then make a sharp left hand turn onto the shared use pavement.

Sequence of 3 centre islands creates a long pinch point.

Fences placed across a newly constructed cycle path - There is also a bus shelter slap bang in the middle of the path a short distance away.

@OfficialTfGM @ManCityCouncil How do you legally continue to ride towards Deansgate from here?

Road space reallocation - lane one of the dual carriagway converted into a cycle lane

UPDATE It is signed that Deansgate is closed to motor traffic (except for access) and yet there is a 4 lane dual carriageway that accesses from here. UPDATE the lane directions have been changed yet again but still NO Advanced Stop Line … [more]

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