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Two sets of barriers make this useful route a difficult proposition. A better solution might be found here.

Potential route through here, needs obstructions removing and surface treating. Potential for slight widening by taking some of the allotment land.

A useful link south currently made illegal by the signage. Potential for slight widening by removing a metre of the allotment land, although there's enough room anyway.

Potentially useful link (moreso for pedestrians I think) westwards.

A potential route to Pennybridge Lane? Needs vegetation cutting back, barriers removing.

Ridiculous obstructions that should be removed. The bollards should be replaced with something spaced further apart, so larger bicycles and tricycles can pass.

Trafford Greater MCR Woodhouse Lane route to recycling centre .Why do @unitedutilities @broadheathward @greatermcr discourage walking and cycling to the Sinderland Road Household Waste Recycling Centre ? @MayorofGM @chris_boardman ? I re ... [more]

Broadheath near Altrincham A56 parallel path.. An Bollards too close together does not allow easy access except to the smallest of cycles . Also no cycling sign needs removing

Broadheath near Altrincham A56 parallel This old railway line could probably be a cycle route if all the trees and veg were removed. Instead the rail is left creating a barrier on this path

UPDATE ******** As this is a TMBC footpath may be TMBC should improve this path surface as have Stamford Brook Estate at other locations.*******Sale Trafford route across Sinderland brook . This is not as bad as other chicanes along this ro ... [more]

Sale Trafford route along Sinderland brook. The A frame is too narrow. After much argument the gate on the left is now left open giving access to the park - no noticeable increase in motorbike nuisamce

Sale Trafford route across Sinderland brook . The A frame has been widened unofficially which make it slightly better but still an issue especially the poor surface at the site of the access.

Sale Trafford route across Sinderland brook

Sale Greater Manchester NEW BIN ON DESIRE LINE OF PATH A new bin has been placed wide face on the path's dropped kerb to create maximum obstruction to walkers and cyclists. Worse the person on a bicycle on avoiding the pedestrian and the ob ... [more]

Stretford anchester a bin has been placed on the pedestrain man icon . Evidence that this bin is an obstruction on a shared use path. Pedestrians are discouraged from using the pedestrian side of the path and using the cycle side of the bus ... [more]


Trafford Stretford Trans PennineTrail (TPT) under Bridgewater Way . The section from here to under A56 has been restored to its former width and smoother surface #46536 (but the surface is compacted rather than a more durable type which is ... [more]

Maybe the Absolute Bollards campaign should push for No Parking signs?

Lochside Trail. Maybe the Absolute Bollards campaign should also push for No Parking signs?

A route to avoid a busy road bridge is compromised by barriers see also #95760

A route to avoid a busy road bridge is compromised by barriers see also #95761

Forest of bollards. Good luck trying to get your bike through here on this 'national cycle route', much less a tricycle or adapted cycle of any sort. Typical masochistic 'infrastructure' brought to you by Sustrans.

Opened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards, misplaced lamp-posts, and loose gravel on the cycleway. Naturally nobody wants to cycle on loose gravel so everyone cycles on the tiled side that was supposed to be the footway. ... [more]

More 'wacky' gates on the Ridgeway. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own good! So t ... [more]

More 'wacky' gates on the Ridgeway. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own good! So t ... [more]

The 'wacky' gates remain as the site opens. Because the university believes deeply that they cannot do anything nice without also doing something horrible. The reasoning seems to be that 'cyclists' need to be 'punished'! For their own go ... [more]

A really horrible barrier in the middle of a bumpy and miserly cycleway. At least the scenery north of here is decent. But you often feel like you're going to have a head-on collision, the path is so small there. Really unfortunate, s ... [more]

Impassable 'pram arms' form an exclusionary barrier on what is supposed to be a cycle route.

There are two sets of bollards like this on the cycle path leading to Newmarket Road Tesco

There are two sets of five bollards like this, one after the other.

One of a series of bollards at Newmarket Road Tesco

One of a series of bollards on the cycle path by Tesco Newmarket Road

Short camouflaged bollards risk risk injury to cyclists #absolutebollards Taller more visible bollards would be safer

Short camouflaged bollards risk injury to cyclists #absolutebollards Taller more visible bollards would be safer

Pennington nr Leigh Greater Manchester. A cycle route not shown on openstreets map ! It's a nice route to Pennington Flash aprt from the #absolutebollards

Pennington nr Leigh Greater Manchester. A cycle route not shown on openstreets map ! It's a nice route to Paennington Flash aprt from the #absolutebollards

Pennington nr Leigh Greater Manchester. A cycle route not shown on openstreets map ! It's a nice route to Pennington Flash apart from the #absolutebollards . Bizarrely this barrier can easily be by passed by using Lightburne Ave and rejoini ... [more]

Pennington nr Leigh Greater Manchester

These bollards pose a hazard to people walking and cycling. In the winter it is dark when most people are leaving work, but the bollards are unlit and unreflective. The further bollard in this picture partially blends in with the shadows fr ... [more]

The dangerous chicane at the corner of Adams Road, Wilberforce Road and the Coton path. It's obvious that people are colliding with the stonework here because it is always getting knocked out of place.

White line painted down Ridgeway now. Problematic gates remain for the time being.

UPDATE 2018 **** A simple #quickwin solution is to lock the gate in a partially open position see #101653 and #101932 so that cyclists and pedestrians can get through but keep out motor cars and larger vehicles (NB this existing gap does N ... [more]

NCN62 TPT The latest Highways England standard OCT 2016 states that these barriers must not be used at all, because they prevent access by various types of cycle, as well as other types o ... [more]

Broadheath Altrincham. Route from Pochard Drive would be a good access if the obstruction is removed. Other paths are available which do not have these barriers. The path shown on the default map layer connecting Barlow Road does not have a ... [more]

The other end of the path from Froment Way to Butt Lane. There is no dropped kerb onto Butt Lane, encouraging those who are agile enough to get their bike through this mounted (does not include me - I'd fall off) to cycle on the pavement. ... [more]

Why is half this path blocked off? To prevent vehicles using this, a simple centrally placed bollard would work. You often have to wait for other people here and the visibility is terrible. This path links Butt Lane and Froment Way which ... [more]

A view of the school-route obstruction showing trying to get a (normal-sized) bicycle through it. If mounted you have to put your feet down as the angles are too tight not to fall off.

This is a route to a primary school used by mums with pushchairs and cargo bikes and lots of little kids tagging along on bikes behind mums on bikes. Note the householder has now put a fence alongside the obstruction as most mums were clea ... [more]

An ancient, tight and decrepit set of bollards on the path by 35 Gough Way through to Barton Road. It is just possible, though nerve-wracking, to cycle through the adjacent gap without stopping.

Another blatant attempt to stop cycling, even though it's on the Bar Hill Cycleway. These barriers are dangerous and need to be removed.

This obstruction needs to be removed. The metal loops are clearly intended to impede cyclists - dangerous and unnecessary. As the track turns sharply just after the obstruction, long bikes would find it very hard to remain on the track.

It's just possible to cycle through this one, if you're careful, but the metal loops (hard to see the left one, because of the vegetation) don't need to be there and should be removed.

Route between Ponsonby Rd and Belford Rd could be made legal for cycles and access improved, currently quite tight getting through #AbsoluteBollards

Old Trafford at Hullard Park entrance there are dropped kerbs here but are obstructed. a gap in the railing would help on these quiet roads and encourage permeability for cyclists.

Stealth bollard at the end of Cheney Way. With #bonuscat. #absolutebollards @camcycle

That's a primary school in the background, but local kids still need to go round the front of the school onto the much busier Arbury Rd, and if they do cycle this way they are faced with pointless chicanes. Also a problem for people in whee ... [more]

Not really dangerous just useless. Outside St. Andrew's @camcycle #absolutebollards

@camcycle Similar ones on Fen road. The one on the left is particularly pointless. #absolutebollards

This is how Cambridge University 'welcomes' cycling.

Only one bollard is necessary to prevent vehicle access here. This would create less conflict, as cycles and wheelchairs etc could pass simultaneously each side of the bollard.

Same design of bollard as with a sharp flat top which can catch on flesh or bags and clothing, and short so not very visible. This is placed to create maximum conflict at the busstop, when users ... [more]

At the end of the Melville Road is a kerb to make it a cul de sac this idea at Hove would be great here

Bollard placement obstructs pavement and cycles. While width between them is okay (but could be better), the fact that the bollards are in the middle of the cut-through, rather than either side, obstructs cycling. This is particularly the c ... [more]

Link from the new cycleway by the busway to an industrial estate.

Link to the new cycleway by the busway to the Cambridge North station

Multiple obstacles on NCN60 in Gorton, Manchester. Various ways through, each with a different level of risk.

Gratuitous pinch stile obstructing the path. Action - make the cattle grid full width with a bypass gate for dog walkers etc and remove the pram arms.

The chicanes on Legate Walk as it passes into the open area before the underpass beneath Northfield Avenue pose a substantial obstruction. Navigating them on a bike with panniers is difficult and I have twice fallen off attempting this. It ... [more]

The large chicanes that obstruct the cycle path that crosses from Walker Court across Nicholson Way onto the green space around Arbury Community Centre obstruct the cycle path. It is difficult to navigate around them without falling off on ... [more]

Obstructive barriers on a cycle path

Hard to see the point of this configuration. It's not a barrier to cycles (it shouldn't be, as there is cycle parking this side of the bollards). It does create conflict by restricting the routes people can take, both on foot and on bik ... [more]

See clip at An update from It looks like someone has successfully pointed out that the barriers are too close together. Although I'd still suggest there's a better ... [more]

Deadly almost invisible pram arms on these bollards of the so called Bar Hill cycleway.

Useful link between The Orchards and Gladstone Way - but spoilt by a silly chicane made out of two rounded-A cycle parking stands. There's no dropped kerb in the obvious place, because that would take away a motor vehicle storage space?

Stretford near Victoria Park and St Anns primary schools - Crazy cycle lane with legal car parking on approach

This terrible underpass is still as bad as ever. But wait seven years: #113875

The barrier chicanes at Orchard Estate, looking towards town. A proposal at June 2013 is to install a new cycleway to the left of and parallel to the path opposite this photo. The first 10 metres alongside the brown fence is limited by the ... [more]

Annoying obstruction on the access to this cycle path. Compare with the same scene 10 years ago: #7913. The street light has moved to the middle - which could facilitate removal of the concrete bollard with the pram arms. The house ... [more]

Access to Leisure facilty from the shops just off the Sale Trans Pennine Trail NCN62 see also #41974 and #41973

UPDATE JAN 2018 The barrier has been removed and there has been no reports of motorcycles mopeds using this route. UPDATE AUG 2017 The latest Highways England standard OCT 2016 states tha ... [more]

Useful link spoiled by these awkward chicanes. Why do the designers of these things not appreciate that all they have to do is slow people down, not force them to do awkward wiggles?

Barriers temporarily opened here during the Mill Road Winter Fair. For the rest of the year, whilst a barrier is needed to stop through-traffic, this photo shows how much easier cycling through here would be if the gate were replaced wit ... [more]

The barriers here are rather un-necessary because there is no pedestrian traffic immediately beyond, and there's plenty of visibility before the footway.

The rather tight chicane at Rustat Road, Charles Street, Greville Road junction. It doesn't need to be so difficult and so ugly.

Yellow lines near the exit to the Jane Coston Cycle Bridge ensure good visibility

Failure of design. This once lovely cycle-path has been spoiled by these chicanes. Any danger that is here is surely due to the parked cars immediately either side of the junction with the road. But that issue hasn't been addressed. See ... [more]

Inadequte provision forces cyclists to break the law. And why are these poles needed?

This is officially a cycle path and a very convenient way from Milton Road/Kendal Way to the river Cam (Frank's Lane / Anglers Way, over a green, crossing Fen Rd near the railway bridge). Unfortunately the path is obstructed on both ends.

Barriers to progress. Chicanes on this route.

Jitty or Snicket through to Froment Avenue

Chicanes on this route.

Closure between Hobart and Suez Rds. Similar in Waltham Forest: #106759

Summerfield - cut-through south to Barton Rd

Where are cyclists supposed to go now? The route just stops at the point where the pavement starts. As with the rest of the Tesco development, there are also ludicrous obstructions which make cycling from Tesco with shopping difficult.

New barrier installed

People with prams or wheelchairs are forced across the cattle grid, where the smaller wheels can get stick. A gate would be better.


directional signage.

This bollard is to prevent vehicle access on this route, but the arrangement makes the route inaccessible to wheelchairs, tricycles etc. Levelling the area but keeping the bollard position the same would be the best solution, so there ar ... [more]

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