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Smithdown Road

Dublin: view from the top deck of the bus from the ferry port into the city.

No right turn, with no exemption for cycling.

Bus priority signals, accessed via a left turn lane that gets a green before the straight ahead direction. But no cycling in the bus lane.

Milton Keynes NCN51 Faded red lane and markings

The traffic signals on Alderman Road have acquired a cycle advance green of about 6 seconds before the full green in one direction, plus a toucan crossing on this side for those cycling down the footway of Lincoln Avenue.

The Advance Stop Line box has acquired a stop line across the cycle lane too.

Manchester Oxford Road

A funders' sign for whatever aspect of this road layout they wish to trumpet about. Fastlink maybe or the cycle route? There isn't any sign to say whether or not the footway here is shared use. There was a sign at #99434 and there's one jus ... [more]

The proposed cycleway for Jura Street will be on the left side, and end at a toucan crossing across Paisley Road West to Bellahouston Park. So this door-zone cycle lane will be removed.

Mill Road junction with Hemingford Road and Coleridge Road.

Looks a bit like an ASL (Advanced Stop Line) underneath the elevated railway in Chicago.

Direction sign for secure cycle parking in Cadogan Square partly obscured by whatever UB07 signifies. The size of the text also makes it hard to see, and the sign at the next junction is even less conspicuous.

Gwydir Street approach lane for advanced stop line

Now that Princes Street is only used by buses, trams and bikes the ASL seems less necessary.

Desire line onto pavement cycleway

Advanced green and advanced stop line help the diagonal desire line at this junction.

That Advance Stop Line is sure encouraging people to cycle!

The junction before the start of the protected cycle lanes on Hamilton Road.

I'm not sure what the purpose of this cycle lane is.

The route just ends at the traffic signals before the M74 off-ramp junction, with a Give Way into the Advance Stop Line. It's hard to see any logic as to when cycle facilities are provided here. Westbound it is to cross the off-ramp, with n ... [more]

Just when the road gets to a narrow bit on a slight climb, the cycle lane stops briefly.

Advanced green light for cyclists At Hills Road / Gonville Place junction in Cambridge

A new pinch-point in Oswald St to look out for cycling, which is also successful in trapping buses in the bus stop. And useless Advance Stop Line.

Advanced Stop Line, Kingston

Phase one of Access to Headington complete. Narrow on road lane replaced with shared footway.

Midland St now has a contraflow bus lane from Jamaica St, before becoming two-way by the mid-point.

The outside bus lane has been curtailed (along with the advance stop line) to allow more room for buses turning from Oswald St into Argyle St.

Right turn in two stages. Or play chicken with four lanes of traffic. #glasgowcycling [Ahead Only signs mean that right turn can only be made by the two-stage route.]

Cambridge kerb style raised cycleway on Arbury road.

Hanbury Street

INCREDIBLE NEW CYCLING INFRA HITS BELFAST No, it's the same useless shit that @deptinfra will pat itself on back for

The end of the inexplicable and abandoned cycleway on Saracen Street (see also #83824). Are cyclists expected to bump the kerb and use the ASL feeder?

See clip at Probably ought to go out to control (or primary) position in ASL box to stop this kind of nonsense. However, it's possibly best to have driver behaviour of this poor (and illegal) quality ahead n ... [more]

Advanced stop line with central approach lane enabling cyclists to adopt a good road position to turn right, and to avoid the laft hooking problem with kerb line approaches. Sadly, soon after the photo was taken, this facility was remove ... [more]

The Clyde Street cycleway approaching crossing across to Carlton Place.

ASL and cycle parking by Hull Central Library

Belvoir Street, Leicester

The Scale Of The Problem On Triangle South In Bristol

London Cycle Network route 3

Bellevue Road - nothing here to suggest that the London Cycle Network route 3 turns right here.

Camberwell New Road

Camberwell Grove - road narrowing at railway bridge

Camberwell Grove

Peckham Road, Camberwell

Brixton Road

Cycle ride from King's Cross to Borough Road

Junction in Farringdon with mini-lights for cyclists.

Mini-traffic lights and a countdown for pedestrians crossing in Camden.

A facility has been provided to allow cyclists to head straight up Water Street for a bit, to avoid the gyratory at Chapel Street.

Cycles allowed to make right turn outside Oxford Road station into Whitworth Street West (and thus access Oxford Street), when other vehicles restricted to left turn only.

This narrow corner is going to be rebuilt as part of Glasgow City Council's cycle route along the south bank of the River Clyde. Update at #83027.

Nothing but Advance Stop Lines on Cathcart Road.

So has the cycle route suddenly gone back onto the road? Without warning (or space) a cycle lane appears in the road, carefully painting around a pothole, and does the straight ahead arrow mean the route is going straight on at the junction ... [more]

The cycle route joins the A724, at a signalised roundabout. An Advance Stop Line has been provided, nothing else. From the signs further along the road, it appears cyclists are meant to join the footway at the far side of this junction ( ... [more]

Advisory cycle lane in Rostock. Location: Stadtteil Stadtmitte, Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

ASL and narrow feeder lane

No way to get to the ASL safely.

On my first pass of this junction I saw the "RR" cycle route sign on the right at the last minute and continued to head straight on up the road on the left. However, after seeing no further signs, I came back to this junction for another lo ... [more]

The junction of the "RR" cycle route with the A701 at Kaimes has nothing more than Advance Stop Lines.

A cycle parking hoop that's been twisted around so any bike parked on it would obstruct footway and adjacent cycleway. Plus taxi drivers ignoring advance stop lines again.

@SimonLamrock @veloevol @cycleoptic @TfL The lane and ASL on Praed Street outside Paddington is an all day taxi rank

Maryhill Rd @ QMD where they have lovely ASZs for the use of private hire taxis. #glasgowcycleinfraday

This is Gt Western Rd. That's an inadequate cycle approach to an inadequate ASL. #glasgowcycleinfraday @GlasgowCC

The strict adhering to ASL paint demo on Maryhill Road. #glasgowcycleinfraday

Titanic Quarter's finest! A cycle lane barely the width of the double yellows underneath. At least it's mandatory!

See clip at Highway Code Rule 178 (backed up by the RTA). Advanced stop lines. Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic. Motorists, inc ... [more]

The right turn from Culcabock Road into Kingsmills Road on NCN 1 & 7, with an Advance Stop Line with central feeder lane. I have to admit, this cycle lane does not represent the road position I would adopt for either turning right or pro ... [more]

NCN 1 & 7 on Old Perth Road. No cycle infrastructure other than an Advance Stop Line.

I'm guessing westbound cyclists are meant to rejoin the road at this dropped kerb, but there's nothing to say.

The way for eastbound cyclists to access the cycle route appears to be to use 4 toucan crossings to get across Millburn Road.

Repainted ASL on Park Terrace with a strange cross-hatched area where the feeder cycle lane used to be

The road environment outside Lime Street station.

Signage for Liverpool Radial Route 3 on Norton Street. No cycle facilities other than an Advance Stop Line. Again, the motorist sign is far bigger than the cycle sign.

Dismount here for the railway station, and definitely don't cycle up the wide ramp.

Approach lane to an advanced stop line (ASL) on the fast, busy Broughton Way.

Approach lane for an advanced stop line.

Most of these cyclists have reached the ASL in an unsafe manner.

The junction of the Edinburgh Family Network route 8 and the path to Saughton tram stop. The white line on the main path has been erased for a short section. The toucan crossing across Saughton Road is arranged somewhat better than at Broom ... [more]

There is a cycle path across the centre of the Cameron Toll roundabout

Traffic on Princes Street, and "(Cyclists) Caution Tram Tracks" sign hidden behind traffic signal head.

As #59263, new cycle signals replacing a toucan crossing at Charlotte Street, but they don't seem to go to green when the parallel pedestrian crossing is green and no conflicting movements are occurring. There is also a significant upsta ... [more]

New cycle signals replacing a toucan crossing at Charlotte Street, but they don't seem to go to green when the parallel pedestrian crossing is green and no conflicting movements are occurring.

An unprotected two-way cycle lane on Ann Street being used as taxi drop-off lane.

On the far side of the road crossing it is legal to cycle on this path. On this side it is not. And there are obstructions at the road crossing in the way of anyone using the path anyway.

Token cycle lane the width of a handlebar leading to an advanced stop box on Huntingdon Road at the junction with Victoria Road.

Token cycle lanes covered in worn-out redmac on Huntingdon Road at the junction with Victoria Road. Some handlebars are wider.

A yellow Pegeout van from "Service Master Clean" encroaching the redmac ASL on Huntingdon Road.

See clip at ASLs Highway Code Rule 178 (backed up by the RTA). Advanced stop lines. Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic. Motori ... [more]

Newly resurfaced shared use path on Parkside.

Because ASLs only apply when they're enforced. See also #17438, #16290, ...

See clip at Although it's hard to make out, the taxi looks to be VA57 HZW, which matches a Skoda Fabia 2 Htp 70 (5 Door Hatchback) listed at Highway Code Rule 178 (backed up by the RTA). Ad ... [more]

See clip at Highway Code Rule 178 (backed up by the RTA). Advanced stop lines. Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic. Motorists, inc ... [more]

Cyclists waiting in ASL

Cyclists waiting at the new advance green signal at the Catholic Church junction.

Cycling on the A59

An Advance Stop Line on the A59. NCN62 turns left here, but rejoins the A59 further along.

A couple of cycle parking stands, plus a bus stopped in an Advance Stop Line box

A couple of taxis parked in the cycle lane lead-in to an Advance Stop Line van avoids ASL. Just to be clear, this is a very little used junction, the chances this van got here by being held up (on green) then accidentally got caught as lights changed is virtually zero.

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