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"Footpath Closed" - the footway wasn't closed, it was the cycleway.

[Image taken 28.7.21] Deangate/Minster Yard, York. On my way through (in the direction the camera is facing) there was a York, yellow, minibus where this car is. It was disgorging a group of passengers into the path of people cycling in … [more]

[Image taken 28.7.21] Tanner Row, York. Another cone not in place so not doing its job but instead blocking access to other infra, in this case Sheffield racks (cycle parking). Search on 'redundantcone' for more instances. Other image this … [more]

[Image taken 18.7.21] The Avenue, Starbeck, North Yorkshire. This driver has blocked access to the fabulous Nidderdale Greenway ( All images today see: #172294

[Image taken 6.7.21] Tanner’s Moat, York. This driver is partially blocking the cycle cut-through and the wheelchair ramp (see: #171342). The person was not in the vehicle so it was not possible to ask him/her to move it. This space must be … [more]

They came out and moved the van immediately after this, or because they saw me taking pics...

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The fence panel restricts the width of the reopened route and is a hazard. See also: #168551, #168552, #168553. All images relating to the reopened route see: #168548 and links.

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The fence panel unnecessarily limits the width of the just reopened route. It’s also a hazard. See also: #168551, #168552. All images today: #168548 and links.

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. A typical social group approaching the narrow gap on the reopened route. See also: #168551, #168553. All images today: #168548 and links.

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. A fence panel limits width of newly reopened route. See also: #168552, #168553, #168580. All images today: #168548 and links.

[Image taken 23.4.21] Looking south along Clifton Moor Gate, York. There's an access/exit to something here. It gets used by drivers pulling over to make/take calls. They completely block the offroad, segregated provision. The greenery is … [more]

[Image taken 9.4.21] Rougier Street, York. The black box on the right has been installed too close to the Sheffields. 25cm is insufficient for a cycle to be positioned such that it is supported. For comparative dimensions see (unadapted … [more]

[Image taken 9.4.21] Rougier Street, York. The information totem (installed early 2021) blocks easy, convenient access to/from the Sheffield (cycle parking) stands for all but fit, thin people who are wider at the shoulders than below … [more]

Snakey Path blocked, but cleared a few days later at #161084

A driver stopped on the Beith Street toucan crossing, which then changed to the pedestrian/cycle phase, and she is also using her phone.

Cycle lanes aren’t real lanes.

Shared use cycle route between Deganwy and the edge of Llandudno. Access point for some golf course works, results in temporary blockage here.

Awful Anti-Bicycle Obstruction under the South Wales Railway on Alney Island, Gloucester. A Mental Metal Contraption to stop Bicycles on the National Cycleway Network. It locks people out with Dutch Bicycles, Tandems, Wide Handlebars, … [more]

I'm not sure what the barriers here are meant to achieve, or why they are blocking the flagship cycleway on Waterloo Street.

I've discovered that this access from the Cambridge North station area to Cambridge Commercial Park is blocked off this morning.

The new kissing gate (replacing #51060) has been blocked by Heras fencing. Wonderful! There is meant to be a cycle route being constructed between Calderbank and Eurocentral, coming through here.

One road exits to Paisley Road West, the one opposite only has pedestrian access. A missed opportunity to improve cycle permeability for local journeys. 20mph zones only on side streets in Glasgow.

No access for cycles at road closure between Milnpark Gardens and Milnpark Street. Only pedestrians can go between the two streets. [Since opened up to cycling, see #166733.] A gully installed the wrong way around creating an unnecessary … [more]

No access for cycles at road closure between Milnpark Street and Milnpark Gardens. Must enter via Paisley Road West along with all the other vehicular traffic.

The usual obstruction of the Colleges Cycle Route by taxi drivers at Buchanan Bus Station.

Extra-ordinarily over the top blockage. "This motley collection of street infrastructure has everything, with the possible exception of landmines." The photo in the tweet seems very … [more]

The crossing of Bunhouse Road is a mess, and is currently partially blocked by hoarding. In the background a van driver has blocked the cycleway with his van, right next to some car parking spaces on the road, and near a large car park … [more]

Crossing the A11 is hard, there aren't many places. This particular crossing is really difficult thanks to narrow spaces and the angle, height, and lack of grip of the bridge tracks. This means it's only available to people with standard … [more]

Road worker completely blocks cyclepath. Note that these people are allowed to work in cycle infra. However, they do need to indicate that it's closed and/or indicate a way round. There is a way, about 500m back from here. A sign there … [more]

The same cycle route seen in #88255, with this interesting feature across the road.

This is a two lane entrance to the traffic lights. The queueing traffic to the left is doing a right turn which lights are only green for a short time. The other lane is clear to use with a green light. Apart from a bus across both lanes … [more]


The sign gives directions for left and right, but some people may actually want to go straight on, but the way is blocked by a planted area and the Fastlink busway. Behind the planted area is a 3-stage toucan crossing across Broomielaw (see … [more]

This chain is fixed to the wall with a steel screw chain link which can be undone with a spanner - so is not very secure. But more to the point the bikes are blocking the footway (as are the bins in the background). What is needed here is … [more]

Street lighting being replaced. The new lampposts are sited almost in the middle of the footway. In fact this one is half a lamppost width further towards the centre than the previous one (which can be seen in the ground having been cut off … [more]

The pedestrian environment in Charles Street is grim.

Motor vehicles almost totally blocking the footway in Charles Street.

@POPScotland here's the bike lane on waterloo st glasgow this afternoon. and aye, that is a warden sauntering by. @sintaygaleska @POPScotland Must admit I'd be asking the warden if they were going to do something … [more]

This stupid advertising board is still blocking this pathetic shared-use footway!

Lorry parked in cycle lane

After this (and this and this the stall seems to have been turned round so people queue … [more]

No clip. Verge parking that means the door zone covers the entire cycle facility, thus effectively blocking it.

See clip at This path has been converted to allow people to cycle between Little Abington and Babraham without using the horrific roundabout at Fourwentways (where the A1307 and A11 meet). There's only 1 other … [more]

UPDATE: Change of hatch direction! See clip at This is meant to be a serious bit of cycling infrastructure to enable bikes to cross the very hostile Newmarket … [more]

The cycle track that by-passes the roundabout on Nithsdale Road has been blocked for some months by this compound. No diversion signed, or warning of any kind coming from the opposite direction.

This parking puts the counterflow cycle access in the door zone, effectively blocking it.

This car is often parked blocking the counterflow cycle access.

NCN11 goes through a churchyard. The gate to the church is locked shut. This is a national cycle route. Although the pedestrian entrance was usable, it was only just. Getting off was required. I do understand the need to be careful of … [more]

Former alignment of path now blocked by new housing development, forcing cyclists and pedestrians heading for Allander Road and Colquhoun Park to detour around it.


See clip at I do appreciate that paths get blocked by urgent maintenance. But if the path is closed, it needs to be signed. It is not legal for people cycling to continue on the path.

Fire path (with bollards!), and gaps at side *may* be for cyclists to use, but no-one is sure. One is blocked by a bollard, and both frequently get blocked by parked cars in any case.

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