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The road closure on this side does not appear to accommodate cycling, but there is a direction sign at #176164 directing cyclists into this street.

[UPDATE: Aldwark is open again.] [Image taken 9.11.21]. St Andrewgate junction with Aldwark, York. The permeable junction (filtered permeability via bollards for people on cycles, foot, wheelchairs) is closed for works. There's no evidence ... [more]

I'm still not sure what purpose this isolated section of cycletrack is for.

[Image taken 24.10.21] In front of Dunelm (retail outlet), Clifton Moor retail park, York. [NOTE: streetview shows previous layout of car park.] Sheffields (racks); close to the entrance - no signage needed; protected by bollards from the m ... [more]

Painted bollards at Anderston Cross.

[Image taken 22.10.21] Scarborough bridge, York railway station, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] The bollards at several places on the access to/from the more accessible bridge which opened in around February 2019 appeared soon ... [more]

Old Dumbarton Road closed for installing the raised crossing at the Bunhouse Road junction.

[Image taken 20.10.21] Waitrose, Foss Islands Way, York. Planters from the other side: #175115, measurements between those bollards: #175112. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Other images today: #175105 and links.

[Image taken 20.10.21] Waitrose, Foss Islands Way, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Context: #175111. Other images today: #175105 and links.

[Image taken 20.10.21] Waitrose, Foss Islands Way, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The route to/from the additional cycle parking is obstructed (see: #175112, #175117, #175127). The racks (see: #175115) are so far away even a ... [more]

A recommended route for cycling in Dornal Avenue.

The closure at the eastern end of Overnewton Street does not provide for through cycling, the cycle parking stands are past their best, and the driver on Haugh Road has no respect for the road markings.

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to have ceased.

No progress to report on work at the North Woodside Road/Maryhill Road crossing.

[Image taken 8.10.21] Cygnet Street, York. The gaps need to be 150cm to meet current standards. The arrangement on the left is an example of the (shameful) York barriers. One council officer refers to these as “ankle breakers”. They are ... [more]

[Image taken 6.10.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. The gap on the right nearly meets the minimum standard of 150cm. The others don't. This is a critical piece of the permeable infra around York. In September 2021, I did an on ... [more]

[Image taken 6.10.21] Navigation Road, York, entrance to Hungate. Just four days earlier and this visitor would not have been able roll/stroll through that gap: everyone was herded into the 186cm to the right. Measurements here: #174633. Co ... [more]

[Image taken 6.10.21] Navigation Road, York, entrance to Hungate. Measurements of the gaps between the re-spaced bollards (see: #174579 and links). People passing through them: #174634. Other images today: #174629 and links.

Simple access between the canal bank at Port Dundas Basin and Payne Street.

[UPDATE: Measurements between the bollards: #174633.] [Image taken 5.10.21] Navigation Road, York. Compare this image with this one: #174579. The difference is the number of bollards has been reduced. It was too wet for measuring and chalk ... [more]

An improvement on #89968 at the end of Anderson Street. A dropped kerb has also been provided to access the road directly. There is a toucan crossing just off to the right as well.

A triangle of new paving has been placed to the side of the large barrier at Buchanan Wharf, because people were walking across the flower bed to get past the barrier. This is also the cycle diversion for NCN756 until the cycle track at #16 ... [more]

[UPDATE: Count the bollards here then see: #174600.] [Image taken 29.9.21] Navigation Road, York. Looking towards/into Hungate (see also: #165201). Pedestrian/cycle bridge. The bollards are a source of congestion, obstruction and irritation ... [more]

[UPDATE: Measurements between the bollards see: #174635] [Image taken: 1.10.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. Disappointing that someone displaying a blue badge parks so close to a junction with filtered permeability. Previous ... [more]

[Image taken 29.9.21] Aldwark, junction with St Andrewgate, York. A key piece of cycle/accessible infrastructure and an example of filtered permeability. But drivers wait or stop here blocking the level access and or the sight lines: see: # ... [more]

Car parking on the "Keep Clear" markings and across what the traffic order said was legal to cycle through (although it has never been properly signed) on the traffic filter.

This housing development appears to have been built with cycling access, but it’s usually gated off when I go by. Signs claim that it’s private.

Traffic filtering at low railway bridge at Moor Street.

Silly arrangement of 2 bollards, 3 gaps, on link to Fen Road

Improved access to Fen Road from the towpath in Chesterton. But as others have pointed out (see #173887) the bollard arrangement is problematic. The gaps at the side are too narrow to use safely hence everyone has to go through the middl ... [more]

Shared footway on Smith Street and ramp into car park, and access to NCN7 in the background.

“There have been posts here for probably 600 years.” Low Traffic Neighbourhood, York.

The canal path access next to the Centre81 community centre is now opened. There are steps and a hair-pin bend ramp. The community centre also has some cycle parking.

Surrey Street has had a cycle connection to Pollokshaws Road ever since this end of the street was closed to motor traffic as part of the Route Action Plan programme, but it is not clear how one is to join the South City Way cycle tracks.

The eastern end of the Herbertson Street cycle track suffers from a severe fly parking problem, with cars and vans parked on the footway as well as over the dropped kerb for exiting the cycle track.

[Image taken 14.8.21] Deangate close to the bollards (filtered permeability) with Minster Yard, York. This driver has not noticed the new 'at any time' restrictions on loading (see: #173205 and discussion). Other images today: #173230 and l ... [more]

Van parking obstructing the path between Renfrew Street and St Georges Road at Charing Cross.

The road closure on Denmark Street does not permit through cycling, even though Hawthorn Street now has protected cycle lanes. Access for pedestrians only.

The new ramp from Firhill Road and Garscube Road up to the Forth & Clyde Canal and the bridge to the Claypits nature reserve is now open. In addition to the ramp, there are steps available for pedestrians. Part of the Nextbike hire stati ... [more]

The toucan crossing across Argyle Street has been replaced by a pedestrian crossing and a separate cycle crossing. However, the approach is a bit cramped behind a bit of wall. See also #173170.

[See also image from 14.8.21: #173232] [Image taken 4.7.21] Esplanade car park, York. Dumped pillars or bollards presumably removed for the diversion (search on wellingtonrowesplanadelivediversion) in place during the replacement of the flo ... [more]

A wide bridge across the M80 motorway and railway for walking and, presumably, cycling.

Despite the provision of a sign proudly pointing this way, there is still no dropped kerb to allow cyclists proper smooth access onto the carriageway of Springburn Way from the toucan crossing across Atlas Road. Not pictured, but while I ... [more]

Two ‘hiding in plain sight’ LTNs in Earlsfield.

A Nextbike hire station has been added to Shields Road at the start of the Southwest City Way.

[Image taken 4.7.21] High Petergate, junction with Duncombe Place, York. Sheffields (this design of cycle rack) added earlier this year are now protected with bollards either end. This is good practice. Nearby are unprotected racks - and in ... [more]

The path from the footbridge joins Arkleston Road without further barriers.

The Garscube Road cycle track is now open for business! Although the elephants feet crossing indicates to cross to Hinshaw Street, there are no turning restrictions, so it is possible to also continue along Garscube Road or head up Firhi ... [more]

[Image taken 28.6.21] Foss Islands Path entry/exit York (between the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Road.) This shared use path with camber, a serpentine slope, no sightlines on approach or exit or in use is just 233cm wide. For ... [more]

[Image taken 28.6.21] Foss Islands Path entry/exit across Denning’s Yard access, York (between the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Road.) City of York Council/Sustrans installed these bollards in 2016 – confusingly at the time ... [more]

The riverside path is separated from the car park by rising bollards, although they hadn't been deployed at the time of my visit.

A nasty roundabout to cross to get from the Hillington Road industrial estate side road to the residential part of Hillington.

A dropped kerb is still required at both ends of the path connecting the Clydebank Business Park and Singer Road.

A diagonal road filter retro-fitted with full cycle access.

A diagonal road filter, with full access for cycling. But no dropped kerbs for pedestrians to cross by.

No provision for cycling through the road closure at the end of Clunie Road onto Corkerhill Road.

No provision for cycling through the road closure at the end of Ladybank Drive into Corkerhill Road, but since the kerb is low on this side, it can be bumped. Council policy says road closures should exempt cycles from the closure.

No provision for cycling through the road closure at the end of Moness Drive onto Corkerhill Road.

The cycle crossing waiting area on Abbotsinch Road. See also #170247.

A closer look at the cycle crossing waiting area on Abbbotsinch Road.

It is without explanation, but I believe the thing on the left is to allow cyclists to pull in and wait to cross to the shared footway on the right. See also #170247. The ban on right turns presumably didn't take into account the route o ... [more]

A rather poor combination of cycle lane, bus stop and parking layby on Hawthorn Street. See also #171175.

The start of the Garscube Road cycleway, seen coming from the Queens Cross direction. Next time I'll try going between the first and second bollards rather than the second and third which was quite tight.

The end of the Garscube Road cycleway, but there is a short length of cycleway to the left in Hinshaw Street. Construction is underway to the right, of a new ramp for access to the Forth & Clyde Canal. See update at #171178.

Still surfacing work outstanding at the south end of the Garscube Road cycle track.

Modal filter on Ditton Walk, Cambridge

A cycle hire station in Pollokshields on Maxwell Drive/St Andrew's Drive, and a painted footway cycle lane leading to a toucan crossing to the right.

No provision for cycling through the road closure on Albert Drive.

No provision for cycling through the road closure in Aytoun Road.

A dropped kerb, possibly to allow cycling through the road closure in Dalziel Drive at St Andrew's Drive.The dropped kerb on the other side is to the right of the bin.

A humped zebra crossing in Shawbridge Street, this time with Belisha beacons, and also Cyclists Dismount signs.

Construction work at Clyde Place, including a replacement cycle path and cycle parking. The riverside path is open (to the right).

A split toucan crossing across Pollokshaws Road, at the end of the path from Bengal Street. A shared footway connects this to the entrance to Pollok Country Park.

A cycle link between Milngavie Road and Macfarlane Road. Each bollard displays a different sign.

A road closure in Saracen Street that does not permit through cycling, against Council Policy. In this case, the location of some dropped kerbs make it not too difficult to get around, but may be trickier with a non-standard cycle. Saracen ... [more]

A road closure in Barloch Street that does not permit through cycling.

Nonsense bollards.

Linthaugh Terrace meets Corkerhill Road, where NCN7 and NCN75 cross over to the footway on the far side of the dual carriageway. If not going via Pollok Park, northbound cyclists should stay on this side where there is a (now protected) cyc ... [more]

A Fire Path modified for through cycling, although the signage is unaltered. Three of the signs are probably larger than they need to be making them vulnerable to being twisted around to face the wrong way. The gap has only been marked for ... [more]

A Fire Path modified for through cycling, but the signage is unaltered and facing the wrong way. The gap is only marked for cycling in the opposite direction.

A Fire Path with no provision for cycling separating Potterhill Road and Linthaugh Road, and looking along Bonnyholm Avenue with NCN7 and NCN75 in the distance. The council's Active Travel directional signage can be seen on the far side of ... [more]

Cycle access on Barfillan Drive. See also #112206 from the other side.

The access from Kinnell Avenue to the next part of the Paisley to Glasgow Cycle Route basically doesn't exist.

Cycle symbols have appeared at the entrance to the pedestrian precinct in Cambridge Street, apparently in contradiction to the 'No Vehicles' signs. Sauchiehall Street is a Core Path (which permits cycling), but Cambridge Street is not.

The new layout in Cambridge Street. A two-way cycle track has been provided between the underpass from Dundasvale Road to the Renfrew Street junction. The cycle track is continous and marked well across the Hill Street junction.

Traffic filtering on NCN7. This separates a small residential area from the industrial estate.

A damaged cycle parking stand on St Vincent Crescent. The bollards are facing the wrong way, exhibiting a white reflector on the left side of the road and red on the right side of the road. A sacrificial bollard on this side of the cycle pa ... [more]

The northern part of Dunlop Street, looking towards Argyle Street pedestrian precinct. Cycle parking is provided next to the bollards. The two rising bollards are both in the lowered position.

Former Fire Path at Allander Street where it meets Ashfield Street. No provision for cycling through, although not much in the way of hindrance either, and the area awaits redevelopment. Through motor traffic here would be undesirable due t ... [more]

Digswell Park Road has been closed to through motor traffic beneath Welwyn Viaduct.

[Image taken 14.4.21] Asda, Monks Cross, (Huntington), York. A bollard blocks access to/from the outermost racks. See also: #167156, #167157

[Image taken 14.4.21] Asda, Monks Cross, (Huntington), York. There are wheel benders in the background. There are Sheffields with good natural light (some under cover) and good natural surveillance. But the bollard blocks access to/from the ... [more]

[Image taken 14.4.21] Asda, Monks Cross, (Huntington), York. The bollards are presumably intended to protect the Sheffields (racks) from motor vehicles accessing the space where I was standing to take this image. However, the ones at each e ... [more]

The path has clearly been built to align with Bell's Bridge, but this alignment is nothing without a proper crossing. Instead, there's a staggered toucan crossing off to the right, as indicated by the sign. See also #93791 taken from the ot ... [more]

The dual path behind Blackburn Street and Plantation Square at Craigiehall Street.

Filtered permeability between Milnpark Gardens and Milnpark Street at Sussex Street, rectifying the main problem in #99410.

Filtered permeability on Sussex Street, see also #166733.

Filtered permeability on Scotland Street West.

Unmarked dropped kerb connecting the southern portion of Shields Road to Nithsdale Road and the rest of Shields Road. The dropped kerb has clearly been retro fitted, but not marked as being for cycling.

The road closure in Avenuepark Street now has an opening to allow through cycling, correcting issue in #62876.

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