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Part-time bus lane in Sauchiehall Street.

A peak-hour bus lane on Great Western Road, during one of its operational periods.

Bus lane closure because of building work to the left - all the cyclists I saw just weaved through the bollards.

A couple of pop-up peak-hour bus lanes have been provided on the Springburn Road expressway. The shape of the start of the bus lane has already been altered.

A couple of pop-up peak-hour bus lanes have been provided on the Springburn Road expressway. Nothing has been done to improve the narrow shared-use footway.

A new section of pop-up bus lane on Paisley Road West.

Approaching the bus-gate roundabout bypass on Paisley Road West.

A bus-gate bypass for the Helen Street roundabout on Paisley Road West.

Commerce Street, with bus lane ahead.

One of a number of bus boarders that have been provided in the city centre, to allow more space for people waiting for buses. In most cases the footway is too narrow to accommodate both people walking and waiting, but not so much here. This … [more]

The pop-up bus lane on Braidcraft Road ends here, on the approach to the Peat Road roundabout. The roundabout remains a major obstacle to cycling. For some journeys, the roads around the sides of the roundabout may provide an alternative, … [more]

The pop-up bus lanes in Braidcraft Road have been implemented in such a way as to make certain manoeuvers almost impossible without infringing the bus lane. At the Neilsland Square/Langton Crescent junction the central reservation gaps to … [more]

Compliance with the new Braidcraft Road bus lanes seems to be poor. Only one of the vehicles pictured was identifiable as a Private Hire Car (taxi), the others all appreared to be private cars. If cyclists are to see any benefits from a bus … [more]

A pop-up cycle lane has been provided on Braidcraft Road, although the sign says it is a bus lane.

Intermittent armadillo protection for cycle lane on Gorbals Street and onto Victoria Bridge.

Bus lane on Euston Road.

Bus lane on Euston Road.

Bus lane on Euston Road.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

Euston Road with bus (taxis permitted) and cycle lanes.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

Bus and cycle lanes opposite St Pancras.

A total lack of cycle facilities on Govan Road at the Pacific Drive junction. On the right is an approach lane for the Fastlink busway on Pacific Drive.

The Langlands Road cycleway joins the carriageway of Langlands Road. On the right is the start of the Fastlink bus lane to Govan Bus Station.

Bus lane (introduced summer 2020) on the A1307 (in the south-easterly direction only). This starts just north of the junction with High Street, Babraham (where the photo was taken) and continues as far as the Four Wentways roundabout. The … [more]

Road narrowing and off-side bus lane, approaching the new bus gate at George Square.

Car parking removed in Cochrane Street for an off-side bus lane, associated with the new bus gate in George Square.

Off-side bus lane in Montrose Street, associated with the new George Square bus gate. There was a proposal from the council to create a contraflow cycle lane here by creating a shared-use footway outside the registry office, but was … [more]

The pop-up cycle lane on Great Western Road is to end at Lincoln Avenue. After that, there are just discontinuous peak hour bus lanes.

Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Painted cycle lane on Wicker, and off-side bus lane leading to a bus gate at the Derek Dooley Way junction.

Cycle lane and separate bus lane on London Road.

A bus gate ahead on Bridge Street.

Information and map on Bridge Street outside Bradford Interchange, and many people crossing the road as they please.

A continuation of bus priority from the end of the Manchester Road guided busway through the Senior Way junction.

NCN66 alongside Manchester Road. On the right, a bus lane to allow buses from the guided busway to overtake the traffic congestion, seen in #110452.

A bus lane for right turns, forbidden to other traffic.

@magnatom @GlasgowCC @AnnaLangside @GoBikeGlasgow We took this photo & plan to write to council. Why not 'please take care through roadworks and show respect to workers & fellow road users'? Feel free to use photo if you like. … [more]

Bollard prevents motor vehicles abusing the bus and cycle lane.

Bus priority signals, accessed via a left turn lane that gets a green before the straight ahead direction. But no cycling in the bus lane.

End of the cycle lane and part-time bus lane on Camelon Road, and start of Falkirk town centre's one-way system.

In theory the bus lane should help separate the cycle lane from the traffic in the general traffic lane, but almost all of the car drivers were choosing to drive in the bus lane outside of operational hours.

Temporary northbound closure of the North Hanover Street contraflow bus lane in connection with building works at Queen Street station. The official diversion is via North Frederick Street.

My thanks to @GlasgowCC for cutting back shubbery blind-siding cyclists at this difficult junction on Pollokshaws Rd . Cycles giving way to vehicles at the junction is not great but the poor view of the vehicles from the high vegetation … [more]

If you're expecting signs for NCN 7 or 75, they are visible on the right.

The roundabout now includes a shortcut for Fastlink buses only. No cycling through this! Also, the traffic signals for the bus gate have been replaced by a Give Way.

Not sure I can do this justice in photos. Alignment with dropped kerb is... bad. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 Gorbals Street

A car parked in a parking bay marked in the 'bus / cycle lane'. Really.

The new administration at Glasgow City Council wasted no time in "standardising" (downgrading) all 24-hour bus lanes in Glasgow to operate only 7am-7pm, but this peak-hour bus lane remains peak-hours only. Enforcement is unchanged.

As part of the Fastlink bus priority scheme, buses were meant to turn right onto Govan Road from the now abandoned segregated bus lane on the left.

As part of the bus priority, buses are allowed to turn right (into the bus station) from the left-hand lane, but the traffic signals all along the Fastlink route do not seem to change with the approach of buses.

Modal filtering at Middleborough by means of a contraflow bus lane.

The direct route to Colchester town centre has traffic restrictions so the sign for car drivers points towards the Westway, unlike the sign for cyclists.

Traffic restrictions on residential North Station Road, to try and move through car traffic onto the Westway.

The white line appears to suggest the cycle route crosses the road, but the shared use provision continues straight ahead.

Midland St now has a contraflow bus lane from Jamaica St, before becoming two-way by the mid-point.

The outside bus lane has been curtailed (along with the advance stop line) to allow more room for buses turning from Oswald St into Argyle St.

No Cycling on the footway approaching a toucan crossing and shared-use path in park, or on the road including a bus lane signed for cycling? See also #87520.

One assumes that this dropped kerb and dilapidated road marking is so cyclists can leave the carriageway and use the toucan crossing ahead to cross to NCN69 path, but what the heck is that No Cycling sign all about? Does it apply to the … [more]

I give you a car driven the wrong way down a bus and cycle lane.

I'm guessing that Jamaica Street will be resurfaced when the contraflow bus lane is abolished (and a new one is created in Midland Street). But in the meantime, some gas covers need attention, as does the dip at the stop line.

Aylestone Road, Leicester

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Tooting High Street

Balham High Road

Balham High Road motor vehicle parking is allowed here during the middle of the day.

Clapham Road

Clapham Road

Clapham Road CS7 is also a bus lane and a middle of the day parking area!

Camberwell New Road

Bus Lane, Champion Park, Denmark Hill

I'm sure this could have been implemented better. Bear in mind anyone approaching this on the road will be cycling at speed, possibly being followed by a bus (or some other large vehicle) in the bus lane.

Enormous sign to warn cyclists joining shared-use footway?

Poor surface on downhill section of shared-use footway/cycleway, not helped by footway parkers such as the van driver seen leaving.

Sign obscured by overhanging branches at toucan crossing.

Apparently those cycling to Newcastle and Gateshead need to join the carriageway (bus lane for some distance) here. Others can stay on the shared-use footway. A thoughtfully positioned sign for pedestrians.

A choice of shared footway or bus lane.

More @GlasgowCC #fastlink madness: the legal place to cycle is OUTSIDE the solid white line!!!

Curiosity near Parson Street Station

Why bus lanes are not cycle infrastructure, part 1652. (Rosebery Ave, Camden.)

Flattened cycle parking stands in Stockwell Street, next to the contraflow bus lane. See #65108 taken two weeks earlier.

Taken from the upper deck of a bus. The bus could not get past here because the car is on the white line.

Classic bike on cycle parking in Jamaica Street, and a van driver using the contraflow bus lane.

A suspended bus lane on Old Haymarket.

A sign for NCN56 on Strand Street, with suspended bus lane.

A footway cyclist alongside the hostile Strand Street dual carriageway, with suspended bus lane and flimsy pedestrian signage.

Bus lane markings standardized, see The detail of the notice is shown in #59105.

Bus lane markings standardized, see

Bus lane markings standardized, see

Bus lane markings standardized, see Although the road marking says only Bus Lane, the blue sign lists vehicles permitted to use it.

Bus lane markings standardized, see

Bus lane markings standardized, see

A rider checks behind to move into the main carriageway. The bus lane here has been changed here recently to be standardized - see Bus lane markings standardized, see

Bus lane markings standardized. The road markings only say Bus Lane, but the blue panel lists the types of vehicles permitted to use it. See

Bus lane markings standardized, see

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