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New connection to the busway maintenance track. In the background the green area has become a temporary car storage area for a football event.

Trumpington busway stop Look Both Ways white lining has been refreshed.

Bizarre markings on the busway as the whole thing is useable for cycling.

Bizarre markings on the busway as the whole thing is useable for cycling.

Beware of buses the white lines have been refreshed.

Cycle route signs at the busway junction.

Panorama of construction works on Cambridge South station.

Temporary diversion during construction of a busway crossing.

Temporary diversion during construction of a busway crossing.

Despite plenty of notices warning that this section of the maintenance track is closed at the time the photo was taken it was being well used when I went along. This section of the busway track itself remains closed and fenced off, and … [more]

Guided busway closed for construction of Cambridge South station

Junction of a path with the short asphalted diversion for construction of Cambridge South station

Short asphalted diversion for construction of Cambridge South station, with the inevitable Cyclists Dismount sign - no-one does unless there's a crowd of pedestrians there.

No sign here for the route to Addenbrooke's - which will probably be like this for a couple of years while Cambridge South station is being built.

This section of the Maintenance Track's busway has been sectioned off as it is so dangerous.

A thank you to @CambsCC! Work to improve signs at a Histon Guided Busway crossing has also removed an unnecessary barrier, improving the accessibility through this link.

The maintenance track adjacent to the deprecated busway.

Car trap did its job.

Cycle/maintenance track alongside the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway. A white line has appeared separating the track from the busway, up to here but no further east.

Handles on the sides of the bollard - and there are evidently times of day when building shadow can significantly impair visibility.

Raised reflective studs doing, for a change, what they are meant to do by guarding the bollard - but handles on the sides of the bollard.

Four redundant, raised, hazardous, reflective studs - and handles on the sides of the bollard beyond.

Inconspicuous handles on the sides of the bollard

Three redundant and now hazardous raised reflective studs, and one (on the right) raised and hazardous cover on bollard socket.

Example of the reflective studs used in several places on the southern busway path

After negotiating the narrow gap, you're heading straight for a pair of redundant reflective studs, which stand sufficiently proud to cause problems for small-wheel bikes (or scooters) if struck obliquely.

Unacceptable old markings for a very narrow cycle lane, now heading straight for a narrow gap between lamp post and bollard.

Path on the Leigh Guided Busway approaching Sale Lane

Cycle parking at Sale Lane Guided Busway Stop.

Tandem puncture almost at the meridian on the busway near Swavesey. See #182506 for a short clip of the air leaking out!

Busway maintenance workers on the track.

Passing pedestrians on the Busway, and maintenance works on the track.


Barrier on the track of northbound guided busway alongside the cycleway / maintenance track.

Barrier on the track of northbound guided busway alongside the cycleway / maintenance track.

Barrier on the track of northbound guided busway alongside the cycleway / maintenance track.

Barrier on the track of northbound guided busway alongside the cycleway / maintenance track.

Barrier on the track of northbound guided busway alongside the cycleway / maintenance track.

A section of the Cambridge busway is set to close next week due to safety concerns. I’ve come to check out what it’s all about. Read all about it in next Tuesday’s blog.

Leaves on the busway cycleway.

The Fastlink busway over the Clyde Arc bridge has been shut for COP26, with the other carriageway in effect becoming a busway (with cycling allowed), as seen in #175363.

I'm still not sure what purpose this isolated section of cycletrack is for.

Fatal collision on the busway: Appeal following fatal collision in Cambridge 27 Oct 2021 A woman has died following a collision in Cambridge yesterday (26 October). The incident happened just after 6pm on the guided busway near Sedley … [more]

The one remaining cycle off-slip at the Finnieston Street/Clyde Arc junction. The one at #173654 has been blocked off with a railing.

I find it strange that, of all the bus stops around the city of Glasgow, the two sites chosen for the green-roof bus shelters are both at locations that are no longer served by bus services due to the adjacent Fastlink busway. See also … [more]

Why on earth construct a hump for cyclists to ride though the bus stop then merge with the virtually traffic free busway immediately afterwards - rather than simply join the busway just before?

I've reported this issue at On 26 September 10.15pm I was cycling from Cambridge North towards Histon along the guided busway. The busway is well lit until exiting the tunnel under the A14 when … [more]

The council has fenced off the former cycle off-slip from the Clyde Arc bridge at the NCN75 toucan crossing. This helped those making right turns by allowing cyclists to leave the carriageway and make the turn with the assistance of the … [more]

If a gap wasn't possible opposite James Watt Street (see #173269), a cycle slip lane onto the central reservation island would be useful to enable a right turn onto the toucan crossing across the opposite carriageway to be made, and then … [more]

The lack of a connection from James Watt Street to the riverside NCN75 path and the Tradeston Bridge (visible background left) continues to make this a difficult place to cycle. A gap through the kerb and railing on the far side of the … [more]

Another useless attempt to stop oversize vehicles from slamming into the railway bridge. It’s aimed at preventing a bridge strike as seen in #154713 but is doomed to being as useless as the bells were in #54344. If you don’t believe me … [more]

The sign permitting cycling in the Fastlink busway has gone, and there is a sign directing cyclists to the shared path along the riverside. However, the crudely altered "Bus and cycle only" road markings remain.

A split toucan crossing across the Fastlink busway and the main Broomielaw carriageway, connecting the riverside path and Brown Street.

Overhanging tree reported at:

Cycle parking on link from Hills Road bridge to the busway

Of course it's more important to have a statutory lawyer's notice about trespass on the busway than a usable sign for the National Cycle Network.

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

Little-used link from the busway to Long Road

Entering Slowly

The path has clearly been built to align with Bell's Bridge, but this alignment is nothing without a proper crossing. Instead, there's a staggered toucan crossing off to the right, as indicated by the sign. See also #93791 taken from the … [more]

That moment when you stop to take a photo and there's a cyclist approaching on the narrow shared footway and a bus approaching on the adjacent busway, before there's time to get the camera ready. All I could do was to move into the side.

OK, so it is a good thing that Halton Council have allowed cyclists to use the Runcorn busway. But, why on earth construct this special speed bump for cyclists to ride though the queuing passengers rather than just simply keep to the … [more]

Busway derailment

The dangerous section of the guided busway in #Trumpington near #Cambridge station Bridge strike

Flowers at the site on the busway two years on from a fatal crash: see #102153 Messages from colleagues, family and friends.

cyclists can ride on the busway as far as the roundabout, but no further. Why?

Cyclists can ride on the busway this far but no further. Why?

Runcorn busway. cyclists now allowed to use this stretch during daylight hours - but only as far as the roundabout where all other exits are prohibited for cyclists: #151147 , #151148 Presumably cyclists are expected to turn round and come … [more]

Runcorn busway - virtually traffic free roads which make for an ideal cycling environment. Unfortunately cyclists are prohibited from most of them, but as a response to the pandemic cyclists are allowed to ride along this stretch, but only … [more]

Cyclists allowed to use part of the Runcorn busway part of the time.

Covid 19 popup cycleway route sign

The good news: As a response to the pandemic cyclists now allowed to ride on this Runcorn busway. The bad news: but only a small part of the network and only during the daylight - which is going to make it less useful now that the days are … [more]

Cyclists Dismount sign illustrates just how poor the new cycleway design is. Totally unnecessary since the adjacent busway only takes 4 buses per hour - if only cyclists were allowed to use it.

The X46 bus from York to Hull via Market Weighton now carries two bikes (no extra charge).

Narrow shared use pavement passes through a bus shelter

Link from the busway to Trumpington Park - turn left here (the path ahead just loops around to the left)

Link from Trumpington Park to the busway

Cycle route sign where the King's Hedges spur of the guided busway turns right (not at all clear on OpenCycleMap)

New cycleway to the right to Trumpington Park

Another day another stupid Cyclists Dismount sign - some lawyer must think it's logical to reach a cycleway and dismount, but no-one else will.

Unlike the temporary arrangements westbound, there is nothing to say cycling is allowed on the Fastlink busway eastbound.

The end of the Fastlink busway on Anderston Quay, and in the distance, the recommencement of the popup cycle lane. The traffic signals detected my approach, and are quick to change.

Cycling legally on the Fastlink busway at last! (But only in this direction.)

Caught out by the road markings, or a change of mind when the traffic signals changed? The sign reads "Cyclists use Fastlink Carriageway", and a tiny "& cycle symbol" added amidst the "Bus Only" wording.

I guess the road markings are to remind bus drivers turning onto the Fastlink busway to look out for cyclists, but they appear to suggest to cyclists to go straight on, when the yellow sign says to use the busway.

At last - signage at this major junction on the Busway (no idea why there's a bike there).

Saw this as cycled in this morning to round on one of our wards for patients with suspected covid-19. I’m guessing a fair few other staff @CUH_NHS & @RoyalPapworth also saw and appreciated the sentiment. Thanks to whoever involved. We’re … [more]

Installing a new link to the busway junction

Installing a new link to join into the busway junction

Cambridge busway cycleway during an infrastructure tour.

Approach to Francis Crick Avenue crossing (Aug 2019).

Cycling On The Bus Evacuation Strip The point of putting this picture up is that I have seen far worse things happening here.

This section of the busway cycleway is still closed.

Guided Busway and Maintenance Track completely closed to bikes and pedestrians. No way through from Histon to Kings Hedges Road area.

Guided Busway and Maintenance Track completely closed to bikes and pedestrians. No way through from Kings Hedges Road area to Histon.

Sign with map showing "Diversion for pedestrians and cyclists"

Signage still inadequate? Another car tries to use the busway destroying all four tyres in the process #cambridgebusway Ed: according to replies to the originating tweet the car carried on to the end of this busway … [more]

Cambridge guided busway crash Feb 2016. Please feel free to use this picture.

Pedestrian killed on the Luton–Dunstable busway Bedfordshire … [more]

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