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Chicane on the footway and a bypass through the vegetation.

A bus stop bypass in construction on Liverpool Street. A good deal of the carriageway has been reclaimed for active travel here.

Construction of a new cycleway includes a bus stop bypass.

Howey by pass

Approaching the bus-gate roundabout bypass on Paisley Road West.

A bus-gate bypass for the Helen Street roundabout on Paisley Road West.

Bus stop bypass. A nice feature.

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. View from the riverside end - just reopened in its new width format - of the route through Marygate car park. The red block shows where the steep slope to/from Scarborough Bridge intersects with … [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. A very steep slope leads to/from Scarborough Bridge. To get up a slope on a cycle you need a runup and to be positioned correctly. Wider, longer cycles (see: #165610), and those with trailers … [more]

The connection from the painted cycle lane to the parallel zebra crossing over to the segregated cycle track on Valley Road.

A bus stop bypass on Lincoln Avenue, next to Knightswood Park. Most bus passengers will be alighting at this stop rather than boarding. Looking back at my photos of this route, I notice that only this section has the 'No Loading' kerb … [more]

The roundabout now includes a shortcut for Fastlink buses only. No cycling through this! Also, the traffic signals for the bus gate have been replaced by a Give Way.

A right turn cycle lane for avoiding the roundabout when going into the end section of Nithsdale Road or turning into Moray Place, but could do with some cycle markings and an 'except cycles' plate below the 'No Right Turn' sign.

The new road layout at the junction of Govan Road and Lorne Street.

Basic but workable cycle bypass of a traffic-calming chicane

New bus stop bypass on Hills Road Cambridge, complete with step free crossing.

New bus stop bypass on Hills Road.

New bus stop bypass on Hills Road. This is a photo of it in an unfinished state - a few days later the raised table was filled in to make it step free across see #94250.

...for a chat with this guy."Excuse me why are you changing your tyre in the bike lane?""Because otherwise it would be on the road".Riiiight

A bus stop bypass being formed on Pollokshaws Road, to be part of the South City Way.

A new bus stop bypass being built in Devon Street.

A bus stop bypass on Paisley Road cycletrack.

South Lanarkshire Council's interpretation of a bus stop bypass, with no continuous footway so all pedestrians expected to walk via the bus stop island. The bus stop itself is in a layby so buses may get delayed waiting to leave.

South Lanarkshire Council's interpretation of a bus stop bypass, with no continuous footway so all pedestrians expected to walk via the bus stop island. The bus stop itself is in a layby so buses may get delayed waiting to leave.

Cycle track bypass of mini-roundabout. Very rough and rarely swept, compared with the smooth carriageway which is unsurprisingly preferred by most cyclists.

Work in progress on a bus stop bypass on Wallacewell Road. But this is the terminus of the 57A route and the buses will need to wait here.

A bus stop bypass with a zebra crossing in Wallacewell Road.

A motorist that doesn't understand how the footway works. A bus stop bypass with zebra crossing.

Motorbike bypass for traffic boom at the University of Strathclyde. I guess bicycle users could use it too.

Flooded cycle lane and footway. Looks like sand may have blocked drains.

Cycle bypass to mini-roundabout and traffic-calming for those going straight ahead, while NCN 7 is signed to the right for the Low Green path. The footway is also signed as shared-use. Take your pick.

Cycle bypass to traffic-calming, but vulnerable to blockage by car parking.

One example of a very poor pass, several more here. (Date could be 1 or 2 days out, time is correct.)

01_2016_037 Cycle route alongside the A27, near Chichester, January 2016 [A 'Cyclists Dismount' section]

Is this the most useless piece of cycle infra in Islington? Absolutely no reason to spend money on a bypass of nowt.

Leicester has a bus stop bypass

Cycle track zebra on bus stop bypass in Waltham Forest. I think this works well. Ed: I found it interesting to note that the Leyton Central development was mentioning 172 Bicycle Spaces … [more]

Larkhall Rise, Clapham Narrow bypass on railway bridge with width restriction for motor vehicles.

Long Road, Clapham

Beechcroft Road - absurdly narrow cycle bypass - but at least it is usually green!

Beechcroft Road - absurdly narrow cycle bypass - but at least it is usually green!

Merton High Street The cycleway here helps bypass this busy junction.

Pointless piece of cycle track to bypass minor road junction.

King Street - the no entry signs have no cycling exception but there is a bypass lane.

Sidney Street is still signed as no entry, although the bypass lane at left remains.

Road narrowing to enforce no entry without bike bypass. This forces people who cycle to either, ride wrong way on the road, ride on the pavement, dismount and push or take a diversion.

Huntingdon Rd cycle tracks under construction at Girton corner @camcycle with bus stop bypass

St Philip's Road - with contraflow cycle lane. Only the first five metres of this road are in fact one-way. It becomes a two-way street at the hump, backed up by the sign on the left.

Many cyclists don't bother to use the fussy bypass lane. Because of changes to the rules about cycling in one way streets it probably wouldn't be designed like this today.

Cycle bypass for roundabout outside Sheriffhall Park & Ride (see #60886), with a branch for those who want to go around the roundabout, including a Cyclists Dismount sign at a Give Way crossing.

Cycle bypass for roundabout outside Sheriffhall Park & Ride.

Sturdy gate with bypass to side

Bypass for mini-roundabout

The opposite side of the horrendous Rock Ferry Bypass crossing on the Wirral Circular Trail (see #53837). No dropped kerb, poor sightlines, no assistance in crossing the bypass itself.

A horrendous road crossing of the Rock Ferry Bypass next to a roundabout. A lorry driver stopped short in the inside lane to let me cross, but car drivers in the outside lane didn't do likewise.

Cycle bypass to No Entry restriction blocked by wheelie-bin and fly-tipping

Track from underpass beneath A720 Edinburgh City Bypass meets road in Edinburgh Park

Cycle bypass at roundabout on the old A30, Fraddon

Lambeth Road, traffic signal cycle bypass. This arrangement enables people on bikes to continue straight on when the lights are red.

Rather confusing no entry signs, but on closer inspection it does look like this is a cycle bypass to the no entry.

Car trap on Cycleway 100

Uncontrolled crossing of three carriageways of A720 Edinburgh City Bypass (see also #37433). Also showing restrictions on vehicle classes on bypass.

Uncontrolled road crossing for cyclists and pedestrians crossing the A720 Edinburgh City Bypass (see also #37434). It is normally somewhat busier than in this picture!

Roundabout by-pass on Govan Road (see also #36309)

Roundabout by-pass on Govan Road (see also #36310)

West Princes St, Glasgow. The council have kindly installed new layouts on West Princes St, making it one way. Here we see the cycle lane that has been generously provided to exempt cyclists from the one way system. The idea is to cycle … [more]

This location was set by synchronization with the track at location #18611. A bypass to the one way street.

Shared use cycleway alongside the new Earl Shilton bypass called Clickers Way (in memory of the factories here that made shoes)

One way with cycle bypass

Kendal Way and access to Browns' field. Special bypass for cyclists blocked by M125 PUY.

Cycle path going smoothly behind a garage in order to prevent cyclists having to be careful of drivers entering and leaving the garage forecourt. Note that an equivalent quality cycle path on the other side of the road is used by cyclists … [more]

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