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This 'No Through Road' leads to the National Cycle Network.

A long lead up and sharp bend mean this was very hard to get a cargo bike round. It requires hefty wiggling. Ok for normal bikes but beware if you have a tandem, Tagalong or cargo.

Series of chicanes down to subway level.

Four chicanes along this stretch which drops to the underpass level.

Route 4

Inevitable chicanes on a bridge crossing.

The barriers and bollards at this curious road layout seem over fussy.

A newly designated cycle link between Green Lane and Gorsey Brow, with new barriers.

Chicane barriers are easily bypassed

Blockage preventing use of through route by those with protected characteristics or non-standard cycles. Distance between barriers is circa 1m.

These cycle barriers have just been installed at work. The path leads to the covered cycle parking. Is there a template letter or set of reasons why this shouldn’t be done? Can I get a @camcycle person to come talk to our facilities team ... [more]

A sign for National Cycle Network Route 2, except it's actually for East Kilbride route 2, and doesn't clearly identify whether it is for the road on the right or the path just beyond it.

Tarka trail

NCN27 old railway line

Utterly disgusting, typical @CambsCC car-supremacy. Big wide road for motorists to drive at high speed, next to crumbling path with obnoxious and illegal exclusionary barriers for people walking and cycling. A1301 Hinxton. ... [more]

One for @cyclestreets a brand new barrier on NCN 7 in Washington. This followup tweet reports that Sustrans are aware and taking action:

Punitive chicanes in Berkhamsted.

Shared use track to the southern portal of the A61 underpass from Foxwood Way...lots of leaf litter around making the surface a little slippery

Northern portal of the A61 underpass

Exit from A61 underpass onto Sheffield road

As on the south side of the railway, barriers here encourage the growth of weeds that eventually make the path too narrow to be shared. The barriers should be removed, the overgrowth eliminated, and the path restored to the full width of t ... [more]

Potential cycle route to Lostock Road.

Cycle Barrier on Cycle path to Heritage Stream

A3(M) Bridge Park Lane Cr

Utterly pointless cycle barriers. No reason for them to be here. Visibility is good, there won't be a speed issue on the bridge given the approaches, so the only reason I can think that money has been wasted here is to prevent motorcycle ... [more]

Chicane to help enforce the diverted cycle route around CMK.

Sale Trafford Walton Park Access from Bridgewater Canal Not great and worse still they are pointed at the top corners. Compare with the St Werburgh's Tram stop rounded corners. #99646

Start of Rosemary Walk, an attractive path through northern Beverley

Route to Darton station totally blocked except to pedestrians

Barriers AND Cyclists Dismount signs to cross the entry to the Rutland Water Garden Centre

Manchester Chorlton St Werburgh's Tram Station. Barriers before crossing tram line. Not great and worse still they are pointed at the top corners. Compare with the other side of the crossing rounded corners. #99646 ... [more]

Chicane blocking the shared use path between Huntingdon Road and Bandon Road.

NCN routes 4 and 82 between Goodwick and Fishguard

Start of cycleway east from the patform of Thetford station.

Extra-ordinarily over the top blockage. "This motley collection of street infrastructure has everything, with the possible exception of landmines." The photo in the tweet seems ... [more]

NCN route 47 beside the A40, Carmarthen

The chicanes here are to dissuade cyclists from the steep bank just after, and that is probably a good thing and anyway there is quite a good nearby alternative just a little further.

An utterly pointless set of cycle barriers on an entirely segregated cycle lane. Nobody would dream of putting car-sized barriers on a junction on a road, so why put these on a cycle lane? The thinking escapes me, whoever thinks these are ... [more]

Footpath in Desford

Chicane on footpath in Desford.

Desford Lane a very quiet road with no through traffic. Brutal, inelegant lumps of concrete plonked across the road to restrict vehicles.

Punitive chicanes padlocked to the ground.

Basic but workable cycle bypass of a traffic-calming chicane

Cycle Path Barricade.

Generous chicane where cycleway meets road.

#GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 The chicanes on Mansewood Rd force cyclists into the road, head on against cars. Make cycle paths to each side

This 'No motor vehicles' is a bit of a strange sight, but suggest that this route is for cycling (despite no cycling signs nearby see #93387).

Not sure what this is, but wasn't designed with bikes in mind & cars regularly demolish it. National cycle route 7. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Cat's Back Bridge has been replaced by a modern structure - it's very busy with pedestrians and cyclists, but there are still barriers in place making passage awkward for everyone.

Planters used to create a chicane on Riverside Walk

Barriers and signs (Danger! Road crossing, cyclists dismount) where a cyclist was killed on NCN route 65.

tight chicane


Useful shortcut but no dropped kerb and a chicane

Link through a wooden chicane to the parallel A3 route at the end of this private riad.

The dangerous chicane at the corner of Adams Road, Wilberforce Road and the Coton path. It's obvious that people are colliding with the stonework here because it is always getting knocked out of place.

Awkward chicane barrier on the cycelway leading from the Runcorn Loop cycleway to Runcorn East station.

Annoying barriers added in last couple of days: Baby Elsa's 1st time out on mum's bike. I've just watched mum dismount because couldn't navigate barriers. @MetropolitanOrg pls remove asap! ... [more]

Barriers for the sake of it, and it looks like people cut around the side.

NCN 24 passes through a school down a very steep path with obstructions.

NCN 24 passes through a school down a very steep path with obstructions.

Sturdy chicanes and some cycle racks at Midford, ncn24. Barriers like these are necessary to block motorbikes and quadbikes. See also:

At Midford the cycle route on the old railway line goes through a pub car park.

Chicane fences are too close together - so cyclists by-pass them by riding on the grass verge.

Fences in addition to the bollards that should be sufficient to deter motors. The fences are too close together so cyclists tend to avoid them by riding on the grass verge to the right. This could lead to a fall just as cyclists are about t ... [more]

Fence across cycle path. Avoidable by riding on the grass verge.

National cycle network (no really it is).

Absolutely no need for this level of obstruction - this is shown as a cycle route on OpenCycleMap

Relict road signs at this closed road exit onto Madingley Road

Barriers on route to Priory Park, Bodmin

Pointless obstacles

Pedestrian cut-through to the left, access to Priory Park to the right - this really should be improved to take cyclists off the A389

Cut-through in Bodmin that's not on any online mapping.

Cycleway parallel to the Humber Bridge approach road

Traffic-calming by chicane in Croy on Cumbernauld Cycle Route 1.

An anti-cycling barrier in alleyway from Saucel Crescent, despite the continuous railing across the entrance on the road outside.

A crescent of chicanes - which like lock gates slow down the cyclists as they descend from street to river level.

A very restrictive chicane on Great Turnstile

A chicane barrier each side of the gate in Queen's Park, but with the cycle route heading for the Hendham Vale path to the right, why exit the park here at all? See also #72646.

A chicane approaching a bus stop on the Bears Way cycle track.

A chicane in the cycle track approaching a bus stop. The shelter for this stop is on the footway rather than the bus stop island. This intending passenger seems happy to wait leaning against a bollard.

Chicane for cyclists approaching bus stop on Bears Way cycleway. In foreground, access to/from side-road opposite.

Obstructive barriers on a cycle path

Unnecessarily obstructive barriers for a cycle route

The unusually generous chicane (thanks by the way, don't take it away) at Peter's field.

Hamilton Road appears to be quite a busy rat-run, and traffic calming has been provided by means of chicanes. Advisory cycle lanes have been painted in one direction through these chicanes. This appears to encourage motorists to overtake cy ... [more]

An advisory cycle lane painted around one side of a traffic-calming chicane. Is this to encourage motorists to overtake cyclists in the chicane? A wider view of this location is at #70529.

The traffic calming on Hamilton Road is by means of chicanes. Cycle lanes have been painted in one direction through these chicanes.

Priority facing the chicane. This is a 60 mph road and there is no footway here. On a bike coming through here how can I trust that oncoming traffic will give me right of way at this pinch point? They have to make a judgment to wait for ... [more]

Generous chicanes at crossing of minor road just right to slow cyclists where the walls make blind corners.

Chicanes at the bottom of the path leading into Craigmillar Castle Park. They are quite narrow and difficult to negotiate as they are at the bottom of a fairly steep section of the path.

Chicanes, another set a bit further down in background of the image. A little bit too narrow, you can wiggle through on a normal bike but tandems and trailers are blocked.

Chicanes at beginning of path between Forkenford and Kings Haugh, in good state but a bit narrow, not recommended for trailers or tandems although the path is wide enough for maneuvring.

Boillard plus chicanes (in bad state) with fairly narrow gap, overgrown and usually full of rubbish.

Location of a chicane that has been removed, on the Innocent Railway Path.

Path leading to cyclable footbridge.

An attempt has been made to beautify the entrance to the Kelvin Walkway at Kelvindale Road, but this has been spoilt not just by the barriers, but by signs pointing to "National Cycle Network Route 7". It is NCN756 as can be see on the stic ... [more]

Massy parc Descartes sortie de l'allée vers la D920 et une piste cyclable. Barrière récente quasi infranchissable à vélo alors qu'on est sur un itinéraire calme Massy Antony.

A traffic-calming chicane on The Duver, with a narrow gap for bikes. Going around the chicane looked easier than using the gap.

Cycle path alongside traffic-calmed road.

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