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[UPDATE: In the first week of January 2023 I saw the cones had been removed.] [Image taken 31.12.22] Burton Stone Lane (northbound), York. Splitter island, permanent priority sign, speed cushion and… double cones. Compare with the earlier … [more]

[Image taken 31.12.22] Burton Stone Lane (southbound), York. Compare with: #188664. The stacked cones are moving around. (I will ask for them to be removed.) Cones are temporary measures. Cones create hazards and cause obstructions. People … [more]

Construction of the rebuilt modal filter at North Woodside Road is nearly complete. The road and pedestrian traffic signals have been brought into use, but the cycle signals are still bagged up.

St George's Way, Bermuda Park

The temporary segregation at the south end of Kelvin Way has temporarily been removed for COP26, and although the fences have now been removed from around the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, the segregation has not yet been replaced. The 'Road … [more]

Only one usable gap remains in the closure of Kelvin Way for cycling through. This makes it difficult to turn into Kelvin Way from University Avenue.

Temporary signage to "No Entry"!

The Old Dumbarton Road cycleway is not finished, but it is open, and the COP26 diversion is now active.

The Ferry Road dropped kerb (see #175002) did not stay clear for long. Again, materials dumped partly obstructing users of this dropped kerb.

The Benalder Street cycleway has now been connected to the Old Dumbarton Road cycleway, with the installation of the raised crossing. The old lamppost seen in #174295 has been removed.

The Old Dumbarton Road cycleway has now been cleared of obstructions at the Ferry Road junction. The raised crossing has been installed and awaits lining. Some bollards might be in order too.

Old Dumbarton Road closed for installing the raised crossing at the Bunhouse Road junction.

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to have ceased.

[Update 11.9.21: The cones and signs have gone.] [Image taken 9.9.21] Marygate car park, Railway Walk, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] Leftover/abandoned temporary works items create clutter, trip hazards, reduce the already … [more]

[Update 11.9.21: The cones and signs have gone. The sandbags remain.] [Image taken 9.9.21] Marygate car park, Railway Walk, York [NOTE: No streetview at this location] Leftover/abandoned temporary works items create clutter, trip hazards, … [more]

[Update 11.9.21: The cones and signs have gone.] [Image taken 9.9.21] Bootham Terrace, York at underpass to Railway Walk, Marygate car park and access to Scarborough Bridge. The not-in-use sign and a sign frame – likely from the diversion … [more]

Bus lane closure because of building work to the left - all the cyclists I saw just weaved through the bollards.

[Update: the scaffolding has been removed.] [Image taken 13.8.21] Tanner Row, York, looking towards Wellington Row. Other image here today: #173199 and links

[Update: The scaffolding has gone.] [Image taken 13.8.21] Tanner Row, York, looking towards Rougier Street. A problem for pedestrians and cyclists when repairs are needed to buildings on narrow streets with narrow pavements and narrow … [more]

[Image taken 10.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: There is no street view at this location.] The lighting was not on, on the hoardings again today. For once I was able to get an image that shows how dark it is. (The lights don't … [more]

[Update 15.6.21. These had gone today.] [Image taken 12.6.21] Tanner Row, York. Cones not doing their job and therefore creating an obstruction and a hazard. This street is designated the diversion for people on cycles and wheelchairs while … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Crichton Avenue, junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. Three cones, two signs. Not doing their jobs. Been here some weeks. Unsightly and possible hazards. Other images in York today: #170081, #170082, #170083, … [more]

[See space coned off: #169690] [Image taken 22.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The cones no longer protect the space enabling people to move between the car park and the cycle-ped-wheelchair route to the city, hospital, river, schools, train … [more]

[Image taken 22.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The cones have been moved. They no longer protect that space where the white car is from being parked on: see #169488. They also now reduce the space for people to pass through and are an … [more]

[Image taken 1.5.21] Marygate car park, York. After the driver that was parked here moved, I replaced the cones to try to keep the route free for people heading to the river and walks, and the station, etc, via Scarborough Bridge. See also … [more]

[Image taken 1.5.21] Marygate car park, York. This was the only way through the cars to the slope – see links below. When I arrived it had a car parked in it. When the driver left I saw there were cones that had been moved out of the way. … [more]

The new layout in Cambridge Street. A two-way cycle track has been provided between the underpass from Dundasvale Road to the Renfrew Street junction. The cycle track ends at the Renfrew Street junction at a low-level cycle traffic signal, … [more]

[Image taken 26.4.21] Marygate car park, York. These cones have been in place for around a week. I encounter them when trying to work out how to move through the car park. (In the absence of clear advice/an obvious corridor during works). I … [more]

Standpipe in Mil Road, fire at Hope Street yard.

@GetGlesgaMoving @GlasgowCC @GoBikeGlasgow @policescotland Hope McDonald's being charged lane rental??! @CBTransport Where is alternative bus stop situated?? If there's room for a dedicated lane for Macdonald's drive thru, there's room for … [more]

The bus stop on Lancefield Quay, at the popup cycle lane, is still in use so there is a gap in the cones, and as soon as I turned around to take a picture of the end of the popup cycle lane, someone was trying to park a car there, in the … [more]

Although the popup cycle lane has been marked for westbound use only, there is quite a bit of use eastbound, particularly here where the parallel NCN75 Clyde Walkway has been shut due to a building fire.

The popup cycle lane at Lancefield Quay has "No Entry" markings on it, but the parallel NCN75 Clyde Walkway (visible to the right) is closed due to a building fire.

The council has stated that the popup cycle lane is for westbound use only, but this section in particular at Lancefield Quay is seeing significant wrong direction use, since the only other alternative to the closed Clyde Walkway is to … [more]

The recommencement of the popup cycle lane at Lancefield Quay, where the parallel NCN75 riverside cycle path is shut due to a building fire.

I guess the road markings are to remind bus drivers turning onto the Fastlink busway to look out for cyclists, but they appear to suggest to cyclists to go straight on, when the yellow sign says to use the busway.

The popup cycle lane recommences in Broomielaw, after George V Bridge, while NCN75 U-turns down a ramp onto the riverside path. The footway along this section ahead is no longer shared-use, but still sees people cycling along it, even with … [more]

The popup cycle lane continues onto Broomielaw, passing under the Central Station bridge.

The popup cycle lane in Clyde Street.

The Clyde Street popup cycle lane, and a closed layby.

The recommencement of the popup cycle lane in Clyde Street, after Victoria Bridge.

A traffic lane removed on Clyde Street and turned into a popup cycle lane.

The popup cycle lane in Clyde Street, to provide extra capacity for NCN75 on the shared footway.

The plastic ramp hasn't stayed in place, but the sandbags are better than nothing for bumping down the kerb. An asphalt ramp added on top of the road surface would be better. [Sorted in update at #144431]

Start of temporary cycle lane on Clyde Street. People joining from either the carriageway through the cones, or from the ramp from the shared footway.

This is more like it! 😊 shame it starts as randomly as it stops - how about more of this @GlasgowCC and some permanent barriers? Encourage healthy transport! 😁🚴‍♀️

The roadworks totally blocking the cycle lanes, presumably what the sign in #112484 referred to.

Damage to pedestrian guard railing on Hurlet Road.

Boquhanran Road shut for roadworks at the canal bridge, but no-one seems to have seen the memo about signing the cycle access still being open.

The way from the entrance to the cycle parking is blocked by a barrier, and the very narrow gap at the side is blocked by cones.

Cycling home with Flora along Pollokshaws Road. Traffic management for the shared path resurfacing better cycle provision than path itself! Buy hey, 6 lanes for motors obviously essential

The passageway under the railway linking Drossie Road to the Union Canal (part of the John Muir Way), plus some cycle parking stands in a car park.

The cycleway through Ravenscraig crosses the access road to the sports centre. Corduroy 'hazard' tactiles are used on this section, rather than the correct flat-topped 'cycleway' type, and placed so close to the crossing that people on … [more]

Work in progress on Wallacewell Road.

Illegally Coning Off Cyclelane at @ToyotaCambridge What I don't get with these modern developments is, with so much space, why didn't anyone think of delivery space?

New cycle parking installation work in Thoday Street.

An hour and a half after the Tour de France has passed through.

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