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Drummond Street two way cycling

New contraflow cycle lane, blocked by a Royal Mail van which forces cyclists out into oncoming traffic.

The wet tyre tracks in the Gordon Street contraflow cycle lane reveal that some motorists are entering it in lieu of slowing down to make a tighter turn.

Cockburn Street contraflow signs

The pop-up contraflow cycle lane in Gordon Street, outside Central Station. The temporary 'One Way' signs are incorrect.

The pop-up contraflow cycle lane in Gordon Street, signed with temporary 'No Entry' signs, one of which has an 'except cyclists' plate below it, in place of the more usual 'except cycles'. The usual 'No Motor Vehicles' signs have been cover ... [more]

@MCRCycleSam @RantyHighwayman @CyclingSurgeon @theJeremyVine I guess we should also factor in that you’ll have double deckers coming straight at nearly on the line... 😶 [See also #139326]

A pop-up contraflow cycle lane has been installed on Argyle Street under Central Station, and other westbound traffic eliminated, in order to provide more space for pedestrians on the opposite footway. Temporary 'No Entry' signs have been p ... [more]

We asked for #SpaceForPeople, but we didn’t ask for skinny lanes, no segregation, and real life experience of the surface of the moon! We can do better! ☹️ [See also #139536]

Another view of the contraflow cycle lane on Argyle Street. The cycle lanes could easily have been painted with a smoother transition in road position. See also #139322.

The contraflow cycle lane on Argyle Street has an abrupt change of direction, following the kerb. See also #139324.

A contraflow cycle lane has been created on Argyle Street, but it is full of broken asphalt and dislodged stonework, and is nowhere near a smooth ride. With on-coming vehicles now in the centre of the carriageway (as in #139536), less oppor ... [more]

Crowland Road, Stamford Hill contraflow cycling permitted.

Contra flow cycling affirmed by this sign, but see #137443.

Signed cycle route on a major urban road.

The contraflow cycle lane in Blythswood Street has been obstructed by a fallen over fence.

Walking across Paris this morning to get my TGV was impressed by numbers of people cycling on a grey drizzly day. 2nd photo shows space given back to pedestrians: looks like a footway painted bike track has been removed, now there's an on-r ... [more]

Cyclists are supposed to turn right only because they can't be trusted to wait for pedestrians at the crossing to the left.

New contraflow cycleway and dooring zone

Winchester contraflow lane

A cycle contraflow on the High Street (without the necessary 'except cycles' plates), and some real world cycling.

Bolt-down cycle parking stands on the High Street, and a time-restricted exemption from the 'no entry' sign on the left.

Glasgow’s counterflow bikes lanes, used by motor vehicles more than bicycles. Counterflow bike lanes in areas like this need barriers of some sort so that they stay open and free to allow cyclists safe and priority when moving around. htt ... [more]

Contraflow cycling on London Road.

More cars parked in the Cardonald Place Road contraflow cycle lane. When I got to the traffic signals, I waited for two pedestrian phases and still the cycle phase did not happen.

A private hire car parked on double yellow lines, in a contraflow cycle lane, and partly on the footway.

Oslo contra flow

A taxi parked in the contraflow cycle lane on Broadway.

A contraflow cycle lane on Broadway.

A contraflow cycle lane on Great Horton Road, heading towards the University of Bradford.

Contraflow cycling on Morley Street, a quiet road alongside the Alhambra Theatre.

A variety of traffic restrictions, including a contraflow cycle lane on Broadway.

A car driver parked on the contraflow cycle lane in Broadway, and another in the bus stop.

Contraflow cycling in Milk Street, Shrewsbury.

Signage for NCN routes 7 and 10 at the top of the ramp from Viaduct Estate Road. The routes head west to cross Bridge Street and then head east along the far side of the dual carriageway.

A contraflow cycle track between Viaduct Estate Road and Bridge Street. The footway style cycle track becomes a painted lane part of the way up the ramp.

Welcome to the National Cycle Network! NCN routes 7 and 10 on the path to the left have no directional signage, just stickers, while the routes ahead - 7, 10 and not mentioned leading to 72 - have just a sign facing those coming from the pa ... [more]

The end of the Burleigh Street contraflow cycle track currently under construction. The route to Water Row is via Pearce Street.

Roadworks in Burleigh Street to create a contraflow cycle track and repave the footways.

Buses and cycles (NCN route 6) only towards Northampton station

@helenpidd Howard Street in central Glasgow. A bike lane that goes against the flow of traffic. But it’s just a car park lane and taxi drop off. Yesterday there was more car than bike lane visible... If you ride it you’re forced into th ... [more]

Can “security” vans stop where ever they like? This guy claims he can, while doing so he is blocking access to Gordon St counter-way cycle lane. @GlasgowCC @polscotrpu ??

Nuttall Street nearly finished. I wonder if this is going to increase motor traffic on CS1. Traffic previously exiting Hoxton here will now continue north along Hoxton Mkt then north up Pitfield/Whitmore. (Spellin ... [more]

Contraflow cycling in Trnava, Slovakia

Cycle parking at the Synagogue Café, Trnava, Slovakia

Pedestrians on the contraflow cycle lane in the pedestrian zone, Trnava, Slovakia

Contraflow cycling, Trnava, Slovakia

No Entry except contraflow cyclists, Trnava, Slovakia

Contraflow cycle route ahead

Start of contraflow cycle lane, St Andrews

Painted cycle lanes don’t work, especially if the council just keeps turning a blind eye to those who abuse it. I tried to speak to the guy in the car and ask why he thought it was okay for him to park there, no response. @GoBikeGlasgow ... [more]

Contraflow cycle lane in Dundee

Contraflow cycle lane (not the widest), Dundee

Nothing says ‘Quietway’ quite like some destroyed child-sized bollards! @willnorman

Leighton Buzzard contraflow cycle lane

Nicely placed sharrow to get contra-flow cyclists riding well away from car doors. Compare #70403.

Cycle contraflow in Soho

Look, I know it's shit infrastructure, just a bit of paint, but there's multistorey and surface car parking within a couple of hundred metres. I have to cycle against the flow of motorised traffic because you're a selfish twat. Thanks. ... [more]

I waited 4 sequences of Argyle st/ Jamaica st🚦- this remained red (having dodged a taxi who’d pulled in and parked on the cycle lane). We simply won’t shift people to cycling if even the limited infrastructure doesn’t work @Glasgow ... [more]

How am I supposed safely cycle up this street if cars are parked in the contraflow cycle lane, forcing me into on coming traffic? @GlasgowCC @AnnaLangside

Argyle Street with new street cycle parking. Measurements from left to right accurate to 5cm: Left footway: 180cm Cycle lane: 165cm Carriageway between offside edge of white line and bollard: 265cm Offside edge of bollard to right ... [more]

The Humber Road cycling improvements are coming along in Beeston. What do people think? @broxtowebc @D2N2GrowthHub @Anna_Soubry "Beware of opening car doors" (and signs on the cycleway).

Soho Street

Collier Road - with a contraflow cycle marking

Guest Road - two way for cycling and great to see that the whole width of the southbound lane has been used.

Collier Road - two-way for cycling.

Start of one-way road with contraflow cycle lane towards Bayeux station.

Contra flow, Swansea

*whispers to you* Except cycles

Belvoir Street: Shared use crosses the one way street for a bit of a shabby contraflow cycle route.

Temporary northbound closure of the North Hanover Street contraflow bus lane in connection with building works at Queen Street station. The official diversion is via North Frederick Street.

Why people cycling don’t use the provided infrastructure #7639. Approached a taxi driver blocking this same section earlier. Pointed out the solid white. He shrugged. ‘I’m dropping someone off’. Glasgow.

End of contraflow lane, Bedford

@JackOfNorwich @2_Wheeled_Wolf @bollocksinfra @dublincycling Dublin's idea of a contraflow is to say "Go on, I dare you"

The contraflow lane on Gordon Street, with a cargobike and a hire bike in use.

Cycle contraflow, Nottingham

The contraflow cycle lane on Blythswood Street is still incorrectly signed.

This was a controversial contraflow because car parking should really have been removed to make spece - but it seems to be working well, with drivers and cyclists being considerate.

Thoday Street contraflow cycle lane now marked.

Clare delighted that at last she can ride both ways in the street where she's been working for the last 30+ years.

No enforcement of the Argyle Street contraflow cycle lane.

New red cycle lights and low level miniature lights on the Argyle Street contraflow lane.

The Torrisdale Street contraflow cycle track, looking towards the Pollokshaws Road toucan crossing.

New contraflow cycling markings on Union Road, Cambridge.

Is this a new sign over-ruling the No Entry marking because the road is now two-way for cycling? Very unclear.

There's no cycle contraflow on most of Coronation St - the new arrow may be to over-rule the No Entry marking to the right on Panton St because the road is now two-way for cycling? Very unclear.

The far western end of Coronation St is now two-way for cycling - improving connections to the new crossing to the fens and Newnham.

New contraflow markings on Norwich Street, Cambridge

New contraflow signage on Norwich Street, Cambridge

New contraflow markings on Norwich Street, Cambridge

Two way cycling now allowed on Union Road in Cambridge - handy!

New contraflow markings on Union St, Cambridge

New contraflow markings on Union St, Cambridge

Contraflow cycling Norwich Street, Cambridge Fantastic! Such a small, simple, but incredibly important breakthrough. No entry, except cycles... in the UK! Thank you to whoever is responsible.

Emery Street contraflow cycling.

Emery Street contraflow cycling.

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

Emery Street contraflow cycling.

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

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