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Cycle parking stands next to the South City Way on Victoria Road. The spacing could be better, and that big sign will get in the way of pedals.

South City Way at Bowman Street. In theory, it appears they expect cycles to be able to access the side road, but no dropped kerb has been provided to get from the cycle track onto the shared footway. And no provision for right turns or goi ... [more]

New Nextbike hire station at Anniesland Cross.

[Image taken 4.4.21] The locations of the Tier scooter bays, the Sheffields, and the road (Tanner Row) on Rougier Street, York. (See also: #166751, #166752, #166753, #166754, #166755, #166756)

[Image taken 4.4.21] Rougier Street, York. For some Sheffields at this location, the gap between the rack and the road is just 104cm. See also: #166754, #166756

Filtered permeability on Scotland Street West.

Cycle parking for a business in one of the industrial units.

[Image taken 4.4.21] Rowntree Park, York. Another family sharing locks and rack space. (See also: #166369)

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. On a slope or if racks are too close to an object, cycles can't stay upright and topple. This makes loading/unloading difficult. Here it means the cycle takes up more space between Sheffields t ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. The racks are on a perceptible slope. My cycle slips and won't stay upright. (See also: #166690) For a further consequence of the slope see: #166691. For generic observations about the cycle pa ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. The large amount of space between the racks and the car parking means people can park longer cycles here. This cycle, for example, is 190cm long. At the widest point - the handlebars - it is ar ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. Good access to the cycle parking from the car park (access route). The racks are not blocked by car parking spaces unlike at Aldi, Clifton Moor. The racks are flat-topped Sheffields, 70cm long. ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. These are the design of racks known as Sheffields. These are 100cm apart - the minimum realistic spacing. See also: Lidl racks: #166686, #166687, #166688. Lidl racks slope issues: #166689, #166 ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Asda, Layerthorpe, York. One Sheffield has been removed as a trial. There is now 115cm between the racks where the space between the remaining Sheffields is around 57cm. I think this is the reason two of the three cycle ... [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] The Manager at Asda, Layerthorpe, York has responded quickly to my request for improved spacing between racks. He has already removed one Sheffield between two others. There is now 115cm between the racks. I could acces ... [more]

Cycle parking and a public workstand at Cavendish Street, but no dropped kerb to leave the South City Way cycle track to get to them. There used to be a dropped kerb and painted cycle track linking Pollokshaws Road and Cavendish Street here ... [more]

The barriers on Hanover Street have been moved making it more difficult to cross George Square. The gaps between sections of barriers do not line up. Previous layout shown in #143986.

[Image taken 1.4.21] Micklegate, York. Cycle racks? Scooter bays? Or wheely bin storage area? See also: #164327, #164328, #164329

The road closure in Avenuepark Street now has an opening to allow through cycling, correcting issue in #62876.

A choice of cycle parking at the Knightswood shopping centre.

Cycle parking stands outside the entrance to the former Lidl store in Yoker. These are in addition to the 8 stands over the other side of the car park.

Some of the cycle parking at the former Lidl store in Yoker. This lot can be easily accessed from the cycle path, but is nowhere near the entrance.

[Image taken 28.3.21] Rowntree Park, York. The two adult cycles have a lock around them. The two child cycles are not locked. Families need space to be able to put their cycles together. I believe 120cm should be the standard space between ... [more]

[Image taken 28.3.21] Rowntree Park, York. Adult cycle with child seat, plus child bike sharing one lock. Families share locks and therefore need space to be able to put their cycles together. 100cm spacing between the Sheffields enables th ... [more]

[Image taken 8.10.19] The cycle parking at Asda, Harrogate after relocation in 2019. Under cover, well lit, and very close to the trolley park. See also: #166185

[Image taken 8.10.19] In 2019 following discussions with the Manager, the cycle parking at Asda, Harrogate was improved. The existing free-standing racks were relocated. The original location (see: was ... [more]

Update - see: #166683. [Image taken 24.3.21] The cycle parking at Asda, Layerthorpe, York is close to the entrance and the trolleys. (It is therefore an example of good practice - see overview of these issues: #167030). The racks are very e ... [more]

Update - see: #166683. [Image taken 24.3.21] Asda, Layerthorpe, York has cycle parking. But the racks are too close together. On 24.3.21 I decided I would speak to someone about it. The Store Manager immediately came out to speak to me. At ... [more]

[Image taken 20.3.21] Tanner Row, York. The cyclist could not manoeuvre his bike out of the racks backwards as the Tier scooter bays are too close unless you lift your cycle and turn it in stages. However, exiting forwards onto Tanner Row y ... [more]

[Image taken 20.3.21] Tanner Row, York. The Tier scooter parking is too close to the Sheffields. (For all related issues and images see: #164846.) This cyclist started to try to take his bike out backwards but would have had to lift it. So ... [more]

Five tightly spaced cycle parking stands, unsigned and hidden behind the trolley stack, at Aldi, just off Great Western Road.

Bicycle parking

[Image from Street View May 2017] Rougier Street junction with Tanner Row, York shows how popular the cycle parking here is despite access issues. There's a police vehicle in the designated parking space (see: #165871) on Tanner Row close t ... [more]

The southern entrance to Partick station is becoming a bit cluttered, and is being used for car parking, including over the path, which is also partially blocked by hire bikes.

[Image taken 22.12.20] Lidl, James Street, York. The typical cycle in York I see is equipped for practicality and utilitarian use: panniers or other luggage carrying capacity that remain in situ at all times, ditto at least one child seat. ... [more]

A cycle parking stand outside Springburn library.

Cycle parking outside Maryhill Health Centre.

Insecure cycle parking outside the shop at Kirklee crossroads. There is a step down at the end of the paving slabs.

Light segregation installed on the Colleges Route cycle lanes in Clarence Drive. Again, a break in the armadillos for the pedestrian crossing, and a car illegally parked just before they resume.

Cycle parking at the Trumpington Road P+R. Toast racks like this don't look permanent to me, but I'm guessing these are. Not good enough, if so. They should be covered and more secure to start with.

Cycle parking, steps and a ramp at the new Panure Gate entrance to the Claypits Local Nature Reserve. The boardwalk leads along the side of the canal and connects to the new bridge at #153304.

A couple of abandoned/damaged bikes at Partick station.

Sale Sports Club Trafford . New buildling has covered cycle parking . Room for 10 bikes

A couple of cycle parking stands installed on Dumbarton Road near the Thornwood Roundabout at the roadside, and there are two more behind the camera at the end of Thornwood Drive.

Due to problems with public disorder on hot sunny days, various gates to Kelvingrove Park have been locked shut. Evidently, this is not a popular policy.

The barriers for the pop-up closure in Hanover Street are possible to cycle around on a standard bicycle, but awkward. New cycle parking has been installed too. It would make a lot of sense for this to become a permanent road closure, wi ... [more]

No cycle parking at shops in Kelvindale Road. I watched the owner of the bike in the foreground walk into the shop, and the owner of the bike across the road has just emerged from the shop.

Nice motor-traffic free environment in rebuilt Argyle Street alignment in Anderston, but awkward to get into with a bike due to no dropped kerbs at either end. Outdoor bike parking has been provided at each entrance for residents.

Nice motor-traffic free environment in rebuilt Argyle Street alignment in Anderston, but awkward to get into with a bike due to no dropped kerbs at either end. Outdoor bike parking has been provided at each entrance for residents.

The popup cycle lane recommences in Broomielaw, after George V Bridge, while NCN75 U-turns down a ramp onto the riverside path. The footway along this section ahead is no longer shared-use, but still sees people cycling along it, even with ... [more]

These two racks are new additions to the bike parking options on Bridge Street.

Cycle parking on Gorbals Street near the Sheriff Court.

Cycle parking stands at the rear of the coffee chain drive-through.

Cycle parking at Sainsbury's Kingsgate store, as far from the front door as possible, only convenient for the fire door, and attracting a predictable level of usage.

Cycle parking at East Kilbride station, one of two shelters, and a shared footway on Torrance Road.

Cycle parking at East Kilbride station. One of two shelters.

Glebe Street meets Hunter Street and Montgomery Street in East Kilbride Village. I never noticed when I took the photograph, but the cycle parking stands look like they may be removable.

Cycle parking at the new Lidl store. The car park is outside the front door.

This looks like a bad translation, which is a shame. It doesn't apply to all the bits of furniture that get used as bike racks on Bridge Street, just the ones there are notices on. ETA: these informal bike stands are being replaced with ... [more]

Cycle parking at Westwood Square shops.

Additional cycle parking stands at Hairmyres Hospital, including a Commonwealth Games 2014 rack, and some bolt-down stands.

Cycle parking at Hairmyres Hospital. If there was a proper network of cycle infrastructure around here, perhaps more would cycle.

Oft loving this office blocks secure cycle parking!!! šŸ¤£šŸ‘šŸ»

The Kelvin Hall now has replacement cycle parking, and it has been located in the former taxi drop-off lane outside the front door.

I've not seen these before so they might be quite old, but the advice on them about how to securely lock a bike is good. Slightly ironic that it's a University initiative given how bad some of their bike parking is, sadly.

These look like new bike racks not far from the shops in this area.

A rather disjointed looking cycle connection between Springbank Street and Garscube Road at Queen's Cross, but a connection nonetheless. And cycle parking.

Cycle parking at Robroyston rail station. There is cycle parking on both sides of the line.

Robroyston station car park, Millerston side, including cycle parking.

Cycle parking at Robroyston rail station. There is cycle parking on both sides of the line.

Damaged cycle parking stand in Crow Road.

These look like new bike racks not far from the University's Student Services office. (Entrance from Bene't Street nicely opened up here.)

Temporary bike racks. Some cycle parking has been moved to accommodate the barriers that are being installed. Previously, there was blue badge parking here. See also #112685

Temporary bike racks. Some have been moved to accommodate the barriers going in. These appear to be bolted into the tarmac.

Cycle parking at New Stobhill Hospital.

A very clear banner giving the location of the cycle parking.

Cycle parking in St Sepulchre Gate.

Cycle parking lockers removed from Thorne North station car park, with no replacement stands or anything else that I could see.

Random cycle parking at Meadowhall station car park, and a narrow A-frame barrier obstructing the path that leads between the car park and an office block over to a hotel.

Cycle parking in Barnsley Market.

Cycle parking on Market Hill, and a bike on the roof of the entrance to the Old ā„–7 pub.

Cycle parking on the platform at Penistone station.

Insecure cycle parking stands in the car park at Penistone station.

The main cycle parking at Barnsley station, including the former 'Bike & Go' stands and shelter. I'm sure there will be a reason for the spelling of 'Barnsleigh Interchange'.

Some cycle parking on platform 2 at Barnsley station. There is more cycle parking on platform 1 (see #112592).

Bolt-down cycle parking stands on the High Street, and a time-restricted exemption from the 'no entry' sign on the left.

Unusual cycle parking stands in central Rotherham, one of which is broken.

A sizeable number of cycle parking stands within Sheffield railway station. Ed: How many Andy? :-)

Cycle parking inside Sheffield railway station.

Some overly tall cycle parking stands, complete with a broken bike, next to the covered walkway between the bus station and the railway station.

Some cycle parking stands outside the entrance to the bus station.

Cycle parking at Middlewood Park & Ride site.

Cycle parking near the cathedral and shops.

Cycle parking in Sheffield city centre.

Poor quality cycle parking on the edge of Sheffield city centre, at Ponds Forge.

Cycle parking stands outside Piccadilly tram stop.

Cycle parking stands outside Manchester Piccadilly station.

The cycle parking shelter at South Elmsall station being used as a smoking shelter.

Wheel-bender cycle parking outside Carlisle railway station. There are some proper stands inside the station, but some decent cycle parking here would be desirable for short-term parking, e.g. buying/collecting ticket, or visiting the busin ... [more]

Ashton on Mersey Sale Greater Manchester . Ashton park has no dedicated cycle parking . These bikes have been parked to posts and gates . The bikes belong to party political canvassers for the 2019 General Election who are proving the point ... [more]

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