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Cyclists are asked to asked to dismount for the short section of path up to East Cliff, see #197839.

Cyclists are asked to dismount when passing beneath the railway.

Cyclists are asked to dismount through Whitstable Harbour.

Cyclists are advised to dismount over the bridge and beneath the main road, beside the river, here.

Stretford near Manchester A56 near Chapel Lane north bound carriageway. Illegal sign instructing cyclists to dismount and use footway when the road is open to traffic ! This sign is only to be used on streets where motor vehicles are also … [more]

Cyclists should dismount on this footbridge

Cyclists must dismount on signposted cycle route

Sorry what now? @ShowMeASignBryn @RoadsignReport1 @RantyHighwayman

[Image taken lunchtime Saturday 17.4.21] Riverside on Terry Avenue, York. The 'cyclists dismount' signs are still in situ despite works not taking place at these locations. See complete set previous evening: #167253, #167254, #167255, … [more]

[Image taken 18.00 16.4.21] Riverside on Terry Avenue, York. Second image in this second set of unnecessary cyclists dismount signs. Other image in this pair: #167255. Pair 1: #167253, #167254. Terry Ave closing see also (overview): … [more]

[Image taken 18.00 16.4.21] Riverside on Terry Avenue, York. First sign in this second set of unnecessary cyclists dismount signs. Other image in this pair: #167256. Pair 1: #167253, #167254. Terry Ave closing see also (overview): #164095; … [more]

[Image taken 18.00 16.4.21] Riverside on Terry Avenue, York. Second of this set of two unnecessary cyclists dismount signs. Other image in this pair: #167253. Pair 2: #167255, #167256. Terry Ave closing see also (overview): #164095; (user … [more]

[Image taken 18.00 16.4.21] Riverside on Terry Avenue, York. Sunny though fresh. First Friday after the first relaxing of the covid rules - people can eat food at premises if they do so outside. Beer gardens (and popup on-pavement tables) … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] Cyclist in York. She has come from either Rougier Street (avoiding Lendal gyratory) or Tanner's Moat who has dismounted to access the pedestrian crossing and is now continuing her journey on her cycle across Lendal … [more]

Two Cyclists Dismount signs connected by an awkward barrier.

Caption: [Image taken 26.2.21]. Despite the cyclists dismount sign there is a route through. So why the sign? See also: #164583, #164584, #164585, #164586. Newer images: #166495, #166496

[Image taken 26.2.21] Cyclists dismount sign on Micklegate, York, looking towards Micklegate Bar. See also: #164313, #164583, #164584, #164585, #164587. Newer images: #166495, #166496

[Image taken 26.2.21] Blossom Street, York looking towards Micklegate Bar shows a route through. On the other side however is a Cyclists Dismount & Use Footway Sign. See also: #164583, #164584, #164586, #164587. Newer images: #166495, … [more]

Pointless cyclists dismount sign at the crossing of the Unstrut and Gera cycleways.

Brand new road with no constraints of space - so why is the cycleway design so dangerous that cyclists are told to get off?

Short stretch of cycleway soon ends at a cyclist dismount sign

Short cycleway heads over some ladder paving to a cyclist dismount sign.

Cyclists Dismount sign at end of cycleway - but no ramp to rejoin carriageway.

Cyclists Dismount sign illustrates just how poor the new cycleway design is. Totally unnecessary since the adjacent busway only takes 4 buses per hour - if only cyclists were allowed to use it.

There's a cyclists dismount sign here despite 2 city councils and 1 metro borough adopting a policy that all new bridges should allow cycling without dismounting !! Adopted March 2008 Salford CC Manchester CC Treafford MBC … [more]

The barrier requires bikes to be lifted over since, even with the pedal at its highest point, the smallest of the metalwork pieces is still higher than the pedal.

Cyclists Dismount. Why? Ridiculous

Holyhead Station this ramp is for cyclists to wheel their bikes through.

The shared use path ends before it reaches Lister Road, so doesn't really go anywhere. There is no provision for westbound cyclists here, and eastbound cyclists will have already negotiated a busy roundabout. "End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclists … [more]

"End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclists Dismount" sign on new shared use path, Harrow Way Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom) There is no provision for westbound cyclists here, and eastbound cyclists will have already negotiated a … [more]

"End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclists Dismount" sign on Lister Road Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

End of Cycle Route/Cyclists Dismount sign - for some reason, cycling to the dropped kerb is not allowed Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

End of Cycle Route/Cyclists Dismount sign on Lister Road Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom) If only the shared use path connected with the cycle track on Wella Road...

End of Cycle Route/Cyclists Dismount sign Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom) The council had recently started using "Cyclists rejoin carriageway" signs, but clearly ran out and went back to meaningless end of … [more]

The cycle route around Rutland Water beside the A6003

North end of the diverted section of the cycle route around Rutland Water - gates AND pointless Cyclists Dismount signs!

Wheelbenders at the Rutland Water Garden Centre (and café)

Barriers AND Cyclists Dismount signs to cross the entry to the Rutland Water Garden Centre

Perhaps the Cyclists Dismount sign is for cyclists going in the other direction, but it's still one of those negative things that make cycling seem dangerous and complicated.

Gates and Cyclists Dismount sign to cross a very minor dead-end road. Ridiculou, but that's what happens when cycle routes are installed by a water company.

Cattle grid - another absurd reason to tell cylists to dismount. What happens when a water company creates cycle infratrusture.

Steep descent on the Hambleton peninsula, Rutland Water - good brakes are more important than dismounting, I think

Steep hill, cyclists dismount - the first of many annoying signs about dismounting and helmets. This is what happens when cycle routes are designed by a water company.

Ridiculous 'Cyclists dismount and use footway' sign. Meanwhile, the works are preparing to narrow the shared-use path in order to create yet another traffic lane! It's like I stepped into a time machine and ended up back in the 20th … [more]

Confusing #Cyclists #Dismount signs have finally gone from the north side of #GreenDragon bridge.

What starts off like a positive permission to cycle ends up more like an ultimatum!

Trafford Wharf Road near Manchester.Outside Imperial War Museum North and Media City SIGNS CONTRADICT "CYCLISTS THISW AY THEN IMMEDIATELY A DISMOUNT" This morning 2nd July I spoke to @GTMofficial operative who promised me he'd have a look … [more]

Trafford Wharf Road near Manchester. Also near Imperial War Museum North and Media City Unlawful 'cyclists dismount' signs. TfGM are building tram lines that do not allow cycle carriage. during the construction phase there appears to be NO … [more]

Cyclists Dismount and Push sign on the bridge to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Cyclists dismount to cross the motorway bridge.

UPDATE AT END. New sign asking "Cyclists please dismount". This has been a cycle cut through for the 27 years I've lived here. Note it's a private sign and not official, but this is a private estate. However, when estate planned, was it … [more]

Shared use for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists

Tower Bridge is being repaired - pedestrians can still pass and cycles must be pushed along (except for cycles used by disabled people).

Tower Bridge roadworks mean cyclists must dismount and make their way among the tourists. October to December 2016.

cyclists dismount sign

route signs for dismounted cyclists

Cyclists Dismount sign - A route sign for Warrington Strategic Route 3 towards Birchwood would be more helful.

Cyclists dismount sign on west bound carriageway of the A57 approaching J11 of M6. Sign suggests west-bound cyclists should get off and follow the pavement anti-clockwise around the roundabout with no protection at the crossings of the A57 … [more]

Cyclists Dismount to make an unprotected crossing of a 6 lane dual carriageway.

Cycle path goes through a bus stop

Cyclists Dismount

A rare example of a properly justified "Cyclists Dismount" sign at the level crossing.

'A' frame barrier. Unusually, actually wide enough to fit the handlebars through. Plus a CYCLISTS DISMOUNT sign.

Cyclists dismount sign

After treating themselves to almost a whole 100m of unhindered riding down the narrow path, cyclists are again instructed to dismount for the remainder of its length.

Cyclists please dismount "Radfahrer bitte Absteigen" Cycling not permitted, cyclists please dismount - in a public park in Bad Zwischenahn. Location: , Bad Zwischenahn (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Annoying CYCLISTS DISMOUNT signs to cross a road!

Salford Greater Manchester legitimate cycling is compromised by illegal sign. EVEN IF YOU DID DISMOUNT THE FOOTPATH AKA WALKWAY IS CLOSED !!!!! Please allow cyclists to ride and car drivers to get out and push ! To avoid the choice of … [more]

Cyclists dismount - Radfahrer absteigen Location: , Schwerin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) A cyclists dismount sign at construction works at Schwerin Castle. Radfahrer absteigen Schild an einer Baustelle am Schweriner Schloß.

A temporary pedestrian corridor during works to nearby buildings - with a cyclists dismount notice.

University now strongly discouraging cycling through the Hauser Forum, which was the main cycle access to this end of the West Cambridge Site from the south.

Cyclists Dismount Location: Charlottenburg, Berlin (Berlin, Germany) White Cyclists Dismount sign (Radfahrer absteigen) at a crossing. (Location appox.) An "End of" sign should be used as in #66225.

Steetford Manchester. Talbot Road new cycle lane is compromised by illegal sign. Please allow cyclists to ride and car drivers to get out and push ! The cones could have been used to temporarily utilise the hatching/right hand turning lane … [more]

Unusual sign for cyclists approaching Valentine Bridge, Bristol. Ed: I'd suggest this is an attempt by the bridge owners to limit their liability as the parapets may not have been built to the statutory height. So they're covering their … [more]

Cyclists only (but dismount)

Dismount here for the railway station, and definitely don't cycle up the wide ramp.

Dismount and walk

The sign lectures pesky cyclists to dismount, but we just changed into the lowest gear and got on with this climb up steep ramps under the A55 North Wales 'expressway'.

Shipwrights Way crossing the railway line at Bentley Station Location: , Blacknest (England, United Kingdom)

This comes from Swanley in the north of Sevenoaks district in Kent. It speaks for itself, but the real problem is that Swanley at least has some cycle infrastructure, while the rest of the district has none at all. A cycling strategy for … [more]

Cyclists Dismount at the start of the Derwen route in Carmarthen - surely there could be a dropped kerb?

Busy road, pedestrian barriers, a dismount sign and no apparent cycle parking at this former cycle factory - now hotel. Cartlon's original tweet from where this image was obtained: This is the historic Ibis where I'm staying tonight in … [more]

NCN 57 Sign in Chesham

End of foot and cycleway - no, it is not. The correct sign wood by white pedestrians on blue background. At other similar locations the council uses the equally wrong and even more annoying "Cyclists Dismount", e.g. #48247. At least the … [more]

Oxford's Marston meadows' cycle path. The cattle grid is accompanied by a pedestrian gate, but for some reason, instead of a sign advising pedestrians to use the path, rather than the cattle grid, there's one suggesting the opposite! If … [more]

Confusing signs. Blue circle: dual use cycle way. Blue square : cyclists dismount. Red sign: cyclists dismount and use footway. They can't all be right

Stupid chicanes, stupid dismount signs - why can't they design it properly.

A so called 'Pedestrian Zone' in Middlesbrough - with Cyclists Dismount signs.

Okay, perhaps on a cycleroute this is a little overkill, but imagine using this sign instead of the "cyclist dismount" sign. It accurately says what is actually expected and means people walking and riding have an truer understanding of … [more]

Arbury road – more grotty rubbish for cyclists and pedestrians to fight over.

Cyclist Dismount? How about just cycling around the roadwork...

Inappropriate signage. The next sign says 'Cycle Lane Closed'. There isn't even a cycle lane.

Black then Red surfaces, yet the sign says dismount. I think the advisory "cyclists dismount" sign and blue shared use" signs need turning around, with the cyclists dismount replaced by "footway" with end of cycleway signs. From the … [more]

On the right hand side of the first linked picture is the Iceni Way that interrupts the cycle path and requires a stop despite low volumes of traffic at this side road - #14053 -if one wants to comply with the law. The planted hedges make … [more]

Another Cyclists Dismount sign (you will now enter the main carriageway) in Orchard Park (Chariot Way with Ring Fort Road) where there should be a blue "footway" sign with the addition of an "End of Cycleway" sign.

Pointless "cyclists dismount" signs at Graham Road corner with Topper Street in Orchard Park, Cambs. This "cyclists dismount" sign on the easternside of Graham Road is at the back of a shared use sign, see also #48537. The council seems to … [more]

Pointless "cyclists dismount" signs at Graham Road corner with Topper Street in Orchard Park, Cambs. The "cyclists dismount" sign one on the pavement on the eastern / left hand side is nowhere near a cycleway (see also #48247).

New pole with a "Cyclists Dismount sign" (see #31618 from July 2011) and a shared use sign on the opposite side. Orchard Park Community Council proposed this "Cyclists Dismount route" as the route for the . For … [more]

For cyclists leaving Alison Richard Building, joining West Road. Seems excessive. Cottenham Cyclists says Give Way would be better here.

See clip at Passing the roadworks on Grange Road and saw a completely useless sign. Halfway through the disruption is a blue "Cyclists Dismount" sign. I believe these signs are often put up in cyclelanes as a … [more]

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