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The end of the pop-up cycle lane in Bilsland Drive. Traffic immediately takes to the inside of the road, to form two lanes of traffic approaching the Balmore Road junction. The guy on the bike didn't get through the next phase on the traffi ... [more]

The end of the Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane, at the Cowdenhill Road/Lincoln Avenue junction. The cycle lane stops just after the bus stop. The bus boarder is still under construction.

The bus stop on Lancefield Quay, at the popup cycle lane, is still in use so there is a gap in the cones, and as soon as I turned around to take a picture of the end of the popup cycle lane, someone was trying to park a car there, in the wa ... [more]

The Birniehill Roundabout cycle track merges onto the Kingsway carriageway, but there is room for it to continue off-road until the Whitemoss Roundabout where another cycle track starts. Again, tyre tracks in the mud and grass give away the ... [more]

Cycle lane comes to and end on Meanwood Road, Leeds

End of some part-time limit in Randolph Road.

The footway markings on Leverndale Road end into an Advance Stop Line at the Crookston Road junction. There is no cycle provision on the main road. If there is moving traffic, this layout means cyclists waiting until the lights turn red ... [more]

The cycle lane approaching the Lidl store ends abruptly.

Just as I was about to leave Victoria Park, I noticed this bollard emblazoned "Park Cycle Route End".

Effectively the end of the new cycleway alongside St Rollox Drive, with no way back onto the road and only a connection to the old footpath.

The path from the Waterloo Road car park ends at the Aldi car park, but another path connects across to Ferncliffe Road. Hazard tactiles have been used in place of cycleway tactiles.

The line-segregated path ends and the cycle route to the station continues through the Waterloo Road car park.

Cycle Superhighway sign on Lower Kirkgate.

A route sign for NCN66 on Nelson Street. The road ahead leads to a bus gate at #110421.

The end of the cycle facilities at the Barrangary Roundabout, and the merge back onto the A8 carriageway, heading towards Bishopton.

The A689 roundabout has shared-use paths around it, connecting with the route alongside the main road itself. A notice implores drivers to 'Pass Cyclists Safely', with at least 1.5m clearance. This road had the fastest drivers I'd encoun ... [more]

The end of the shared footway around the A689 roundabout and back onto the carriageway heading towards Kirkandrews. But first, a corduroy 'hazard' tactile strip across the path.

The shared path ends on the approach to the 30mph zone on Burgh Road, and has separate places for cyclists to join and leave the path.

The end of the cycle path from Cumbernauld Road and the Forth & Clyde Canal, but neither a dropped kerb to get onto the carriageway or a shared footway in either direction. Allandale to the left, Castlecary (and the quieter Walton Road to A ... [more]

The Redwood Drive shared footway continues south, but it is not clear how far it extends.

The cycle lane up West Thomson Street ends in a car park at the Clydebank Health Centre.

A poor end to the footway from The Antonine Road at the Goals access road, part of the Drumchapel Way signed walking route.

End of shared-use path entering Haverhill

The end of the Hallglen cycle path at Hallglen Primary School.

The uncontrolled pedestrian crossing across the A905 leads to the Inchyra Road shared-use footway. Presumably anyone cycling over that painted 'END' has to turn left with the traffic, onto the carriageway leading back to Inchyra Road.

The signs say shared use ends but as you can see there’s nothing qualitatively different about the footway either side of the notice.

Precisely no-one ends their journey here, so why does the cycle lane end here?

Direction signs at the access from Bracken Avenue, but why this obsession with "End of Cycle Route" signs in this town? The path doesn't end until it reaches the road in any case. Also, the signs on one side are lit, and those on the side a ... [more]

Active travellers on foot and bike, your leafy shared use path of safety must be rendered useless cos the three lanes of important motorists have to be informed. @CalumCook91 @GoBikeGlasgow

over the hump at Corkerhill stn on Corkerhill Rd heading towards the college & it narrows down to….where do i go ? #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

The end of the protected cycle lanes in Broomhouse, and where it all starts to fall apart.

The Ravenscraig cycleway at the northern crossing of Plantation Road, including provision for those going straight ahead and joining the carriageway.

The Ravenscraig cycleway crossing Plantation Road, with provision for anyone joining from the carriageway of Plantation Road. Note that cycleway markings haven't been reinstated after roadworks.

End of the line-segregated cycleway through Ravenscraig. Why doesn't it continue through to Craigneuk St?

The cycleway from Carfin doesn't yet extend to the end of Robberhall Road to meet the Craigneuk St roundabout cycleway.

The end of the roundabout cycleway on Craigneuk Street.

Cycle route around roundabout ends, but continues across the road to the right.

Onto the footway at the roundabout at Drumsagard. South Lanarkshire Council has signed the A724 as NCN74, even though the Sustrans NCN74 goes to Uddingston to join NCN75.

Back onto the footway for the roundabout.

A bit messy, but the footbridge across Turner Road from #88392 comes down here, and cycling across it is allowed.

Close pass by driver of RV02 LFP.

Close pass by driver of KN12 EEG.
























Granby Street - cycle lane sort of peters out here but cycling is permitted beyond - linking through to Leicester railway station.

YT61 TJU completely blocking cyclepath at various times in the middle of the day.

Route sign for cycling, at a mandatory right turn. The light on the mandatory turn sign isn't facing the right way, while above the light there appears to be some other equipment taped on. Across the road, a van is parked on the footway.

An abrupt ending to the Hamilton Road cycle track, at a build-out. Maybe this is still to be dealt with.

Cycle Lane Omagh @WeatherCee @barrabest @angie_weather

The end of phase 1 of the Bears Way cycle route, and having had priority at numerous junctions, this Give Way means cyclists will have to stop for cars turning into Burnmouth Place. The old cycle lane continues for only a few metres beyo ... [more]

The end of phase 1 of the Bears Way cycle route, and priority over turning traffic at junctions is immediately lost with this Give Way. This is also the point where northbound cyclists are meant to cross the road to use the cycle track. ... [more]

The cycle track around the roundabout ends onto Feethams. Closeup of the sign in #71078.

Painted cycle lanes end on approach to pinch-point.

The shared-use cycleway just ends like this. How are you meant to return to the road?

Can't help thinking this #Hove cycle lane could've ended better...

The path and track alongside the M80 motorway stop dead at a locked gate. Only the motorway carries on.

Old style end of bidirectional track on bridge in Derby. Exit ahead a mere 0.7m wide. (Good roadwork layout, btw)

A 'Cycles Only' sign and no room for pedestrians to get around the bus shelter.

End of contraflow lane on Inchicore Road

Heading towards Tolworth the segregated cycle track ends at the car sales place. Cyclists have the legal options of dismounting and walking or to cycle on the road.

End of Shared-use Path. Is it useful to end next to a bus-stop? Or would it be better to go to the road crossing further up? As a confident rider, I'm happy to use the bus-stop to pull into the main road and turn right to follow NCN11. H ... [more]

The cycle lanes have double white lines, but end before the bus stop and pinch-point.

The end of the cycle lane on the A7 approaching Sheriffhall Roundabout

Abrupt end of cycle track, just where motorists will be looking the other way. Narrow footway continues into Formby to the left.

End of foot and cycleway - no, it is not. The correct sign wood by white pedestrians on blue background. At other similar locations the council uses the equally wrong and even more annoying "Cyclists Dismount", e.g. #48247. At least the Cou ... [more]

End of shared-use footway

End of cycle lane on A237 near Hackbridge railway station

Link between Gaywood Hall Drive and Bishops Road: a great big route direction sign, about 6 inches in front of an End Of Cycle Route sign! Picture captured from handlebar camera film.

End of the on-road cycle lanes section of the cycle route into Lanark from Hyndford. Spot the sign telling cyclists to turn right.

The cycle lanes in the cul-de-sac end before the supermarket junction, not even making it as far as the NCN7 crossing.

See link at A classic case of a MGIF. Turning off the road a mere 10 yards after the pinch point yet moves dangerously close to me all to save less than a second. Passing to Close Highway code rule 213. M ... [more]

End! Location: Saggart (Dublin, Ireland)

Where now? Hartington, Derbyshire Footpaths/Cycle Paths to Hartington and Biggin in Derbyshire and Hulme End in Staffordshire. Post located in Hartington, Derbyshire.

There's no doubting it's 'End of Route' -- there's a fence in the way!

The Common Wheel sofabike at the West End Festival, 2007

End of Cycle Route at Thames Valley Park in Reading or ING Direct - end of route.

End of cycle route. Cyclists dismount. Why?

Cyclists dismount! Why? If the County wants to waste money on a sign here, it should be a "road crossing" warning. But that is so obvious it wouldn't need a sign.

No doubt that sign used to say 'Cyclists Dismount' and the marking on the pavement, 'END'. The path was also probably somewhat wider than it is today.

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