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A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign before the end of this section of the Levern Walkway path.

The shared footway alongside the A8 between Bishopton and Renfrew, passing a farm. This had quite a bit of grit on the footway and could do with a sweep.

The Levern Walkway starts at the gap in the wall on the left, just beyond the bridge. Some signposting would be useful.

The Levern Walkway recommencing, just off Glasgow Road.

The Levern Walkway at Carlibar Road, at park entrance, and the nearest dropped kerb for cycling from the road.

Barriers across entrance to park.

Park entrance with chicane barriers and no dropped kerb.

The Levern Walkway joins this lane before continuing eastwards, but is not on this person's route.

Barrier and gateway at entrance to Levern Walkway, but the walkway immediately joins the lane to the left.

Leaving McDiarmid Park.

Entrance to Greenbank Park straight ahead, and path to the Nether Auldhouse Road crossing to the left.

Clear park entrance that aligns with local road network, allowing users to cross directly across the main road.

The ramp to exit Knockhill Park at Bruce Road is tricky to cycle up, but this will form part of the Renfrew to Paisley cycle route once it is finished.

[Image taken 17.2.23] York St John University, off Clarence Street, York. Clear wayfinding/orientation signage. Clear tarmac messages. The cycle parking is close to the entrance to the library. Other image today and links: #191137.

[Image taken 13.2.23] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. The location of the cycle parking in relation to the entrance to this supermarket. Close. But when there are cars parked in the spaces (and the non-space) you can’t see it. Plus the … [more]

Still no dropped kerb at the Panmure Gate entrance to the award-winning Claypits Local Nature Reserve.

The end of the Sighthill Avenue cycleway approaching Springburn Road. Don't be tempted to go through the archway, since there is a step on the other side!

[Image taken 13.11.22] Co-op, Campleshon Road junction with Clock Tower Way, view from Joseph Terry Grove, York. Part of The Chocolate Works (, the former Terry’s factory site. Co-op … [more]

An abandoned car blocking the entrance to Dawsholm Park.

[Image taken 17.9.22] Screwfix, James Street, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] In the around 10 minutes I was here today, this driver obstructed the entrance... as did this one: #186208. Such entitlement, such selfishness, is … [more]

No dropped kerb to join the start of the West Highland Way path at Ellangowan Road. The nearest is off to the left.

A barrier across the entrance to the Craigdhu Wedge path. There is a dropped kerb to the right. The banner can cause visibility problems.

Missing bollards where Garriochmill Road becomes the Kelvin Walkway, with graffiti obscuring the sign. Yet other sections of the Kelvin Walkway have multiple barriers in the name of attempting to prevent access for motorbikes.

No path connection between the road crossing and the entrance to Hogganfield Park. Have to bump kerb and cross grass. This is a signed walking and cycling route, the Seven Lochs Trail.

[Image taken 26.6.22] Currys, Rawcliffe/Clifton Moor, York. I took the image to illustrate that for cycle parking to be useful and used, it has to be near the destination. Not least at a location people will have luggage - cycle baggage is … [more]

[Image taken 25.5.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. Car parks are polluted and unpleasant places. They are also potentially dangerous for everyone moving around outside of a car (and stressful for a driver inside). All too often … [more]

[PROBLEM 13.2.23: Racks obstructed by parked vehicle: #191082] [Image taken 25.5.22] Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. My first email to Waitrose asking for further and better spaced provision is dated Monday, 14 March 2016. In May 2022 … [more]

A Scottish Power van parked blocking the entrance to a path that links to the Kelvin Walkway.

Not the main entrance to National Trust's Belton House, but you can get in here between 9:30 and 4pm - strictly as the gate is automatically controlled.

The Bunhouse Road cycleway priority crossing as seen from the car park. Restricted visibility, tiny Give Way markings and an offside information sign.

Priority has returned to the Bunhouse Road cycleway at the car park entrance, but has been indicated by a random use of miniature Give Way markings as the only indication of this.

[UPDATE: 1.2.22 I saw the compound/fencing had gone.] [Image taken 29.1.22] Marygate car park, Frederic Street exit/entrance, York. [Note: No streetview at this location.] Context: #178077. The fencing of the compound reduces the actual … [more]

[Image taken 11.1.22] Palmer Lane, Hungate, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The racks are close to the entrance to the library ( that has a cafe and community … [more]

A gate across the road into Cuningar Loop park, passable on a standard bicycle, but the gap at the side will be problematic for non-standard bikes and for those with trailers.

The sign seen in #95295 to warn (or inform since it wasn't a warning sign) of the cycle track crossing has gone missing. Also, the tactile paving for the pedestrian crossing has several tyre tracks across it.

Cross entrance road from the M11 at the A10 roundabout.

The entrance to the NCN7 Loch Lomond cycle path at Hayburn Street.

A van parked not in a marked parking bay, but partly blocking access to the dropped kerb and the path through Yorkhill Park.

The entrance to the cycle path at Greenlaw Road has been receiving some attention. However, the two plastic bollards that control access have gone missing.

Several of the entrances to Drumchapel Park have no dropped kerbs available to leave the carriageway, and also have railings hindering access. This is one of the shorter ones. The railing on the corner of Hecla Avenue makes it too difficult … [more]

[Image taken 10.10.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. The cycle parking is very close to the entrance. Trailer on Sheffields (racks) and notice alerting cyclists to lock their cycles. Context and links see: #174782.

[Image taken 10.10.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Context and links see: #174782.

[Image taken 10.10.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Context and links see: #174782.

[Image taken 10.10.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. The pool entrance is the door behind the blackboard/A-board. Note the clearly displayed lock your cycle notice. Context and links see: #174782.

[Image taken 10.10.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. The Sheffields (racks) are undercover, easy to find and next to the entrance. There is a second set to the same design on the other side of the entrance visible in: #174785. This … [more]

[Image taken 18.9.21] KFC, Clifton Moor retail park, York. The two Sheffields (racks) are close to the restaurant entrance - good practice. See also: #174311, #174312. Other images today: #174305 and links.

[Image taken 9.9.21] Lidl, James Street, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Other image here: #167030. The cycle parking is accessible - not least as there are no parking spaces blocking it. It can therefore be used by people … [more]

Even this rebuilt entrance crossing does not have dropped kerbs for pedestrians.

[Image taken 31.8.21] Yearsley Pool, York. A mobility scooter fits into the racks. Unlike motorcycles these do not create air or noise pollution or intimidate people on foot or cycles. I was pleased to see this. The pool has a hoist and … [more]

[Image taken 31.8.21] Yearsley Pool, York. All racks at the pool in one image. Other images another day and local issues see also: #173598 and links. Other image here today: #173666. Other images taken today: #173662 and links.

[Image taken 23.8.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Good practice: Sheffield racks close to the entrance. Further images this subject today see: #173598 and links.

[Image taken 23.8.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Good practice: Sheffield racks and just a couple of metres from the entrance (adjacent to the blue door in the image). They are empty as the pool was closed. Further images this … [more]

[Image taken 23.8.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Good practice: Sheffield racks. This is a small number of cycles compared with pre-covid use: ie (a) when you didn't need to book for a swim) and (b) during afterschool child … [more]

[Image taken 23.8.21] Yearsley pool, Haley's Terrace, York. Good practice: Sheffield racks, easy to find - next to the entrance, under cover, and (sadly necessary) with signs advising people to lock their cycles. The image was taken when … [more]

The path around the back of the pitches at Whitecrook Park is not surfaced, but leads to an entrance on North Elgin Street.

Cycle parking at the entrance to Whitecrook Park, but a metal maze to get through to get to it, unless you go around the end of the fence.

The Balgrayhill Road entrance to Springburn Park. In the background can just be made out the railing of the path from Lenzie Place down to Lenzie Terrace, but it has steps, so is of little use for cycling. So anyone cycling from here has to … [more]

Cycle art produced by a local school on the wall at the entrance to the Drumchapel Way at Drummore Road, but no maintenance done to trim the overhanging branches or to the path surface.

Overlapping barriers making it difficult to cycle into the park from the now shared-use footway.

[Update: see: #172826] [Image taken 4.7.21] Marygate car park, York. Since the bam Nuttall hoardings/compound for works at Marygate/Museum Gardens (see: #169467) went up in May 2021, there’s only one pedestrian entrance/exit on this side of … [more]

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway blocked by two parked cars in one of the unused entrances that interrupts the cycleway.

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway crosses an unused entrance on Mossland Drive.

The cycle route through Robertson Park does not connect to anything outside the park. At this side it is the A8 Inchinnan Road.

Narrow barriers to negotiate at the end of the riverside path in Renfrew.

Barriers and signs at the start of the riverside path in Renfrew. It only reaches the riverside after the scrap yard.

The Garscube Road cycle track at the entrance to the Oakbank Trading Estate. There is a flashing LED cycle sign, but this one didn't light up, unlike one further south.

Again I forgot to approach this gate on the footway, since there is no dropped kerb to assist with getting around it from the carriageway. Update 2022: See #188011 where dropped kerbs have been provided.

[Image taken 13.6.21] Marygate car park, York. This driver was blocking the entrance/exit here. As I approached to take a photo a woman hopped over the fencing close to the hoardings as someone did yesterday (see: #170083). The exits are … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Marygate car park, York. With no obvious entrance/exit and the nearest 'sometimes' gap blocked (see: #170083) this chap with child stepped over. Not everyone can. And people with kit (cycles, pushchairs, or … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The gap between the car park and the route to/from Bootham and schools in one direction and Scarborough Bridge/rail station in the other was blocked again. You can see someone climbing over the … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The skip that had been restricting access and the view of the entrance/exit between the Scarborough Bridge connector cycle-ped-wheelchair path and the car park has finally gone. Other issues … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Entrance/exit between the Scarborough Bridge connector cycle-ped-wheelchair path and the car park is much reduced, and is not marked and not protected. Other issues here today: #170082, … [more]

Cycle parking near to the supermarket entrance.

The Dumbreck Road/St Andrew's Drive/Titwood Road/Haggs Road junction outside Pollok Country Park. No sign of the proposed pop-up cycle route on St Andrew's Drive yet.

[More recent image: #170159] [Image taken 25.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The access/exit is narrow. It is reduced to just 96cm by the foliage that has not been cut back. More exits images here today see: #169690 and links. Noticeboards: … [more]

The way into Malls Mire is via the forecourt of the nursery building.

[Image taken 3.2.20] Lidl, James Street, York. The Sheffield (racks) are easy to find, recognise as cycle parking and access. They are under cover. They are in a well lit location. You do not need to cross road to move between them and the … [more]

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. Note: No streetview at this location. Two issues. Problem 1. The cycle parking is nowhere near the trolleys or the supermarket entrance/exit - see: #167030. Problem 2. The cycle parking is on a … [more]

Van parking obstructing the dropped kerb for the path connecting Plean Street to the NCN7 cycle path. The bollard is largely superfluous, given the width of the opening.

No Lorries allowed in Cowlairs Park.

Well placed cycle parking by the entrance of the friendly Cambridge Wine Merchants on Cherry Hinton Road.

It may not be finished, but a dropped kerb at Panmure Gate would be nice. The path now leads to the Claypits Local Nature Reserve. See update at #188835.

A slightly odd arrangement for accessing the cycle lane on Kelvin Way.

New bollards at the entrance to the Cole Green Way replacing a disabled and family unfriendly gate.

The car park entrance for the new Lidl supermarket is across the new Churchill Avenue shared cycle path. An update on #107576.

The Cathkin Braes cycle path ends at the entrance to the country park, but could extend further to connect with the junction of the road to Rogerton.

No dropped kerb at this entrance to Maxwell Park. It would suit a raised crossing across to the station entrance opposite.

The southern entrance to Drumpellier Country Park on the A752.

The Seven Lochs Trail turns from the A752 into Drumpellier Country Park. The signs here make no mention of the Seven Lochs Trail. There is a dropped kerb here, but it is partly blocked by a mangled railing installed across it.

I don't know why the path doesn't continue behind the wall. The cobbles are not everyone's cup of tea.

An entrance to the Bishop Loch section of the Seven Lochs Trail at Auchingill Road.

Inscription at the entrance to the Seven Lochs Trail near Balcurvie Road, seen in #112951.

Entrance to the next section of the Seven Lochs Trail. (Close-up in #112952.)

Route signs for the Seven Lochs Trail at Avenue End Road. The path connection across the other side is not so great, but the signs point the way into Hogganfield Park.

The entrance to the Robroyston station car park on the Millerston side. A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign but nothing to say motorists can't drive all the way to their parking spaces.

The entrance to Robroyston railway station.

No crossing from the exit from Robroyston Park to the shared footway on the east side of Robroyston Park. The footway on the near side is not shared-use.

The previous barriers have been removed from the path alongside Ben Nevis Road.

An awkward piece of path at the entrance to the park at the end of Ben Nevis Road. The combination of vertical and horizontal alignment, and the normally closed gate, make this tricky to cycle. It also doesn't seem to be easy for van … [more]

The path from Bingley station to Ferncliffe Road and beyond to the Airedale Greenway passes the Aldi car park.

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