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Painted lanes on Trumington Road at the junction with Lensfield Road.

[Image taken 14.9.22] Bootham, York. Context: #186050, #186051, #186052, (extended caption) #186053, #186054, #186054. This junction is part of the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route improvements scheme (see: #172109) and the … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. The pedestrian crossing over Bootham has been retained. The hatching is part of a cycle-specific crossing: #186051, #186052. Though I think people on foot exiting the route from the former Bootham Park … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Two clear stop lights and a new and capacious ASL. This is a pedestrian crossing and… the eastern end (looking west towards Clifton Green) of the extended junction that is part of the Scarborough Bridge … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Context and links: #186050. This driver had turned right out of St Mary’s. S/he stopped at the red light. But there is only one for people in this direction here. So perhaps anyone coming out of that road … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Context and links: #186051. Looking ahead to St Mary’s – the continuation of the Scarborough Bridge to Bootham Park cycle route in the direction of the rail station. The cycle specific lights are not yet … [more]

[Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Context and links: #186050. The planned exit from the former Bootham Park Hospital – see also: #186052. Note the cobbles. The cyclist’s eye view of the junction looking east (towards Bootham Bar). The … [more]

NOTE: Later image of this junction that illustrates the seeming problem of timings and design that seem to put crossing users: cyclist and pedestrians, but also road users, at risk: #186158. [Image taken 8.9.22] Bootham, York. Part of the … [more]

A parking stand and hangar at this end of Woodlands Drive.

Bike hangars in Woodlands Drive.

[Image taken 17.4.22] Railway Walk, Marygate car park, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Compare the gap (hatching, bollard) here with these: #181794. Other images today: #181783 and links.

[Image taken 13.1.22] Marygate car park, from Railway Walk, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] All the EV bays except the one with the fencing in it have now been marked. Context: #177544. Concerns: #177543. Other images today: … [more]

[UPDATE See: #177554.] [Image taken 11.1.22] Marygate car park, from Railway Walk, York. [NOTE: NO streetview at this location.] The hatching is the space available (if motorists respect it when parking) for all users to enter, exit and … [more]

[Image taken 26.9.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The only exit on this side of the car park to/from Railway Walk is now being made narrower, less safe-attractive feeling by this briar. This route … [more]

[Image taken 7.9.21] Marygate car park/Railway Walk, York [Note: No streetview at this location.] The already limited route to/through the car park (see: #172826) is further reduced by the barricades. They are part of the EV bay works. All … [more]

[Image taken 1.9.21] York rail station, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] As per: #173827 the capital letters and hatching look as if this is not a permissible route. Yet the cycle parking is behind the white car in the … [more]

[Image taken 1.9.21] York rail station, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] There's no route signage and the hatching with the large 'NO' make it look as if you cannot cycle in this direction. The cycle parking is directly ahead … [more]

The road markings here are a mess, with hatching across the contraflow cycle lane, and no indication of priorities. There is, however, a Give Way sign facing traffic exiting South Portland Street. There is also a No Through Road sign below … [more]

[Image taken 5.8.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] For context see: #172826

[UPDATE: #174442.] [Image taken 5.8.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The only exit on this side of the car park to/from Railway Walk (schools, Bootham, train station) was regularly blocked by drivers … [more]

Parking on the footway, driving in the hatching. The rules of the road have broken down. Just beyond the van is a dropped kerb, before the traffic signals, that allows access to the footway in order to use the toucan crossing across to the … [more]

The end of the protected section of cycle lane on Cumbernauld Road, where the Cumbernauld to Glasgow cycle route turns right onto Provanmill Road. The sign is of a non-standard pattern. The carriageway goes from one to three lanes for … [more]

The layout of Lyoncross Road, where the inside lane of this residential road is hatched out on one side of the dual carriageway, and used for residential parking on the other.

Excess road capacity on Lyoncross Road is simply hatched out, rather than creating a two-way cycle track (leaving the opposite side for residential parking).

Calder Street tie-in to the South City Way on Victoria Road. See also #167148. The parking bay is at least wider than the van for a change.

One for you @UrbanistTOC 😠 [Car parking in the cycle lane in Corkerhill Road]

Another view of the contraflow cycle lane on Argyle Street. The cycle lanes could easily have been painted with a smoother transition in road position. See also #139322.

Hi @GlasgowCC any chance we can have some enforcement on the corkerhill road cycle path. @UrbanistTOC do you know any others I could tag in this?

Hatching of the car door lane.

Aside from the cars parked in the cycle lane, the lane is approached through hatching which normally means don't drive or cycle here except in an emergency.

A large empty junction at Arklet Road/Lunan Place/Arngask Road.

Hatching on Station Road warning of potential dooring. Example of where this is not done:

Was the bridge widened for the overtaking of buses?

"Brighouse Bridge - Widened 1905", and look what they've done with that width!

A "Cycle Quietway" has been signed through Knightswood, crossing Alderman Road here at Commore Drive. Again the buffer strip between the car parking bay and the cycle lane does not allow sufficient space for a car to be parked between the … [more]

The road markings on part of Alderman Road have been renewed, including a buffer strip between the parking bays and the cycle lane, but there's really no point in painting it less than the width of a car away from the kerb.

Since my last visit painted cycle lanes have appeared on Hamilton Road west of Daldowie Road. Perhaps some of the extensive hatching could have been sacrificed in order to provide some segregation.

The main road around Falkirk town centre doesn't look very cycle-friendly.

The remains of the buffer strip (see also #51059) separating the shared-use footway from the carriageway can just be seen.

Overflow car parking at the college.

After the bus stop, the cycle lane resumes on the road.

The cycle lane ends and cyclists directed onto the footway. This sign has (74) rather than the 74 used on other signs nearby. Note also the crayon bike symbol on the carriageway.

I don't know what the designer thought would happen here.

Nothing special at these bus stops.

A bus stop bypass with a zebra crossing in Wallacewell Road.

Work in progress on Wallacewell Road.

A motorist that doesn't understand how the footway works. A bus stop bypass with zebra crossing.

The cycle lane could do with a sweep, but the newly installed light segregation extends the cycle provision to the end of Wallacewell Road.

Newly installed light segregation on Wallacewell Road.

An 'End of Cycle Route' sign approaching the Northgate Road roundabout, but now the cycle route continues along to the end of Wallacewell Road. I don't know why the traffic island encroaches into the cycle lane.

Cycle lane on Wallacewell Road.

Lamppost in middle of path and flight of steps protected by hatching.

Trinity Road Bollards, and hatching and pinch points seem popular in this area.

Trinity Road Bollards, and hatching and pinch points seem popular in this area.

Beechcroft Road I find it very weird to have the hatching like this along the middle of the road.

Apart from the incorrect word 'STOP' and the flooding, this is not bad. The signals even seem to change before too long as well (which is rather better than the Wallace Street toucan crossing). The South-West City Way cycle route switches … [more]

Parallel green lights on West Street, but the word 'STOP' and the hatching across the cycle track should not be there. No need to stop when there is a green light. Also note the handrail provided for clipped in pedal users.

The latest attempt to prevent tall vehicles crashing into this railway bridge is a width restriction. There was meant to be a cycle bypass to this, and although what the council proposed was simply cycling on the nearside footway, it … [more]

This shared-use footway is far too narrow, but space on road wasted with hatching! No dropped kerb for crossing side street either.

The cycle lane on Wester Hailes Road is partially obstructed by vegetation. The surface is also somewhat rough.

Cars parked in the cycle lanes on Oxgangs Road. There are no waiting restrictions to prevent this.

The start of the cycle lane on Oxgangs Road, on the "RR" cycle route, but there are parked cars up ahead.

The "RR" cycle route carries straight on here.

The first route sign I noticed for the "RR" cycle route since joining at Gilmerton Dykes Street. It isn't even at a junction!

The "RR" cycle route has plenty of roadspace, but it has been arranged for the convenience of motorists, without any thought about cycling!

Broughton Way - quite a busy road, but the central hatching here allows for usual generous overtaking.

Are cyclists meant to cycle through the hatching?

Unrestricted car parking in cycle lanes on Corkerhill Road, outside sports centre with its own off-road car park (which was half empty at the time of photo).

Cars accelerate to overtake in a race to get to the pinch point first.

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