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Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to be incomplete. While work on the wall appears to have been completed to a high standard, the path is missing its top surface, and the lighting columns have been placed within the width of th ... [more]

Work on the path through Yorkhill Park appears to be incomplete. The surface is quite bumpy.

Still no raised crossing or dropped kerb to join the Benalder Street cycle track, which otherwise appears nearly complete, apart from the lamppost. UPDATE: These issues have now been resolved, see #175144.

This narrow footpath appears to be lit.

[Image taken 28.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Puddling blocks route for all users. Plus, despite the dark spells during storms, the lighting was not on. Other images this issue here today: #172629 a ... [more]

[Image taken 27.7.21] Marygate car park, York. (Note: no streetview at this location.) There are light fittings along half of the hoardings only. They were on today but they don’t throw out much light. During 2020 this route was vibrant, ... [more]

[Image taken 10.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: There is no street view at this location.] The lighting was not on, on the hoardings again today. For once I was able to get an image that shows how dark it is. (The lights don't continu ... [more]

[Image taken 4.7.21] Marygate car park, York. This was a very bright morning. The route - now effectively a tunnel due to the hoardings and the greenery from the rail line - was darker than it looks in this image. (My camera adds in light.) ... [more]

Update see: #172507 [image taken 3.7.21] Marygate car park. One of the two original barricades (see: #169993) has been moved back to the car park side of the fencing. But who moves these and why? It seems they shouldn't be here at all: "[im ... [more]

The tiniest shared-use sign on the path to Bengal Street.

[Image taken 1.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Solar powered lighting is now in place over notices. I've marked it good practice because this is in response to complaints about the lack of lighting, information about what's happening here, h ... [more]

A broken lighting column on the path between Station Road and Conon Avenue. As is commonly the case, the lighting columns have been placed in the width of the path and not to the side, causing local narrowings of an already not particularly ... [more]

[Image taken 24.5.21] Marygate car park. The hoardings not only make the area oppressive and unsafe-feeling (a reminder of the bad old days of the previous Scarborough Bridge: #169478) but they also block the little light left. (There was i ... [more]

Toucan crossings all around the junction, but are any of the footways actually legal to cycle on? In any case, that street lighting column is blocking the footway.

[Image taken 6.4.21] Lidl, James Street, York. Space (82cm) in front of the racks accommodates standard cycles easily. The racks are under cover, well lit and with lots of natural surveillance. See also: Asda Harrogate (good practice): #166 ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Lighting at route between Scarborough Bridge, York and Leeman Road passing the Royal Mail premises. This is a signposted and step-free route to the National Railway Museum []. I would l ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Lighting at Esplanade carpark, York proposed route of diversion when floodgates (see: #166177) are replaced under Lendal Bridge. See also: #166256, #166180

[Image taken 24.3.21] Lighting at Esplanade carpark, York. Part of a route (used by tourers on the Transpennine and NCN65) proposed as a diversion from the riverside which will close for the summer from 1 April 2021. See also: #166257, #166 ... [more]

Night lighting near the observatory.

Colourful lighting at Riverside Bridge.

Although the lighting has been replaced in recent years, the path from the bus stop on Queensway to Tennant Avenue (and onwards to Hairmyres Hospital) is narrow, has poor quality paving, and has no dropped kerbs at its crossing with Linwood ... [more]

NCN66 alongside A641 Manchester Road dual carriageway. The lamppost needn't be so in the way.

The railway path into East Kilbride, part of NCN756.

The Whitehills cycle path, at this point no wider than most other main paths in East Kilbride.

A slightly wider path next to Greenhills Primary School, although the lampposts have been planted within the width of the path, making it effectively slightly narrower.

The path towards Slamannan Road and Falkirk High station, with lighting columns placed so they do not obstruct the path.

The Wester Way alongside Phase 4 of the Bishopbriggs Relief Road. The lampposts have been planted in the path rather than alongside it (as has been done on the adjacent road), but other than this, it is built to a reasonable standard, an ... [more]

The Forth & Clyde Canal towpath has LED catseyes on this section in Falkirk.

Direction signs at the access from Bracken Avenue, but why this obsession with "End of Cycle Route" signs in this town? The path doesn't end until it reaches the road in any case. Also, the signs on one side are lit, and those on the side a ... [more]

The Bredisholm Road connection to the housing estate is build to a high quality, and is lit, although the path alongside the motorway is only lit by spill from the motorway lighting.

A generally forlorn look to the underpass linking Drumoyne to the biggest hospital in the city.

Plenty of tyre tracks in the frost, and the lamppost (previously in the middle of the path as seen in #86772) has been relocated to the edge.

Stud lighting on the path into Richmond Park.

Close up of paving light. This one is, obviously, not working but it does mean you can see how small they are. (LED bulb?) See also #95284

These would need to be viewed in the dark but these small lights seem to be quite effective, but subtle. An idea for more rural locations, perhaps?

The bridge lighting appears to be filling up with water.

Where are all the bussists? Newly built disused bus stops on the Cathkin Relief Road, because the bus company quite sensibly decided it would rather continue running its buses along Fernhill Road. But still no excuse for the lighting col ... [more]

The path from Holytown to Eurocentral would be even better if the lampposts had been placed outside the width of the path. As it is they create an unnecessary narrowing at each post.

The path from Holytown to Eurocentral.

Poorly maintained paving and lighting on ramp between Palace Grounds and Castle Street. This stuff isn't cheap to install, so why let it go to waste?

NCN1 forks right here, but only indicated by stickers on the lamppost. The path ahead leads towards the main railway station, so could be widened to match the NCN1 path.

NCN1 on one of the lit paths crossing the park.

Route sign for lit route to town centre. The path over the bridge is lit, but not the route through Castle Park or the riverside walk.

The South Bank cycle route alongside the River Clyde.

The path past the Rowing Club is now surfaced, with LED catseye lights.

New straight and lit cyclepath replacing steps outside the Sheriff Court. The old path next to the river has been retained for pedestrians.

A section of the A77 cycleway being upgraded. Unfortunately the newly installed lighting columns now obstruct the path. With some forward planning, they could have been placed nearer the fence, out of the way of the cycleway.

An upgraded section of the A77 cycleway. Unfortunately the newly installed lighting columns now obstruct the path. With some forward planning, they could have been placed nearer the fence, out of the way of the cycleway.

Solar powered LED and reflective edge of cycleway stud. It is used here to mark the way across a level crossing, but could be used much more widely to mark the edges of unlit cycleways. UPDATE 2020: These have now been removed for some r ... [more]

Path alongside section of the Forth & Clyde Canal between The Kelpies and where the canal now exits into the River Carron. This path leads to NCN76, is lit with LED catseyes, and is seen passing beneath the M9 motorway.

Lamppost partially blocking dropped kerb forming part of cycle route whose signs are fixed to said lamppost.

Not really designed as a cycle route. Ramp to underpass beneath Blackthorn Road, with obstructive lighting columns.

A path undergoing reconstruction, with installation of lighting, in Cardonald Park.

Lighting repairs beneath the M74 motorway bridge.

A narrow path made narrower by the lighting columns being planted in the path. This is a signed cycle path.

Lighting columns being installed on Guided Busway path

New lighting has been installed along the riverside path, but the lampposts have been planted in the path, obstructing it. It's 2015!

Excellent ground lighting which lights the path without polluting the surrounding area.

The trial of lights on the central section of the Lammas Land path has evidently been a success and they've been extended to the full length of the path.

The trial of lights on the central section of the Lammas Land path has evidently been a success and they've been extended to the full length of the path.

Lit cycle path and sign, but no white line down the centre (see also #49598 around the corner)

The tramway cycle path shares a flyover with the actual tramway. If only this happened at the road crossings further west! It would have been even better if they'd not mounted the lighting columns within the width of the path.

Trial of new lighting on Parker's Piece, looking back towards Parkside. The white light near the top of the photo is the new tall lamp standard. The white thing in the foreground is the sign explaining the trial.

Trial of new lighting on Parker's Piece. Looking towards Reality Checkpoint. The silver bollard in the foreground sinks into the ground during the day but has already stopped casting light!

New lighting being trialled on Parker's Piece. Looking towards Reality Checkpoint - the horizontal band of lights. In the foreground is the new tall lamp standard, further away the waist-high bollards.

Trial of lighting on Parker's Piece, looking towards the Catholic Church. The three lights to the right of the photo are Reality Checkpoint. The white one high up is the tall lamp standard installed as part of the trial.

This is the rising bollard light being trialled for four weeks on Parker's Piece. It looks like a trip hazard to me, not just for bikes.

Everyday cycling cyclists on the guided bus maintenance track in Kings Hedges. The lack of lighting on this dark route in an urban area is a show of the Cambridgeshire County Council's disregard for people cycling to work or place of study.

A752 footway widened to make it shared-use for NCN75, then narrowed by having new streetlighting poles installed within the width of the footway. Shared use sign has at least been installed in the grass, outside of the footway. No buffer zo ... [more]

Sign announcing that these street lights are now turned off, apparently to help Leicestershire reduce its carbon footprint.

Lighting embedded in the railings of the new cycle / pedestrian bridge over the M20.

Car Park and Cycle Racks at Edinburgh's Telford College The open design of the car park provides some security to users. Cycle racks are provided outside but users also leave their cycles in the car park under cover.

These are solar powered lights, but why do they all have yellow paint on them? cycleway

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