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The protected cycle lane on Victoria Bridge and the narrow painted lane it replaced.

Armadillos protecting a wide cycle lane on Victoria Bridge.

The tops have been sliced off some of the armadillos on Victoria Bridge.

Dislodged armadillos sitting in the gutter along with the leaves.

Intermittent armadillo protection for cycle lane on Gorbals Street and onto Victoria Bridge.

Another short section of cycle lane in Gorbals Street, this time with armadillos.

The finished pop-up cycle lane on Great Western Road.

Look at this guy just enjoying the new cycle lane installed on Bilsland Drive in Glasgow. Who cares about cyclist safety? Not this guy! What a tw*t!! 🤬🤬🚴🏻‍♀️

The start of the pop-up cycle lane in Bilsland Drive.

The start of work on cycle lanes on Bilsland Drive. The lines go from here to Murano St/Shannon St so nothing much to see as yet. There were also some red paint marks at various points further east.

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane. Note that the bus driver is picking up the passenger on the street corner rather than at the bus stop since no alternative arrangements have been made at most of the bus stops yet.

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane at the turn-off for the canal path. Since the cycle lane stops at Lincoln Avenue, this is where many will leave it for the longer route to town along the canal path. The sign is obscured by tree bran ... [more]

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane at the Blairdardie Drive junction.

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane. A stencil has been used for the cycle logo.

The advisory cycle lane in University Avenue changes to a mandatory cycle lane, but the double yellow lines stop.

This is why we need #ProtectionNotPaint This new cycle lane was painted yesterday but today there are 7 cars parked on it. Hopefully wands will be added like at the new cycle lane to #RoyalInfirmaryOfEdinburgh @edinhelp @NHS_Lothian ... [more]

A sticker for NCN66 turning off the A63 ahead. A63, Knowsthorpe (England, UK)

A63, Knowsthorpe (England, UK) Rubbish in cycle lane

Someone got paid for this work at Chirmorie Place!

The cycle lane approaching the Lidl store ends abruptly.

Cycle lanes approaching the Crookston Road junction.

The start of cycle lanes at the Lidl roundabout in Dalmellington Road.

Cycle lanes around the roundabout.

Cycle lanes around the roundabout, handy if you want to turn left.

Cycle lanes in Dalmellington Road, but used for car parking.

Nonsense cycle lanes in quiet Dalmellington Road, when cycle provision is really needed on the main road, Crookston Road.

A tiny notice explaining how Advance Stop Lines work to drivers. I can't imagine many notice this, or take the time to read it.

Wide cycle lanes on a residential access road Dalmellington Road, but none on the main A736 Crookston Road to get to here. Also, while pedestrian and emergency vehicle access is available direct to the cul-de-sacs, cycle access is only a ... [more]

A cycle lane on an already hostile road environment blocked by a taxi driver. The cycle lane leads to a slip onto the shared-use area at the toucan crossing.

The end of the cycling infrastructure at Carfin.

This is a good example of how a cycleway should start on a main road, rather than the usual dropped kerb, but the cycleway only goes around the roundabout and then is finished. There's not even a connection towards the new college (see #745 ... [more]

The end of the roundabout cycleway on Craigneuk Street.

NCN 7 leaves the Esplanade for a path across Low Green, only to return to the Esplanade further along.

Some mandatory cycle lanes on the Esplanade that fill up with parked cars in summer. A continuous segregated lane right the way along the Esplanade, such as there is in Southend, may be more appropriate.

Cycle provision on the Esplanade at Ayr switches randomly between mandatory cycle lanes, onto shared-use footway, then back to mandatory cycle lanes, without any proper transition.

A piece of cycle lane that has survived.

Crossing point on Newcastle Bank for going left towards the Angle of the North, or right for the Bowes Railway Path.

Sign obscured by tree, and crossing point to go back to the Bowes Railway Path (see #71016) or to take the off-road path towards the Harlow Green roundabout.

Right turns onto the Bowes Railway Path are to be made by continuing up Newcastle Bank to the traffic island (see #71018).

Painted cycle lane, and some footway parking.

Despite the painted cycle lane having finished on the approach to the pinch-point, these cyclists haven't reached their destination, so need to bravely carry on where the cycle lane does not go!

Painted cycle lanes end on approach to pinch-point.

The cycle lane has faded out! It looks like it was pretty narrow anyway. The junction sign shows the route straight ahead as being 'No Entry except buses', but this is where the cycle route goes (although there are no signs approaching o ... [more]

Can't help thinking this #Hove cycle lane could've ended better...

Cycleway sign indicating a mandatory cycle lane in Rostock. A brown sign indicating a historic site of a Stasi prison. Location: Stadtteil Stadtmitte, Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) Street signs in Rostock.

Narrow cycle lane award: Moss Rd, Govan. The dropped kerb if you wanted to risk it is cleverly blocked by the cabinet

A latecomer riding through the junction, although Mr Motorist alongside me is somewhat far forward for red and amber! The two-stage right turn waiting areas can be seen in the junction. Ahead are the mandatory cycle lanes on Central Brid ... [more]

Approaching the turn onto Central Bridge from the south.

Approaching Itchen Bridge, at the junction with the 2-stage right turn markings. Note the cyclist using the pedestrian crossing at the far side of the junction. Although signs show that right turns are banned from this direction, there a ... [more]

The end of the segregated cycleway from Marsh Lane and the start of mandatory cycle lanes on Central Bridge, with motor traffic queuing for the Itchen Bridge.

@veloevol @cycleoptic @TfL Taxis still dropping off in York Way cycle lane King’s Cross despite solid while line

New, very bright, very, very short bike lane on York Way near Guardian. Pictured in its entirety. Hmmmm.

Titanic Quarter's finest! A cycle lane barely the width of the double yellows underneath. At least it's mandatory!

I'm guessing westbound cyclists are meant to rejoin the road at this dropped kerb, but there's nothing to say.

A mandatory cycle lane on Myrtle Street, approaching segregated traffic signals. Traffic is busier on the other side of the junction, but no cycle facilities have been provided for the opposite direction.

Painted cycle lane on Crown Street vulnerable to motorist incursions, plus connecting cycle track from Myrtle Street.

Cycle lanes on Crown Street.

Ballsy middle-fingered response by Lynas to new NI Bicycle Strategy, WE LOVE DA BIKE LANES! #DeliveringTheGoods

An unprotected two-way cycle lane on Ann Street being used as taxi drop-off lane.

The Milton Road mandatory cycle lane obstructed. -- Braemor Road Enhancement Scheme

Narrow cycle lanes in a 60km/h are bad enough on their own...

The cycle lane bends to allow cyclists a crossing across the railway track that is closer to a right angle, to minimise the risk of being thrown off.

Cycle lane for NCN56 going into park, created with just paint, no traffic islands.

The speed hump doesn't cover the cycle lane

Gatepost blocking part of cycle lane in Aigburth Drive.

Right turn lane on Ullet Road for cycles only turning into Brompton Avenue

A short length of protected cycle lane at Childwall, to stop drivers of motor vehicles cutting the corner.

A black Audi convertible with number plates MX10 XEM is often parked overnight half on the pavement and blocking the MCL on Chesterton Road. Here on a Sunday at lunch time. See also #48783.

A black Audi convertible with number plates MX10 XEM is parked half on the pavement and blocking the MCL on Chesterton Road on a Sunday at lunch time. See also #48784.

Car parking along entire length of contraflow cycle lane (see also #46174), and empty car parking bays either side in foreground

Car parking along entire length of contraflow cycle lane (see also #46175)

Contraflow cycle lane. Sign shows two with-flow general traffic lanes but only one marked on road, and cycle lane appears to be marked with both broken (advisory) and solid (mandatory) lane marking!

Contraflow mandatory cycle lane, with sign explaining the concept for motorists

A choice of routes on St Philips Causeway: on left cycle path goes to retail park and Feeder Road, main road goes across canal and railway to points further north

New section of road in between Gallowgate and Biggar Street, with short mandatory cycle lane.

Cycle lane at top of West Nile Street

Cycle lane on Cowcaddens Road, on approach to West Nile St/Port Dundas Road junction. Narrow shared use footway on right is Colleges Cycle Route (see #34173).

No cycling signs on both sides of the road combine with onstreet mandatory cycle lanes. Very confusing. On Francis Crick Way right south of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology by the Guided Busway crossing. As reported in the Cambridge ... [more]

View from the bridge over railway line on the new Addenbrookes Access Road.

New Addenbrookes access road with onstreet MCL. (approximate location).

No cycling signs on both sides of the road combine with onstreet mandatory cycle lanes. Very confusing. (Location is only approximate).

Lovely redmac and nice cycle signs, but the cycle lane could be wider, so it seems wide enough for this trailer.

Lovely redmac and nice cycle signs, but the cycle lane could be wider, at least if you want to ride freehand while listening to music.

Proper redmac and an elaborate cycle sign.

Narrow cycle lane on Moss Road

Yet another dodgy delivery to The Revolution - WP56 ANU delivering meat and forcing cyclists onto the footway (meanwhile the beer lorry was around the corner as required).

AK10 WJD parked in the contraflow lane on Corn Exchange Street; engine off. "Did you just take a picture of my car?", like that's unlawful or something—thereafter, it all unfolded. The driver didn't see what she was doing wrong but thankf ... [more]

Mandatory cycle lane on Regent Street. Delivery van BU56 ZCK blocking the lane right before a traffic light.

This taxi driver has managed to obstruct two cycle lanes simultaneously

AV03 SXR parked-up and dealing with matters most probably important. Any inexperienced cyclist could easily get injured overtaking here, especially as that pedestrian crossing is island'd.

Two cars blocking the Milton Road bus and cycle lane. silver BMW 3-series T387 HTR, was reported as incident CC-19062010-0444 and fined £30!

Three cars blocking the Milton Road bus and cycle, including T387 HTR, a silver BMW 3-series. A cyclists has to pull out into the carriageway while three cars try to overtake with insufficient space.

Three cars blocking the Milton Road bus and cycle, including S384 CPB, a green Mercedes C-class. Two cyclists have to pull out into the carriageway, while a compact car marginally passes the centre line.

Bus and cycle lane on Milton Road blocked southbound, near entrance to Westbrook Centre.

Red Citroen Picasso with number plates YH03 XAX and a silver Skoda Fabia blocking the bus and cycle lane on Milton Road right at a bus stop, while a young cyclist has to pull out into the main carriageway. All this is happening because the ... [more]

Silver BMW 3-series with plates T387 HTR just encroaching a little bit today.

Three cars blocking a bus and cycle lane near a bus stop on Milton Road. Among them the regular Citroen Picasso with number plates AY52 KZH and a red car AG59 LJZ.

13 cars parked illegally in cycle lane outside Abbeycroft Leisure Centre. Along with pic # 23268, this made 20 parked cars in this cycle lane this one evening. And it is a regular occurence.

7 cars parked illegally in cycle lane outside Abbeycroft Leisure Centre. The sign in the pic is a St Edmunsbury Borough Council warning that cars parking on the grass verge will be fined £50. How about one for cycle lane parking?

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