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[Image taken 17.11.22] York Explore, Library Square, York. Cosmo. Context and links: #187750

[Image taken 11.8.22] Library Square, Museum Street/Lendal Bridge, York. Two Tier hire e-cycles (context: #185003) and a motorcycle on the Sheffields here. Other image today and links: #185485.

[Image taken 30.6.22] Library Lawn, next to York Explore/Explore York (library), York. [NOTE: No street view at this location.] This is one of those spaces you don't know if it's private, public, paid for or if you can simply wander in. My … [more]

[Image taken 1.6.22] Lendal Bridge, Museum Street/Station Road junction with Rougier Street, York. Context and links: #183196.

[Image taken 1.6.22] Lendal Bridge, Museum Street/Station Road junction with Rougier Street, York. The cracking is right the way across the road. Older image of this ASL damage: #177156. I’ll re-report it. Location: #183197. Other image … [more]

[Image taken 30.4.22] Museum Street, York. There's KEEP CLEAR in huge letters under this bus. There's also a cycle-specific right turn reservoir ( which this vehicle is obstructing. It is intended to … [more]

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Museum Street (Lendal Bridge), York just at the turn into Library Square (Explore York/the main public library), York. To the right of/underneath the blue vehicle there is also a right-turn arrow/tiny box for people … [more]

[UPDATE: 20.6.22 I saw all the holes had been filled.] [Image taken 8.3.22] Duncombe Place/Museum Street/Blake Street/St Leonard's Place junction, York. The tarmac at this critical junction is either damaged (as here), or patched. This area … [more]

[Image taken 13.1.22] Lendal Bridge/Museum Street, York. Yet more damage (see also: #165154, #165765) on this key route for people, on cycles of all design and widths. The surface feels like a washboard and is also starting to crack. Other … [more]

[Later image this damage: #183196] [Image taken 30.7.21] Lendal Bridge, Museum Street/Station Road junction with Rougier Street, York. A common sight at this and nearby 'bike boxes'. A local taxi not only over the first ASL but the second … [more]

[Image taken 20.12.21] Museum Street (Lendal Bridge), York. Damaged tarmac. Other images here today: #176954 and links.

[Image taken 20.12.21] Museum Street (Lendal Bridge), York. Damaged tarmac. Other images here today: #176954 and links.

[Image taken 20.12.21] Museum Street (Lendal Bridge), York. Damaged tarmac. Other images here today: #176954 and links.

[Image taken 20.12.21] Museum Street (Lendal Bridge), York. Damaged tarmac. Difficult to avoid for all but the most assertive cyclists. One of four images taken today. Other images: #176955, #176956, #176957.

[UPDATE: This was still here at 16.00ish on 16.10.21.] [Image taken 14.10.21] Museum Street, York. I picked it up and moved it to one side but there's no obvious number to call. It's on one of the busiest pedestrian/wheelchairing routes … [more]

[Image taken 14.10.21] Museum Street, York. This sign was in this position yesterday at around 17.00. It was still here at 11am today. What hasn't it been spotted and set back up by the people who put it in place. It's outside tourist info. … [more]

[Image taken 28.9.21] A driver (with a broken back light) with bright orange food collection bag (Just Eat) on the back seat drove into Library Square, turned round and stopped. But kept the engine running. There were two people in the car. … [more]

[Image taken 13.9. 21] Library Square, York. The man with the Just Eat bag is using the blue badge (disabled) parking while making a food pickup. See: #174133. Other images today: #174131 and links

[Image taken 13.9.21] Library Square, York. The blue badge space outside the library is used by a food collection driver - see: #174134. Other instances of parking on the blue badge spaces: #173012, #173302. And of parking in other places … [more]

[Image taken 20.8.21] Library Square, York. The two men drove in. One went to pick up the food order while the other waited. I was sat on a bench for five minutes. In this time two cars were used to collect snacks/meals. This practice is a … [more]

[Image taken 27.7.21] Museum Street, York. I was behind this driver as he crossed Lendal Bridge. He had also obstructed the other (clearly marked) Keep clear space meaning the island was inaccessible to everyone trying to cross on foot … [more]

[Update: The cones disappeared when the scaffolding on the Library disappeared in August 2021. The bent cycle rack remains wonky.] [Image taken 15.7.21] Library Square, York. (See also: #167118) Following the closure of the council offices … [more]

[Update see: #179819] [UPDATE 25.11.22: More of the cavities have been filled. CYC said the damage was to have been repaired end Oct 2021 but there was no tarmac to be had.] [Image taken 28.6.21] Duncombe Place/Museum Street/Blake … [more]

[Image taken 13.4.21] Library Square (Museum Street/Lendal Bridge), York. During covid-19 lockdowns, the previously safe and 'human-feeling' space in front of York Explore (library, cafe, events space) has become a de facto parking area. … [more]

[Image taken 4.4.21] Outside York Explore, Museum Street, York. An example of an as ‘unadorned’, unadapted cycle as you get. And rare in York. But it still takes up 170cm: 60cm in front of the rack and 40cm behind. (The rack – of the … [more]

[Image taken 31.3.21] Hurrah! A No vehicle idling sign. It's at a bus stop on Museum Street, York. Clutter be damned! Let's hope it's the first of very many. And that it leads to attitude and behaviour changes among all drivers, … [more]

[Image taken 23.3.21] Outside the central library in, York 3 typical wider cycles and therefore needing wider-spaced Sheffields (as available at this location) due to the permanently attached luggage: (l) rack with box, (c & r) rack with … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] Pedestrians in York approaching the cycle cut-through between Tanner's Moat and Rougier Street. If you are a cyclist on Rougier Street and you want to reach Lendal Bridge (Station Road-Museum Street) to the right in … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] View from the ASL on Station Ave/Station Road, York, direction of Rougier Street. The bus stops on the left-hand side are very well used. The carriageway is narrow. Drivers have been 'held up' at myriad sets of lights … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] View from Lendal Bridge (Station Road) towards the War Memorial on the Lendal gyratory, York. It's a noticeable incline. Particularly if you start from a stationary position at these lights. There are bus stops on the … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] Cyclist in York. She has come from either Rougier Street (avoiding Lendal gyratory) or Tanner's Moat who has dismounted to access the pedestrian crossing and is now continuing her journey on her cycle across Lendal … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] By blocking the ASL on Rougier Street, York, this motorcyclist is also preventing cyclists using the two-way cycle cut-through left in the image. The facility is a critical link between Tanner's Moat and Rougier … [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] ASL on Rougier Street, York where it joins Lendal gyratory at Station Road. The two-way cycle cut-through between Rougier Street and Tanner's Moat is to the right. The cyclist has come from Tanner's Moat and is … [more]

[Image taken 20.3.21] ASL damage on Lendal Bridge, York (junction with Rougier Street). See also: #165765, #165154

[Image taken 20.3.21] ASL on Museum Street, York at its junction with Rougier Street. Damage to the tarmac immediately - unavoidably - where cyclists enter the ASL. See also: #165154, #165766

[Update: 8.3.22. The damage has not yet been repaired.] [Image taken 9.3.21] Museum Street, York at its junction with St Leonard's Place (left), Duncombe Pl (ahead), Blake St (right). Damage to the tarmac immediately - unavoidably - … [more]

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