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Cycleway to Shelford

Cyclists Beware DO NOT UNDERTAKE Sign that tries to place the responsibility for the turning lorries on the cyclists.

20 mph CAUTION LORRIES TURNING and in the distance see #151001.

NCN11 Lodes Way Crevasses Reported at: On 27th August 2020 Received this message on 28th: Urgent works have been ordered for the defect you have reported.

NCN11 Lodes Way Crevasses

NCN11 Lodes Way With horse mounting blocks

NCN11 Lodes Way

NCN11 Lodes Way

NCN11 Lodes Way

Absolutely horrible right turn here on NCN route 11

This cycleway does not give way to driveways - these cycle markers should be enough for all users.

A decent new cycleway in poppy season.

Quick Quiz! Which environment would you like to ride in? The wildlife decimated, shredded-litter strewn dry one on the left? Or the wild meadow-like, diverse, flora and fauna rich one on the right?

This is behaviour from someone driving that is not usual but is far more prevalent than it should be. As someone riding, I have the right to not be threatened by others behaviour. We have lanes to indicate where we have priority. At the ... [more]

Route marker to NCN route 11 and the busway - not visible from Long Road

The route sign to the busway/NCN route 11 (see #85556) has vanished for some reason.

NCN route 11 uses this toucan crossing, although the sensors/timing favour motor traffic.

NCN route 51 signed as route 11 - it may be an alternative route for when the towpath is unavailable.

Link from the towpath (NCN11 to Fen Road

Link from Fen Road to the towpath (NCN11)

Access to the towpath and the start of NCN 11, Waterbeach

Taking the opportunity of the Covid-19 lockdown to post an uncluttered photo of the route of NCN route 11 past King's College Chapel, Cambridge

A very Cambridge image, on an infrastructure tour visiting the site of the construction of the Abbey-Chesterton bridge forming a key link on the Chisholm Trail.

The barriers that caused so much trouble (see #113028) were taken down this morning!

Cyclists burn off the frost early on the Riverside bridge, Cambridge.

Cycleway passes in front of a bus shelter in Sawston

Shame on the Addenbrooke's site - instead of providing plenty of cycle parking at the new developments here, visitors are having to find places like this to leave their bikes. This is some distance from the main buildings, and provides none ... [more]

A bit of Dutch style cycling, mother and baby, on the DNA path. Nice to see.

Widened shared use cycleway.

Gate feature at this edge of Whittlesford.

Mountain bike-style parking at Wicken Fen

Cycle parking at Wicken Fen

Bike rental at Wicken Fen

NCN route 11 from Wicken Fen towards Cambridge

NCN11 A505 crossing approach. Terrible layout with drop kerbs for pedestrians, not cycles. There needs to be a flush kerb on the desire line, giving a direct approach as there was for many years before this development.

New layout at A505 crossing. No flush kerb where one should be.

Cyclists Dismount. Why? Ridiculous

Need for cycle parking on this street.

Neptunes Chair artwork on NCN11.

Cycleway alongside the Ely Southern Bypass connects here with the National Cycle Network route 11. Cyclists Dismount does not mean No Cycling and so why is it there? Is it to appease other users? See #106639. Some drone footage of the ... [more]

There isn't actually a through route here - better to stay on the road to Whittlesford church.

There is no through route here - far better to turn right to the road.

Maybe somebody has noticed that having an unprotected right turn on NCN route 11 right before a roundabout is very dangerous.

Parking for six cycles outside the takeaway in Town Square is concealed behind this low wall. I assume that hiding it made sense to someone.

Dropped kerb in the corner spaces of this car park enables a short-cut to the market square instead of going all the way west to the Railway Road junction - as long as no cars are parked here!

Diversion of NCN11 to pass under the new Ely southern bypass

To reach the new cycle route (NCN route 11) from Whittlesford to Sawston, you can either use this footpath or go around through the churchyard, where you're asked to dismount.

To reach the new cycle route (NCN route 11) from Whittlesford to Sawston, you can either use this footpath or go around through the churchyard, where you're asked to dismount.

Cyclists are requested to dismount where NCN route 11 passes through Whittlesford churchyard.

NCN route 11 between Whittlesford and Sawston

Bridge on NCN route 11 between Whittlesford and Sawston

Sign to Whittlesford (NCN route 11)

Route sign for NCN route 11 at Sawston level crossing

Route signs on NCN route 11 in Sawston - there's a short shared-used section heading west.

A bit more cycle parking has been created on the northbound platform at Waterbeach station

Cycle parking at Cow Hollow Wood (Woodland Trust reserve)

New route for NCN route 11 alongside the road into Waterbeach

NCN route 11 is now signed by the new route to the left parallel to the road.

#Cambridgeproblems oars on the cycleway!

A really horrible barrier in the middle of a bumpy and miserly cycleway. At least the scenery north of here is decent. But you often feel like you're going to have a head-on collision, the path is so small there. Really unfortunate, s ... [more]

The already-too-small cycleway is being overgrown, as happens every year, by surrounding greenery.

Poor road surface under Elizabeth Way bridge / along Walnut Tree Ave. Major cycling route along the river. The county has decided that it is 'not bad enough' to do anything about it, according to Highways Reporting.

Cattle grids on Midsummer common.

decent bollards

decent bollards

Some scenery on the river

Dirt path between Waterbeach and Milton. (can you spy the drone flying overhead?)

Bollard up after long period of being down/missing #absolutebollards

Useful new sign at the bottom, if I'm not mistaken.

New cycle path under construction to avoid double crossing of Water Lane

New cycle path under construction to avoid double crossing of Water Lane

Cycle path under construction past the site of the Penny Ferry pub

Cycle path under construction past the site of the Penny Ferry pub

Cycle stands at the start of the Cam towpath (and a rowing coach)

This is the only indication that cyclists should turn left here to reach Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Lost Property site at the southern end of the Genome Path (NCN 11).

Signage at the new footbridge by the Genome Path (NCN route 11)

At last! Four years after I started badgering the cycling officers this link to the guided busway cycle route and NCN route 11 has finally been signed.

Gratuitous pinch stile obstructing the path. Action - make the cattle grid full width with a bypass gate for dog walkers etc and remove the pram arms.

The footbridge at Baits Bite Lock is not cycle friendly. This is an important crossing point and should be easy to improve.

Narrow path next to Clayhithe Rd. Note the lady cycling on the road, not the path. It is however a useful way to get on and off the Cam towpath.

The route signs on this lamppost are very odd: why is it just alongside an arbitrary point in the road here and not at a junction? The sign at the top points to: Route 51 → King's Hedges 1¼ St Ives 13 (via the busway) the larg ... [more]

A nice view from the top of the hill

Reach Ride 2016

NCN routes 1 and 11 crossing the old main road at Kings Lynn (with marshall/cones for a running event)

Sign for mystery Cycle Route

NCN route 11 (and in the distance a cut-through to the East Cambs Council car park)

It's not clear if this on-road or a shared-use footway.

NCN route 11 heading north from Ely

The lorry and the contra-flow cyclists in Sidney Street Cambridge. One of the cyclists stayed on the far right, the other went onto the footway.

Wrong-way cycling in Sidney Street

The morning rush hour in Trinity Street

National Byway and NCN11 signs in Ickleton

I'm not sure why these signs are here. This isn't on Route 51 or Route 11, and there's nowhere to go at this point except over the bridge or turn back.

New Bit. NCN11 Shared-use. Family groups need space especially with young riders

Coe Fen NCN11 Shared-use. 1.6m You need to look behind you just to walk next to your child

Coe Fen NCN11 Shared-use. At 1.6m there is no room for cycles

Shared-use NCN11 2.5m Caution needed if approaching walkers from the rear (they'd 'just' moved across as they thought they were spoiling my photo, and hadn't seen or heard the bikes)

NCN11 shared-use 2.5m just enough room for two-abreast walking when you can see the oncoming rider

NCN 11 on 'New Bit' Shared-use 2.5 m. enough to ride two-a-breast if no others around

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