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No Cycling into the bus station operations area.

No Cycling into the bus station, via the bus entrance.

'No Entry' and 'Recommended Route for Cycles' at Hustlergate. Which is it? I didn't notice any obvious signage for the NCN66 turn here.

A continuation of bus priority from the end of the Manchester Road guided busway through the Senior Way junction.

A variety of traffic restrictions, including a contraflow cycle lane on Broadway.

A curious sign that is possibly facing the wrong way and has bits missing.

The stainless steel sign for NCN66 at Bridge Street is very difficult to spot, and directs cyclists the wrong way down a one-way street.

A sign for the cycle parking and lockers at Ilkley station, but probably best to avoid cycling into the bus station!

Holehouse Road closed on the approach to the ford, although the ford itself was not overflowing.

Shrewsbury some racks and a route near the Square.

A toucan crossing across from Castle Street to NCN routes 7, 10 and 72, and to the castle itself.

A contraflow cycle track between Viaduct Estate Road and Bridge Street. The footway style cycle track becomes a painted lane part of the way up the ramp.

Welcome to the National Cycle Network! NCN routes 7 and 10 on the path to the left have no directional signage, just stickers, while the routes ahead - 7, 10 and not mentioned leading to 72 - have just a sign facing those coming from the pa ... [more]

Can “security” vans stop where ever they like? This guy claims he can, while doing so he is blocking access to Gordon St counter-way cycle lane. @GlasgowCC @polscotrpu ??

Braunstone Park

Cycleway alongside a trunk road.

Is the cycleway so narrow because it is one-way? Probably not.

The end of the Stewartfield Way cycle route, from Kingsgate to the National Museum of Rural Life. The bollards were a little tight, especially so close to the turn onto the crossing.

Back to 10mph on Reynolds Avenue (see #107767).

Alison Lea blocked to through traffic at Morrishall Road, with no allowance for cycling. Pedestrians only.

Rockhampton Avenue ends in a Fire Path with a rather messy gap between the kerb ridges. No cycle exemption from the 'No Entry' signs, and a route sign pointing right at the far side of the junction, when East Kilbride's cycle route 1 turns ... [more]

Off-road cycleway, St Andrews

No Entry except Cycles, Dundee

Route signs below Bratislava castle

No Entry Except Cycles, Rouen

Soho Street

Guest Road - two way for cycling and great to see that the whole width of the southbound lane has been used.

If there really is a safety reason why cyclists can not be exempt from this No Entry sign in Leuven, Belgium, couldn't a cycle route be created to the right of the flower bed? See #101898 and #101899

Belgian mountain-bike cops telling a cyclist off for ignoring one of the country's very few No Entry signs without an exemption for cycling.

Belgian mountain-bike cops telling a cyclist off for ignoring one of the country's very few No Entry signs without an exemption for cycling.

I initially thought this was some kind of time-restricted 'No Entry' but on closer inspection the plate underneath is for loading restrictions.


*whispers to you* Except cycles

A single uncontrolled sliproad crossing with 'Cyclists Dismount' signs (see #51057) has been replaced with two uncontrolled sliproad crossings, without signs. No attempt to line up the footway with the crossings.

The exit from the northbound Clyde Tunnel in Whiteinch.

The contraflow cycle lane on Blythswood Street is still incorrectly signed.

Two way Coronation Street.

Two way in Norwich Street, Newtown

Contraflow cycling Norwich Street, Cambridge Fantastic! Such a small, simple, but incredibly important breakthrough. No entry, except cycles... in the UK! Thank you to whoever is responsible.

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

Emery Street contraflow cycling.

Emery Road contraflow cycling.

Perowne Street contraflow cycling.

No Entry Except Cycles in Walthamstow

The old cycle by-pass to the no entry is gone, but where are the Except Cycles plates? There's also quite a bit of unused footway space here that could accommodate street cycle parking.

Start of a contra flow cycleway in Grimsby

Quiet Route at Smithfield

Cycle parking at Silverburn Shopping Centre, this time at the Marks & Spencers collection point. The cycle route passes through here on the strip differentiated by the red bricks, the same red bricks as the collection point roadway.

Plenty of car parking infrastructure in Yorkhill, but proper bike parking is hard to find. However, contraflow cycling is allowed on the one-way streets.

Quite an awkward approach to the new toucan crossing alongside the Cathkin Relief Road.

Simple route to crossing on this side, but a mess on the other side (see #90314).

Very clear - presumably dim drivers have tried to get through - but it would be nice if cyclists were allowed past.

NCN route 22 gets a bit lost at Portsmouth international ferry terminal - there is an unsigned on-road route around the one-way system to the left.

Another toucan crossing on the cycle route along Leechlee Road.

A green strip has appeared at the new Blythswood St contraflow (foreground) and with-flow (background) cycle lane. Awaiting lining and signage.

A new contraflow cycle lane on Holm St, still awaiting signage.

Two one-way streets join to form a two-way street. Little need for giving way, except for U-turners.

A short length of contraflow cycle lane is needed to overcome this blockage between Collegelands and Morrison's/Glasgow Green.

"No Entry except buses and taxis" at the former Water Bus terminal, now part of NCN75.

Demand exists for a contraflow cycle lane over the Cathedral St bridge (see middle distance).

Midland St now has a contraflow bus lane from Jamaica St, before becoming two-way by the mid-point.

I don't think anyone has been fined for driving through this bus gate yet!

Cyclists Dismount 10am-5pm, and at other times? No Entry applies all the time. Maybe not the intention.

Birmingham - two-way cycling on Cannon St

The reality of what happens when someone wants to cycle along this one-way street the wrong way. See the correct way at #87038.

As every person on a bike knows, a piece of coloured surfacing may indicate a cycle facility, and this is the access to the shared use footway to bypass the No Entry, and thus provide a contraflow facility to this section of one-way street. ... [more]

Contraflow cycle lane in the City of London

Except cycles signs on Belgrave Road :-)

Bridge Street, Cambridge

No exception for cycling at the short one-way section of Hatton Garden at its junction with Holborn / Charterhouse Street. But cyclists can proceed via the discretely marked pavement cycleway on the left which goes round the corner to th ... [more]

One way streets like this - especially with no cyclist exception - seem to me to be such a big mistake. All about 'flow' and 'capacity'.

No thru then no entry

Laystall Steet

They were at it again today. Pavement parking. None of the 4 Anderston/City cllrs ever did bother replying 1st time

When are we going to do something about illegal parking in Bury? Yellow lines & cycle lane are there somewhere!

Car blocking mandatory contraflow cycle lane

Contraflow at Highcross Street, Leicester

Upper Ground

Interesting that it has to be stressed No Entry Including Cycles

Another of those lunatic locations where cyclists are expected to switch to right-hand riding to proceed in a straight line.

Pedestrian zone in central Lincoln with daytime cycle ban.

Bollard now installed to enforce restriction, preventing rat-running. Compare #33218.

McPhater Street outside the Piping Centre is now blocked off with bollards.

Except cycles sign

Larkhall Rise, Clapham

Blackfriars Road This is where I discovered the new CS6 segregated cycleway.

Gap through Fire Path, but is it legal to cycle?

Bizarre routing of cyclists on Long Millgate between tramway crossing and link road to Corporation Street. The second cycle route sign appears to be sending cyclists up a one-way street the wrong way! This could have been designed far bette ... [more]

'No Through Road except cycles' on Long Millgate leading to cycle track crossing the tramway.

Lamb's Conduit Street

No Entry except trams and cycles, straight ahead into Exchange Square. The painted cycle lane appears to encourage cyclists to risk left hooks rather than cycling closer to the tramlines. The road-width decreases suddenly just behind the ... [more]

A new contraflow cycle lane on Cardonald Place Road ahead, but no exemption for cycles from the mandatory turn into Cardonald Gardens. In the distance, cars parked in the contraflow lane, just like in #71119.

No entry except cyclists (frei / free). Location: Hanover-Mitte, Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany)

No entry except cyclists (frei / free) in Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany).

Filtered Permeablity With Car Parking Slalom

Do I need to get authorisation to cycle past here, or do I have it already?

Traffic island hopping cycle route that ends up joining the carriageway of the road on the right anyway. However, the road on the right is signed as 'No Entry except buses'.

Route sign directs cyclists onto road signed as 'No Entry except buses'.

While it is physically possible to cycle straight on, it involves going through the 'No Entry' signs and across the strip of footway between the two roads. Permeability for cycling should have been considered when this was built.

The desire-line through here has been acknowledge with the contraflow cycle lane on Cleland Street, but Bedford Lane in the foreground is one-way without any contraflow facility.

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