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Barcelona has many advisory yellow traffic lights for vehicles (especially cyclists). Vehicles may proceed if safe, e.g. no pedestrians crossing. These are often found by pedestrian crossings, to avoid road users waiting unnecessarily. It … [more]

CS1, Stanningley Road, Leeds CYCLE SUPERHIGHWAY ā†‘ Bradford 40 mins ā†‘ Bramley 5 mins šŸš² CS1 šŸš² Kirkstall ā†—ļøŽ Use advance stop line This is a confusing mess. Dreadful to see advice to stop in the middle of a dual carriageway on a so-called … [more]

Contraflow cycle lane in Gordon Street, with full size cycle signals. The section of Gordon Street across Union Street has reverted to restricted two-way operation, with the station link bus now back serving the front of Central Station.

Right turns from Renfrew Street into West Nile Street are now legal for buses, so why not for cycles? Buses on diversion were using this turn back in 2018, before the signs were changed.

Whitchurch Lane dual carriageway traffic signals junction advanced stop line.

The view from the cycle lane in Clyde Street. The left turn is unsignalled, with zebra crossings for pedestrians, while the straight across movement is signalled separately from motor traffic coming from Clyde Street. Perhaps a cycle slip … [more]

The finished product at the Clyde Street/Glasgow Bridge junction. Motor traffic is restricted to a single lane, and is signalled separately from the cycle traffic, removing the left hook danger. See also #194239.

The South City Way cycleway has been closed by roadworks. No diversion is signed, and from this direction it is less obvious what to do. The traffic cone on the pedestrian refuge and the sign on the cycleway cause obstruction. The 'ahead … [more]

The narrow off-side cycle lane on the Nithsdale Road railway bridge has been reinstated like-for-like now that the bridge itself has been replaced. The 'No Right Turn' sign still does not except cycles. The cycle lane allows cyclists to … [more]

No right turn, except cyclists (somehow), Cheltenham Road, Bristol

Damage to a sign post and a wrecked cycle stand, while the Fire Path markings on the traffic island are almost unreadable.

Anyone not turning left must leave the protected cycle lane and use the anonymous advance stop line.

Only taxis and cycles can turn into the bus lane to the right

Vine Street, Grantham

Watergate,Grantham, a horrible town centre spoilt by high volumes of heavy through traffic.

Cycles can turn right onto Regent Street from George Street, Hinckley.

Cycles can turn right

Warwick Road meets Histon Road and Gilbert Road at the Cyclops junction.

No right turns from Dumbreck Road into Paisley Road West, just like the opposite side of the junction at #170596.

No right turns from Broomloan Road onto Paisley Road West, principally to keep the car traffic moving faster.

It is without explanation, but I believe the thing on the left is to allow cyclists to pull in and wait to cross to the shared footway on the right. See also #170247. The ban on right turns presumably didn't take into account the route of … [more]

[Image taken 18.3.21] Mill Lane, York. You have to be right at the junction to see the gap that enables people on cycles to make a right turn into Heworth Green. See also #165640, #165642.

[Image taken 18.3.21] Very faded cycle lane on Mill Lane, York. See also #165640, #165643.

[Note: 28.5.21] I went to see if any signage has been added or the markings for cyclists renewed. They hadn't. But I saw two drivers encroach on the lead-in cycle lane when turning in fast from Heworth Green. Another reason it needs to be … [more]

Francis Passage off Norwich Street, Cambridge

Turn into Norwich Street from Hills Road.

Euston Road with bus and cycle lanes.

The junction of Renfield Street and Gordon Street, with the Union Street bus gate ahead, and the pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Gordon Street to the right. Proper 'No Right Turn except cycles' signs have been used on the traffic signals, … [more]

The pop-up contraflow cycle lane on Argyle Street at Central Station has been provided with temporary 'No Entry' signs on Argyle Street and proper 'No Right Turn except cycles' signs on the traffic signals on Union Street.

No right turn except cycles and a direction sign for Kings Road at the Palace Theatre, Newark-on-Trent, England

Egress from the Robroyston station car park on the Millerston side is via the bus turning circle.

No turns between the new St Rollox Drive and Keppochhill Drive. There is also no connection from the cycleway to Keppochhill Drive industrial estate. Must U-turn at the Keppochhill Road junction crossing.

A variety of traffic restrictions, including a contraflow cycle lane on Broadway.

Great to see that the area of Mill Road by the bridge has at last reopened after the fire. Shops much easier to access now.

The prohibited turn sign in Abbotsford Road doesn't exempt cycling, even though the sign in Chalmers Street says 'No Motor Vehicles'.

Leighton Buzzard

Bergen - start of a bike ride to Fyllingsdalen

Mill Road, no right turn. (The except cycles sign is for the no entry into Kingston Street.)


No right turn, with no exemption for cycling.

A right turn cycle lane for avoiding the roundabout when going into the end section of Nithsdale Road or turning into Moray Place, but could do with some cycle markings and an 'except cycles' plate below the 'No Right Turn' sign.

I wonder if this No Right Turn sign will get a cycling exception.

Right turns for cycles only from Preston Road.

As part of the bus priority, buses are allowed to turn right (into the bus station) from the left-hand lane, but the traffic signals all along the Fastlink route do not seem to change with the approach of buses.

NCN 7 & 75 turn right here, but the council banned the turn on the road, so it must be made via the footway and the 3-stage toucan crossing in #87102.

Banned right turn, with no exemption for cycling. This turn is part of a Core Path, C93A.

An important junction for active travel, but only signed in one direction for cycling due to the banned right turn onto Argyle St (see #87099).

I am very pleased to see this "Except cycles" at the otherwise banned right turn into Kingston Street. I noticed it for the first time this morning.

Cycle Superhighway 6 Right turn in two stages.

Looking along Long Millgate from the cycle track crossing the tramway. The right turn ban at the mini-roundabout should exempt cycles since the road that way is buses, taxis and cycles only, unless the ban exists due to the unusually close … [more]

Advance green mini-lights on CS6. I'm told they're still so new that many cyclists wait for the big light to change before moving.

Traffic island hopping cycle route that ends up joining the carriageway of the road on the right anyway. However, the road on the right is signed as 'No Entry except buses'.

Prohibited right turn. This has not really been an issue until now as for many years this was a false one way street. Meaning that traffic could not enter from the Trumpington Street end. In 2015 it has become a two way street for cycling … [more]

Bridge over disused railway and no right-turn at dangerous junction.

No right turn into Cultins Road, but the footway has shared-use signs on it at various points, such as at #65561.

No right turn onto Long Road from Adrian Way.

Left Turn Only - but not for these cyclists and many more we surveyed during the evening rush hour. There are tentative proposals to facilitate this manoeuvre.

Turning right out of Adrian Way onto Long Road. Riders find their own way around the obstacles.

No right turn. No left turn. Except bicycles. This arrangement is complicated, a white straight arrow indicating what is allowed with "Bicycles free" would be easier. (Location approx.)

No Right Turn Monday to Friday mornings, No Left Turn afternoons.

Taken from the upper deck of a number 26 bus.

There should be an Except Cycles plate under the No Right Turn sign - that's a contraflow cycle lane.

No right turn, except (undtaget) bicycles. Allowing cyclists to turn to go up one way street.

No right turn into Oxford's main shopping area (except cycles 6pm-10am only) and Sustrans signage.

No right turn except cycles, taxis and authorised vehicles (I think)

No-right-turn sign (twisted around) for a temporary entrance to Cambridge Botanic Gardens - presumably for construction of the new plant development lab and herbarium.

No right turn into Kingston Street. When that street was changed to be two-way for cycling a safety audit recommended retaining this no right turn. But it is not the first right turn off Mill Road bridge (which goes into the depot) - so … [more]

No right turn from Trumpington Street into Bene't Street. It's possible this sign should have an "except cycles" plate now that two-way cycling is allowed in Bene't Street. Also a temporary "priority to other direction" sign for the … [more]

Tenison Road

No right turn except cycles

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