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Pavement parking in Dalcross Street, a Restricted Parking Zone where, as the sign says, drivers are to "park only in signed bays".

NextBike bikes for hire in Kelvinhaugh Street, and opposite, a badly parked car across the footway outside a gate while the driver delivers a package.

Cycleway under construction on Byres Road at Dalcross Street. Car and van parking on the cycleway.

The end of the upgraded section of the East City Way cycleway along London Road at the Canmore Street junction. Ahead there is a section of armadillo cycle lane, with indiscriminate car parking on both the footway and the central … [more]

Still plenty of cycle lane and pavement parking in Great Western Road.

Still plenty of pavement parking on the shared footway on Archerhill Road, including learner drivers being taught to pavement park.

Pavement parking and driving in Castle Street. The cycle route from Ferry Road to Byres Road appears to be coming around here.

[Image taken 14.8.23] Burton Stone Lane (looking towards the junction with Crichton Avenue), York. The car on the pavement partially protected pedestrians from getting drenched in filthy water. As I walked towards this point, a motorist … [more]

Green-plated council van parked on footway on South Frederick Street.

[Image taken 13.7.23] Field View, York. The owner of a Land Rover completely obstructed the pavement for some hours today. Is the parking by the delivery driver behind an example of copycat behaviour or would s/he have blocked the pavement … [more]

Barnes Street at John Street, where the LCN cycle route turns to join the main road, since the way through the back streets has come to an end.

A connection from the South City Way cycleway to Cleland Street. But parking in the contraflow cycle lane is still a problem.

A van driver obstructing cyclists by parking on the South City Way cycleway and footway. There is a parking space just along the road to the right.

[Image taken 13.5.23] Village Street, York. Motorists are completely blocking the only stretch of pavement. Other image here today and links: #193931.

[Image taken 13.5.23] Village Street, York. Motorists are completely obstructing the only pavement. At least one was here for Rawcliffe Carnival as the driver asked me, on behalf of the other adult and small children, for directions.... … [more]

[Image taken 13.5.23] Village Street, York. It’s the day of the annual Rawcliffe Carnival and drivers are using the one existing pavement, plus the verge for parking. Other image here today and links: #193931.

[Image taken 13.5.23] Village Street (through the barriers), York. [No street view at this exact location] Context: #193049. A pedestrian carrying bulky shopping, a young child on his cycle... Typical users of this area. Yet motor vehicle … [more]

[Image taken 10.5.23] Field View, York. Two drivers have parked on the pavement. The nearest has left some space – enough for an adult holding a child’s hand, someone pushing a buggy or a mobility scooter user? The one ahead has … [more]

[Image taken 16.4.23] Village Street, York. There's no pavement (footway) on the other side of the road but drivers still consider it's fine to park on the one that there is. Context and links: #193049.

[Image taken 16.4.23] Village Street, York. There is just the one pavement but on Sundays it's unofficial car parking. I didn't think someone in a wheelchair of around 1m would be able to pass several of these cars. Grass is not part of the … [more]

[Image taken 16.4.23] Village Street, York. The Lysander Arms (cycle parking: #173324) is a massive trip generator… of people using cars. On other Sundays, there has been parking on the ‘no footway’ side of the road too. Motonormativity … [more]

A 'School Street' has been implemented in Braeside Street, one of several across the city. Parking control does not appear to be well enforced.

Just your standard Advance Stop Line with a cycle lane approach that will be driven in by motorists using the pointless inside lane. And another van driver who has parked on the footway.

[Image taken 25.1.23] Field View, York. The person who has parked next to the hedge is completely obstructing the pavement. The person must know his/her actions forces people - their neighbours, many vulnerable - to walk in the road. Other … [more]

[Image taken 25.1.23] Field View, York. The resident is obstructing the pavement. Yet she/he must see their neighbours - people of all ages including adults with assistance dogs and mobility aids, and children going to school - walking in … [more]

Van parking on the recently rebuild footway in University Avenue. There are parking bays in the road in front of the building the vans are parked at the rear of, in University Gardens.

A delivery van parked on the recently rebuilt footway, and two more vans parked further along. This is what happens when the roadway is designed without any provision for loading bays.

A vandalised 20mph reminder sign, with a contradictory 30mph sign on the joining side road. Also, a commercial vehicle parked on the footway, including tactile paving, at the junction.

Van and car parking on the (presumably shared use) footway connecting the Craighall Road toucan crossing to the Forth & Clyde Canal at Speirs Wharf. The car is also blocking a dropped kerb (the dropped kerb can be seen better in #188011).

Temporary closure of Doune Quadrant/Queen Margaret Road, a popular but unadvertised "quietway" style route for cycling in North Kelvinside. The previous barriers have now been replaced with Heras fencing, without any provision for cycling. … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Pavement parking/obstruction of pavements continues to increase. I first encountered this instance while walking this (a regular) route last week. There are two motor vehicles on the drive of … [more]

[Image taken 7.11.22] Crichton Avenue, junction with Ashton Avenue (close to roundabout), York. This is the third or fourth time this year I've encountered a driver parking obstructing the segregated cycle-ped off road route or, as here, … [more]

[Image taken 30.8.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. (NOTE: The cyclist was posing as the focus of my image. The point is the vehicle on the pavement behind.) A regular problem... drivers parking on pavements. School summer holidays are nearly … [more]

Pavement parking is a problem right through this estate.

A newly installed dropped kerb at the east end of Henderson Street, but the corresponding dropped kerb in Napiershall Street has an occupied marked parking bay across it.

The University Avenue mandatory cycle lane chock-a-block with parked cars, and pavement parking on the opposite side where there is no cycle lane.

The North Woodside Road scheme included shortening the length of the road available for driving by extending the cycleway. A zebra crossing has been provided for pedestrians accessing the steps to the supermarket.

No sooner had the van driver driven off from his position in the University Avenue cycle lane (see #182578), than a taxi driver came and parked there instead. The coach is parked on the other side of the road, where there is no cycle lane. … [more]

No room for protected cycle lanes, they said.

New cycle parking, but with a shelter roof panel missing.

New cycle parking stands, and an imposter.

[Image taken 4.1.22] Ratcliffe Street, York. This person started parking on the pavement in around December 2021. Possibly copycat as drivers round the corner to the left of this image (in Haughton Street) have started parking on the … [more]

It made sense to someone… somewhere…

[Image taken 10.12.21] Burton Stone Lane junction with Horner Street, York. The van for works above Mrs Greedy's cafe completely blocks the pavement - the - only - access to/from the - only - zebra crossing between homes and a Sainsbury's … [more]

[Image taken 29.11.21] Burton Stone Lane junction with Field View, York. Not one but two vehicles opposite Mrs Greedy's cafe, on the: a) pavement, b) double yellows, c) on the corner, d) obscuring sightlines, and e) often forcing … [more]

[Image taken 1.12.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. Other images this issue: #176442 and links. Other images today: #176461, #176462, #176463.

[Image taken 29.11.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. Other images this issue: #176442 and links. (Streetview also illustrates one of the results of pavement parking: two people - one who does not have a choice - are in the road.)

[Image taken 29.11.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. Other images this issue: #176442 and links

[Image taken 29.11.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking on the other side of the street. This side (close to the junction with Haughton Road) has been patched many times. It has a variety of surfaces and today part of it was icy. The … [more]

[Image taken 29.11.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. Other images this issue: #176442 and links

[Image taken 29.11.21] Field View, junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. Pavement parking on a corner and on double yellows. Context: #176444. Other images this issue: #176442 and links

[Image taken 29.11.21] Burton Stone Lane junction with Field View, York. There are double yellows on the corner. Despite these drivers park here while they eat in the cafe; pick up food from it (and drive away with it, or sit in their … [more]

[Image taken 16.9.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. Other images this issue: #176442 and links.

[Image taken 16.9.21] Field View, York. Pavement parking. The Government consulted on pavement parking between 31 August 2020 and 22 November 2020: In February 2021, I asked … [more]

A direction sign for the Forth & Clyde Canal in Bowling, with a pointed end even though it is on the approach to the actual junction. The pedestrian crossing used to be part of NCN7, until the cycle route was rerouted via the Bowline path.

The revitalised former railway bridge across Dumbarton Road in Bowling, now part of the Bowline project.

Painted bollards at Anderston Cross.

Pavement parking outside the school gates in Dornal Avenue.

A recommended route for cycling on Kendoon Avenue. Where did it start? Where does it end?

Double yellow lines have returned to Hamilton Drive, but without enforcement they are being ignored by drivers. This is a "park only in marked bays" area, as seen in #167952.

A council van has been parked on the footway at the entrance to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery car park, obstructing families trying to walk past. The footway also forms part of the West City Way cycleway, since the adjacent carriageway is one … [more]

Several planters on Kelvin Way have been pushed aside, some of them are obstructing the cycleway. Fly parking is occurring without enforcement.

The incomplete Old Dumbarton Road cycleway is unusable for cycling, but is being used for parking vans.

Cars being parked on the footway of Garscube Road, rather than in the place indicated by a single yellow line on the road. Not helped by a waiting peak restrictions sign being next to the double yellow lines.

Large gaps in protection on the eastbound cycle lane in Brockburn Road, and parking bays with pavement parking.

The sign on the gate says "No Parking" but there is no enforcement. The footway forms the link between the partly installed toucan crossing across Craighall Road and the canal path.

A van driver parked in the protected cycle lane and on the footway, while pedestrians try to get by.

The lining on the new Old Dumbarton Road cycle track has been done, for the section that is complete (either end is still in construction), but there is still no way of crossing the road from the Bunhouse Road shared footway due to kerbs. … [more]

The toucan crossing across Castlebank Street at the Glasgow Harbour development is missing its red man and green cycle lights. The road surface is also badly worn.

On the left a Loading Bay, and ahead some pavement parking loading activity. See also #173732.

The junction where it is proposed to close NCN7 during the COP26 conference and divert users around the streets of Yorkhill, Finnieston and Anderston. The carriageway of the road is accessed via the dropped kerb before the bridge, and the … [more]

The first sign that the Benalder Street/Beith Street junction is going to be signalised, but no clues as to how the cycle track ending here will be tied into this. The dropped kerb and crossing studs have not deterred these selfish drivers … [more]

There are some tightly spaced cycle parking stands next to the entrance door, in addition to those in #173563, and some bikes were visible inside the doorway. Despite there being parking spaces on the opposite side of the road, this driver … [more]

[Image taken 25.8.21] Holyrood Drive, York. The photo of this family shows one of the many reasons pavements are for people not for parking on. Where can children learn to scoot, balance bike, get more confident cycling, increase their … [more]

Another day, another dismount sign

The Nicholson Street cycle track exists to provide a safe link between Norfolk Court and the South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, but is being abused by motorists. It has lost its signs and the markings are somewhat faded.

Subsidence on the Nicholson Street cycle track.

The Nicholson Street cycle track has lost its signs, has faded markings, and is being used for car and van parking, and is being illegally driven through. Just next to the Sheriff Court! The link was put in to provide a safe link between … [more]

The eastern end of the Herbertson Street cycle track suffers from a severe fly parking problem, with cars and vans parked on the footway as well as over the dropped kerb for exiting the cycle track.

Ah, perfect stop for a lunch break… 🙄

I remain to be convinced that priorities have really changed.

West Thomson Street has been partially resurfaced (see #107341), but the cycle lane has not been reinstated, even though the signs remain, albeit one facing in the wrong direction.

The cycle lanes on Broomfield Road are almost invisible now.

The end of the two-way pop-up cycle lane on Royston Road. It just ends.

Part of Kenmure Street has been converted to cycles only to reduce through traffic, but motorists have decided to use both the walking and cycling spaces for motor vehicle parking.

Part of Kenmure Street has been converted to cycles only, but incorrectly signed on approach as a 'No Through Road'.

Parking on the footway, driving in the hatching. The rules of the road have broken down. Just beyond the van is a dropped kerb, before the traffic signals, that allows access to the footway in order to use the toucan crossing across to the … [more]

No provision for cycling through the closure of Victoria Park Drive South at Westland Drive. A dropped kerb and toucan crossings at the junction signals would probably suffice.

"Cycle Lane Suspended" - no further details. Roadworks are taking place in the contraflow cycle lane in Howard Street ahead. A diversion could have been set up via Dixon Street and Fox Street. See also #170199.

Car parking on the footway cycle lane in Maxwell Drive. The cycle lane leads to a toucan crossing across St Andrew's Drive and is two-way.

The cyclist avoids the pavement cycle lane that the driver up ahead is in the process of parking in.

Pavement parking in Scotland Street, opposite a car park. The line segregation cycleway sign is wrong too, since the cycleway is to the left of the footway.

The transition from the path to Bengal Street is a bit messy, since it is missing a bit of asphalt.

Pavement parking in Cogan Road, outside a huge free car park at the retail park. The Advance Stop Line is the only concession to cycling on this road.

Canniesburn Toll roundabout, where changes are proposed including signalisation. See Also included in the plans is a sliproad outside of the shops with parking spaces, since the parking presently occurs exclusively … [more]

Canniesburn Toll roundabout, where changes are proposed including signalisation. See

The Possil Road spur of the Garscube Road cycle track ends at Braid's Brae, but drivers are parking on the footway on both Possil Road,across the end of the cycle track, and on Baird's Brae where the beige path is supposed to be shared use, … [more]

Secure cycle parking required at tower blocks in Charles Street. This location is very handy for cycling into the city centre, but better storage is required.

As with #169532, the first opportunity to leave the presumably shared footway (there are no signs to confirm this) is beyond the roundabout where a dropped kerb crossing has been provided.

Parking problems outside the shops.

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