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The Netherton Road traffic filter has still not been modified to comply with Council Policy to allow cycles through, and this rusty stump of a post is a tripping, cutting and puncture hazard when trying to get around using the lowest point … [more]

A route sign (if you can read the small writing) pointing cyclists the wrong way along a one-way road, marked as 'No Entry'. The 'West City Way' emblem has its own separate post.

Damage to a sign post and a wrecked cycle stand, while the Fire Path markings on the traffic island are almost unreadable.

A bike locked to a squint signpost in Great Western Road.

See #150276 This has been reported:

A gate across the road into Cuningar Loop park, passable on a standard bicycle, but the gap at the side will be problematic for non-standard bikes and for those with trailers.

The entrance to the NCN7 Loch Lomond cycle path at Hayburn Street.

Lots of signs for drivers, some with posts in the shared footway/cycleway.

[Image taken 4.4.21] Rougier Street, York. There is just 121cm between the racks and the scooter bays. This is the corridor (access to /from) between the racks and the scooters. It needs to accommodate someone wheeling a cycle if they can … [more]

The footway of the A752 was supposed to be upgraded to be part of NCN route 755 south of Gartcosh, but this has still to happen. However, it is now part of the Seven Lochs Trail and still has obstructions like this boundary sign post.

As if this gate wasn't awkward enough to negotiate before, somebody has bolted a post onto the narrow cattle grid. Why is there so much resistance to making this busy, popular route to Granchester cycle friendly?

A marker post for the HArTT cycle route.

A marker post for the HArTT cycle route's right turn. The path ahead leads to a bridge across the River Carron, so I'd expect a little more signage at this junction.

A HArTT marker post for a right turn.

A HArTT marker post.

New cycle markings and site entrance on Churchill Avenue, complete with obstructive sign posts. Once this site is operational, it looks like cyclists will have to wait for drivers exiting the car park to move off the crossing. The 'Give … [more]

@cyclestreets @livingstreets Only #cycle parking at Chawton Park Surgery, #Alton likely to leave your bicycle needing treatment 'after' a visit. No wonder most patients travel by car and NHS overwhelmed by dealing with sedentary-lifestyle … [more]

The HArTT cycle route goes down this steep slope to the Union Canal (see #101156). A new sensibly graded ramp has been built to the right (see #101153).

A new path for the HArTT cycle route, together with waymarker post.

The local path crossing the path to the Westquarter Glen and HArTT cycle route is built to a better standard than the main path.

A partially hidden marker post for the HArTT cycle route. You ain't gonna see that from the road!

The entrance to Callendar Wood, with red marker posts. Or are they just bollards?

A T-junction in Callendar Woods, with a yellow marker post.

A yellow marker post in Callendar Woods.

Working from the map on the Falkirk Helix website, I've decided this must be the junction where the HArTT cycle route turns in all directions, in order to do a loop around Callendar Park in addition to the woods. However, only the yellow … [more]

A crossroads of paths in Callendar Woods, and just a solitary marker post for the John Muir Way. Nothing for the HArTT cycle route.

A 3-way junction in Callendar Woods. As this is meant to be on the HArTT cycle route, I'd expect some sort of route information. The post on the right is for a circular walking/jogging route around the woods from Callendar Park.

The HArTT cycle route crossing Icehouse Brae (North), with a waymarker post tucked away in the corner. Surprisingly, no 'End of Cycle Route' signs!

The HArTT cycle route turns left here at Beancross to go to the Helix park, but to the right is a glaringly obvious gap in the cycle network, through the Cadgers Brae Roundabout to Grangemouth.

The HArTT cycle route goes through the underpass beneath the A9 at Beancross.

The way to avoid the steps at #101523 is to take the A9 road bridge across the railway, and the HArTT cycle route appears to do just that. However, there is no evidence that the narrow footway is legal for shared use, and the provision of … [more]

Posts for the huge motorist sign have been kept (almost) out of the way of the cycleway.

The turnoff from the A9 shared footway for the ramp down to the Forth & Clyde Canal, including a marker post for the HArTT cycle route.

The Forth & Clyde Canal towpath at the junction with the ramp up to the A9 bridge, and with the Kelpies in the background.

A junction of tracks in Callendar Woods. I saw a few people jogging through the woods, but no-one else cycling.

A marker post for a blue route in Callendar Woods.

A marker post for the HArTT cycle route entering Callendar Woods. The asphalt comes to an end.

The path into Tweedbank Park, plus a waymarker post for some path off to the right.

The path ahead goes to the A6091 at the Galafoot Bridge, while the waymarked Borders Abbey Way diverges to go down the steps in #91192.

The Southern Upland Way woodland path emerges onto an area of grass without a defined path.

The last (or first coming from Rutherglen) cycle marking on the Cathkin Relief Road's cycle path. But no dropped kerb to rejoin the carriageway.

The stepped footbridge across the Clydeside Expressway is no longer part of NCN7, but still hinders local journeys between Yorkhill and Bell's Bridge. The signpost is also unnecessarily obstructive for anyone going along the path.

Where are all the bussists? Newly built disused bus stops on the Cathkin Relief Road, because the bus company quite sensibly decided it would rather continue running its buses along Fernhill Road. But still no excuse for the lighting … [more]

The new route of NCN756 is over the right fork to the toucan crossing. The path ahead leads to a high kerb. I took a group ride over this and half of them went straight on, and it's not difficult to see why, especially with the old Give Way … [more]

A poor quality path from Kinfauns Drive across to Annan Drive, with a waymarker post for the Drumchapel Way.

The first obstruction on the Holytown to Eurocentral cycle route. A corner, post and phonebox combination.

Posts, one of them seemingly just for the hell of it! All three cars were driven through the second red light as well.

The toucan crossing call point post is completely obstructing the cycle side of the footway. If a post was put in a motorway lane like this, it would be flattened by someone driving into it.

Toucan crossing call point post in the way of the cycle lane. Clearly the designer isn't interested in providing a useable facility, just tick-boxing.

A narrow "converted" footway alongside the A752, where I had to go onto the rough strip next to the carriageway to pass someone coming the other way.

The River Ayr Walk near Ayr Cemetery

Steps at entrance to riverside walkway, but cycle emblems regardless - see also #86457.

A waymarker post approaching a junction on the John Muir Way.

Signs and a waymarker post on the John Muir Way.

UPDATE Segregated and mandatory cycle paths are in place but this does NOT deter @parcelforce from illegally blocking the highway. Shortly after another delivery is made by a … [more]

A vandalised cycle route sign attached to a pedestrian waymarker post. There also isn't a right turn at this T-junction, so the waymarker post must be facing the wrong way. See also #80231.

A vandalised cycle route sign attached to a pedestrian waymarker post, at a sharp turn. See also #80232.

Triangular junction with minimal but clear signage, assuming you know where the routes go to.

A lottery-funded waymarker post that appears to be facing the wrong way at path T-junction. (No route heads to the right as black arrow suggests).

Single-sided signs for route 1a on the footway at Carrickstone. Is nobody going to join the route here? And confusion for anyone following Cumbernauld's multicoloured arrow waymarker posts.

@SustransScot Seen from up the road a bit, just to the right of the car in original pic. [More context to this photo is given in original photo referred to: … [more]

Sign on square pole.

Welcome to Cumbernauld! Some of the route signs have been twisted round a bit, so it is not obvious which route they point to at the crossroads of paths. Routes 1a and 1b are signed from here, but do not reappear on the signs until they … [more]

A sign for motorists blocking the shared use footway. There is no indication as to what way the cycle route takes at the junction ahead.

A signpost obstructing the new shared-use footway that has been provided along one side of Shieldhall Road.

Post and railing blocking access to a wheeling ramp on steps between canal towpath and retail park.

St. Andrews St. right now. @dublincycling @GardaTraffic #FreeTheCycleLanes Contraflow permanent cycle lane.

The so called Sunshine Trail cycle route towards Wroxall forks left from the track, passing to the left of the waymarker post. There is no proper path, just a signposted route across a field of livestock.

New lighting has been installed along the riverside path, but the lampposts have been planted in the path, obstructing it. It's 2015!

@MarkdavidLawlor This is why many cyclists prefer the roads (it's a Belfast cycle lane BTW) @blowersh @TwoWheelsWood Original photo credit to @nigreenways

A walking-only section of the John Muir Way on Corstorphine Hill, before it gets really steep.

A shared-use footway in Paisley, complete with sign posts

Sign and lamp posts in the shared-use footway outside Aikenhead Road police station.

A pedestrian and cycle sign on New Rutherglen Road. For once, the lamppost is mounted outside of the width of the path. I wonder what happened to the still fairly new pedestrian guard rail that was removed from here.

Misleading tactiles and more posts in the shared-use footway on Polmadie Road, at the M74 motorway junction.

Poles in shared-use footway on Polmadie Road.

Exit from Knella Road, Welwyn Garden City heading east on NCN61. Cycle path then zigzags into gap in hedge in back ground squeezing past post just visible in background. Difficult if hedge overgrown.

cycle path along Sparrowhawk Road U1333, viewed from Spectra Plastics to Triple Plea roundabout

A three wheel version of the usual Deutsche Post bike (#33930), for the heavier deliveries at KIT premises. The electric power drives the single front wheel, the pedal power drives the rear wheels, see also #55976. Made by MIFA AG in … [more]

Exit for Neston, but also for connection to NCN568 to the Welsh Border

Gatepost blocking part of cycle lane in Aigburth Drive.

So who decided the Give Way markings should be repositioned to encourage cyclists to collide with the post?

Streetscaping with only limited cycle parking stands, leading to cycles being locked to sign posts.

Marker post and path. No dropped kerb either.

A new road sign was installed with one dull grey leg slap bang in the middle of the path, leaving about a metre either side, with rubbish resurfacing and lots of traffic cones - the sign and cones were moved after KLWNBUG complained.

Smooth rounded corner ruined by siting of signpost, at toucan crossing (seen at #45948) outside South Hylton metro station.

A very big sign post for two bicycle parking areas.

Narrow shared-use footway alongside A8, with lamppost in the middle

No more cycling posties in Newnham! Instead a van is parked here by the letter box and the driver and a colleague deliver mail on foot. It's hard to see that this is more economical.

Bilingual obstacle course Location: Sallynogin, Dublin (Dublin, Ireland)

No cycling Location: Mortimer Street, Trowbridge.

French postie's bike (location inexact)

One alternative to cycling posties - chatting on the bus in Bayonne.

Bike symbol on Crouch St indicating desire line into the underpass has been moved (see #34314). Not sure why the bike isn't facing the traffic... The safest approach, and the only one with clear vision of both the pavement and underpass is … [more]

Cycle Superhighway 3 Its impressive to see that this massive road sign is supported by a big rectangular steel post on the left side only. So it can be done! We're so used to seeing such signage requiring a multitude of posts that block … [more]

French posties use bikes too.

The Kings Hedges Post Office welcomes cyclists with three new Sheffield stands, see #23788. Unfortuntely the Music Gallery down the road doesn't offer any cycle parking.

Pole in shared-use footway, Nerston, by East Kilbride. This is NCN 756.

The independent Deutsche Post competitor "mail-express" delivers mail (in the snow) on fairly standard bikes with Ortlieb panniers.

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