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Tags: redundantsign

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[Image taken 1.2.23] Bootham Terrace, York. Context and links: #190590.

[Image taken 1.2.23] Bootham Terrace, York.The fallen sign is a trip hazard and an obstruction. It's also not doing its job. Other image this sign today: #190591. Related image on this street close to the junction with Bootham: #190589.

[Image taken 1.2.23] North Street, York. What scheme does this fallen sign relate to? Is it part of the Northern Gas Networks signage? (See: #190584 and links.) It's not doing its job and it's a trip hazard. Other image today and links: … [more]

[UPDATE: On 2.2.23 the utilities company responded: "I have spoken with the site manager and he will speak to team on site to get things rectified as soon as possible."] [Image taken 1.2.23] Skeldergate, York. Where should this sign be? … [more]

[Image taken 1.2.23] Skeldergate, York. Two ghost signs. One obstructing the pavement. One in the kerb further restricting the width of an already narrow route. Are they part of the Northern Gas Networks works signage? (See: #190584 and … [more]

[UPDATE: On 1.2.23 I saw the sign was back in situ.] [Image taken 31.1.23] Bootham junction with Grosvenor Terrace, York. Damaged, fallen, unsightly, useless sign.

[Image taken 25.1.23] Wigginton Road link, junction with Foss Islands Path, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Note the thick mud: #190045. Context and links: #190043.

[Image taken 25.1.23] Foss Islands Path junction with Wigginton Road link, York. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Poor surface sign. Where does it refer to? Why is it here? I’ll report it to Sustrans ( as they own … [more]

[UPDATE 12.1.22: This sign has now gone.] [Image taken 6.1.23] Bootham/Bootham Bar, York. Askham Lane is nowhere near here. Another temporary sign/Aboard that is clutter at best but also misleading and a hazard. How did it get here? There … [more]

[Image taken 7.4.22] Aldwark, close to the junction with St Saviour's Place, York. The driver of this car is not in the parking space - there's a cone in the way. The signs stating that the road is closed and that there is a diversion for … [more]

[Update: On Saturday evening the sign was upright again.] [Image taken on 1.4.22] Bootham Terrace, York. I was unable to report this sign. (It's an 0845 number and these are not included in my package.) But it ought to have been checked … [more]

[Image taken 16.3.22] Bootham Terrace, junction with Bootham, York. This sign has been in this position/at this angle for at least four days. (And continues to be an issue: #181265.) Bootham Terrace is a very busy pedestrian route to/from … [more]

[UPDATE: The sign has been removed.] [Image taken 23.10.21] Grosvenor Terrace junction with Scarborough Terrace, York. The temporary diversion sign - that has come from elsewhere - has been moved onto the pavement again. I moved it round … [more]

[UPDATE: This sign has been removed.] [Image taken 24.10.21] Bootham Terrace, York. This fence seems to attract signage. What is the sense in this one? Who are the pedestrians being diverted? From where to where? Which direction does this … [more]

[Update: JN Bentley contractors righted this very soon after it was reported.] [Image taken 6.8.21] West Esplanade, York. Context see: #172871. All images today: #172861 and links.

[Update: JN Bentley contractors righted this very soon after it was reported.] [Image taken 6.8.21] West Esplanade, York. This is part of the wheelchair/pedestrian/cycle diversion route for the Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood … [more]

[Image taken 29.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. Cycle diversion signage in situ see: #170534. Explanation see: #172711. Other images today: #172710 and links

[Update 4.8.21. Mid-afternoon, the signage was still here, ie not signposting a diversion] [Update 3.8.21 three (redundant) cones were blocking the cycle parking further to the right of this spot.] [Friday 30.7.21. The signage was still … [more]

[Update: the sign has been removed. A large heap of sand/grit remains see: #173207.] [Image taken 26.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Surely this sign can be removed now. Together with the redundant … [more]

[More recent image: #172711] [Image taken 28.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. 16.30-ish and at the works compound behind me looked as if everyone had left. So I lugged the signs, the sandbags and the cone out the way. They are very heavy but … [more]

[Update: Works completed. Sign removed.] [Image taken 20.7.21] Field View, York. Sign obscured until this point - but due to the narrow carriageway and pavement parking all road users need to be looking ahead. Other image this issue: … [more]

[Update: Works completed. Sign removed.] [Image taken 20.7.21] Field View, York. Futile sign. Context image this issue: #172339. All images today: #172321 and links

[Image taken 8.7.21] York rail station. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Social distancing sign. But who is the contact to ask if it can be removed/checked on and picked up if it falls? LNER? CYC? Why don't organisations label their … [more]

[UPDATE: Sign and sand still here 22.10.21 at the start of the half term.] [Image taken 8.7.21] York rail station fallen sign. Does it get picked up only to be knocked over again? It was on the ground on 5.7.21 see #171404. I picked it up. … [more]

Update: Sign on ground 8.7.21: #171575. The message visible on the sign: #171576. [Image taken 5.7.21] York rail station fallen sign. So it's not doing its job and it is creating a hazard. [Please note: no streetview at this location.] … [more]

[Image taken 5.7.21] Rougier Street, York. A phone call and a further email and a few hours later the redundant sign (see: #171374) has been removed... But the used covid-mask remains. Albeit it now as litter on the ground. Other images … [more]

[Update: #171403] [Image taken 4.7.21.] Rougier Street, York. Redundant sign ie clutter and a potential hazard. It’s been here since at least 13.6.21 – see: #170128. It is now attracting rubbish – in the form of a covid-19 facemask. The … [more]

[Update see: #172326.] [Image taken 4.7.21] Memorial Gardens, Leeman Road, York. The red 'No wheelchair access' sign is redundant and therefore clutter and a hazard. Another candidate for my 'redundantsign' collection. There are also no … [more]

Update 1.7.21. Signs and work area had gone. [Image taken 29.6.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Fallen cone. Deconstructed sign. One is not doing its job and is therefore clutter. One is a hazard. Other images this issue, this location today see: … [more]

Update 1.7.21. Signs and work area had gone. [Image taken 29.6.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Sign obstructing already very narrow pavement (plus a second one beyond the blue car). It is not doing its job. It is redundant. It is a hazard. See … [more]

[Update: 21.6.21 see: #170529] [Image taken 19.6.21] Crichton Avenue/Burton Stone Lane, York. Two barricades (marked CYC - City of York Council), a sign and a cone. Redundant. Unsightly. Obstructions. Potential hazards. And can be reused … [more]

[Update: This was removed early August 21.] [Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. Freestanding signage for temporary works seems to create more issues (such as being an eyesore as here) than it … [more]

[Image taken 19.6.21] Station Road/Rougier Street/Tanner's Moat junction, York. The number of signs has reduced (see: #169525). But has one simply been moved? See: #170485. All images today: #170482 and links.

[Image taken 19.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Is this damaged sign that narrows the pavement and could fall into the road to become a hazard for people on cycles, this one: #170133? Other images today: #170482 and links. Other images like … [more]

Update: I saw late afternoon on 28.6.21 the sign and sandbag have been removed. [Image taken 20.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Sign not doing its job. Sandbag creates a hidden hazard. The sign was in situ on 6.5.21 see: #168554. But who … [more]

Update: This sign had gone on 19.6.21. [Image taken 14.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Redundant sign. Potential hazard. Other images this issue: #170164 and links.

Update: The barricade had gone on 19.6.21. The sign remained. [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. I caught my wheel on the protruding base of this barrier as I passed. It started to fall on me. It’s unstable. If a child knocked it … [more]

Update: On 19.6.21 this sign seemed to have been restored to the pavement see: #170483. [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. This is one of the fallen signs and cone I have been trying to report. On 12.6.21 they were here: #170004 … [more]

[Update 15.6.21. These had gone today.] [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Three completely flat signs and one without the information side showing: so four temporary signs not doing their job and therefore creating an obstruction … [more]

[Update see: #171374] [Image taken 13.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Is this the number to ring to report a problem with this sign? Signs on live projects need to be checked on and regularly if they are in locations where they can be knocked, … [more]

[Image taken 12.6.21] Crichton Avenue, junction with Burton Stone Lane, York. Three cones, two signs. Not doing their jobs. Been here some weeks. Unsightly and possible hazards. Other images in York today: #170081, #170082, #170083, … [more]

Update see: #170133] [Image taken 9.6.21] Rougier Street, York. Fallen sign. Not doing its job. Obstructing a busy pavement. This pavement is particularly busy at present as it is part of a flood works diversion. See also: #170003 and … [more]

[Image taken 9.6.21] Wellington Row, York. This sign is not only not doing a job it is unsightly and, if it fell or was knocked over, could be a hazard. I assume it is part of the Environment Agency's flood works (see: #168588) and will … [more]

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