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I never noticed these cycle symbols in the paving before.

A direction sign for the cycle parking at the Golden Jubilee Hospital on the riverside path. The cycle parking has moved due to building work, and has been replaced by a number of double deck units.

The standard of construction of this riverside path appears to be very poor. A hole has opened up at the edge here, and both sets of steps have been fenced off. The kerb at the back of the path is set very high.

[Image taken 17.9.20] Floodgate on Dame Judi Dench Walk, Marygate car park, York. The yellow 'tray' is a ramp intended to enable people to move up and down kerbs in wheelchairs, for example. But they flex and break over the void. There is a ... [more]

The riverside path is separated from the car park by rising bollards, although they hadn't been deployed at the time of my visit.

The riverside path outside the Clydebank Leisure Centre.

The Titan Crane in Clydebank, and access to the new riverside path to the right.

Cycle parking at the western end of the riverside path in Dalmuir. The path does not connect into the hospital grounds ahead.

The riverside path in Renfrew, alongside the River Cart. The concrete panels give way to asphalt for the rest of the path's length to Inchinnan Road.

The riverside path turns from following the River Clyde onto the River Cart.

The Blythswood Light, one of a number of navigation aids along the River Clyde.

The surface of the riverside path changes from asphalt to concrete panels. One or two of them are slightly out of alignment here and there, although not a serious problem.

The riverside path in Renfrew, beside the River Clyde.

[Image taken 17.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The gap in the flood walls was temporarily closed earlier this month see: #169880. Today I saw the access to the walks and rides alongside the Ouse was open again. The route is part of NCN65. O ... [more]

Barriers on Inchinnan Road at the entrance to the riverside path, next to the bascule bridge.

If you haven't found the diversion by now, you won't see this sign.

Path beside the River Cart at Renfrew.

Around Braehead Shopping Centre, Renfrew.

The new riverside path from the Titan crane leaves the riverside and follows a zig-zag course a little back from the river bank. It then ceases, without (as yet) connecting to the path seen in #167649.

A new riverside path, next to the Titan crane in Clydebank. At present, it is a dead end path.

A nice section of riverside path, but it doesn't connect to anything else. A new section of path is being installed beyond the navigation light (see #167654), but with the industrial estate in the way, does not look like it will link up.

A path connectinging an industrial estate to the hospital entrance road along the riverside. I guess the things at the side of the path are meant to be cycle parking stands, although placed right up against a kerb, and in a location unlikel ... [more]

Bikes among these items fished out of the river. The spokes in that wheel have all rotted away but the wheel is still connected to the forks by the axle. The steel in the handlebars has also rotted away leaving only the chrome skin in pl ... [more]

Bumpy path at the riverside.

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21] Marygate car park, York. This family (two adults, a child cycling independently and one on the back of the mother's cycle) had reached this sign #166382. With the route ahead blocked and no safe diversion route signed ... [more]

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

[Image taken 28.3.21], Marygate car park, York. See also: #166371

Update 29.3.21 Today the route was no longer blocked see: #166417. [Image taken 28.3.21] Marygate car park, York. The route to/from the river (and walks) and Scarborough Bridge (wheelchair-accessible since early 2019) was blocked on Saturda ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Lighting at Esplanade carpark, York proposed route of diversion when floodgates (see: #166177) are replaced under Lendal Bridge. See also: #166256, #166180

[Image taken 24.3.21] Lighting at Esplanade carpark, York. Part of a route (used by tourers on the Transpennine and NCN65) proposed as a diversion from the riverside which will close for the summer from 1 April 2021. See also: #166257, #166 ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Proposed access to the ped-cycle-wheelchair-accessible riverside at Esplanade car park, York, during temporary closure of the path. There's currently no destination signage, simply route branding. The bollards and post ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Esplanade car park, York. This signage is not visible to someone cycling through (it's at right angles). But it shows people are 'tolerated' not welcome here. There's nothing introducing the park (Memorial Gardens) - t ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] The cycle symbols on the route out of Esplanade carpark, York, have worn away. There are two lots of 3.5cm untapered solid metal upstands across the full width of the route (part of flood prevention measures), height r ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Esplanade carpark, York. Part of a route proposed as a diversion from the riverside which will close for the summer from 1 April 2021. Even on a bright day, this does not look inviting or feel safe. There is nothing to ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Esplanade carpark, York. This is the uninviting and 'defensive' entrance to the proposed diversion for all users (including Transpennine Trail and NCN65 route riders) for around four months in 2021 while floodgates are ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] In York, from April 2021, people riding the riverside route (including touring cyclists) will be diverted. The proposal is to take them through between the bollards/posts to the right. It is not currently signposted. I ... [more]

Update 2.5.21: See closure warning signs: #168189 and links. Update: 15.4.21. See: for the map of the diversions that will be in operation while the floodgates are replac ... [more]

Resurfacing with massive 20mph markings on a dead-end where no-one should be anywhere close to that speed - this is mainly a cycling/walking route, so couldn't something better be done here? Start by moving the car storage to the right and ... [more]

[Image taken 25.2.21] A flooded New Walk, York. See also #164487, #164488

[Image taken 25.2.21] New Walk is on the opposite bank of the River Ouse to Terry Avenue. It was originally suggested as a viable alternative to it for the duration of the Clementhorpe flood defence works. However, the all-weather surface i ... [more]

[Image taken 25.2.21] Terry Avenue, York will not be accessible to people on cycles coming from Skeldergate until, 7 August 2022, or for as long as Clementhorpe flood defence works take. See also #164488, #164489. [Informal user count (Sund ... [more]

[Image taken 18.2.21] Terry Avenue, York. Half-term, during lockdown. A family takes a break while cycling along the motor traffic- (and therefore also noise- and air pollution-) free riverside. They were unaware the route will close to peo ... [more]

Colourful lighting at Riverside Bridge.

Unfortunate that part of the Clyde Walkway is still closed after fire last year. Mind you, it was narrowest bit (between Kingston bridge and Squinty bridge). At least the road is quieter now and easier for distancing. Still not sure what wi ... [more]

A Sustrans volunteer engaged in graffiti removal on NCN67 in Leeds

Barking Riverside - Fielders Crescent cycle path

The Clyde Place cycleway has been shut for building works, but a diversion has been established via the riverside walkway.

Still no progress on fixing the riverside path.

A sticker used to indicate the way of the riverside cycle route.

Washed out sand on the ramp down and under the Derek Dooley Way bridge.

Cycling alongside the River Don in Sheffield.

A narrow and occasionally steep path between Bonnyholm Avenue and the Cardonald Quietway.

A gate on NCN7 near the park at the end of Ben Nevis Road. Sometimes it is open, sometimes it is shut.

Surface repairs to NCN7 alongside the White Cart Water.

The boundary sign for Renfrewshire on NCN7 alongside the White Cart Water.

Old barriers still blocking footbridge over White Cart, now part of the Cardonald Quietway.

A poor transition between one section of riverside path and another, which could be made much smoother to allow users to concentrate on not hitting the posts instead.

Signs at the point where the main path goes beneath the Crookston Road bridge, including a sign for the alternative route in case of flooding on the main path.

The cycle route towards Paisley passing under Crookston Road, and following the White Cart. The ramp up to Crookston Road (at #112178) can be seen to the left.

Signs at the junction of NCN7/75 and the riverside path in Rosshall Park.

A complete lack of signage at the turn in the Glasgow-Paisley cycle route, although the route ahead links to the same place if you know where you are going.

Cyclists burn off the frost early on the Riverside bridge, Cambridge.

Display of bikes by Mike Burrows and others at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for the Exploring the Science and Technology of Cycling day in the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

Parking on the railings and substitute Camcycle stall bike at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for the Exploring the Science and Technology of Cycling day in the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

Steps on the Hadrian's Wall Path, under a former railway viaduct.

The riverside Hadrian's Wall Path looking east towards Carlisle.

Pigeon mess problem at the Cowal Road bridge.

Poor forward visibility on the bit of the Kelvin Walkway that dips down next to the river then climbs back up quite steeply (out of sight around the bend).

The riverside path at Yoker, which connects to NCN7.

A path connecting to the riverside path in Govan.

The walkway alongside the River Clyde in Govan ends in a dead-end. This is the last junction to access the local road network.

A riverside walkway in Govan, with the Riverside Museum across the other side. In summer a free ferry operates across the river.

A riverside walkway in Govan.

Having been prevented from going into Richmond Park by the housing construction, path users now have no option but to use the steps up to Shawfield Drive.

NCN756 blocked off at Richmond Park, part of which has been sold off for a housing development. The path to the left leads to a flight of steps.

Damage the water drop from the broken Clyde Weir has been serious. Major subsidence just east of the Strathclyde distillery seems active

NCN75 closed at the SECC due to the Festival of Motoring of all things.

A nice wide toucan crossing across Ballater Street.

There's clearly something wrong with the foundation of this path for the blocks to be like this. UPDATE MAY 2017: The path has been shut for this to be dealt with. ... [more]

It appears that the cycle route goes along the footway (which isn't signed as shared use) because no dropped kerbs or other arrangements have been made to get past the road closure in Waterside Street. The bollard has received stripy tape.

The South Bank cycle route alongside the River Clyde.

The path past the Rowing Club is now surfaced, with LED catseye lights.

The South Bank cycle route and the dismantled Polmadie Bridge, with diversion signs.

Cyclists asked to dismount on the boardwalk next to the River Clyde.

Exit to Water Street. The turning circle has a cycle lane painted around it! (See also #87600)

NCN69 alongside the River Lune.

Exit from park to toucan crossing across A589 leading to NCN69 path on riverside.

Riverside cycleway towards Caton.

Ramp up to main road before going back down to an underpass (see #87502).

No Cycling on this staircase! The stairs lead to a footbridge attached to the side of the railway bridge high above the river. Probably as quick to cycle to the Millennium Bridge now than to lug a bike up and down these stairs.

A bit of a blind corner, but widened enough to take the turn away from the stonework.

Riverside path to the west of the rail bridge.

Riverside path (and flood defence gate), and a couple of stands.

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