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Oncoming Vehicle, almost constant parking either side, too narrow to pass, not kid friendly

Van parked on the pavement blocking visibility of junction with Muriel Road

Any wonder that we struggle to keep the public behaving correctly on road when we have this LK68 CMV example. Legislation says emergency services can stop here ONLY in the event of an actual emergency. Note roadspace on side street, ... [more]

And yet more illegal positioning this time by A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy safer opt ... [more]

Next day, same issue, almost certainly same people and same vehicle. A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy legal option ... [more]

This is where the driver of this van and trailer decided to stop and have a phone call. Completely blocking the cyclepath and pavement. I had to stop and ask, then shout "hello" as he wasn't paying any attention to other traffic. Why not st ... [more]

Yet another development with spaces for cars but not bikes.

Yet another development with acres of space to manoeuvre and store cars, and no visible cycle facilities at all.

Junction on Ayers End Lane

This is my lane Location: Milwaukie (Oregon, United States)

Driver of SK67 UJZ speeds in wrong lane over Mill Rd bridge. Close passing 2 riders and driving at another. #Cambridge @camcycle @roxyfromoz @dave4labour @sargemike @anna4labour

Driver of 629 FLO completely fails to drive properly and distance properly on Devonshire Road. When pointed out, they haven't got a clue what they've done wrong.

You had thought that people would work out to give space in this difficult time. Not here though. Here's @jrhoardingltd illegally blocking the cycle access across Newmarket Rd. Driving into this site through here has been expressly forbidd ... [more]

Helensburgh Cycles, at 5 West Clyde Street.

The footbridge across the railway in #113719 leads to the busy Eaglesham Road and there is no pedestrian crossing to help people get to either the bus stop or Hairmyres Hospital a short distance away.

@IanGManning @camcycle Any idea how we can deal with this blatant illegal parking? It's not isolated, it's parked up here a lot.

A simple and unobstructed crossing at Morton Avenue.

The Hurlet junction is arranged for the convenience of motorists at the expense of all other road users.

No cycle facilities on the busy Grahamston Road, outside Dykebar Hospital.

Another example of the poor cycle infra in the Newmarket Road retail park. The driver just pulls up and stops (without indicating to traffic behind) in the cyclelane and the passenger opens the door straight away. This, combined with https ... [more]

New, very poor cycle infra in the retail park. Note "Cyclists use cyclelane only" is advisory so will confuse a lot of people. And it's a very bad place to ride, as shown by people walking in it. Just 10 metres earlier, this happened: https ... [more]

Signpost access to walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Walkers and cyclists can cross the river Bollin at the bottom of the lane. I will let one of the horse riders comment if they can get over.

This is where the surfaced section ends. You can turn and go beside the wood or through the wood onto the transPennine trail.

Bridgewater Way looking towards Seamons Road Bridge

Bridgewater Way and the canal looking towards Seamons Road Bridge.

Link from Seamons Road Bridge down to Bridgewater Way resurfaced May 2019. Push button not yet moved so no way anyone disabled can come up the ramp and push the button to go over the bridge.

Cycling on Blackbog Road, which is part of a series of quiet country roads between Palacerigg and Moodiesburn.

The Stewartfield Way cycleway crosses Macneish Way (which is the entrance to the Morrison's supermarket) here, but no help to cross this busy road, not even use of a central island due to where the dropped kerbs have been installed.

Narrow road requiring dismount or finding passing place when meeting a motor vehicle.

Southern entrance to Kingussie Newtonmore Road (the A86), near Kingussie, Badenoch, Scotland

Cycleway and the A86 Newtonmore Road (the A86), near Kingussie, Badenoch, Scotland

Whaddon Road

Whaddon Road to Newton Longville.

Top of Chapel Hill Location: , South Cambridgeshire District (England, United Kingdom)

Exit over Lockoford Lane at Tapton Lock to avoid narrow towpath under road bridge.

Road exit over Lockoford Lane at Tapton Lock for cycles North bound on TPT

The old road under the old railway bridge has been closed to motor vehicles, but remains open to cycling and walking into the Kinneil Estate.

An abandoned section of old road at Kinneil, with no connecting path to the footway on the new road, although it is not too difficult to walk across the grass.

Sky road scenic viewpoint

Coast road, Portaferry

Cycling in the Inagh Valley, Clifden, Galway, Ireland

Cyclist on the very busy road between the M1 and Milton Keynes.

Road from the M1 to Milton Keynes

The sign on the right gives destinations and distances, but does not have an arrow, so is effectively a route confirmation sign of the type that should be provided after a junction, not before it. The destinations can be reached by turni ... [more]

Tregolls Road looking outbound in the snow

The approach at Inchwood Road to the M80 footbridge over to Kirk Place is somewhat messy.

Cumbernauld Cycle Network route 4 crosses the B8048 here, then crosses the side road to get to the path to Craiglinn Interchange.

According to my map from the council, Cumbernauld Cycle Network route 4 does not go up this busy road. I checked at the Balloch Roundabout and there were no further signs.

According to my map from the council, the Cumbernauld Cycle Network route 4 turns left here then first right, rather than using the (rather ugly) caged crossing and the direct path to Craiglinn. But no signs.

A rough transition to the road at Kirk Place, but a barrier to ensure you don't accidentally cycle down the steps.

The Old Military Road Location: , Drumsleet (Scotland, United Kingdom) NCN 7

First time through this way for a little while. As usual, an illegally stopped vehicle, with a nearby legal space. Looks like they've been here awhile and are not leaving soon. I know you've worked hard on this @IanGManning, what more can w ... [more]

I was surprised to find that the path from London Avenue does not connect across Springfield Road to the path past the velodrome on the same alignment. A crossing is needed here.

Kenzies coach driver parks up illegally in Hills Road cyclelane whilst getting coffee. An increasingly popular stopping place. @LibralLady

DG17 WEK in Yet More Illegal Cyclepath Parking. Repeat offences bcos they can get away with it?

HS15 MKA and AE65 SXK in Yet More Illegal Cyclepath Parking on Water Street/Fen Road

YY10 FOF Driving at me on my side & shouting to get over. see

@IanGManning Sadly, the experience today. NU10 JYP and NY59 AXA Illegally stopped in cyclelane. The same builders. & shows walking issue too

NV59 AXA and AF56 YDD Illegally Parked in Cyclepath

PN57 UPW Stopped Illegally in Cyclelane. page 3.

That Advance Stop Line is sure encouraging people to cycle!

Avant garde railing at Pollock Avenue road crossing. The traffic here is fast, but no signalised crossing has been provided. The path ahead is on the course of an old railway line to Peacock Cross.

The road environment in Quarry St. Scope for extending the off-road provision in Holytown to the A723, and to join up with the Ravenscraig route.

Coming up to Malabar Road, Truro from the Coosebean Greenway.

Coosebean Greenway, Truro, towards Malabar Road

Looking from Hendra Road, Truro towards the Quiet Lane leading to the Coosebean Greenway.

This was parked, not unloading as it went over the 40 minute grace period. Even unloading in a cyclelane is illegal.

Construction of the Eastern Park & Ride, Truro late at night.

Cliff Road, Falmouth, looking towards Gyllyngvase Beach, November storms 2014.

Travis Perkins using the new cycle infra as an unloading zone. FTA link is [PDF, bottom of page 3] Also note stopped in zig zag crossing area, a double wham ... [more]

Road worker completely blocks cyclepath. Note that these people are allowed to work in cycle infra. However, they do need to indicate that it's closed and/or indicate a way round. There is a way, about 500m back from here. A sign there woul ... [more]

The irony of a "Cyclists, pass with care" notice on a bus driving in the cyclelane.

It would be useful to have a dropped kerb on the opposite side of the divider, or better still a proper signalised crossing, to allow easier access between this side road of Kirkintilloch Road and Meadowburn. (The ASDA superstore is off to ... [more]

Again*, illegally stopped up in a cyclelane. Just as a reminder from the Freight Transport Association, this is something not to do. [PDF, bottom of page 3] ... [more]

Another illegal position from the Richmond Coaches driver. Just waited there for around 5 minutes. It is illegal to stop in a cyclelane. Even the FTA say don't do it. ... [more]

Costa Coffee illegally unloading in a cyclelane. Something the Freight Transport Association advise never to do. Bottom of page 3 [PDF]

This is a two lane entrance to the traffic lights. The queueing traffic to the left is doing a right turn which lights are only green for a short time. The other lane is clear to use with a green light. Apart from a bus across both lanes do ... [more]

Illegal stopping in cyclelane from @Richmondscoach.

Another example of misuse of the Hills Road cyclelane. And at a time when lots of children are likely riding from their school.

The key to this map says blue dashed lines are "Signed primary network separate from traffic". So why are developers putting up no entry signs as per

Another example of how this junction design needs to be revisited. And why the whole of this place stinks of car fumes. The pollution here is so bad it utterly stinks!

These "No Entry" signs appeared whilst Wilton Terrace was being demolished and there was restricted access at the other end. However, that's long over and there's plenty of space now. So are these signs still up to dissuade people cycli ... [more]

Cambridge Castle Hill Junction

Cambridge Castle Hill Junction

Blatant obstruction of Hills Road cycle track by a private vehicle. The driver claimed to work for Cambs Highways and to be dealing with a collapsed manhole cover in the verge, but I had seen him walk out of Holbrook Road and speak to a res ... [more]

UPDATE AT END. New sign asking "Cyclists please dismount". This has been a cycle cut through for the 27 years I've lived here. Note it's a private sign and not official, but this is a private estate. However, when estate planned, was it ... [more]

Signpost at western end of Carter cycle bridge.

Approaching Devonshire Road from Carter cycle bridge. Two concrete bollards have been removed and new, white, ones added with clear markings, instead.

New bollard and white paint at western end of the Carter cycle bridge.

New bollard and clear markings at western end of the Carter cycle bridge.

Obstruction still to be removed from the western end of the Carter Bridge approach at Devonshire Road. New bollards and markings are an improvement.

New bollards at approach to Carter cycle bridge from Devonshire Road. But an obstruction still needs removing.

Cyclist strapping a new forty inch TV to their bike at the re-opening of Aldi on Histon Road in Cambridge.

A gate narrower than the road, enabling cycles to enter/exit the Walks from the south easily. Very simple yet underrated infrastructure.

Halfway crossing the road. Transition from the road to the cyclepath and back is borderless. The gutter has been flattened out to make sure comfort for cyclists is as high as possible when crossing the road. Comfort adds to safety.

Cyclist crossing on the redesigned crossroads

Improved crossing for cyclists by making a protected waiting area halfway the road. Crossing goes faster and safer than before.

parking on Jays Close, looking north towards the JP Morgan Data Centre Location: , Cliddesden (England, United Kingdom) Note the car parked over the Give Way lines and blocking the cycle lane

parking over the Give Way junction on NCN23 on Jays Close, looking southeast towards De La Rue Location: , Cliddesden (England, United Kingdom)

Parking on Jays Close blocking the NCN23 cycle lane and the Give Way line, looking northeast towards Mobius House and ITT Location: , Cliddesden (England, United Kingdom) Note the Give Way lines and the cycle lane

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