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Sustainable drainage provides space for roadworks signs! Beyond the sign, there's another of those mysterious ramps as in #112831.

The road to the replacement bridge at Bogside Road has not been completed yet. This will lead to #112836.

The road up to the replacement bridge has not been completed yet. Once it is finished, it is to be restricted to prevent through motor traffic from using it. This will lead to #112863.

The roadworks totally blocking the cycle lanes, presumably what the sign in #112484 referred to.

Temporary roadworks signage hinting at what's to come - the effective end of the cycle lanes through the roadworks zone. The dropped kerb allows cycle access to and from the riverside path, although there is a build-up of mud evident in ... [more]

I'm hoping there's a lovely new cycle route being built under there!

Long-term roadworks indicated by a sign fixed to a lighting column, and not a temporary sign dumped in the cycle lane!

'Cyclists Dismount to use Crossing'

The roadworks signage is at least more readable than the tiny permanent sign.

Old cycle facilities and roadworks to create something new.

A cycleway on the footway at the huge Park Square roundabout, partly obstructed by temporary signs for roadworks.

Cycle access at Maryland Drive maintained during roadworks.

Major utilities work is taking place at either end of Conon Avenue. Although the direct path to Drumchapel appeared to be closed, the footway of Conon Avenue was clear, leading to Annan Drive and its path to Drumchapel.

Major utilities work is taking place at either end of Conon Avenue, but the path next to Colquhoun Park has been kept clear.

The new cycleway along St Rollox Drive leads onto this footway which has not been upgraded. It is obstructed ahead by utilities work and the only way onto the road is across the grass. There's also a 'No Cycling' sign on the back of the ... [more]

Oslo bike hire

Boquhanran Road shut for roadworks at the canal bridge, but no-one seems to have seen the memo about signing the cycle access still being open.

Roadworks at the canal bridge on Boquhanran Road, with space left for cycling and walking. I wonder if the road network would miss this road being shut to motor vehicles permanently.

The A8 carriageway shut at the Barrangary Roundabout for various works. The roadworks on the Bishopton side were passable with care for pedestrians and cyclists.

The end of the Burleigh Street contraflow cycle track currently under construction. The route to Water Row is via Pearce Street.

Roadworks in Burleigh Street to create a contraflow cycle track and repave the footways.

The cycle track from Churchill Avenue carriageway for avoiding The Murray Roundabout being resurfaced. On the right, the newly upgraded shared-use footway that runs the full length of Churchill Avenue.

Roadworks blocking the footway on Queensway, but the workers' van and trailer blocking the cycleway.

Roadworks blocking the footway on Queensway, but the workers' van blocking the cycleway.

Roadworks and building work on Brancumhall Road opposite the road from St Leonards RC Primary School and the Brancumhall Recreation Area.

A path being widened at Whitemoss Roundabout.

The path parallel to Churchill Avenue is being widened, although not by much.

I'm not sure what the barriers here are meant to achieve, or why they are blocking the flagship cycleway on Waterloo Street.

Cycling home with Flora along Pollokshaws Road. Traffic management for the shared path resurfacing better cycle provision than path itself! Buy hey, 6 lanes for motors obviously essential

@magnatom @GlasgowCC @AnnaLangside @GoBikeGlasgow We took this photo & plan to write to council. Why not 'please take care through roadworks and show respect to workers & fellow road users'? Feel free to use photo if you like. ... [more]

Surface dressing at the Carradale Avenue junction on Glenfuir Road.

If the footway is narrow, of course the roadworks will block the full width.

Roadworks blocking most of the shared footway on Smith Street, but no dropped kerb to join the carriageway of this quiet street. No provision for left turns into Northinch Street either.

Enjoying the final days of the segregated cycling infra on Leith Street. Back to getting squeezed by drivers next week.

The utilities work on Old Dumbarton Road fail to take any account of the cycle route which crosses from one footway to the other at this point.

Utilities work on the shared-use footway on Old Dumbarton Road (lasting several weeks) and no account taking of cycling.

Roadworks affecting the signed link between NCN 7 and Partick station, but not clear if the route is open or closed, no diversion, obstructions on the toucan crossing. A poor show all round!

Active travellers on foot and bike, your leafy shared use path of safety must be rendered useless cos the three lanes of important motorists have to be informed. @CalumCook91 @GoBikeGlasgow

Take care if you're riding south on Govan Rd - a big chunk of road surface has not been reinstated after recent resurfacing. Reported to @GlasgowCC via #FillThatHole

The new bridge over the A8 and M8 for Bredisholm Road is still not quite ready! Note that the sign on the left says it's a No Through Road, but the sign on the right gives destinations reachable via this road. Highly illogical! But no me ... [more]

New toucan crossing of SE arm. Thankfully this one is not staggered, for once.

Road works to build bad new scheme for Addenbrooke's roundabout can't be bothered to provide safe crossings for people walking.

Haw @EastRenCouncil your bike lanes in the door zone are bad enough but this really is taking the piss! Move the sign please.

The Bunhouse Road cycle track partially blocked due to it being used as a dumping ground for materials during roadworks on Argyle St/Dumbarton Road. The van parked on the footway beyond the cordoned off area was blocking the dropped kerb fo ... [more]

Roadworks on the shared-use footway on Moss Road.

Trafford Wharf Road near Manchester.Outside Imperial War Museum North and Media City SIGNS CONTRADICT "CYCLISTS THISW AY THEN IMMEDIATELY A DISMOUNT" This morning 2nd July I spoke to @GTMofficial operative who promised me he'd have a look ... [more]

Trafford Wharf Road near Manchester. Also near Imperial War Museum North and Media City Unlawful 'cyclists dismount' signs. TfGM are building tram lines that do not allow cycle carriage. during the construction phase there appears to be NO ... [more]

Shared footway partially blocked on corner of Bunhouse Road and Old Dumbarton Road.

An inconsiderately-placed sign ON the cycle path at Gonville Place. A cyclist approaching from Gresham Road had no warning that the cycle route was blocked by a sign (albeit temporary). But surely whoever put it up realised it was blocking ... [more]

An inconsiderately-placed sign ON the cycle path at Gonville Place. A cyclist approaching from Gresham Road had no warning that the cycle route was blocked by a sign (albeit temporary). But surely whoever put it up realised it was blocking ... [more]

Shared footway in Holytown narrowed by works alongside.

Like the sign in #89462 said, the footway of the A725 at Bogs Brae is currently shut, but the new shared footway can be seen in the background under construction.

Footpath closed, on A725 sliproad. Diversion?

The cycleway crosses the A8 sliproad on an uncontrolled crossing to the right of the mini-roundabout. When I crossed, a driver stopped to wave me across when I suddenly appeared from behind a van. I get that there are roadworks going on, ... [more]

Unimpressed by this. It's two lanes either way as Anglian Water continue their work, but I can’t help feeling there must be a better way of organising this. It isn't clear what pedestrians are supposed to do coming from the Hills Road end ... [more]

Shared-use pavement work going on. Diversion onto road now includes ramps for riders (it didn't yesterday!). And this means taking a road lane out to temporary traffic lights. Now, to get those awkward concrete blocks out of the diversion r ... [more]

@Edinburgh_CC @CyclingEdin @ScottishPower Path and Cycle path completely blocked. Would you leave a road like that?

Road Closed, and Footway Closed, but just barriers across the cycle track. Hardly difficult to get around, though.

The year-long closure of Queen's Drive for water tunnel works includes a 'Cyclists Please Dismount' sign. On the positive side, through traffic on Victoria Road has been cut substantially!

Temporary signs blocking the new cycle tracks on both sides of the A74.

Already the new crossing surfacing is being eaten into by trenching works.

A 'Cyclists Dismount and use footway' sign at rail bridge roadworks, where the footway is now shared use. Scaffolding was partly blocking the footway, making it single file but no real need to dismount. No real need for that shared use s ... [more]

Outstanding cycle lane blockage by @GlasgowCC.

The cycleway turns left via a wider shared-use footway section. For everywhere else, there is a multi-stage toucan crossing to the opposite side of the road (where the lady in hi-vis is waiting) for the Shields Road cycle track northwards, ... [more]

Salford Greater Manchester legitimate cycling is compromised by illegal sign. EVEN IF YOU DID DISMOUNT THE FOOTPATH AKA WALKWAY IS CLOSED !!!!! Please allow cyclists to ride and car drivers to get out and push ! To avoid the choice of cycli ... [more]

Old style end of bidirectional track on bridge in Derby. Exit ahead a mere 0.7m wide. (Good roadwork layout, btw)

Glasgow sends a message at the end of #BikeWeek2015 #nhsggccycling

Road closure on NCN2, with footway kept open.

Street lighting being replaced. The new lampposts are sited almost in the middle of the footway. In fact this one is half a lamppost width further towards the centre than the previous one (which can be seen in the ground having been cut off ... [more]

Steetford Manchester. Talbot Road new cycle lane is compromised by illegal sign. Please allow cyclists to ride and car drivers to get out and push ! The cones could have been used to temporarily utilise the hatching/right hand turning lane ... [more]

@carsickglasgow @bollocksinfra @GlasgowCC in the, ahem, shared use path being narrowed by barriers

@magnatom @carsickglasgow thanks road guys, honestly, there's bags of room.

More than a year of roadworks ahead at St George's Circus for Cycle Superhighway

Kessock Bridge footway Location: , Craigton Point (Scotland, United Kingdom) The footway/cycle path next to the southbound carriageway on the Kessock Bridge, with the new larger traffic barrier next to the carriageway and increased he ... [more]

Manchester Trafford Park cycle route to Media City from Stretford. 1 Shared cycleway needs some TLC veg cut-back. 2 Where to now ? 3How can the pavement be dismounted when you put barriers in the way ! 4Decent dropped kerb remount here ... [more]

Shared-use footway closed for water mains roadworks. Sign says "Pedestrians please use other footpath", no mention of cyclists.

A photo showing how a cycle lane closure should be handled. Not with a 'Cyclists Dismount' sign but a simple white arrow on a blue background.

Roadworks in full swing on Catharine Street.

To which I would ask, 'Why? Isn't the road good enough?'

Awkward turn into cycle track due to junction mouth facing away from approaching cyclists. Update on roadworks in background at #51883.

A load of signs blocking the toucan crossing.

After clearing the obstruction

After clearing the obstruction

See clip at There's quite a bit of repairs going along the Brooklands Avenue Cyclepath. It's interesting to see how they are doing this and what effect it has. First, the metal covers are quite a sharp lip. ... [more]

More roadworks in the contraflow cyclelane. There's been a lot around this time. There's some space on hte edge of the lane, but it looks like it's been created by people using the lane and is no where near wide enough to be safe. Note t ... [more]

Incorrect sign near gas main works on Silver Street. Incorrect because cars can still proceed here. There is another one on Queen's Road approaching the junction which has a temporary 4-way signal in operation. The pedestrian crossings are ... [more]

More of these signs at road works would be appreciated. This location currently has two sets of road works on either side of the road, so it is much narrower than it should be.

It's slightly concerning that the footway will be closed too.

Temporary roadworks in the contraflow cyclelane. Nearby signs suggests it's only for a day, but will check. Note that to pass this obstruction legally, anyone cycling has to dismount and walk along the pavement. The roadway is one-way th ... [more]

Priority, or not?

Market Street is closed because of gas main works, but why temporary traffic lights are thought necessary here, I cannot imagine.

Re modelling Russell square - upside, less traffic using west side as a roundabout: Downside - traffic light phasing at Southampton Row is odd and positively encourages bicyclists turning into the square from N, to do it on the red phase ( ... [more]

See video at Not so much of a problem to me, but anyone coming the other way is completely stuffed. The temporary roadsigns make no reference to a closed cyclelane in either direction. The only ... [more]

Gas works in Milton

The headline "Assen still has enough gritting salt". The photo above it shows how pot-holes are dealt with before they have a chance to get serious. They're fixed even before the winter has gone. A gas burner is used to melt the ice away ... [more]

DSC00112 Location: Cheapside, London (England, United Kingdom) This is some road works for the installation of the cycle hire scheme on Queen Victoria Street eastbound just south of St Pauls Cathedral. Ironically there is a sign telli ... [more]

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