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[Image taken 5.2.21] How do cyclists using the substantially segregated, red-tarmaced cycle route around the Monks Cross, York retail park cross between the two here? There's space for a parallel crossing on this side of the zebra. Not grea ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] How do cyclists using the cycle route around the Monks Cross, York retail park cross between the two sides here. (On the left out of shot is a line of shops in the direction of the camera starting with a Primark. On the ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] The Monks Cross, York retail park two-way, substantially segregated cycle route fails here. The route ends but there's no parallel crossing for people to cross to the continuation on the opposite (Primark) side. And if ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] Monks Cross, York retail park has a two-way, red, segregated on three sides, cycle route around it. The cycle facility links all the entrances to the shops. There is also cycle parking at many points along it. This mean ... [more]

[Image taken 1.2.21] York, Monks Cross, segregated cycle and pedestrian routes end without a drop kerb despite the family and disabled parking bays opposite. By contrast access from the car park/parking spaces to the shops is kerb free and ... [more]

[Image taken 1.2.21] Walking route with symbol. By contrast the cycle route 'ends'. Though it is also the 'start'. So why the word and not a cycle symbol as elsewhere eg #156848? See also #162104 #162107 #162109

[Image taken 1.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, York. No drop kerb to assist anyone who might need it and despite the disabled parking spaces opposite. See also #162104, #162108, #162109

[Image taken 1.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, York. Pavement ends. No drop kerb for people in wheelchairs, using wheeled walkers, with a wheeled shopping bag. See also #162107 #162108 #162109

[Image taken 27.1.21] A Council officer said it was "a lot of work" to get this link installed retrospectively between two retail parks in Clifton Moor, York. However, signage was limited and did not give information about where the link we ... [more]

[Image taken 27.1.21] York, Clifton Moor retail park near Dunelm furniture and home furnishing outlet. The shared use link on the far side of the crossing looks like a service road to the rear of industrial units. In fact, as the new sign o ... [more]

[Image taken 27.1.21] New sign for a shared use link at York, Clifton Moor. The sign (installed 18.1.21) tells people there is a reason to explore the link route. Therefore the new sign benefits the retail outlets on the sites at both ends ... [more]

Woad Lane, Great Coates Location: , Grimsby (England, United Kingdom) Nothing More than A Proposal.

Oddball at St Aidan's nature reserve

A barrier at Leeds Road, on the Lines Way connection to St Aidan's nature reserve and NCN67.

The Lines Way at Selby Road.

The Lines Way at Brecks Lane.

Barrier on the Lines Way.

Barrier on the Lines Way.

A Sustrans sticker for the Lines Way. The route number is not incorporated into the sign above.

Cookridge Street now car free

A Sustrans volunteer engaged in graffiti removal on NCN67 in Leeds

"Welcome to Leeds" on NCN67 railway path approaching Methley Junction.

Tunnel under the M62 motorway

Advance warning sticker for NCN67's right turn from the A642 at Bottomboat.

NCN66 approaching Asda House.

NCN66 near Asda House.

A sticker for NCN66 turning off the A63 ahead. A63, Knowsthorpe (England, UK)

A63, Knowsthorpe (England, UK) Rubbish in cycle lane

This is where the surfaced section ends. You can turn and go beside the wood or through the wood onto the transPennine trail.

Link from Seamons Road Bridge down to Bridgewater Way resurfaced May 2019. Push button not yet moved so no way anyone disabled can come up the ramp and push the button to go over the bridge.

Exit ramp of recommended cycle route over Lockoford Lane at Tapton Lock (southbound) avoiding narrow towpath under bridge

Exit over Lockoford Lane at Tapton Lock to avoid narrow towpath under road bridge.

You couldn't make it up! The A905/A904 road to Bo'ness is as flat as a pancake but NCN76 takes a hilly route via Inveravon and Kinneil Estate.

Sale Ashton on Mersey off road route but needs widening

Diversion on Quietway 2, Islington

Quiet Route at Smithfield

Segregated section of Quiet Route

The anonymous cycle route signs points left, but the rather narrow footway straight ahead is also shared-use, as can be seen in #92637.

The sign says some anonymous cycle route turns right, but the footway to the left is also shared-use. Plus another pedestrian crossing on a cycle route where a toucan crossing (with the extra call buttons) would be expected.

Cliff Road where the local route no 15 (aka the Viking Cycle route) goes through a private estate.

Blockage on cycle route 15: seeing this on The Viking cycle route this made me want to wield an axe ):-(}

End of path from A1 footbridge (see nearby photos for barriers) at Tempsford, opposite Station Road.

Post-turn route confirmation sign for knooppunt 98 attached to reverse of give-way sign post

Pre-junction turn sign for LF4 and knooppunt 41 on last post before the junction

A designated cycle route Location: Slade Green, London (England, United Kingdom) Sometimes it's difficult to believe how poor some of our designated cycle routes are. At this point it's very narrow. So narrow it can only be described ... [more]

Baits Bite Lock

Horningsea Rd cycle track

Path to Ditton Meadows

view down the ramp to the subway at the start of Green Route cycle route, outside Easthampstead House Location: , Bracknell (England, United Kingdom)

start of the Green Route cycle route, which links Bracknell centre near the library with Ascot, via the A329 London Road Location: , Bracknell (England, United Kingdom) In the background is Easthampstead House. Cycling is not permite ... [more]

view southeast along A329 London Road, showing the dreary shared cycle path, a part of the Green Route Location: , Bracknell Forest Borough (England, United Kingdom)

view north along Bay Road cycle path, part of the Green Route Location: , Bracknell Forest Borough (England, United Kingdom)

sign to Holly Spring Schools along the Bracknell Green Route Location: , Bracknell Forest Borough (England, United Kingdom) In Bracknell, they have signs for local schools and other useful destinations.

Access to station from cycle park (and car park) shared with pedestrians and not very wide. There's more space to the right but it was fenced off on 23 January 2016.

Route from temporary cycle park. There's plenty of space, on the right, for a decent width cycle path rather than making cyclists share with pedestrians. Okay the space may be used for building work sometimes but it wasn't in use on Saturda ... [more]

New shared status cycle track alongside Emsworth Primary School, part of a local link in Emsworth avoiding busy roads and giving safe access to schools

A mix of pedestrian and cycle route signs, obscuring each other, while the motoring sign stands tall, clear and unobstructed.

Signage at The Tins path, during temporary closure at Kathleen Elliott Way for reconstruction.

The Tins path closed at Kathleen Elliott Way for reconstruction.

Temporary closure of The Tins path at Kathleen Elliott Way for reconstruction.

Temporary closure of The Tins path near Katherine Elliott Way for reconstruction

Bicycle trails for Rhododendron Park courtesy of "Pflanzen Bruns". See also #72238

Bicycle trails for Rhododendron Park courtesy of "Pflanzen Bruns": See also #72239

Puddle across the width of the riverside shared use pathway, part of National Cycle Network Route 51.

Route sign for Döhren 4.9km and Maschsee / Stadium 1.8km . Location: Hanover-Mitte, Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycleway at a crossing in Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany), with cycle route signs for: Langenhagen (airport) 10km Altwarmbüchen 13km, Zoo 1.6km Railway sttion 0.8km, Kröpcke (central square) 0.6km.

Cycle route signs near the Maschsee: Altwarmbüchn 14km, Zoo 2.4km Langenhagen (airport) 11km Railway station 1.5km, Centre 1.3km Bredenbeck 20km Springe 33km, Barsinghausen 30km Wunstorf 29km, Garbsen 19km Gehrden 20km, Laatzen 14 ... [more]

Cycleway, skating permitted, and route signs. Springe 33km, Barsinghausen 30km Bredenbeck 20km Wunstorf 29km, Garbsen 19km Gehrden 20km Laatzen 13km. Location: Hanover-Mitte, Hanover (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle signs Location: Broom, Newton Mearns (Scotland, United Kingdom)

Deutsche Fehnroute / German fen route.

Vareler Schleuse Location: , Varelerhafen (Lower Saxony, Germany) Jade cycle route on smooth concrete near Vareler Schleuse at the Jade.

View from the cycle path on the Jade dyke near Varel. Location: , Varelerhafen (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle route near Varel, where only cyclists and residents are permitted. The surface on this section is half tarmac half brick, north from here it is smooth concrete. Location: Schleuse, Varelerhafen (Lower Saxony, Germany) Brake 30km ... [more]

Green cycle route signs (cycling on the pavement tolerated) in Varel: Zetel 16.5km, Bockhorn 14.5km Dangast 6.6km, Dangastermoor 3.5km Büppel 3.6km, Varel Centre close Jaderberg 11.5km, Obenstrohe 5.3km Brake 33km, Rodenkirchen 30km ... [more]

Cycle route sign by the war memorial in Bad Nieuweschans near Groningen, for the Dollard Cycle Route and the ANWB Oldambt route. Location: Nieuweschans (Groningen, Netherlands)

Dollard route, Oldambt route, route 73 to Groningen and LF9a signs in Bad Nieuweschans on the Dutch-German border. Location: Nieuweschans (Groningen, Netherlands)

Dollart cycle route at Ditzum (Leer) on the Dollard on the Dutch Germany border. Location: Ditzum, Gemeinde Jemgum (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Green cycle route signs on the Dollard Route: Emden 11km, Petkum (ferry) 3.6km Papenburg 39km, Nendorp 3.2km Leer 22km, Jemgum 12km Nieuweschans (NL) 20km, Pogum 1.9km Location: Ditzum (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Lake Schwerin Cycleway. Location: Retgendorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

Cycleway between Schwerin and Wismar The cycle route Schwerin-Wismar is quiet and pleasant, alongside fields and lakes. It largely away from motorised traffic. Location: , Retgendorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

Cycleroute signs Route at a narrow path in Dorf Mecklenburg on the river Elbe - Baltic Coast cycle route. South: Schwerin 35.2km, Moidentin 2.1km North: Wismar 4.8km Location: Railway crossing at Dorf Mecklenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpom ... [more]

Cycle route signs: Wismar 18km, Boiensdorf 1.1km Ostseebad Rerik 12.6km, Pepelow 2.2km Location: Boiensdorf (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

Cycle touring over soft hills. Quiet roads with smooth tarmac for cycling at speed in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the Baltic coast in East Germany. Location: , Neu Karin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany)

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 568 Location: , Neu Karin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) Smooth, post-re-unification concrete slabs, fabulous for cycling.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 572 Location: , Neu Karin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) View from my cycle route from Wismar to Rostock. This is a bumpy agricultural tack, but many East German tracks are very smooth, like #67596

Quiet, agricultural path with a speed limit of 30km/h. The 'post German re-unification' concrete slabs are so smooth, that the speed limit could easily be exceed on a push bike. But not all agricultural tracks are the same, see also #67595 ... [more]

Quiet, agricultural path with a speed limit of 30km/h. The 'post German re-unification' concrete slabs are so smooth, that the speed limit could easily be exceed on a push bike. See also #67594. Location: , Konow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, ... [more]

Oldenburg cycleways. Cycle route signs at the 'Stautor' roundabout in Oldenburg. Distance to Hude 18km, to Osternburg 0.7km. Location: , Oldenburg (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Green Cycle route signs between Bremen and Oldenburg: Oldenburg 17.3km, Wüsting 12.2km (west) Hude 10km, Neuenkoop 5.4km (south) Elsfleth 9km, Berne 6.2km, Huntebrück 3.7km (east). Location: , Neuenhuntorf (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Green (off road) cycle route sign and wind turbines Wulmstorf 5km, Beppen 1.5km Morsum 3km, Holtorf 1.4km Emtinghausen 5km, Thedinghausen 1.7km Location: , Thedinghausen (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Green cycle route signs Holtum/Marsch 3km, Einste 2.2km Intschede 3km, Amedorf 1.8km Doubt the Pizza advertising is official/ Location: , Blender (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle route signs Quiet road with cycle route signs: Red (on road): Hohenaverbergen 4km, Armsen 3.7km Südkampen 4km, Wittlohe 3.8km Green (off road): Lehringen 4km, Neddenaverbergen 1.4km Location: , Hinter den Bruechen (Lower ... [more]

Cycle route sign Location: , Hollige (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle route signs Walsrode 12.5km, Düshorn 5.9km Hodenhagen 4.7km Ostenholz 7.2km, Westenholz 4.9km Bad Fallingbostel 11.3km, Krelingen 3km Location: , Krusenhausen (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle route sign Hodenhagen 11.7km, Westenholz 2km Kröpke 5.6km Location: Ostenholz (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Cycle route sign and shelter. Meißendorf 7.2k Waller Holz 2.3km, Hassel 3.4km Offen 2km Belsen 2.9km Location: Gruenewald (Lower Saxony, Germany)

Lower Saxony's cycle route signs (approx location). Lower Saxony cycle route signs: Dehningshof 6.8km, Angelbecksteich 5.9km Celle via B191 8.2km, Reberlah 4km Unterlüß10km, Dalle 8.5km

Havelland Signpost Knot 01 Kuhhausen 9.1km, Jederitz 5km Location: Havelberg (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany)

Havelland Knot 02 Location: , Kuhlhausen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) Signpost and cyclemap: Havelberg 6.6km, Jederitz 3km Kamern 6km, Neukamern 4km

Havelland cycleroutes 83 and 75 Route 83: Görne 9.2km, Witzke 7.5km Stölln 5.6kmm Neuwerder 2.9km Location: Schoenholz (Brandenburg, Germany)

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