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NCN45 Salisbury

Nice wide new shared use path, part of Cardonald-> Southern General route. Could do with a sign to say so though! #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Shared cycle/walking path from Transport Museum is generally good to use, even with puddles! #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Signs for NCN1 and the Southern Upland Way. The route to Abbotsford is down a flight of steps. The route ahead shares the railway bridge with the actual railway.

The roadside shared use cycletrack narrows from "uncomfortable" to "you cannot be serious" as it enters Fen Ditton. For most of the way to the important High Street crossroads it could clearly be widened as there is little development on th ... [more]

Priority shared use footway over a side road in Derry, Northern Ireland

Barton village - lots of poorly used road space

Cracks and steps in surface

Comberton Road junction - acres of tarmac to cross and an alignment that encourages fast traffic speeds. Approaching traffic is directly behind you as you approach the crossing and people enter the junction at speed. I have seen two coll ... [more]

Crossing the M11(N) slip road - poor visibility. The road alignment encourages speed, and makes it difficult for people waiting to cross to anticipate which exit a car might be heading for.

M11 bridge - some cyclists prefers the road to the narrow footway conversion

M11 bridge - path is much too narrow. See how far people ride away from the edge barrier, and how close that puts them to the kerb.

M11 bridge approach - See how much clearance people give each other and how close that puts them to the path edge. This path could do with being wider here, and is much to narrow across the bridge itself.

Gratuitous give way markings at farm entrance

You have to give way to traffic directly behind you - very difficult to anticipate and see.

M11 Coton Rd roundabout - using the main roundabout in preference to the cycle track Location: England, United Kingdom M11 Coton Rd roundabout - using the main roundabout in preference to the cycle track

M11 Coton Rd roundabout crossing - busy, difficult, too wide, poor alignment

Barton Road cycleway - cracks in surface

Barton Rd - cracks in surface

Barton Rd - cracks in surface

Barton Rd segregated cycle path - using the "pedestrian" side to pass as the path is too narrow

Barton Rd cycle path - congestion outside Wolfson College

Barton Rd cycle path - difficult crossing at Grange Rd. Busy, poor visibility, obstructed by emerging vehicles.

Barton Rd cycle path - crossing at Newnham corner

Segregated shared use cycleway on the pavement.

Pavement cycleways in Hanover.

The Tolworth Greenway newly completed in November 2013. The green stripey bit in the middle of the carriageways can be cycled on. It is shared with pedestrians who are mostly crossing from one side to the other.

End of foot and cycleway - no, it is not. The correct sign wood by white pedestrians on blue background. At other similar locations the council uses the equally wrong and even more annoying "Cyclists Dismount", e.g. #48247. At least the Cou ... [more]

Fairfield path looking south from Fairfield Road end. Some people have objected to the council creating a segregated 2m for cycles/ 2.5m for pedestrians or shared use path. You can see that the existing path is not wide enough for the exist ... [more]

View of Fairfield Path looking north from Fairfield South. Some people have objected to the creation of a wider footway and a segregated cycle path. You can see how much width is actually used now. The path is not wide enough as it is.

A so called shared path, put in by Council & will be a place of conflict with pedestrians. Time Councils & Sustrans got their act together.

A so called shared path, put in by Council & will be a place of conflict with pedestrians. Time Councils & Sustrans got their act together.

Cycleway on the Guided Bus maintenance track at Orchard Park is signed here as segregated use. No it isn't, it's shared as on the other 16 miles. Sign needs to be changed.

Local cycle route no 15 at North Foreland Thanet. Car drivers using the shared use cycle path and footway at North Foreland hill as an impromtu parking place because the official car park is full/costs money?. The path was built because the ... [more]

See clip at Another reason why shared paths are avoided, big puddles such as this! Now, in my cycling gear and knowing the path surface under the puddle, this is a little fun to me. If you cycle down here ... [more]

See clip at As the clip starts there's plenty of evidence of cows, splattered all over the shared path. Lovely! Then, as I roudn the corner, all the vegetation is back underneath the hedge, as this is one of ... [more]

See clip at Usually I cycle along the pavement here, as it's a shared path. However, a couple of pedestrians walking in the same direction as me, or a family meandering along, and I'd prefer the road, if it's ... [more]

See clip at Really do not understand the reaction here, short of wanting to complain. I approach along SHARED path on the (traditional) left side. They stare at me, clearly indicating they had seen me, but ... [more]

A nice, smooth, new blacktop surface has just been laid on one of the worst stretches of the Granchester Meadows path. It is a shame that the opportunity was not taken to widen the path at the same time. It is much too narrow for comfor ... [more]

Shared-use bridge over Garscube road

Shared use pathway following the trajectory of the old Boundary Road, with the new A133 junction in the background.

Shared use pathway following the trajectory of the old Boundary Road.

Shared use pathway alongside the remodelled Boundary Road.

New shared use pathway on NCN Route 1, leading to/from a new cycle crossing of London Road (Old A12). See for full perspective.

New shared use pathway on NCN Route 1 leading to a new cycle crossing of London Road (Old A12). See for full perspective.

In Lausanne, they use these signs on shared-use paths. "La Petite Reine" [literally, the little queen] is French slang for a bicycle. More fun and less undermining than "Cyclists Dismount"

See video at Hmm, this is probably one of the worst examples of complete lack of control over animals. The person walking towards me sees me, then completely ignores the fact that their animals ... [more]

See video at This pedestrian shows wonderful control of their dog, not. He's wondering along with headphones in, not looking out for his animal or anyone else using the path. I slow, as it my ... [more]

See video at Okay, just an irritation but it is another reason I like to be off shared paths. This jogger has no idea that anyone else is behind them. Be it cyclist or other runner. I take my ... [more]

See video at A couple of examples of dog owners simply not in control of their animals. The first one on their mobile phone blissfully unaware of all slowing down to pass the dog. The seco ... [more]

Obstacles have painted indicators along the Reading and Wokingham Road shared cycle path.

Shared pavement

Cycle barriers

Entrance to bridge in Park Royal (shared with pedestrians)

Guided bus access route for Addenbrookes Hospital by the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology. There is also a rather narrow shared use pavement on Guided Busway's southern fringe.

Cycleway between Cowcaddens and Braid Square/Speirs Wharf

P1080023 Location: Orpington, London (England, United Kingdom)

Shared use (walking/cycling) 'novelty' feature.

Not all of the path alongside Boadicea Way has been widened and no effort has been made to make it look neat.

As with Avon Way (see #20867) and Circular Road North (see #22583), this nice wide shared pathway alongside Boadicea Way lacks priority over side roads.

Nice wide shared pathway alongside Boadicea Way.

Pole in shared-use footway, Nerston, by East Kilbride. This is NCN 756.

Wide shared pathway between NCN Route 1 and Winstree Road (through Woden Avenue).

Shared pathway in Bruff Close.

Shared pathway leading to Propelair Way, New Braiswick Park, and onto Colchester North rail station.

With polite signs for cyclists, Straight St. is a shared use area and part of NCN Route 4.

Both footways have been designated for shared use, but remain too narrow. At Netherhall Comm Coll (reported as wanting more cycling) it is important the footway should be widened. Elsewhere the designation is questionable.

North side shared-use footway is poorly surfaced, and gets little cycle use, especially eastbound (downhill at this point)

Approaching Brookland Road: most cyclists use road, but when it is busy others wanting to continue ahead or enter Coe Fen use footway.

Busy moment after work. Some cars pull forward, blocking the foot/ cycleway.

Shared pathway alongside the A12.

Cyclists and pedestrians are expected to share this narrow, pothole ridden (although not at this point) path. There is plenty of grass the length of the Avenue to widen it.

Shared pathway leading to underpass of Colne Bank Avenue and Westway.

Shared pathway splits into two, sending pedestrians and cyclists either side of a hedgerow. Unfortunate the cycle lane has a lamppost in it.

Wide shared path leading to Swan Close, on the University/Greenstead route.

Shared pathway to Forest Road, Greenstead from St. Andrews Avenue.

Groves Close shared pathway, eventually coming out on Mill Road.

Shared use pedestrian and cycle path that is badly signposted and there is no lane marked on the pavement. Note also that there are bollards at the beginning of the bridge which force walkers (and there's usually lots of them here) and bik ... [more]

Shared path on St. Andrew's Avenue.

Narrow shared path on a blind corner from Avon Way into St. Andrews Avenue.

Wide shared path, from Eastwood Drive to Highwoods Square.

Route 1 continues after crossing Dugard Avenue.

From University Quay, Route 51 leads to the Wivenhoe Trail.

On the Wivenhoe Trail, towards Colchester on the outskirts of Wivenhoe Woods.

Beginning of the Wivenhoe Trail, from Wivenhoe station.

Myland Chase entrance to Highwoods Country Park (new pathway) from Hill Ridge.

Welcome sign to Highwoods Country Park, from Turner Rise North (new pathway).

Short multi-purpose pole signposting shared use and Cyclists Dismount.

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