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[Image taken 29.3.21] Location of the cycle signage at Marygate car park, York. See also: #166418

[Image taken 29.3.21] Signage close to the underpass of the Scarborough rail line shows cycle routes through and destinations beyond Marygate car park, York. See also: #157641

[Image taken 15.11.18] York had a standard-setting feature outside its ticket office - a Sheffield rack for people buying or collecting tickets, or getting travel information. When the office was relocated in October 2020, the rack didn't f ... [more]

[Image taken 10.10.20] No cycles sign at the new ticket office at York rail station. (See also #165416, #165418, #165419, #165421.)

[Image taken 10.10.20] When the new ticket office opened at York station in October 2020, the cycle rack was no longer provided (See: #165421). Worse, staff and signage warned customers they could neither take their cycles inside while they ... [more]

[Image taken 7.7.20] There's a great deal of accessible, covered cycle parking within 100m of this sign. But you wouldn't know it. This is a missed opportunity. See also #165416, #165419, #165420, #165421.

[Image taken 16.2.21] The cycle route around York, Monks Cross retail park is open to the road on this side. The blocks of paint link with a zebra crossing to the left. Therefore it is clear they comprise a pedestrian crossing. However if p ... [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] York, Monks Cross retail park has a two-way cycle route around the perimeter. At the point pedestrians may be crossing there is tactile paving in the cycle route. There are no pedestrians crossing signs. It is not clea ... [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] This pedestrian route leads right through the York, Monks Cross retail park car park. There is a warning sign for pedestrians at the point it crosses the two-way cycle route: Look both ways. It does not specify that it ... [more]

[Image taken 18.2.21] York, Wigginton Road. The Do not overtake cyclists sign is now visible but it is very close to the junction. This would seem to limit the chances of drivers seeing it and is too late on this section of Wigginton Road f ... [more]

[Image taken 18.2.21] York, Wigginton Road. Again, the Do not overtake cyclists sign would seem to have limited use being placed among a line of other signs, and therefore obscured. See also: #164311, #164310, #164312, #164313, #164315

[Image taken 18.2.21] York, Wigginton Road. Only at this point do road users have a chance of seeing the Do not overtake cyclists sign. But this location is too late to make a difference. Plus drivers have had so many signs with so many mes ... [more]

[Image taken 18.2.21] York, Wigginton Road. Too many signs. Messages get lost. The Do not overtake cyclists sign is still completely obscured at this point and therefore has no value. See also: #164311, #164310, #164313, #164314, #164315

[Image taken 18.2.21] York: First of a blizzard of signs aimed at road users on Wigginton Road ahead of works at the junction with Crichton Avenue. The road is uphill, the carriageway in each direction is very narrow. It is used by large ve ... [more]

[Image taken 18.2.21] York: Do not overtake cyclists signs are in place at works at the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Roads. (See also: #164311, #164312, #164313, #164314, #164315.) I was pleased to see these signs. I believ ... [more]

[Image taken 27.1.21] A Council officer said it was "a lot of work" to get this link installed retrospectively between two retail parks in Clifton Moor, York. However, signage was limited and did not give information about where the link we ... [more]

[Image taken 27.1.21] York, Clifton Moor retail park near Dunelm furniture and home furnishing outlet. The shared use link on the far side of the crossing looks like a service road to the rear of industrial units. In fact, as the new sign o ... [more]

[Image taken 27.1.21] New sign for a shared use link at York, Clifton Moor. The sign (installed 18.1.21) tells people there is a reason to explore the link route. Therefore the new sign benefits the retail outlets on the sites at both ends ... [more]

Clifton Moor, York [Photo taken 21.9.20] Signage showing it is for pedestrians and cyclists only visible in one direction. No 'attractions' sign. See also #161177, #161178

[Photo taken 21.9.20] The area of Clifton Moor, York, retail park with Dunelm (furniture and homeware outlet) at one end and Tenpin (bowling) at the other is connected to another retail park by a pedestrian-cycling link. At one end the sign ... [more]

[Photo taken 21.9.20] Clifton Moor, York is a residential area, an industrial area, the site of many car sales showrooms, and retail and leisure outlets split across several sites all owned by and managed by different companies. The site w ... [more]

Space to the right of the York Community Stadium Leisure Complex. It could be realistically and usefully used for cycle racks for families and people with disabilities. Racks could be a mix of lower and standard height longer Sheffields, sp ... [more]

Totem at York Stadium site The leisure complex includes a pool, climbing facility, public toilets and other facilities The leisure centre opened in th ... [more]

NCN7. Unmarked & almost invisible speed bump. No cycle bypass. My ass is still sore from first time I 'found' this. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Nice wide new shared use path, part of Cardonald-> Southern General route. Could do with a sign to say so though! #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Subway under the Railway Location: Tottenham Hale, London (England, United Kingdom) 28 March 2015. Entering the subway. View eastward toward Clendish Marsh. Not the most attractive place to walk. But almost all the lights were w ... [more]

Approaching the Subway Location: Tottenham Hale, London (England, United Kingdom)

Aproaching the subway to Park View Road Location: Tottenham Hale, London (England, United Kingdom)

If you know where to look and have binoculars you can see the sign to the link to NCN 1

Path and sign to NCN 1 link are down this road. No sign from the road

Clovenfords link to NCN 1

link path to NCN 1

there it is

If you look carefully with binoculars you can see the sign on the wall across the road

Travel Hub & rail station. No signage to NCN 1 to the east or to NCN 1 link path to the west

From the main road the cycle path is down the road to the right.

NCN 4 (Downs Way) Crosses Station Road Henbury

This 'Public footpath' is a link to the busy Busway track towards the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and the Railway Station. Why is there no sign? It does not even indicate that the path leads to a stop for the Busway.

New 'End of Cycle Way' sign added on the corner of Milton Road and Highworth Avenue, yet there is another one just a few metres on around the corner.

Start of route to temporary cycle parking at Cambridge station on 23 January 2016. Path shared with pedestrians but at least there is a sign.

Crossing the A4018 Dual Carriageway on regional route 16.

Cycle Path Crosses Hollywood Lane 02 Location: , Patchway (England, United Kingdom) A continuous cycle path is broken by give way signs and two hazards are put in the way to compound the injury..

Cycle route signs Shared use and cycle route signs by the Zwischenahner Meer. Location: Rostrup (Lower Saxony, Germany)

link to NCN 1



short section of bumpy surface

Better surface

NCN 1 Galashiels - Selkirk

NCN 1 Galashiels - Selkirk

Path Galashiels - Tweedbank

Start of off road cycle path from Wheatlands Road, Galashiels to Clovenfords. Link to NCN1.

Quality Infrastructure in Stockton-on-Tees, Shame On Audi Driver

Filtered Permeablity With Car Parking Slalom

Concorde Way past the allotments near St Werberghs

Path with barriers opposite Wills Way

Cycle Path At Junction With Access Road Junction

End Of Marked Cycle Lane On Hartcliffe Way Looking North Location: Hartcliffe, Bristol (England, United Kingdom)

Filtered Permeability at Southmead Hospital

On The Ring Road Cycle Path

Raised Cycle Crossing With Pedestrian Encouragement

It's Not Too Late To Go Back

Under The M32 02

"Except Cycles" and painted road signage for contraflow at the end of Ross Street. I am glad for all of the updated signage as it has been very confusing for the past few weeks.

Contraflow road markings and "Except cycles" signage at the end of Ross street.

New contraflow signage on Ross Street. A nice sunny day for a photo.

New contraflow sign on Ross street. Includes the street name sign in the background.

New contraflow signage on Ross Street. A nice sunny day for pictures.

On the left you can see a walking and cycling route signed. This directs users to turn right into Haymarket Road, which is two-way for all users. (Straight ahead is no entry for all, and is a one-way street). However, the road marking an ... [more]

A photo showing how a cycle lane closure should be handled. Not with a 'Cyclists Dismount' sign but a simple white arrow on a blue background.

How wrong can a sign get? The "No cycling" sign is simply a roundel with a black bicycle on a white background with a red border. There is no diagonal strike-through. In fact the implication is that cycling has been banned and this sign ... [more]

To which I would ask, 'Why? Isn't the road good enough?'

Caught this sign out of the corner of my eye as I came from the other direction. There is no similar sign at the other end and a number of paths are cycleable locally. A lot of this area is plagued by lack of info about where offroad cy ... [more]

I was trying to use this back route to avoid cars and get through on a longer journey. This threw me for about 5 minutes. Had to stop, look around, check the map, then wander (in wonder!) along speculatively until I spotted the right way ... [more]

Here is the same problem on the other side of the road. It's been like this for days. What precisely is a cyclist or a driver supposed to do? I think it means: drivers: you are allowed to run down or otherwise intimidate cyclists here ... [more]

This short cyclepath is to get from the road the photo is taken from to the crossing (lights obscured by the AY07 BPE Anglain Water van). Note that the signs and van are in the cyclepath and no restriction of it is signed. I believe the ... [more]

See post at Signage has disappeared between Google Streetview run (2010?) and December 2012.

Sign at the beginning of the Hanson Way. Sadly the route is used for dumping so can be strewn with litter. It's a useful link between Didcot and Sutton Courtenay, although it's not easy to find quiet connecting routes.

Confusing signage on Rowley Lane. This is a great quiet off-road link, off Rowley Lane, between Stapleford and Sawston, albeit quite rough. The local signage is confusing. Has it been upgraded as the notices suggest? If so, why is the ... [more]

Confusing signage at Rowley Lane. This is a great quiet off-road link between Stapleford and Babraham, albeit quite rough. The local signage is confusing. Has it been upgraded as the notices suggest? If so, why is the old local sign s ... [more]

Some slightly confusing signage. Coton Countryside Reserve is managed by Cambridge Past, Present and Future ( set up by Natural England supported by DEFRA. The area is bounded on the south side by a public bridle ... [more]

NCN11 goes through a churchyard. The signage is very confusing. I'd suggest the top sign is handmade. Technically if it's a request it should be a blue sign. A red circle sign is a legal instruction, however, it also shouldn't have the line ... [more]

Incorrect sign near gas main works on Silver Street. Incorrect because cars can still proceed here. There is another one on Queen's Road approaching the junction which has a temporary 4-way signal in operation. The pedestrian crossings are ... [more]

A wooden post, set in a hedge, on the edge of a farm track. The east-bound finger has probably been swiped off by a passing farm vehicle. The desire to create signage that doesn't look 'urban' can sometimes lead to signage that's no good ... [more]

The big sign is correct but crooked. The lower sign is wrong: you wouldn'tturn right to get to St Johns Wood

UPDATE JUNE 2020 ADDED TO #SAFESTREETSTRAFFORD MAP UPDATE Aug 27 2014 as if the barriers were not enough MUFC have now placed barriers in front of the bollards no ... [more]

See clip at The off road cycle path is blocked by maintenance work. I've no problem with that, it has to happen. However, it does need to be signed properly. Effectively all cyclists should go into the road, t ... [more]

Sunflower Junction A country crossroads on the B936 and NCN 776.

'Farm Access Only' at the Girton end of Washpit Lane - not if you're on foot, bike or horse it isn't. As usual, road signs refer only to cars!

No right turn, except (undtaget) bicycles. Allowing cyclists to turn to go up one way street.

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