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Tags: trafficcalming

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A very poorly maintained raised junction at the intersection of Bank Street and Glasgow Street. The paving blocks are very uneven and awkward to ride over.

[Image taken 8.12.22] (Looking southbound) Burton Stone Lane, York. The pavement is blocked and you can’t see the new layout or priority signage: #188665.

[Image taken 8.12.22] (Looking southbound) Burton Stone Lane, York. By parking here, the driver of the white van has obscured the sightlines for all users in both directions. The vehicle also hides the new layout – overview #187753 and the … [more]

[Update 31.12.22: The temporary measure - the cone - remains but has moved and is now 'cones': #188988.] [Additional observations by the local resident who did the count below: Time and date: 17.30pm on Tuesday 13 Dec 2022. "Three cyclists … [more]

[UPDATE: On 30.11.22 I received a reply from a traffic engineer to my complaints about the temporary signage obstructing pavements. "Thank you for your email regarding the temporary signing on Burton Stone Lane, and I am sorry to hear of … [more]

[Image taken 27.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Moved bus stop has unsightly temporary barricading which it not doing its job but is creating a substantial trip hazard for people waiting/alighting. Overview of the measures intended to calm … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Surface water, fallen barricade. Other image today and links: #187780.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Activated VAS northbound. Note the leaf litter on the pavement. Wet leaves are slippery and can clog wheels. Leaves in general obscure damage such as holes. Other image today and links: … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. I asked this couple if I could take this photo. They agreed immediately. They are on the pavement on the east side and heading north. They are therefore facing the oncoming traffic. People … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Completely obstructed pavement. The traffic calming scheme is supposed to deliver benefits for pedestrians as well as other non motorised users of the route. See obvious effect on pedestrians: … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Debris in the road and exposed metal rods on the splitter island (right). Context: #187761. Other image today and links: #187780

[Image from 31.12.22 showing priority sign: #188989.] [Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Usable width 102 - 20 = 82. But I would not want to make contact with the speed cushion either so - 20 = 62cm. Other image today and … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Context and links: #187792. Other image today and links: #187780.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Context: #187760. The usable width is 126 – (20 + 20) = 86cm. Other images this piece of infra today: #187793, #187794, and debris from damaged vehicles that hit this splitter island: #187795. … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. People in mobility scooters (on pavement, right) have to battle with pollution, high vehicle speeds, narrow pavements and obstructions: #187759, #187796, #187800. Other image today and links: … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Note the cyclist on the pavement. For a possible explanation see: #187760. Other image today and links: #187780.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Looking southbound towards the northern set of the measures (intended to calm traffic and improve the non motorised user experience) at either end of the ‘pound’. Context: #187753. Other image … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Northbound carriageway though taken looking southbound. Usable width for people on cycles: 115 - 20 = 95cm. But I would not want to touch the speed cushion so that's a further 20cm to deduct. … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Southbound. Usable width for people on cycles: 119 - 20 = 99cm. But I would not want to touch the speed cushion so that's a further 20cm to deduct. Therefore the usable width is 79cm. … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, southbound, close to the junction with Avenue Road/Grosvenor Road, York. Two new speed cushions drivers simply straddle replace the previous three cushions. View in other direction: #188987. … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Context and links: #187784. I don’t know if it was this driver who activated the VAS. But note the road position of this vehicle. Other image today and links: #187780.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. There are VAS's (vehicle activated speed signs) at this end of Burton Stone. They have been relocated as part of the traffic calming measures (overview: #187753). They are more often activated … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. [Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Width of southbound carriageway 300 – (20 + 20) = 260cm. Width of northbound carriageway: #187781. Other image today and links: #187780.

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Original island with keep left symbol on bollard. Note it is a replacement. There’s the evidence of damage behind it. The width of the northbound (the image direction is southbound) … [more]

[Image taken 20.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Context: #187753. Just one set of 20mph signs that predate the new (installed week beginning 14.11.22) measures that are intended to reduce the speeding and improve the cycling, mobility … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Context this image: #187760. Context/overview and links for the traffic calming installed week beginning 14.11.22 see: #187753.

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Note the absence of the two wands. (Compare with the intact structure: #187754.) These were at either end of the splitter island but barely visible after dark. They have a reflective covering … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. The Aboard is intended to give directions to road users that makes the street safer. But it obstructs the cycle channel. Plus, the sandbag has split creating a further hazard should someone be … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. This junction box (?) reduces the already insufficient width of the pavement still further. You don't walk right alongside structures... More comments on the pavements here: #187758. … [more]

[More recent image showing speed and priority sign: #188990.] [Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. The interventions in #187753 but looking southbound. The width of the space between the kerb and the cushion is 120cm. The reason … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. Comments on pavement width as per: #187755. Context/overview and links see: #187753.

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. This local resident was happy to pose for a photo. He said he'd already written three emails to CYC about the new layout and would be writing another today. He is not actually moving and his … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. The Aboard is intended to make the road safer. It's pedestrians who need most protection here. 90cm is too narrow. You don't go right up to signs or walls. So the usable space is rather less … [more]

[Image taken 18.11.22] Burton Stone Lane, York. The width here does not meet LTN 1/20 requirements. Table 5-3: Additional width at fixed objects Kerbs 61mm to 150mm high 200. So, the actual width of the cycle channel is 130cm. The usable … [more]

UPDATES: In December 2022, as a pedestrian: the VAS continues to illuminate showing motorists are travelling faster than 20mph, plus twice I have seen drivers not give way despite the signs and the double lines when there was someone on a … [more]

The cycle lane down one side of Langdale Street is being used for car parking. The street can get quite busy with through traffic.

Traffic calming with two cycle bypasses in Coalpit Field, Bedworth

Start of the faded door-zone cycle lane in Maxwell Drive. The cycle lane in the opposite direction has already expired by this point.

The 'Beware of Cycles' sign on Kirklandneuk Road is facing traffic leaving rather than joining Inchinnan Road.

Door-zone cycle lanes on Maxwell Drive.

NCN7 and NCN75 on Linthaugh Road. This residential dual carriageway is traffic calmed with chicanes, but otherwise has nothing to make cycling safer.

Although it's hard to see in the photograph, a dip has formed in the speed table that makes it rather uneven for cycling across northbound, and potentially hazardous, so would be better getting fixed properly.

The start of the railway path section of NCN756, leaving East Kilbride, at St Bryde Lane. The traffic calming strips present a hazard to turning cyclists and could easily be bypassed with a more convenient access onto the path to the left. … [more]

Accident area!

Welcome to the National Cycle Network! NCN routes 7 and 10 on the path to the left have no directional signage, just stickers, while the routes ahead - 7, 10 and not mentioned leading to 72 - have just a sign facing those coming from the … [more]

This 'No Through Road' leads to the National Cycle Network.

Priority over oncoming vehicles for northbound traffic at the bridge over the River Carron, and narrow gaps for drainage and maybe cycling. The road is bypassed by the newer New Carron Road.

New traffic calming on Devonshire Road, Cambridge - won't this make things worse? Taxis will constantly brake and accelerate, and will also cut in on cyclists to find the smoothest (fastest) route.

Poor capitalisation on road sign. No sign for East Kilbride cycle route 2.

A shared-use path starts on the left, to avoid the junction ahead, although NCN76 appears not to use it and instead turns at the junction, then turns again onto the next section of the same path. The dropped kerb is also far from flush, … [more]

A painted cycle lane has been provided through the traffic calming pinch-point, but only in one direction.

Broken bollards and broken speed cushions on Netherton Road.

Pinch-point traffic-calming on North Road, Bellshill. The dropped kerbs don't appear to have been thought through to create a half decent crossing for pedestrians.

A new shared footway on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park.

The footway of Old Polmadie Road has been designated as a shared-use footway, with hazards such as cars being reversed out of driveways, and the alternative is the road with rough surfaces through each junction. This will become the direct … [more]

A rough surface at each junction, but the footway through this residential area has been designated shared-use, with all the hazards that might be expected, such as car drivers reversing cars out of driveways.

A rough surface for cycling, but barely noticeable in a car.

"Traffic calmed area" in Govanhill

#GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 The chicanes on Mansewood Rd force cyclists into the road, head on against cars. Make cycle paths to each side

Not sure what this is, but wasn't designed with bikes in mind & cars regularly demolish it. National cycle route 7. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Traffic calming road-narrowing outside a school in Tinto Road, with broken bollards.

A rumble-strip across the entrance to Station Park, but with vertical upstand that could catch a bicycle wheel when turning across it at an angle.

The width restriction shown in #88851, and also showing the massive over-capacity of Edinburgh Road.

Traffic calming by width restrictions that force motorists to slow right down when leaving Edinburgh Road, and prevent wider vehicles using the local roads as a rat-run.

Lots of new buildings appearing in Collegelands.

Cycle bypass to mini-roundabout and traffic-calming for those going straight ahead, while NCN 7 is signed to the right for the Low Green path. The footway is also signed as shared-use. Take your pick.

Cycle bypass to traffic-calming, but vulnerable to blockage by car parking.

short steep humps - extremely uncomfortable to ride over

Woolston Park greenway crosses Grren Lane on a flat topped hump. The ramps are at a gentle angle so it is comfortable to cycle along the road.

'S' shaped flat topped road hump. It is designed to give a smoother ride for buses - the wider spaced wheels use the gentler ramps while cars have to slow down for the steeper section. Cyclists also benefit and can ride on the gentle part … [more]

This path isn't part of Cumbernauld's cycle network, but it is plagued with barriers at every minor road crossing. The raised crossing might have been better installed in line with the path and made into a zebra crossing.

Traffic-calming by chicane in Croy on Cumbernauld Cycle Route 1.

Traffic calming by pinch-point and restrictions on through traffic in Front Street.

Hamilton Road appears to be quite a busy rat-run, and traffic calming has been provided by means of chicanes. Advisory cycle lanes have been painted in one direction through these chicanes. This appears to encourage motorists to overtake … [more]

An advisory cycle lane painted around one side of a traffic-calming chicane. Is this to encourage motorists to overtake cyclists in the chicane? A wider view of this location is at #70529.

The traffic calming on Hamilton Road is by means of chicanes. Cycle lanes have been painted in one direction through these chicanes.

During a break in the railway path, NCN 23 utilises this lane which has unmarked speed humps at intervals along it.

A traffic-calming chicane on The Duver, with a narrow gap for bikes. Going around the chicane looked easier than using the gap.

Speed hump on Chilling Lane

Cycle path alongside traffic-calmed road.

A mandatory cycle lane on Myrtle Street, approaching segregated traffic signals. Traffic is busier on the other side of the junction, but no cycle facilities have been provided for the opposite direction.

Long speed cushions on Princes Parade.

Watch out for that door!

Cycle lanes on McDonald Road, with speed hump.

Traffic calming by cobbled speed cushion!

Lots of signs at the end of Wettenhall Road - oh and some bikes parked on the footway.

New much flatter speed bump. In fact this is so flat you barely notice - much better for bikes than the older models along here.

Speed bump in Catharine Street. Their steep edges are perfect for ejecting the contents of bicycle baskets into the road - for the uninitiated.

Traffic calming and a climbing wall that evokes stonehenge (at least it did to me on this occasion).

Traffic calming by chicane in Eastham

'Traffic calmed area' - Really? In what way? This must be a very important sign, since it has been provided with a light!

A very narrow cycle bypass to the traffic calming chicane at the entrance to Hale Village

A traffic-calming measure to reduce speed and rat-running, motor vehicles have to slow to a crawl to negotiate the link between the two roads, but not a problem to get through on a bike.

Traffic calming by chicane on NCN 75 in Airdrie

Line-segregated shared-use footway in Hillington Park. The route switches sides ahead (see #47473) but this raised junction traffic calming would make a better location to cross, since motor traffic slows down here.

Shared-use footway switches sides, close to roundabout, but why not cross at the raised junction traffic calming (see #47474) a short distance along the road, where cars are slowing down?

Traffic-calming by chicane. Cars parked everywhere.

Upstand on raised crossing at entrance to Bellahouston Drive on Paisley Road West. Typical of many similar structures installed as part of the Route Action Plan programme.

Raised table traffic calming

Seymour Street How stupid to put this raised table ten metres away from Mill Road! It should be inline with the footway there.

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