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Not many here today. I think I'm going to get wet #NotTheReachRide

Sorry what now? @ShowMeASignBryn @RoadsignReport1 @RantyHighwayman

A big white van KY60 HJV is squatting on the busy footway between the Cambridge Retail Park and the Beehive Centre. Untaxed uninsured and a persistent problem here. Anything you can do to shift it @CambridgeCops ?

@GlasgowCC Is this still a bike lane? Faded paint, totally unenforced, drivers treating it with contempt. St Andrew's Road. @GoBikeGlasgow

Cycling people: These barriers and ‘cyclists dismount’ signs have appeared in the last few weeks on a route in Basildon (Ballard’s Walk). The barriers are quite widely spaced, and I can see their purpose. But planning to engage my loc ... [more]

Nice new bike lane being surfaced on Madeira Drive.

Why is the Humber Bridge closed to bikes? The reasons for banning walkers and cyclists are sensitive, but we're asking for clarification over this decision which requires a 60-mile detour for cyclists and walkers to cross the estuary. Re ... [more]

New piece of street art in Hull Normally don't like Graffiti but love this 👍

Bit confused about this. (Violet Rd E3 / Morris Rd E14 )

One use for a front garden ..... spotted on Railton Road in Lambeth today Sam the Wheels

A local crossroads junction has just been remodelled into a mini-roundabout. "A perfect chance to upgrade the cycle route's crossing using latest LTN 1/20 guidance," I hear you say. Well, I'm pleased to report that t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶h̶ ... [more]

Yesterday I had a look at a lovely older separated cycleway in Moreland, on O’Hea St. Separation & priority continues over side roads, and there’s a buffer between walking and cycling. Does anyone know the history of this project? Why w ... [more]

This is the best cycle path in New York City. Hell Gate Greenway

Big hole in Newmarket Road. Good to see! @camcycle

#Fahrradweiche an der Kreuzung Neckarstraße/Heilmannstraße in @stuttgart_stadt . Alles sicher, oder? 🤔

Really pleased to have influenced the reinstatement of these bollards after their temporary removal. Got them put back with a 1.5m gap either side of the central bollard, rather than 4 separate 1m gaps that were there before 😊 #LittleVic ... [more]

Finally got round to trying out the cycle track between Raynes Park and New Malden today. For five minutes I felt like a Dutch person. Just shows what can be done.

Heart broken to see these tree stumps line the roads in Suryabinayak and Jagati. The beautiful tall trees are all gone! Some nearby trees can be seen in this Mapillary image: ... [more]

हिँड्ने बाटो मरू ? #Junk #Urbanplanning in #Panipokhari #Maharajgunj #Kathmandu #Nepal

I don't understand why a road like Bramford Lane needs central hatching or even a centre line. Surely we should be trying to make it safer to cycle considering it is supposedly a cycle route. Zebra crossings would be a better use of paint h ... [more]

The kids cycled to the coffee shop. No cycle parking was provided so they improvised. Well done. Location found by looking up karate school

New pedestrian refuge installed outside a Coventry school, making it easier for children to cross a horrific bell mouth junction. It’s only been there a week and has already been commandeered for car parking.

@allpartycycling I would not totally hate going back to something that looks like this. See

Leicester Square in 1964

So excited that total lockdown is over and to be back running in Bute Park/Sophia Gardens that I accidentally ran all the way to Holland and found myself jay running on a cycle lane.

It's all gone meta.

Fantastic new Sparrow Crossing (walking and cycling) in Stockport. Keeps pedestrians and cycles separate, and provides a very safe place to cross the road! Also a lovely refurbished alley.

New pavement on #BrigadeRoad is almost ready! 🤯 Work started just about 5 weeks ago.

Salford's latest pedestrian and cycle tunnel lit up for the first time!

Why are these crazy cyclist dismount signs still up? What would it take to get rid of them. Anglia Retail Park. @TWTGSuffolk

Gray’s Inn Road, really busy location, near a college and a hospital. Likely a brand new bike, owner did all they could. What can we do? Theft & security is a huge factor in (keeping) people riding. @willnorman @MetCycleCops ... [more]

Also fined another vehicle in Burton Green for obstruction. There is zero need to park on the pavement and where we see this kind of parking we will issue tickets. Hope you’re all staying safe PC JONES / PCSO CLAYTON ... [more]

Congratulations to @sdublincoco on the colourful new 100m hurdles course on Stocking Lane in Dublin @irishathletics @dsdac @WorldBollard @SouthDubCycling @irishcycle Build your own with 75 plastics, 300 bolts, 3 steel poles. ... [more]

Hi @lynbrownmp I am one of your constituents and have been left homeless since a car drove into my house and into my brother’s bedroom. Can I speak with you and your office to discuss ASAP?

Having coffee at Southbank. I can see 8 @VictoriaPolice waiting to send cyclists who ride over 10 km/h to the Magistrates Court. Not very friendly. Maybe they know they’re damaging their brand. @cityofmelbourne just provide a safe ... [more]

I approve of this message 🤣

@A428Cat 9 months on and @HighwaysEAST have still failed to commission the NMU' lights at #BramptonHut Meanwhile lives are put at risk daily as vulnerable road users attempt to cross the A14 and still no date for fixing them. @camcycle @Ran ... [more]

I am never not *astonished* when I walk thru Lutyens’s Page Street flat blocks in Pimlico, (1) ‘cause BLIMEY that chequerboard effect is *dazzling* and (2) they feel so modern yet a design of 1928. Social housing; but fine housing. Even ... [more]

Officers attended a collision between a car and a cyclist this morning near to Ham Gate in #RichmondPark resulting in the car leaving the road. The cyclist has facial injuries and has been taken to hospital. Injuries not life threatening. h ... [more]

Co-op might want someone who has seen a bicycle to reposition the cycle rack in front of its store, if it wants more than one person to stop by.

Great news! You can now ride on kerbside-protected bike lanes on Exhibition Street between Flinders and Bourke Street. If you have feedback about our new bike lanes visit:

Loved going for a pedal this morning down (and up) the newly separated pop up parts of Exhibition St - thanks so much ⁦@cityofmelbourne⁩

Hullo new cycle way. Battersea Park Road Location currently estimated will correct later.

Travelling on two wheels for your essential shop? We have just opened our new bicycle and scooter parking unit; including folding bike lockers and a cycle repair station. Head down St.Saviour's Walk and check it out for yourself. https://t. ... [more]

This is what my local council calls a cycling path! Might be better to rename it an obstacle course!

Why do I get the impression that driverists don’t know the size of their vehicles? A shame that the small cycle locking provision here is damaged and harder to use.

The first phase of Greenwich to Charlton opened just before Christmas and is being well used by a wide range of folk on a cold winter sunday. You would NEVER have seen this pre the works. Phase 2 imminent to extend to Charlton. (Now ... [more]

Just one more "Trams Only" sign ought to do it... @ShowMeASignBryn

I mean seriously - this telephone cabinet is beyond ridiculous.

A mixture of good bits and a few not-so-good bits on C29 Tolworth to Kingston today. #miniholland

@RideLeicester @OweniteAdam @Leicester_News @LeicesterCCG @bricycle @CRTContactUs @WeAreCyclingUK @SustransEMids We cycled to see it this afternoon. SO much better 😊🚴‍♂️😊

Cargo bike finally met its nemesis on @MertonCycling patch. This at the end of an alleyway half a mile long, no "no cycling" signage, and it's too narrow to turn an 8'6 bike around. Reversing up on foot it is 😡 ... [more]

Hullo new cycle path. Near Lambeth North, London 😊😊😊

"Now, brother! Be quick! If we set off now we can reach the other side by Easter!" (Not sure this is the right location - but this is an area where the footway has been reduced - making the crossing much more diff ... [more]

The joined up planning I stumbled across this morning...

Bike racks? We don’t need no stinkin bike racks. #PennStation The station has had a recent makeover

Today's nomination for worst bit of cycling infrastructure goes to @BuryCouncil for this little gem..

Bollards removed & thrown into the planting at Frampton Park Road \ Loddidges Road @jonburkeUK @hackneycouncil 😔 Could you send someone to fix?

Union Street, Park Slope

A fresh bicycle street in Utrecht. Makes the street so beautiful

Out today talking bollards, 198 to be precise within a half mile stretch. No wonder it was in excess of £40k.

Surprise, surprise. You’d think the long line of new cycle posts outside each house on Lostock Rd would be a clue that motorists shouldn’t obstruct the path, but as usual, no. Is there a plan B?

Has anyone @BuryCouncil considered how these these repeated kerbs / car driveway access arrangements (eg St Marys Rd, Prestwich) are a real barrier to disabled people, ppl with V small kids etc? @cllralanquinn @LBBuryS @pootlers @walkridepw ... [more]

Lovely to see the new Cycleway 9 in Chiswick being well used Also Jeremy Vine on a high wheeler in this tweet:

Queue across new #Cycleway9 to bus stop on #ChiswickHighRd. In early-1900s pedestrians collided with oncoming traffic while running for trams. When #CW9 opens could people running for a bus collide with oncoming 2-way cyclists, injuring bot ... [more]

Cycleway 9 is open! And look at all that congestion it’ causing.

This new bridge for the exclusive use of cyclists and walkers on Bloxholm Lane at the southern end of the bypass still ain’t finished but will eventually connect with the shared path. Until then cyclists coming from the south have to risk ... [more]

£££ spend on bridge maintenance New paint ✅ Fresh tarmac ✅ Removal of discriminatory barriers 🛑 We can do better than this @SalfordCCHelp.

Really? Pavements are for pedestrians,wheelchairs,buggies, park with consideration to others. #HereForYou #RoadSafety From an: Official @cheshirepolice twitter account. Noticed from this tweet which points out ... [more]

The popular Kensington High Street cycle route has been replaced by...parked cars 👏🏽

More magic wands* going on to provide safe space for cycling along Acton High St *that’s what me and the little one call them, and I think that makes it official

🚶‍♀️Update🚴‍♂️ 🚵New bollards were placed along the cycle lane at Alfred Street yesterday & today works are continuing on Kinsale Road ➡️More updates to come!

@MikeyCycling @RBKC @mragilligan @willnorman @theJeremyVine First wands removed in front of Dutch embassy tonight

To think the @RBKC might actually remove these bicycle lanes. These child friendly, eco positive, carbon neutral bicycle lanes. Surely not? #TheRoyalBoroughOfPetrolAndPollution #KensingtonHighStreet #SaveTheLane #CitizensAssemblies https:// ... [more]

What was supposed to be a segregated cycle lane on Balls Pond Road is now a disappointing painted lane. Notice the cab already using it and squeezing the cyclist to the curb. There will be cars parked there just you wait #CS1@ @hackney_cyc ... [more]

Kerbs nerds - I need help! I've had a Local Highways Improvement project approved to make a footpath cycle friendly by dropping a kerb & removing/widening a chicane. Despite some back & forth with the county engineer I haven't succeeded in ... [more]

Standard obstructive parking in Chorlton. Just completely unacceptable and never enforced.

@BristolCouncil fallen tree on cycling and walking route Bath Bridge Roundabout. Tried to report online but told me I needed to calk for fallen trees. But then message when I called suggested it wasn’t urgent enough- can you advise? https ... [more]

The first #Hebrew #FietsVlonder in #TelAviv. #bicycle #parklette. #Parking space for one single #car gives way for 12 bicycles to park. Great for local businesses. #Florentin neighborhood, Tel Aviv

I guess the pedestrian zone between 1030 and 2230 thing is no longer happening then?

It’s illegal to drive here before 10:30pm. Video filmed at 6pm.

Total shit at the arse end of the car park. Do better @asda and maybe our towns wouldn't be so clogged with motor vehicles. This is a town centre store in the middle of Warrington FFS. See also #84872.

De Beauvoir Low Traffic Neighbourhood. Putting people before cars since 1974.

The dangerous section of the guided bus in #Trumpington near #Cambridge station


Really impressed someone has managed to make this section of road more dangerous for cyclists. Didn't think that was possible #allhailthecar

No, those wands aren't there to protect the paintwork on your Audi. 😡 (Rosendale Road, W. Dulwich).

The new cycle route to school on Rosendale Road 👏

Introducing our new cycling track in Kenton Recreation Ground, Harrow, officially opening on Saturday! With thanks to @CKContractors,@harrow_council, The London Marathon Charitable Trust, @BritishCycling @Sport_England, Places To Ride, @DCM ... [more]

Interesting stroll through Northfields #LTN this afternoon. Here's my thoughts after living in the area from 2014 - 2017. 1/4

Catford Gorilla #lovelondon

On the #NationalCycleNetwork route #NCN75 #WildFlowerMeadow at #Blackridge & #Forrestfield & the Proclaimers #Milepost

Count the bikes in Kingston at 10am today. Imagine how much space it would take up if these people all arrived by car instead?

What a difference! #SpacesForPeople has made Comiston road an actual delight for people not in cars.

Work is moving at a brisk pace on both the north and south bound lanes. Hopefully markings and signage is installed soon for an effective trial.

This road is between Shoreditch High Street Station and Brick Lane. [to be developed as housing and a park -]

Now that’s how you design a quick build cycle lane and bus stop!! Admittedly, it does help if you’ve spent half a century aggressively widening roads in the name of car dominance.

New road sign on Talma Road has our backing

"We have allowed our residential areas to become a pressure release valve for the main roads. The not to...allow them to accommodate even more cars [but] deliver holistic approaches to reduce the overall number...That shouldn't ... [more]

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