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Great that there is a gap for cyclists in this road closure in Ebor Street at long last. Pity the the design does not accomodate the width of the cargo bike or take note of design advice for a 1.5m gap for cyclists in LTN 1/20. @CityofYork ... [more]

Just been mugged for my bike on Downham Way, Lewisham, by a man in a car and four kids on electric scooters. It’s a Genesis Smithfield Borough, dark blue, with a grey Royal Mail box on the front. Very sentimental bike. Pls RT. Forgive the ... [more]

Who built these bike racks that are next to useless, at City West police station @VictoriaPolice @cityofmelbourne ?

☹️ @MillRoadCambs

What new devilry is this? NCN 196 at Smeaton Shaw, near Dalkeith. (NT 35981 68996)

🧵 Took a spin out to see the finished Castletroy 'Greenway' today also. Awkward enough to negotiate on a regular bike, much more difficult to do so with a loaded cargo bike. How can something so simple be made so difficult? ... [more]

We have asked #corkcc engineers to remedy this section of the cycle lane on South Mall. Engineering solutions are need to prevent vehicles driving and parking in the cycle lane. Without these solutions, it cannot function as intende ... [more]

We have contacted @DevonCC urgently about the removal of the Dryden Road filter, which we believe was done illegally. Please be careful if you are cycling there today as cars are already using the road.

Look what popped up overnight in Herne Hill! A multi-coloured celebration of the Ulez and the impact it will have locally on #CleanAir. Cleaner cars mean better air for everyone. N02 levels dropped by 44% when it was introduced in central L ... [more]

Don't stand a chance do we 🙄🙄 @nigelbagshaw

“If I’d continued to go straight on, I would have gone under the wheels of this lorry” – possibly the most frightening near miss we’ve seen (and the cyclist is a senior police officer committed to making the roads safer) https:/ ... [more]

Just witnessed this earlier - the poor cyclist was sent flying by car door opening @ealingMPS

Neighbours in #Islington please be aware the top end of Noel Road is closed due to a car having been driven into a house. @CycleIslington I hope nobody was hurt 🙏

Noticed this sign outside Eskbank station time to walk and cycle to various places. Maybe we should have many of these around Suffolk. @TWTGSuffolk @carlashton7

Anybody spot the issue here? 👀 The diversion for cycling during #COP26 is a mess. It’s inaccessible. It’s not signed correctly. It’s not a route that people want that makes them feel safe.

Nice new raised parallel crossing in Bowthorpe where Boatman Way cycle path crosses Clover Hill Road. However, the warning signs from one direction include the Zebra crossing and Cycle route ahead signs whereas the other direction only h ... [more]

Thank you to Ealing scrutiny committee for tonight's decision to keep Fishers Lane open for sustainable transport only. This creates a north-south cycle route linking @EalingCouncil and @LBofHounslow parts of Chiswick @_petermason @deirdre ... [more]

Feeing for the owner of this newish looking bike locked up on the corner of Berwick and Gt Marlborough St in Soho- the roadworks further along the road mean that large vehicles turn right and perhaps don’t check what they’re running ove ... [more]

And hit some Friday rush hour traffic on the South City Way!!! 😁 @SouthSeeds @SCWFriends

GeT In ThE CyCle LaNe / No OnE UseS CyclE LaNes etc

Camcycle is deeply saddened by the death of Anna Garratt-Quinton and one week after her death we placed a ghost bike in her memory. It's time no more lives were lost, no more families left suffering. Please sign our petition to #MakeJunc ... [more]

Not only does this A-frame completely prevent wheelchair access, somehow there is a sign directing wheelchair users through it.

When I first saw the disappointing final design for the junction of Histon & Victoria Road, this is what I feared would happen. Even worse, it only took me a few minutes to photo a left-hook near-miss example. It's just a matter of time bef ... [more]

NCN51 at slip road. Very hard to see if something is coming whilst on the cargo trike. Left lane should be closed to improve sightlines and reduce motor vehicle speeds.

Why? Why would you not just park your van in the space? #ComistonRoad

This scar will never heal!” - west flank opening, 1972 (from ‘The Glasgow Herald Book of Glasgow’)

Who the fuck came up with these bike racks?

@miketwalton @RapidDevon @DianaFMoore @GreenAmyExeter @Luke_Sills Pretty sure Cowick Hill is worse

Believe it or not, that's a cycle lane. 🤦‍♂️

At @Sustrans we don’t fly. My trip Belfast was bike-train-ferry-bike. Worked well but with two major failings: train arrival/departure Stranraer out of synch with ferry sailings. Cycle path to Cairnryan stops halfway to ferry. Need improv ... [more]

Cyclist fatality in Balham High Road which is now closed to traffic. @joncstone @JonIrwinLD @Jo_Earlsfield @jonburkeUK

On Monument Way in Tottenham in the early hours of this morning. Picture taken from my flat's window. It happened around 100 yards from where I am sitting in my kitchen. I know there is a petrol crisis, please do take care friends. Do not d ... [more]

Just found out there is a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma who commissioned an artist named Clayton Coss to use a chainsaw to sculpt a Columbo statue out of a dead tree on his front lawn, couldn't log onto Twitter fast enough to share this informatio ... [more]

The new covered cycle parking opposite Tesco Express where the market is in Royston. Most welcome. Looking forward to using this.

Cars bring out the worst in people. Neither driver wanted to move. Long lines of honking cars on both sides. @LBHF and @TfL when will this tunnel on Trussley Rd be closed for cars?

What cycle lane?

@simon_nuttall @RantyHighwayman @cyclestreets Huntingdon Rd, Huntingdon, near Tesco’s . Here is another death trap for school children, in Godmanchester. 🙁 Note: similar photo from nine years previously: #45 ... [more]

@RantyHighwayman One of my least favourite cycle lanes in Huntingdon! Precise location near this Tesco's not exactly known, yet.

Fancy @CambsCC New Shire Hall 'Bicycle Hub', empty all day long. Actually it is the iMET Training Centre hub as revealed in this subsequent tweet:

NCN75 at Bargeddie a bit safer to navigate after we cleared overhanging bushes and litter picked on Sunday. @IanArms20264931 @srob1991 #NCN75

love parking with my fellow compact cars

This barrier is on an important link over the railway in Kendal, because it links the housing estates of Hallgarth and Briarigg. When I was a district councillor I asked officers to remove it, because it's discriminatory to users of mobilit ... [more]

These heavy bikes eh?

There is a reason I walk the pram around Haringay Gardens rather than the Ladder during Harry's lunchtime naps. No cars. It feels safer, less polluted and so much quieter.

138 years after the Brooklyn Bridge opened, a new bike path takes a lane and @NYC_DOT takes biking across the East River to its logical conclusion. The only question is if one lane will be enough. Review in this t ... [more]

a cyclist leant their bike here. Only explanation

Progress continues on Histon Road and the safe 'Cyclops' junction Camcycle campaigned for is nearing completion.

Looking into Afghanistan from the Khyber Pass.

Hey @Edinburgh_CC, what’s the thought process to install cycle lanes on roads but then let nettles grow over them so they’re impossible to use? This is Duddingston Road West. Any chance in getting this fixed ASAP? @SpokesLothian @Spokes ... [more]

This part of the Clydeside path at Shawfield has been closed for so long without be any repairs being attempted that the sign is now faded and falling to bits. Whether it's @GlasgowCC, @SouthLanCouncil or @clydegateway that's responsible ... [more]

“There have been posts here for probably 600 years.” Low Traffic Neighbourhood, York.

Fantastic cycling and walking infrastructure under the deadly Greenford roundabout.

Good to see SCW being well-used this morning. Just a shame they had to wait two and a half full cycles of the lights before being able to cross

To encourage people to not leave locks attached to the racks they’ve provided this space to store your lock.

Tremendously exciting! A pulley transfer and cable inspection pit, with its c. 9 foot pulley wheels sitting just below the surface!

The worst bike rack is still outside Didsbury Job Centre.

Got hit by a driver today at Mile End/Grove Rd junct. MASSIVE THANKS to Alexander @pedalmeapp who was SO giving of his time to call police/ambulance. Thanks to passby bike mechanic who checked over my bike. Thanks to @metpoliceuk & @Ldn ... [more]

Another day, another dismount sign

Derby has made the entire city centre a no-pavement-parking zone since 2015. The council believes it to be successful with less pedestrian complaints, and are considering expanding it to other areas of the city.

It's been a good morning @DevonCC ! Thank you for giving the bus shelter a diet on the Topsham Road so people walking, cycling and alighting from the bus can all see each other safely. It's taken a while to do this (5yrs?)... but this ... [more]

Ah, perfect stop for a lunch break… 🙄

Dock Street Clydebank, NCN 7 where it crosses a street, I wonder if it could be made more clear the path crosses here 🤔 Sight lines a major issue here with parked cars, for a path used by all age groups walk/wheeling with heavy vehicl ... [more]

Companies are starting to notice the value of cargo bikes.... (also saw a pedalme, but those are 2 a penny in London now :)

It's the latest, brand new, Liverpool Cycle Lane! Can you see it? Go on, have a closer look... It's the thing that looks like a gutter. And the less said about the pedestrian '4 phases to cross the road' facility the better. Bleur ... [more]

Oh dear, they're real. Simon adds: These orange flags are to be electively carried by people using the pedestrian crossing.

Achievement unlocked.

@allpartycycling @iandaveysussex It looks more like this. Loads of schools along there. The road flows well, but improvements could be made. I am a local who doesn't want the return of the dual carriageway of death @bhlabour @BHGreenCllrs @ ... [more]

Two ‘hiding in plain sight’ LTNs in Earlsfield.

@camcycle Tenison Road now. The message about that signage still not getting through to contractors

A story in three parts

A proper WTF moment yesterday. These barriers have appeared on the Houlton shared pathway. Proper squeeze for me, God knows how a double buggy or wheelchair is supposed navigate… But yeah, gotta slow all those active travel users down ... [more]

Why is construction of cycle path so badly designed? Why can't they make a slope? Will they treat motorized vehicle users so badly? Needs a dropped kerb. Location estimated from other comments in the Twitter thre ... [more]

New footpaths and cycle tracks coming up on Old Airport Road! Currently, a 1.5 km stretch between Suranjan Das Rd <--> Wind Tunnel Rd is under construction. Rough location!

It’s already been tried and failed in Northern Ireland with ebikes thankfully the law changed last year. It killed the ebike and cycling growth here. Somewhere in Northern Ireland!

Active Travel on Islay. Fantastic wide segregated shared use path. Can you imagine if every country road looked like this? Absolute game changer.

Cycle infrastructure in Surrey is a joke

Please remember to keep an eye out for the cyclists dismount signs around Newport City Centre and Shaftesbury! #staysafe #cyclistsdismount #Newport #CSO280 #CSO310 #CSO323 #CSO356

President Joe Biden has given Boris Johnson a new US-made bicycle to mark their first ever meeting. The bicycle was made by Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works, who was asked to create “a modern version of a British roadster”. ... [more]

Finally after 14 months, Brampton Hut NMU crossing is open. 💕 @camcycle @HuntsPostDebbie

The wooden planter that got set alight last night is now festooned with signs and posters of support.

They came out and moved the van immediately after this, or because they saw me taking pics...

@GlasgowCC @YPLAC Howard Street cycle lane, and guess which road user was bawling abuse at me, for just being there apparently...

Wishesh on #WorldBicycleDay #World_Bicycle_Day 🚴 Location not known other than Orissa, India.

Buried it in the thread, so here it is on its own- just a really good bike logo for street signs

Diagonal filter action.

Forgot to post this one last week but stumbled across a parallel Zebra crossing on a roundabout arm somewhere outside Rickmansworth. Looks like it's been there a few years. Ebury Roundabout Geometry is horrid & multi-lane is bad, but ... [more]

First outing on the new ramp linking Aylestone Meadows with Leicester's Great Central Way. Really good - both in design and appearance. Cheers, @OweniteAdam and @Leicester_News

America wasn't even bombed

.@AmsterdamNL recently installed this red LED strip at the busy Stadhouderskade/Ferdinand Bolstraat intersection. It is a trial to draw extra attention to the traffic light, and in the coming months, they will investigate whether it resu ... [more]

Two blue light services struggled to get down Fourth Cross Rd, Twickenham, this week. Skillful driving got this @LondonFire engine through by a whisker. Ambulance last night resorted to the horn to clear a path. @LBRUT @piers_allen https:// ... [more]

LTN bollards in Kendal enabling the creation of an extra parking space. So must be a good idea. @RantyHighwayman

Great use for a vacant unit to keep the High Street ticking along and full of life. @7DialsLondon

Yeah, we have no problem with cars, farm machinery, lawn mowers l, shotguns and the like, but hearing #cyclists chatting to each other really boils our piss.

Such a joy to discover the cycle-friendly bridleway connecting Thriplow and Heathfield - making possible an active travel journey from Meldreth to the @IWMDuxford where @CambsCC will be meeting next week. @a10cycle

this is exactly the opposite of how you’re supposed to build it!

I love this filter on Roslyn Road, Tottenham - it makes cycling home from Seven Sisters possible - plus this planter is absolutely beautiful 😍

Cyclist hit on Surbiton's new Ewell Road cycle lane by driver emerging from Langley Road. Number of cars not giving way here needs addressing. @MPSSurbitonHill @HilaryGander @KingstonCycling In a subsequ ... [more]

#Amazeballs the @wfcouncil #WhitneyRdE10 #ModalFilter off of #LeaBridgeRd goes from strength to strength! Gorgeous. Thank you to the volunteer gardeners who tend it and bring us this splendour!

Class Parking Glasgow 🥰

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