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Most disappointed to see these new barriers, which have been installed in the past few weeks on Via Urbis Romanae, Colchester. A complaint is winging way to @essexhighways and the location will be added to our barriers map. What a waste of ... [more]

My latest @InTandemTshirts blog post is a review of the new (red!!!) cycle tracks on Liverpool Street, Salford which I think are pretty good! I'd love to hear people's views on it, particularly if you've ridden it! ... [more]

You could be on the ⬅️ or on the ➡️ One is definitely much quicker than the other. #ORRIsAParkingLot Near the Outer Ring Road ORR at Doddanekundi in Bengaluru. Twitter bot for this counter: Dod ... [more]

Someone in my town has crocheted special Queen’s Jubilee bollard sleeves which may be the most brilliantly British thing I have ever seen.

Thank you to everyone who's made this happen. They're looking beautiful. We love it. I hope we can do more around Sheffield to make streets for walking and cycling @olivercoppard @min_esh @RuthMilsom

The tweet below is good, but this picture is better. Normal clothes, no helmets...

Excellent ride this year. Perfect weather and perfect company. No mechanicals either! Here's a picture from the Ely start, 10am.

Midblock bulbout to provide an accessible sidewalk around a street tree

Took my new bike for a spin along the Busway to St Ives - with coffee & cake on my mind at the freshly opened Commute Cafe, 33 The Broadway. V tasty food + friendly staff. A new cycle cafe in Cambs 👏😍

Double yellows don't seem to be working. Nice parking @OfficialTfGM van too

Tip Top TM for cyclists in Battersea.

What on earth is this @CambsCC? You say you want to adopt LTN 1/20 and then you go and ruin one of Cambridge’s best cut-throughs! Good luck to trailers and cargo bikes trying to get through this 😢 @alexbeckett @HilCoxCondron can ... [more]

This is Fishwives Causeway. It is an ‘alternative route’ for those cyclists wanting to avoid Porty High St/SHLR junction if heading to/coming from Portobello Rd. Is it now free storage for a local business at the expense of safe cycling ... [more]

Deep sigh. No, this is not acceptable. #SouthWestCityWay

Not sure what this cyclists dismount sign is for. Tiny private access road that the cycleway crosses.

Clearly these are routes that the council want to encourage people on bikes to use (rather than the A6). So why isn’t a road like this filtered to encourage drivers to use the A6?

Another piece of cycling infra gone in on #uxbridgeroad well done @LBHF 👏👏

Was fun having a spin on @rideonleicester’s new cargo bike today, which will carry ebikes to docking stations across the city - seen here on the newly opened Abbey Park Rd foot and cycle bridge. https://news.lei ... [more]

Sneaky how the final orcas move closer to the kerb, with the first one camouflaged within the word "END". Ninewells Avenue. @dundeecycling @RantyHighwayman

This is my path through town to get home. Nerves of steel 🤨

This barrier has appeared on the @Sustrans NCN12 route between Graveley and Letchworth. Hard for any cyclist to deal with, it will exclude all those using non-standard or adapted cycles. It should be removed. @WeAreCyclingUK @hertscycli ... [more]

Thank you Thank you Thank you @GreaterCambs New lower street signs now on Blackhall Road Junction give full view of the traffic both north and south

“Courtesy crossings”: top shelf bullshit where we ask drivers to avoid killing pedestrians - unless pushing the brake is too hard. “They provide a place where drivers can stop safely to allow pedestrians to cross. However, drivers ar ... [more]

Love to have to navigate 3 lots of these when I can hear the engine noise of speeding drivers on the parallel dual carriageway.

New filter on Staveley Road: children on bikes & scooters, pedestrians with dogs. New planting including four new cherry trees. Just in time for cherryblossom season this week.

A new era begins for Richborne Terrace, at the junction with the A3 Clapham Road. (Reminder that traffic on the A3 went down during the monitoring for the Oval to Stockwell #LTN, now made permanent).

Central Bangalore's cute streets 💚

#Bedford High Street has no cycle lane & insufficient width for any vehicle to overtake a cyclist safely. All cyclists should therefore adopt the primary position by riding down the centre of the carriageway as recommended in the guidelin ... [more]

Feb 2022 issue of Himal SA Mag with cover photo I took in Krishnanagar in Nepal-India border. #NepalIndiaRelations #PMDeubaIndiaVisit #photojournalism

Over the last decade, Leicester City Council has steadily been revamping the city centre streets, the majority of which had not been touched for 20-30 years. Using high-quality materials,building segregated cycle routes, & expanding the ... [more]

This used to be part of an A road gyratory in New Cross. It now looks great with trees in blossom and today has young kids cycling. Mad to think this used to have tens of thousands of vehicles a day passing through.

When your bike ride to the new City Hall goes wrong… towpath gated shut at Cody Dock. This can’t be right, surely? ⁦@willnorman⁩

Seems like a metaphor for Bolton Council's attitude to cycling. The red sign represents the (evidence-based) officers and the blue one represents the (social media-based) Council Executive.

I’ve been less critical of others when it comes to compromises in Kingston’s cycle network, but this is unforgivably bad. Completely unacceptable design.

Britain’s first Zero Emission Zone or ZEZ has begun in Oxford city centre this morning. Only electric vehicles or those exempt can enter free of charge 7am - 7pm seven days a week

A ‘live’ cycle parking indicator telling you exactly how many spaces are left. We’ve done this for years with car parks but I’ve not seen one for bikes before (although I expect it's not the first). [Particularly useful for peopl ... [more]

'Nobody round here walks anyway'

Today our Patron HM The Queen becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, for 70 years of service. Here's a wonderful photo of a young Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret cycling around their home in Windsor in 1942 ... [more]

Ooo, exciting new cycling infrastructure in Cambridge

Segregated cycle lane on Westminster bridge looking great

@RantyHighwayman Can't help but wonder if making these old filters more accessible for active travel would make them more useful for emergency services rather than them ending up being obstructed by parking?

Another week, a different car is now blocking the Cargo Bay Rental rendering it unusable. This bay has not been accessible for over 2.5 weeks now and @hackneycouncil don't seem to want to do anything @metecoban92 @ZENCityfringe Cnr Bounda ... [more]

Pedestrians on the left.... clown bicycles on right...? Or perhaps it's an ancient fertility symbol? Spotted on Wootton Way Maidenhead earlier. #cycling #activetravel 🚴

Mill Road, Cambridge this morning. A quartet of signs on an already narrow and often busy footway. Just enough space for the wheelchair user to pass, but luckily a workman was nearby at the fifth. More signs beyond. Three weeks of this to c ... [more]

@UrbanistTOC @FrisealMacRab @MyGlasgowCC @digmundfreud @GlasgowCC Hi @MyGlasgowCC Can you tell us how we get the cycleway on Govan Road cleared of wet slippery leaves? Is there actually a reporting mechanism which will elicit action? https: ... [more]

My fb 'memories' dredged up this photo of me 1 year ago. At age 61, having barely ridden a bike for yrs, I cycled to the coast and back to pick something up. (18 miles?). I was inspired by the cyclists using our newly created LTN. Please d ... [more]

A section of the Cambridge busway is set to close next week due to safety concerns. I’ve come to check out what it’s all about. Read all about it in next Tuesday’s blog.

What fresh hell is this?!

I’m honoured and surprised to win the @camcycle Magazine Photo of the Year Award! The awards to inspiring people followed a brilliant talk by @adamtranter, on using comms to create #ActiveTravel Recording here: ... [more]

A classic of the genre - look at the SUV to get a sense of just how far a pedestrian must walk to cross this road

Anatomy of a near miss: a short thread. This is Wildman Street in Kendal. It's one way. Motor vehicle traffic uses both of the two lanes you see here, with most traffic going straight on, over the bridge you see ahead, and hence most tra ... [more]

Hi hi @waitrose - We’ve made a few trips to your #Colchester store to collect for customers. See pics attached though, a useful route to and from the carpark/entrance, but is there any chance you could remove the barriers, and widen the a ... [more]

I'm very pleased to report that the chicane has been removed 😀👍. Well done and thank you @lambeth_council @Scarlett4C. I really appreciate the speed at which you worked on this. Happy to be consulted in future re: any alternative pl ... [more]

Found the Embarcadero Freeway gravestone. Good riddance!

Wonder why no-one is choosing to use this cycle rack 🤔 Deangate, York They need protection with bollards like #176315 in Cambridge.

I see Parker's Piece has been left in a traditional state! @Sam_in_Cam @ACarpenDigital

Cycle lane outside football stadium is currently a car park. Yes that's a public car park in the other side of that fence.

Just what I needed, matey sleeping in the cycle lane on Garscube Road

UK cycle underpass vs dutch

Enjoying watching people dismount and then remount 2m later...

Looking through some photos over the past year, spotted this one where the HDR seems to have gone wrong. I'm told the location is: Main road facing east about in the screen shot. Inverness station used other side ... [more]

It made sense to someone… somewhere…

Underpass mural in Glenrothes. (2021) Pic: Rachel Webster.

The newest bridge over the river Cam opened today. #ChisholmTrail #TheChisholmTrailIsOpen #ChisholmTrailCambridge Entry for ... [more]

Just another ordinary day at Robin Hood Island. Also tweeted by Jeremy Vine:

Fantastic bit of design on Chingford Road by the Bell pub in Walthamstow. Leading the way in safe sustainable transport……..@labourstone @WFStreetsforAll @WFEcho @wfcouncil @ioisours @StowJames @JamesBurdass @ediz1975 ... [more]

When will local authorities learn? The outcry when barriers were installed at Addenbrooke's Hospital had them removed within a week. Do they think barriers on the Chisholm Trail - a major active travel project - will go unnoticed? Be accep ... [more]

Location not precisely set yet! Celebrating three years to the day since we moved to Scotland with a walk to the urban shopping dystopia that is Fort Kinnaird. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Is this Sheffield's most attrocious "management of public space"?

Lansdowne Passage leading to Berkeley Street - this was notorious as a perfect getaway for robbers and highwaymen. They put in place iron bars to stop them riding through. See also ... [more]

One of the cattle grids at Midsummer Common/Riverside is broken (two of the bars missing) and someone has marked the danger by flytipping a small fridge @camcitco @cambscc @camcycle

The off-road cycle route from Beverley Road to Park Road as part of the Hull city centre to Cottingham cycling scheme has now opened 🚲 #GetHullActive

First glimpse of one of Paris’s new school streets, complete with a bank of saplings where there used to be parking spaces

I'm delighted the westbound cycle lane on Westminster Bridge is now open. This provides protection for people walking & cycling. Construction is progressing well on the eastbound side. Thanks to the @tfl teams for the speedy constructio ... [more]

40mph road, less than a metre's worth of path and hundreds of houses near by. This is fine. Humans aren’t getting enough exercise yet this is what they have to use when they do. We passed people out for walks and jogging. Everyone very ... [more]

These stands are great @corkcitycouncil Thanks! Also #shoplocal

Classic "sign will make it better approach" by @wandbc officers following the instructions of elected reps. Shame current ones don't listen to experts as well as residents. Desire lines aren't going anywhere. Cc @WandsLS @wandscycl ... [more]

Barcelona’s superilla (superblock) Sant Antoni is a gorgeous experiment, one that any city can try.

Normal afternoon on The Meadows as a Sinclair C5 and Penny farthing glide past…

Great that there is a gap for cyclists in this road closure in Ebor Street at long last. Pity the the design does not accomodate the width of the cargo bike or take note of design advice for a 1.5m gap for cyclists in LTN 1/20. @CityofYork ... [more]

Just been mugged for my bike on Downham Way, Lewisham, by a man in a car and four kids on electric scooters. It’s a Genesis Smithfield Borough, dark blue, with a grey Royal Mail box on the front. Very sentimental bike. Pls RT. Forgive the ... [more]

Who built these bike racks that are next to useless, at City West police station @VictoriaPolice @cityofmelbourne ?

☹️ @MillRoadCambs

What new devilry is this? NCN 196 at Smeaton Shaw, near Dalkeith. (NT 35981 68996)

🧵 Took a spin out to see the finished Castletroy 'Greenway' today also. Awkward enough to negotiate on a regular bike, much more difficult to do so with a loaded cargo bike. How can something so simple be made so difficult? ... [more]

We have asked #corkcc engineers to remedy this section of the cycle lane on South Mall. Engineering solutions are need to prevent vehicles driving and parking in the cycle lane. Without these solutions, it cannot function as intende ... [more]

We have contacted @DevonCC urgently about the removal of the Dryden Road filter, which we believe was done illegally. Please be careful if you are cycling there today as cars are already using the road.

Look what popped up overnight in Herne Hill! A multi-coloured celebration of the Ulez and the impact it will have locally on #CleanAir. Cleaner cars mean better air for everyone. N02 levels dropped by 44% when it was introduced in central L ... [more]

Don't stand a chance do we 🙄🙄 @nigelbagshaw

“If I’d continued to go straight on, I would have gone under the wheels of this lorry” – possibly the most frightening near miss we’ve seen (and the cyclist is a senior police officer committed to making the roads safer) https:/ ... [more]

Just witnessed this earlier - the poor cyclist was sent flying by car door opening @ealingMPS

Neighbours in #Islington please be aware the top end of Noel Road is closed due to a car having been driven into a house. @CycleIslington I hope nobody was hurt 🙏

Noticed this sign outside Eskbank station time to walk and cycle to various places. Maybe we should have many of these around Suffolk. @TWTGSuffolk @carlashton7

Anybody spot the issue here? 👀 The diversion for cycling during #COP26 is a mess. It’s inaccessible. It’s not signed correctly. It’s not a route that people want that makes them feel safe.

Nice new raised parallel crossing in Bowthorpe where Boatman Way cycle path crosses Clover Hill Road. However, the warning signs from one direction include the Zebra crossing and Cycle route ahead signs whereas the other direction only h ... [more]

Thank you to Ealing scrutiny committee for tonight's decision to keep Fishers Lane open for sustainable transport only. This creates a north-south cycle route linking @EalingCouncil and @LBofHounslow parts of Chiswick @_petermason @deirdre ... [more]

Feeing for the owner of this newish looking bike locked up on the corner of Berwick and Gt Marlborough St in Soho- the roadworks further along the road mean that large vehicles turn right and perhaps don’t check what they’re running ove ... [more]

And hit some Friday rush hour traffic on the South City Way!!! 😁 @SouthSeeds @SCWFriends

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