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There needs to be a pedestrian and cycle crossing here. It would massive take cars off the road as especially on the school run to Oreston. It would also finish the final part of the north to south Devon coast route literally ends in ... [more]

Get a cycling and walking route sorted across entrance to Hooe lake

A Cycle path or scooter way linking Milton Fields to Ocean View Drive, would help people to avoid a Dangerous stretch of Milton Street or even take it further to link with Raddicombe Drive.

Paths need widening to make them safer for the public, too often you see young mothers having to walk on the road

Narborough village needs connecting to Enderby village. From Road across B4114 up Forest Road (use footpaths by Santander)

Very busy road unsafe for cyclists commuting

As previously mentioned both cyclists and pedestrians are too close to faster than speed limit traffic. The ONLY solution is to take them both away from near the road and not just widen what’s already there. I think this would only be pos ... [more]

Cars park on cycle routes which could be cordoned off from the rest of traffic. Also a 20 mile an hour speed limit would help.

Pop up cycle lane needed

I agree there's a problem as the cycleway is far too narrow and close to to motor traffic.

I would suggest look at how cycling ways in Amsterdam have been developed and adopt their tried and tested cycle and road integration schemes. Fully in support of improvements to encourage more people to walk and cycle along the Eastern Rd ... [more]

Widen pavement to allow cyclist pedestrians to move more safely at the harvester section of the road

Traffic fumes make it hard to breathe when cycling or walking. In some places along the Eastern Road, the cycle/walking lane is too narrow. [Portsmouth area?]

The current path is too narrow for cyclists and pedestrians! I was nearly taken out by a cyclist heading south opposite Snows as he came up behind me as I was walking . [Portsmouth area?]

As previously mentioned both cyclists and pedestrians are too close to faster than speed limit traffic. The ONLY solution is to take them both away from near the road and not just widen what’s already there. I think this would only be pos ... [more]

Throughout most of the Eastern Road, the route used by cyclists is dangerously close to fast moving vehicles. Also pedestrians also are too close to the traffic.

The basic problem is that there are two types of cyclists, the get from A to B speed merchants and the old plodders. The speed merchant cyclists are a danger to themselves and should not mix with pedestrians or vehicular traffic. All cyclis ... [more]

Much too narrow for walkers and cyclists to share and no kind of barrier between them and busy traffic [Portsmouth area?]

Too narrow & dangerous [Portsmouth area?]

Need a pavement for safe walking.

Increased traffic

Needs a cycleway/path to improve access from Brant Road into North Hykeham as mainly [un?]useable between Autumn and Spring. It would save on a lot of traffic going from Brant Road to North Hykeham schools and make it safer and more enjoyab ... [more]

One way system

No cycle lanes

Next Perivale underground stn under the rail bridge

At the moment you have to walk on the road to reach the rugby club, Dr Surgery or the main Wragby Road. It’s extremely dangerous and many would benefit from a pavement for walking and cycling

This area between Kempsey and Worcester can easily be extended to a cycleway/pedestrian shared space. It is tight in some places but will be able to become a wide route and much safer as there is more traffic at present.

⁶The wooden 'chicane' means most cyclists have to dismount and lose momentum at the start of a long, fairly steep slope, even on an e-bike. There must be a better design, such as at Huxhams Cross, where the components of the barrier are f ... [more]

Pedestrians cannot walk safely along the road and for families with children who live along this road this is totally unacceptable

Pedestrianise Church Street in the summer months or permanently. People would love to sit out here and walk to the priory or quay without car disruption

Dedicated cycle path needed into town. Wide enough for families, possibly using the side roads.

Footpath overgrown

Not enough enforcement of cars parked or stopped on cycle ways - camera enforcement as with bus lanes might work?

No footpath or cycleway. Very dangerous.

The cycle track from Odder to the Pyewipe needs tarmacing the same as Pyewipe to Lincoln and Pyewipe to Harby.

Very busy road used by school children and others on route to Cuckfield

If QR pedestrianised create spaces for disabled parking between VPR and Howard Road

Cycle priority is needed along whole of perimeter road. Cyclists are required to give way not only at side roads but also factory entrances! On balance I feel safer on the road where I at least have priority.

The path is too narrow to walk with a child, the vehicles are parked against the kerb so stepping into the road is impossible. The vehicles use it as a cut through to miss the ring road traffic lights in both directions and do not adhere to ... [more]

Traffic free path required alongside B3213 between Ivybridge as there are too many cars close passing

Have you thought about roofing over some of the main traffic routes in the centre, whenever you come to a significant re-development? Keep the motorised traffic below and open up fresh pedestrian and cycle ways above? Shops and offices woul ... [more]

Wider, brighter pavements. Compulsory cycle and escooter training. Maybe education will help prevent accidents and near misses.

Broken pavements, cars parked on them hedges overgrowing and cyclists riding fast and making you jump out of the way. Stopping cars on the pavements also cyclists and making home owners cut back hedges. Also the government could allocate ... [more]

Remind cyclists that it is illegal to cycle on the pavement and to ask parents to stop teaching their children to ride on pavements which are for pedestrians only unless otherwise specified by markings. This is borough-wide.

On all roads other than commercial zones pavements should be marked for pedestrians and runners one way only i.e. the same as for cards : "walk/run on the left". This would avoid the constant crossing of roads or walking in the road itself ... [more]

Lymington Road needs clear indication where cycleway ends. [coast of Hampshire, presumably]

I agree either close this road or make it one way

The cycle path comes and goes along here, up on to the pavement and off again is not a safe option with children on the school run

Don’t close the parking! [probably Evening Hill, Sandbanks, yet again]

Leave as is for watersports access [probably Sandbanks area]

It is fine as it is, serves the purpose as a main road in and out of Bath. The canal tow path gives an excellent cycle and walking alternative.

This stretch does not need short term cycle lane. Competent cyclists ride up it no problem and the not so competent get off and walk up the pavement. There is already a shortage of space for car parking here for all Harbour users and thos ... [more]

Watersports access [perhaps Sandbanks area]

Keep it for the WINDSURFERS [probably Sandbanks area]

Dangerous bends with no visibility could be improved with a path.

Speeding cars. Reduce speed limit and add chicanes.

Need proper cycle ways throughout

Can there be some active management to prevent parking across cycleways and on footways. This is almost at epidemic levels all over the conurbation making if difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to squeeze by "parked" cars.

I suggest speed restriction & a little widening of pavement opposite the office / school entrance at Valley Primary School.

London Road. Cycleway very narrow and seems to invite close passes from motor vehicles. They see the white line & think it's fine to drive close to it, regardless of presence of cyclist.

Please could I request a cycle parking hub for harvist road. As there are no cycle hubs available In the nearby area presently. [Harvist Road, Queens Park, London NW6?]

Cycle path along the A540 where the pavement is now

Cars passing very close to pedestrians as no pavement in places. Pedestrianisation would improve safety

There are 15 cutouts/crossings and numerous obstructions, including a bus shelter on the cycleway - generally lethal

Protected cycle lane need on the ring road with barrier to separate cars and cyclists. Why have the council not tried a pop-up cycle lane to test it out?

Make it safer for the covid-19 social distancing

I hear there is voting going on about removing the benches around St Martin's Square. This is absolutely ridiculous!! What about the people who need to sit down to rest? Do you want these people just to stay home. The whole social distancin ... [more]

Too many cars, too many cyclists, no room for residents to get home. Resident only access

The road is congested with parked cars so it’s not safe for cyclists. Set one side of the road aside for cyclists

Not enough room for cyclists and motorised vehicles to coexist.

Not enough room for cyclists and motorised vehicles to coexist.

Narrow sections of pavement also used by cycles. Bottlenecks need widening and tarmacking over grass edge would make it much wider and safer

Narrow sections of pavement also used by cycles. Bottlenecks need widening and tarmacking over grass edge would make it much wider and safer

Lack of disability parking in town. Please do not remove all disabled parking locations [unlikely?]

In order to support local business an al fresco dining area for the surrounding restaurants and bars would be useful for social distancing measures. [perhaps Cank St, Leicester]

Having the road in place prevents a huge social space where folks can eat and drink at a safe distance, outdoors

No cycle way between Nottingham and Mansfield, close pass is the norm due to narrow lanes and severe bends. The existing pavement is so overgrown it is disappearing

There needs to be a dropped kerb here to allow easy access to and from the shared bike path.

Segregated cycleway required here, there have been numerous accidents along this stretch of road.

More police presence to deter youngsters from riding bicycles and e-scooters recklessly on the footways

Traffic speeds down this road and does not observe the speed limit. I have two small children, crossing the road can be a death trap! Speed bumps, cameras or something to force people to slow down, needs to be put in place. There is no pave ... [more]

Close end of road on Haydons Road so no through road to reduce traffic on residential road and allow children to use the road in safety [Wimbledon, presumably]

Safer for pedestrians

Please stop vehicles driving along and parking on pavements.

Canal path more suitable for walkers. Cars not parked on pavements so can use the space available


Pavement and roads in Blyth need work as very badly broken and uneven pavements and roads dangerous for disabled especially and visually impaired

Cyclists need to be protected from motorised traffic, and we should not take space from pedestrians. Barriers would solve both problems

Junction at entrance to park. Difficult to see when pulling out of junction because of parked cars. No crossing for children entering or exiting the park. Speeding is an issue here. An accident waiting to happen. Widen pavement to calm traf ... [more]

Very busy street. Definitely can't implement social distancing here.

Shared path isn't wide enough.

Too close to a busy road. You have to brace when a lorry comes past. I have reported the tree roots for about 10 years. Weeds etc are creeping over and it is now only about 30 cm wide in places.

Westbound (uphill) on Richardson Road would benefit from a marked cycle lane. Traffic passes very close. Lots of NHS staff and others use this road to cycle commute.

These roundabouts (all along bypass) are very dangerous to cross. Need cycle/pedestrian crossings or an alternative safe crossing system.

Green Lane should be kept clear of glass and surfaced for cyclists to use safely

These roundabouts (all along bypass) are very dangerous to cross. Need cycle/pedestrian crossings or an alternative safe crossing system.

Nettleham Road has an intermittent, poorly marked and not socially distanced cycle way. Needs improvement and to be 24/7 [Sheffield or Lincoln, probably]

The speed limit on much of the A540 is 60 m.p.h., a speed regularly attained and often exceeded by some drivers. With parts of the road surface in an extremely poor condition insofar as cyclists are concerned, frequently requiring cyclists ... [more]

No footpath or cycle markings to allow for safer walking and cycling. Grass verges often too over grown.

There needs to be some kind of pathway for people commuting to and from Cotgrave and Cropwell Bishop [Nottinghamshire]

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