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A cyclist taking a short-cut away from the official crossing point on NCN 7, across the Riverside Museum approach road, despite having to bump the kerbs. There is a significant desire line evident in the grass.

Crane Street, Salisbury

Parallel crossing on Huntingdon Road.

There aren't many people using it today due to Coronavirus, but Cycleway 3's crossing of Sutton Street has now been fully painted and the Belisha beacons switched on.

Oatland Lane, Leeds

New 'Zebra' crossing on Network Rail land has mysteriously appeared near where the old crossing used to be.

Footway cycleways routinely used for car parking at Leverndale Hospital.

Durnsford Road, zebra crossing 🦓

LED Belisha Beacons at a zebra crossing at the corner of Briggate and Owler Ings Road, with traffic kept separate from Thornton Square.

A view over the junction of Valley Road and Canal Road, with the NCN66 cycle track running through.

Junction of Valley Road and Canal Road.

A parallel cycle/zebra crossing across Holdsworth Street.


A flavour-of-the-month parallel cycle/zebra crossing on the way from Kirkgate station into Wakefield city centre. There is a fairly narrow passageway beneath the building ahead, but it looks like the building itself is on borrowed time.

A brand new Zebra on Arbury Road.

Despite being a signed cycle route between i3 and Irvine station (which also connects NCN73 and NCN7 although this is not mentioned on the signs), there is no dropped kerb at the end of the path to the Fullarton Street zebra crossing.

Croyde zebra crossing

Car park road crossing and ramp to underpass at Greenhills shops.

Leighton Buzzard suggestion to cross on the zebra (presumably by dismounting)

Leighton Buzzard

Greenbank Road, Liverpool

Arbury Road cycleway

Arbury Road cycleway

Arbury Road cycleway

Installed by Westminster Council in St John's Wood. Has anyone tripped over these yet? :)

Compact roundabout with parallel walking/cycling priority crossing & bidirectional segregated cycleway as well as Zebras across the cycleway for pedestrians.

Compact roundabout with Zebra crossings in a small Romanian city. Not unusual though, pretty common junction type all over the country. I just happened to be passing through and thought I'd snap a photo. There's also somebody cycling in the ... [more]

The Partick Bus Station rebuilding project continues. It looks as if the bus station roadway is being fenced and the crossing in the foreground of this photo will be the first point that cyclists coming past Partick station entrance can acc ... [more]

People are already (unofficially) using the southbound cycleway, before merging back into the roadway. #SouthCityWay

The parallel cycle and zebra crossing has now been finished. Go left to turn right. It's also not clear what is and what is not shared use footway.

A zebra crossing across Meiklewood Road, but hardly tied into the local road network on the other side. How many people climb up the grass bank rather than follow the path I wonder.

Arbury Road new cycleway

Arbury Road / St. Albans Road new junction replacing a mini roundabout.

The new zebra and cycle parallel crossing on Govan Road has still not been completed! Note the parking layby is narrower than the vehicle parked in it.

The new zebra and cycle parallel crossing on Govan Road still hasn't been completed. Not even the shared footway surface has been finished!

Slow progress on the parallel cycle/zebra crossing on Govan Road.

Zebra bike

NCN45 Salisbury

NCN45 Salisbury

Using the Zebra at the new connection to Red Cross Lane.

The curious case of the Zebra that has lost its beacons.

The people of Pollok have made their own desire lines clear, and they don't match the official paths.

The Silverburn to Pollokshaws & Newlands cycle route crosses the zebra crossing across Auldhouse Road, then heads up Holeburn Road.

The zebra crossing on Auldhouse Road has had its Belisha Beacons covered up, so pedestrians have to take their chances on whether drivers will still respect the crossing. No obvious reason why the bollards have 'Cycles Only' signs on the ... [more]

It's the widest zebra crossing I've ever seen, but why are the Belisha Beacons covered up?

A woman almost hit by car at this zebra this morning. Driver's view obstructed by vehicles parked on zigzag in middle of road @Glasgowcc >>

It's possible to walk from Queen St, across the High Blantyre Road split Zebra Crossing, and into Stewart St, but there is no provision for cycling.

It's possible to walk from Stewart St, across the High Blantyre Road split Zebra Crossing, and into Queen St, but there is no provision for cycling.

Poor alignment of cycle lane for those going straight on, and for the eagle-eyed, route (74) turns left.

New combined crossing at Friday Hill East in Chingford. More details at:

The NCN75 crosses the Showcase Cinema access road on this zebra crossing without the usual Belisha Beacons or zig-zags.

Routes NCN 69 and 700 crossing Central Drive via a raised zebra crossing with Cyclists Dismount signs.

A bus stop bypass with a zebra crossing in Wallacewell Road.

A motorist that doesn't understand how the footway works. A bus stop bypass with zebra crossing.

Arbury Road

Parallel crossing of Arbury Road.

Gloucester Road

Combined cycle and zebra crossing on Portsmouth Road.

Cambridge kerb cycleway on Arbury Road.

Impressive cycle-zebra at Arbury Road.

Roman Road, Globe Town

Bridge Street, Cambridge

New 'cycle zebra' on Arbury Road

New (August 2016) zebra crossing of the cycleway.

New zebra crossing of the cycleway.

Cycling zebra crossing at the southern entrance to King's Lynn Transport Interchange. One third of the cycle park visible to the left of the riders.

Urmston Manchester Intu Trafford Centre has a zebra crossing for cyclists and pedestrians. Better than what was there before (railings and no markings on road). See also #80554 #80549 There's a warning sign for pedestrians perhaps there s ... [more]

Best/worst sign of my trip: "Please consider motorists. Cross in groups." This was on a Uni campus. #carculture University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand

15 Unsigned Exit From Car Park (651) Part of a sequence of photographs that follows a shared cycling and walking route from Eastagte Road to Stapleton Road in Bristol via the IKEA carpark. [Looking towards ramp in #83274]

Parallel cycle crossing and floating bus stop

Woman on a bike safely using the new side-by-side cycle and Zebra crossing.

UPDATE SEE #84218 Manchester Sale Moor Fast 2 lane slip road onto Mway requires zebra crossing here. And on 1 lane slip road off Mway crossing shared path see also #80549 To avoid confusion the crossing should be painted with cycle icons as ... [more]

UPDATE SEE #84218 Manchester Sale Moor Fast slip road onto Mway requires zebra crossing here. And on 2 lane slip road off Mway crossing shared path CWIS see also #80554 To avoid confusion the crossing should be painted with cycle icons as ... [more]

Broadheath Altrincham Turnbull Road. A zebra crossing connects 2 cycleways and 2 shared footways. Recently installed..As this is connecting shared footways cyclists are allowed to cross. This type of crossing is an example of a Tiger/Sha ... [more]

Will these ever be repaired?

Larkhall Rise, Clapham



Nightingale Lane

Nightingale Lane

The footway goes around the edge of the car park, but it is easier to cut across the empty space to get to the Linkbridge lobby. Just watch the sloping kerbs.

Route 2 goes down ramp from Asda car park and across the goods entrance. There are chicane barriers across the next section of path, visible on the far side of the crossing.

The path alongside the roadway continues through to Irvine Drive.

Baldwin Street Cycle Track Crosses Queen Charlotte Street 01

Trying out the (just painted) pedestrian/cycle Zebra in Hackney Central. 1 of first in UK! Well done @hackneycouncil Previously it looked like #60716.

Yes. I have photographed this crossing at night before, but this really shows the lighting in action

Pedestrian Crossing by Drummer Street bus station.

NCN11 Route Signs on quiet-ish roads past the Angel at Watlington. RR30 leaves the village past the rail station.

Cycle ride from Kathmandu to Bhaktapur. A speed bump and zebra crossing near a school.

Approaching the cross roads in Stoney Stanton.

Continuation of the Royal Terrace contraflow cycle lane (see #61757) at the zebra crossing at the top of Pier Hill, where the walkway from the lift meets the end of the pedestrianised High Street.

The George Street cycleway, blocked ahead by a Festival event.

The George Street cycleway approaching the junction where it switches sides.

The George Street cycle track. To continue straight across the junction, one must go around the bestatued roundabout.

A not wide enough, two way cycle lane, contains give ways and Zebra crossing beacon poles and steeply raised unmarked ramps at the crossings.

Zebra crossing of Church Road, Teversham, pavement cycleway on the right to Cambridge.

The road through the housing estate has a shared-use footway on one side.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign and railings at a Zebra Crossing

The unenforceable sign reads: DO NOT RIDE CYCLE ON THIS FOOTPATH - unenforceable because it is the incorrect sign. If cycling were genuinely not permitted the official round red bordered NO CYCLING sign would be used.

Cycle Ride from King's Cross to Shoreditch

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