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Ortsdurchfahrt Balteratsried. Starkberfahrene Staatsstraße. Autos fahren mit hoher Geschwindigkeit. Radweg fehlt.

Ortsdurchfahrt Balteratsried. Abzweig nach Sulzschneid. Querung bei hohem Verkehrsaufkommen und überhöhter Geschwindigkeit sehr gefährlich

Hirschberger Straße Gehweg wird regelmäßig von Autos als Parkstreifen benutzt

Great Kneighton

Für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrter Weg Richtung Marktoberdorf. Sehr gut für Radfahrer geeignet, aber leider trotz Sperrung oft von Kraftfahrzeugen benutzt

Für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrter Weg Richtung Marktoberdorf. Sehr gut für Radfahrer geeignet, aber leider trotz Sperrung oft von Kraftfahrzeugen benutzt

Für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrter Weg Richtung Altdorf. Sehr gut für Radfahrer geeignet, aber leider trotz Sperrung oft von Kraftfahrzeugen benutzt

Radweg endet hier. Radfahrer in Richtung Ebenhofen müssen auf der Straße geradeaus weiterfahren Radfahrer in Richtung Altdorf können rechts auf eine für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrte Straße abbiegen

Radweg entlang der Ruderatshofener Str. Im Bereich des Medicum parken oft Lieferfahrzeuge auf dem Radweg

Ortsausgang Ennenhofen. Die Querung über die Kreisstraße OAL7 auf den Radweg entlang der Weitfeldstraße ist sehr gefährlich. Man muss über die Kreisstraße und gleichzeitig den Gegenverkehr queren. Die Ausfahrt ist sehr unübersichtlic ... [more]

Zwischen Immenhofen, Geisenhofen und Marktoberdorf fehlt ein Radweg. Straße ist stark befahren.

Zwischen Immenhofen, Geisenhofen und Marktoberdorf fehlt ein Radweg. Straße ist stark befahren.

An der Straße von Ruderatshofen nach Marktoberdorf fehlt ein Radweg

An der Straße von Ruderatshofen nach Marktoberdorf fehlt ein Radweg

Radweg in Riching Geisenried. Ampel gilt auch für Radfahrer, die geradeaus fahren. Das solte geändert werden, da es keinen Sinn ergibt

Zwischen Aitrang und Salenwang fehlt ein Radweg

Poststraße gegen die Einbahnstraße. Weiterkommen für Radfahrer an der Rauhkreuzung ohne eigenes Ampelsignal unklar. Schutz / Kennzeichnung für Radfahrer die an der Ausfahrt stehen vor Fahrzeugen, die von der Rauhkreuzung in die Poststr ... [more]

Einmündung Simon-Baumann-Str. in Ruderatshofener Str. Simon-Baumann Straße ist Tempo 30 und in beide Richtungen befahrbar. Tempo 30 Schild fehlt.

Bahnübergang für viele Fahrradanhänger, Lastenräder, behindertengerechte Fahrräder oder mehrspurige Fahrräder nicht passierbar

getrennter Geh- und Radweg entlang der Schwabenstraße zwischen Jörglweg und Frankenstraße. Durch den Betornstein, der Geh- und Radweg trennt entsteht eine Stolperkante, an der auch Eis und Schnee liegen bleiben. Betonstein rausnehmen und ... [more]

Radabstellanlage Bhf.: Ständer gut, aber zu wenig und nur zur Hälfte überdacht. Kapazität verdoppeln, mit Überdachung + absperrbare Räume

Rinnsteine an Einmündung Xaver-Martin-Str. nach Wasserleitgsbau sehr tief

1. Is there enough room either side? Doesn't look like it. 2. This style of bollard looks too urban for this area. 3. Isn't there a better way to indicate that this path is shared use?

@WeAreCyclingUK I've been on NCN 4

Nonsense sign at the exit from Eddington - there are shared-use routes left and right beside Madingley Road and also on the far side into the university's West Cambridge site.

An obvious link from Lolworth and the A1307 to Swavesey, but visitors are clearly not wanted.

Cycleway under construction by the new A1307 - proper dropped kerbs needed.

Cycleway heading north from the Birchwood Way roundabout does not provide a dropped kerb for cyclists to continue along Crab Lane. Instead the cycleway turns left along Fearnhead Lane where is simply stops #113995 (again with no dropped ker ... [more]

Cycleway comes to an end with no dropped kerb to rejoin the carriageway. You would have though it might have occurred to the planners to provide a legally useable cycle crossing at this point rather than routing cyclists to a pedestrian onl ... [more]

Illustrates the anti-cycling policies of Warrington Council. Cycleway is only provided with crossings on the entrance arms of the roundabout - NOT the exits. This means that cyclists face the added danger and delay of having to make extr ... [more]

For some reason the cycle route sign has been moved to a separate pole behind the one it was on (see #31604) and can't be seen clearly now.

The sign shows Marylebone 3/4 of a mile to the right - not great for those who don't realise that Marylebone station is right there in front of them.

The No Cycling sign should be beyond the turning to the left.

Wheelbenders at Woolworths supermarket

Sign for a right turn on NCN route 4 - but in fact both the next two right turns are for NCN 4, in either direction. A common problem with this route in west Pembrokeshire.

The bus stops on the new one-way system, Fishguard - all fine except for the lack of cycle parking

This sign for NCN route 4 will have to be changed due to the new one-way system in Fishguard

Route sign on NCN route 4 - but according to OpenCycleMaps it goes straight ahead, not left to the A road.

These tracks are shown as roads on the online mapping.

REQUEST FOR A BIKEHANGAR • our neighbourhood has shown interest in a Bikehangar as there aren’t any available spaces nearby, e.g. none in Grove Park nor Pelham Close • especially on the south side of Grove Park, SE5, are a large num ... [more]

Many poor potholes at top of Finsbury Park Rd, a marked cycle route to Finsbury Park has many poor potholes needs urgent repair and better road marking please.

Carefully judged to not wholly block either the contraflow cycle lane or the footway.

Huge splay

A new route, already flooded by about 6 inches. Clearly the path is too low.

Sign points wrong way It is 90 degrees wrong.

Please place stand on Willoughby Road between the high street and Rudall Crescent - There is nowhere to park bikes on our street nor on the Kemplay Road

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

The new "anti-terror" barriers on Kings Parade. I can't help thinking that they were really motivated by a rather cynical desire to make life more awkward for people cycling through the town. The gap is far too narrow for two way cyclin ... [more]

Just after taking this a cyclist went by and narrowly avoided a car turning across the cycle path which was unable to see because of the van being 'parked' like this. Its genuinely no exaggeration to say that a cyclist will be seriously inj ... [more]

Schlechter Radständer blockiert Gehweg, Ansperren des Fahrrads nicht möglich.

Llanfairpwll etc etc - the station with the longest name in the world and the most tightly packed cycle stands - almost unusable.

The residents have decided to park all over the cycleway.

Still no progress on fixing the riverside path.

No dropped kerb and a pavement parking problem at the new end of the path from Jessie Street to Prospecthill Circus.

The surface of the path between Prospecthill Circus and Toryglen Road in Rutherglen has still not been improved. This would form a useful alternative to the main Prospecthill Road, including for commuting. But not in this state.

The path through the woods at Cathkin is usable on this section, but some parts are too steep, including crossfall, to cycle all the way. The path ends before the connection to Burnside Road, so it is necessary to rejoin the busy Cathkin Ro ... [more]

I had intended to head west through to the Cathkin Braes mountain biking site, but the path was too muddy to cycle, so I headed in the opposite direction instead.

The track from Markethill Road to South Cathkin Farm passes the entrance to the former quarry and landfill site, and the surface quality only gets worse from here onwards. Large muddy puddles, and best to avoid. The muddy track joins asphal ... [more]

A hostile road environment for anyone cycling to the Kingsgate Retail Park. The roundabout decoration does nothing to improve it.

Cycle parking at Sainsbury's Kingsgate store, as far from the front door as possible, only convenient for the fire door, and attracting a predictable level of usage.

The dropped kerb associated with the crossing from the NCN756 Mavor Avenue shared footway, necessary for southbound cyclists due to the blind bend at the Gateway junction, has been removed and replaced with a regular kerb.

The desire line seen in #113801 comes over the mound and onto the path seen to the right of this picture. If there is no special reason to retain the mound, it should be removed and a proper path provided as a through route from the East Ki ... [more]

Steps linking from Dunblane Drive onto the East Kilbride railway path. If there was the political will, there would be a ramp here.

The former railway line through the northeastern part of East Kilbride has been converted into a cycle path, but this section at Main Street has been filled in and made into a car park.

An attempt at filtered permeability on Parkhall Street, but no provision for cycling through the road closure.

A busy junction between Kittoch Street and West Mains Road.

The dropped kerb for entering the Whitemoss Avenue underpass from Whitemoss Road has been positioned in an awkward place handier for the steps than the ramp, and is only convenient for coming from the east. There is already a dropped kerb a ... [more]

The direct route out of the Whitemoss Avenue underpass onto Whitemoss Road is blocked by car parking.

The cycle route along the Whitemoss Avenue shared footway is signed into the park, including a rather steep bit of path at the corner (seen also in #107580).

Route signs at the Whitemoss Roundabout for the cycle route to Brancumhall, but the Health Centre pointed to is not the closest health centre to this location, and so could be confusing.

The start of the cycle track for the Whitemoss Roundabout diverging from the carriageway of Kingsway. It could be extended back along the verge to meet the cycle track from the Birniehill Roundabout.

The Birniehill Roundabout cycle track merges onto the Kingsway carriageway, but there is room for it to continue off-road until the Whitemoss Roundabout where another cycle track starts. Again, tyre tracks in the mud and grass give away the ... [more]

A new 'No Entry' sign for the resurfaced cycle off-ramp from Churchill Avenue at the Murray Roundabout, but no longer any signs for local routes 2 and 3. So close to the town centre, but no wayfinding.

The accumulating mud on the cycle track at the Righead Roundabout shows that, despite conditions, people are using it. The underpass on the right leads to cycle tracks on the other sides of the roundabout.

Car parking on the underpass cycle track at Falkland Drive.

Very poor sightlines where the path from the ramp of the footbridge and from Lindores Drive meets the Queensway footway.

Lots of barriers on the southern side of the Queensway footbridge at Sudbury Crescent.

Footbridge across Queensway, linking Sudbury Crescent and Lindores Drive, and other local streets. But no dropped kerb at the base of the ramp.

No dropped kerb at end of path at Columbia Way.

The Mossneuk cycle route continues along Pitcairn Crescent to the left, but takes a detour to join the footway of Mossneuk Road first.

Still no dropped kerb on Strathtay Avenue at the start of the Mossneuk cycle route.

No proper connecting path between the back of Hairmyres Hospital and Strathtay Avenue, even though this is the way to the nearest cycle route.

The footbridge across the railway in #113719 leads to the busy Eaglesham Road and there is no pedestrian crossing to help people get to either the bus stop or Hairmyres Hospital a short distance away.

The railway footbridge from Tennant Avenue to Eaglesham Road (and towards Hairmyres Hospital) has steps at one end, and they look like they need replacing, so let's have a ramp instead.

The path from Queensway to Tennant Avenue appears to suffer from ponding, and is covered in mud. There's also no easy way onto the carriageway for cyclists due to the parking.

Although the lighting has been replaced in recent years, the path from the bus stop on Queensway to Tennant Avenue (and onwards to Hairmyres Hospital) is narrow, has poor quality paving, and has no dropped kerbs at its crossing with Linwood ... [more]

The steps on the southwest side of the Queensway footbridge have been shut due to deteriorating concrete, leaving only the steps to the southeast for users. Perhaps it's time this footbridge was replaced.

Not only has the footbridge got steps and no ramp, but it is also in the way of the Queensway shared-use footway.

Is this the correct sign for a narrowing with barriers?

A missing section of asphalt on the Glen Road path.

I didn't venture further than this excavation to see how little stands in the way of connecting Carmunnock Road to Stewartfield Way and the East Kilbride path network.

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