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Photo listing : car storage

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

"Park only in marked bays" on Kelvin Way.

Pavement parking outside the school gates in Dornal Avenue.

Double yellow lines have returned to Hamilton Drive, but without enforcement they are being ignored by drivers. This is a "park only in marked bays" area, as seen in #167952.

A council van has been parked on the footway at the entrance to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery car park, obstructing families trying to walk past. The footway also forms part of the West City Way cycleway, since the adjacent carriageway is one ... [more]

The incomplete Old Dumbarton Road cycleway is unusable for cycling, but is being used for parking vans.

A van parked in the Lancefield Quay armadillo-protected cycle lane, forcing cyclists to choose between going out into the road to pass, or to mount the footway. Even in fairly light traffic conditions, some chose the latter. The parking tic ... [more]

Why? Why would you not just park your van in the space? #ComistonRoad

Cars being parked on the footway of Garscube Road, rather than in the place indicated by a single yellow line on the road. Not helped by a waiting peak restrictions sign being next to the double yellow lines.

Waitrose, Foss Islands Road, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The company has created space for two e-charging bays but can't find room for more cycle parking. Hypocrisy. Other images from Waitrose and other locations today: # ... [more]

Car parking on the "Keep Clear" markings and across what the traffic order said was legal to cycle through (although it has never been properly signed) on the traffic filter.

The sign on the gate says "No Parking" but there is no enforcement. The footway forms the link between the partly installed toucan crossing across Craighall Road and the canal path.

A van driver parked in the protected cycle lane and on the footway, while pedestrians try to get by.

The windscreen wipers on many of the motor vehicles on this side of the street have been lifted up.

The windscreen wipers on many of the motor vehicles on this side of the street have been lifted up.

love parking with my fellow compact cars

Electric vehicles charging point in Hinckley.

New development seemingly designed with on footway motor vehicle storage.

On the left a Loading Bay, and ahead some pavement parking loading activity. See also #173732.

There are some tightly spaced cycle parking stands next to the entrance door, in addition to those in #173563, and some bikes were visible inside the doorway. Despite there being parking spaces on the opposite side of the road, this driv ... [more]

[Image taken 17.8.21] Esplanade car park, York. Original image (explanation) see: #173232. Other images today: #173271, #173273

Broken glass and a parked van blocking the contraflow cycle lane in Cleland Street. The lane and path to the left over to Gorbals Street was also blocked by parked motor vehicles.

The Nicholson Street cycle track exists to provide a safe link between Norfolk Court and the South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, but is being abused by motorists. It has lost its signs and the markings are somewhat faded.

The Nicholson Street cycle track has lost its signs, has faded markings, and is being used for car and van parking, and is being illegally driven through. Just next to the Sheriff Court! The link was put in to provide a safe link between ... [more]

The eastern end of the Herbertson Street cycle track suffers from a severe fly parking problem, with cars and vans parked on the footway as well as over the dropped kerb for exiting the cycle track.

Derby has made the entire city centre a no-pavement-parking zone since 2015. The council believes it to be successful with less pedestrian complaints, and are considering expanding it to other areas of the city.

A one-way system around roads used as a car park, and only pedestrians can go in the opposite direction.

Parked van blocking dropped kerb, and obstructing people cycling. No attempt to discourage parking here. Failure to reinstate cycleway markings after roadworks.

Ah, perfect stop for a lunch break… 🙄

A view of the fly parking at Charing Cross, seen from the footbridge.

Van parking obstructing the path between Renfrew Street and St Georges Road at Charing Cross.

Car parking on the end of the Sauchiehall Street cycleway at Charing Cross.

Dock Street Clydebank, NCN 7 where it crosses a street, I wonder if it could be made more clear the path crosses here 🤔 Sight lines a major issue here with parked cars, for a path used by all age groups walk/wheeling with heavy vehicl ... [more]

A large van does just fit into the marked bay, but this happens rarely.

A parked van in the cycle lane beyond the junction.

[Image taken 30.7.21], Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] EV charging bays obstructed and used as an ordinary parking space. Compare with #172718. Other images here today: #172716 and links. Other images today ... [more]

[Image taken 30.7.21], Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Cones have appeared around the EV charging bays. See also: #172720. But will the reduced space mean this is daily issue: #172716. Other images today: # ... [more]

A van driver has decided to block the footway and partly block the cycleway on Garscube Road, causing a pedestrian to have to walk around the van in the cycleway. A family group cycling towards the camera are not seen due to being hidden by ... [more]


The middle of Leominster

Just another car-focussed housing development.

Just another car-focussed housing development.

Car parking still taking place in the Provanmill Road cycle lane, despite the armadillos. Double yellow lines have not been provided, making it difficult for the council's enforcement officers to do anything.

The cycle lane down one side of Langdale Street is being used for car parking. The street can get quite busy with through traffic.

The cycle lane down one side of Langdale Street is being used for car parking. All the protection has been removed.

Langdale Street viewed from the Royston Road/Robroyston Road junction. The cycle lane down one side is being used for car parking.

Routine car storage on double-yellow lines on this dedicated cycle link around the Grafton Centre. Admittedly there’s enough space to pass (one way at a time) so you’d have to win that argument with an unsympathetic councillor. It’s p ... [more]

Car parking at the north end of Grantchester Meadows, proposed for closure - since the introduction of parking restrictions in Newnham Croft, and the growth in van-living, the numbers of vehicles here have gone up. There's a clear need for ... [more]

Car parking at the north end of Grantchester Meadows, proposed for closure - it used to be that the road surface was terrible here, and that vehicles tended to only park at the far end - but since the introduction of parking restrictions in ... [more]

Car parking at Lancefield Quay.

[Image taken 17.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The barriers remain on the outside of the car park meaning that each day I pass through the gap is closed. This leads to people climbing over the fencing (see: #170084) and ad hoc use including ... [more]

Parking without blocking access to front doors.

Parking without blocking access to front doors.

Parking without blocking access to front doors.

Ditton Walk, Cambridge

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway blocked by two parked cars in one of the unused entrances that interrupts the cycleway.

The Hillington Park cycle route shared footway blocked ahead, opposite a huge car storage facility. See also #170682.

Parked cars on the route from Park Hill flats to Sheffield city centre

A rather poor combination of cycle lane, bus stop and parking layby on Hawthorn Street. See also #171175.

[Image taken 12.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The skip that had been restricting access and the view of the entrance/exit between the Scarborough Bridge connector cycle-ped-wheelchair path and the car park has finally gone. Other issues he ... [more]

Obstructive parking right outside our front door.

@GlasgowCC @YPLAC Howard Street cycle lane, and guess which road user was bawling abuse at me, for just being there apparently...

[Image taken 5.6.21] Marygate car park, York. Second half-term Saturday. The gap is open again. Because it's a weekend? Same gap today: #169922 and on 7.6.21: #169954. Cycle parking near pub in York station today: #169923

Pavement parking in Scotland Street, opposite a car park. The line segregation cycleway sign is wrong too, since the cycleway is to the left of the footway.

Part of Kenmure Street has been converted to cycles only to reduce through traffic, but motorists have decided to use both the walking and cycling spaces for motor vehicle parking.

Car parking on the footway cycle lane in Maxwell Drive. The cycle lane leads to a toucan crossing across St Andrew's Drive and is two-way.

Pavement parking in Cogan Road, outside a huge free car park at the retail park. The Advance Stop Line is the only concession to cycling on this road.

Tesla electric charging points at Trumpington Park and Ride.

Should this be public space? Or does it really belong to the house-owners?

The Possil Road spur of the Garscube Road cycle track ends at Braid's Brae, but drivers are parking on the footway on both Possil Road,across the end of the cycle track, and on Baird's Brae where the beige path is supposed to be shared use, ... [more]

[Image taken 25.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Looking across the car park from the carpark pedestrian (cycle, scooter, wheelchair) entrance/exit on Frederic Street (see: #169692) towards the one closest to Bootham Terrace (see: #169690 and ... [more]

LTN bollards in Kendal enabling the creation of an extra parking space. So must be a good idea. @RantyHighwayman

Parking problems outside the shops.

Unlike other armadillo-protected cycle lanes around the city, there are no double yellow lines on Wallacewell Road, and fly parking is still a problem, particularly at gaps in the armadillo provision.

Staff at the A14 services park here on NCN route 51

Car storage over hanging the cycle parking, since the bollard that stopped this got broken.

Car parking blocking access to front door.

[Image taken 12.5.21] Bishopthorpe Road, York. Sign at entrance to parking compound. I’ve seen it before, but today the gate was open… See also: #168824

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Hoardings around the Environment Agency works compound see also today: #168797 and links. All images this location today: #168788 and links

[Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. The driver of a small vehicle could park here and block the entry to/exit from the car park here see also: #168795. All images this location today: #168788 and links

Car parking in Laurieston all over the place, and some random cycle parking. I guess the streetlighting is nearing replacement.

Car parking in the rebuilt Laurieston area is perhaps not how the designers intended.

Class Parking Glasgow 🥰

One small house with three cars (one hidden) - despite having cycle and bus routes to Addenbrooke's and central Cambridge. What a waste.

Car parking on the Spean Street shared footway.

Car parking on the Spean Street shared footway.

Car parking in the Langlands Road cycle lane and footway. No waiting restrictions.

Cycle lanes being used for car parking, without any waiting restrictions. Designed for failure.

Lots of cars parked in the cycle lanes and footway on University Avenue.

Lots of cars parked in the cycle lanes and footway on University Avenue, including across the junction with Kelvin Way.

Lots of cars parked in the cycle lanes on University Avenue, including blocking some of the gaps for cycling to and from Kelvin Way.

The garden city was a great idea until it was swamped by cars

@GlasgowCC Is this still a bike lane? Faded paint, totally unenforced, drivers treating it with contempt. St Andrew's Road. @GoBikeGlasgow

Informal parking on Mill Road, now there is no traffic to block

The Howard Street contraflow cycle lane now has some protection from orcas, but some motorists still find ways to block it. Enforcement action seems to be missing. The traffic signals have "except cycles" signs, but no prohibition or man ... [more]

Regular parking spot in the pop-up cycle lane in Bilsland Drive, and also further drainage issues.

Van parking obstructing the dropped kerb for the path connecting Plean Street to the NCN7 cycle path. The bollard is largely superfluous, given the width of the opening.

City council garages

[Image taken 19.3.21] View over a fairly empty Marygate car park, York, from Scarborough bridge. The blocked Sheffields depicted in the links are at the entrance in the far right-hand corner (not visible in this image). See also: (blocked S ... [more]

New pedestrian refuge installed outside a Coventry school, making it easier for children to cross a horrific bell mouth junction. It’s only been there a week and has already been commandeered for car parking.

The Old Dumbarton Road cycle track isn't even finished and already it is attracting fly parking by motorists.

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