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Photo listing: temporary closures

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Nailsea school have closed the back entrance saying it is not safe. 20mph and a wider pavement would help ensure students are safer travelling to and from school.

I wonder whether if this path in Cluny Park had been maintained and upgraded to the same quality as the other paths in the same park that it would never have been allowed to be blocked by this contractor's compound.

School Street closure

Disappointment at discovering a closed bridge, for which there’s no advance warning ⚠️. It required a two-mile diversion and we met three other cyclists affected by this. This bridge has now been marked as closed in: … [more]

Salford Route 55 Tyldesley loop line branch. Road closed sign with no indication of a diversion. The path is closed under the East Lancs Road and will be for a while. At the very least there should be a sign saying follow diversion signs . … [more]

Rat run, width restriction required.

There is lots of ratrunning from people trying to get from the kenilworth road to milverton, making the road busier than it should be. removing the rat running and introducing a 20MPH speed limit would remove the need for seperated cycle … [more]

This road is a common ratrun between coventry road and emscote road. This is especially true during rush hour. This is particularly dangerous to children as it is happening right in front of a primary school. putting traffic filters here … [more]

There is often rat running along this route from people driving from lillington to east or south leamington or vice versa.

Narrow bridge with fast cars and blind corner. Should be single lane with traffic lights for cars with the space used to build a safe footway shared with poeple on cycles.

NCR1 via Pound Lane is temporarily blocked for a couple of years. A temporary diversion has been signed via Canterbury's pedestrianised St. Peter's Street, which has a no cycling restriction between 10:30 and 16:00, and St. Peter's Lane. … [more]

Temporary NCR1 diversion via St. Peter's Lane.

Temporary NCR1 diversion along Canterbury St. Peter's Street, which has a no cycling restriction between 10:30 and 16:00.

NCR1 via Pound Lane is temporarily closed. A diversion is signed via St. Peter's Lane here towards Canterbury's St. Peter's Street, which has a no cycling restriction between 10:30 and 16:00. A cycleable alternative, with greater traffic is … [more]

NCR1 is temporarily diverted via Canterbury's St. Peter's Street and St. Peter's Lane, instead of using Pound Lane, for a couple of years. The St. Peter's Street portion has a no-cycling restriction between 10:30 and 16:00 daily. A … [more]

Northfield Road is used as a convenient rat run for people. Despite being marked as a 20mph zone at each end of the road people drive much too fast given there is no path for pedestrians and this is a shared user road. Pedestrians should be … [more]

Cyclists and pedestrians only, in theory - city police at a moveable barrier

Road closure past a school - pretty standard now in Paris

[NOTE: There were no advance or on-the-day warnings for this closure. This is likely because it is not a road so none is required. An example of motonormativity. But it is a critical and accessible – since Scarborough Bridge was remodelled … [more]

20 mph -

Yet another temporary closure for a commercial event in Glasgow Green, closing many of the paths in the western section of the park, including NCN75. We ended up going via Monteith Row, along the northern edge of the park.

Road closure for Mazey Day in Penzance - several roads were blocked like this, with the normal signs just beyond.

Cycle stand and Beryl Bikes as near as feasible to the bike-sharing station

The bike sharing station is just right for setting up a stall

Road closure for a fun fair

Road closure for Mazey Day - just another pagan festival in Penzance

Close Harts Lane running east of here to stop vehicles using it and so the route is only used for people to cycle and walk along.

Something needs to be done to stop people stopping in the zigzags in front of the school BEFORE someone gets killed.

No car should be parked on the pavement here. This is NOT the place to advertise a car.

[UPDATE 24.6.23: The subsidence has worsened: #195324.] [UPDATE: 22.6.23 These works seem to have created subsidence on the route. Plus the white line down the centre of the route has not been reinstated: #195282.] [Image taken 12.6.23] … [more]

No pavement and lots of pedestrian traffic - must be 20mph

Too much priority is given to cars here. Add a bus/bike filter to Anchor Road here to make it easier to cross this bit of road. Change Canons Road from two lanes of northbound traffic to have traffic in both directions

This is the location of Rodmersham Village Hall

Cars speed along Somers Road daily at 40mph + in a built up residential area. Someone will be hit by a speeding vehicle

The South City Way cycleway has been closed by roadworks. No diversion is signed, and from this direction it is less obvious what to do. The traffic cone on the pedestrian refuge and the sign on the cycleway cause obstruction. The 'ahead … [more]

The South City Way cycleway closed by roadworks, but the main carriageway is unaffected. As the cycleway has an 'ahead only' restriction at the junction, a slip into the Advance Stop Line on the main carriageway has been provided for right … [more]

The South City Way cycleway closed by roadworks at Norfolk Court. There is no signed diversion, but it should be obvious to most to divert via the main carriageway.

Pollokshaws Road shut at the M77 motorway bridge for roadworks. It is possible to get around the closure on the western footway.

Prevent the rat-run from Town St to Broadway

Traffic filter here to prevent rat-running

[Image taken 30.4.23] Haxby, York. Other image this problem today and links: #193506.

[Image taken 30.4.23] York Road, Haxby, close to the ring road. [NOTE: No street view at this location] Context and links: #193506.

[UPDATE: On 24.5.23 I saw these works had finished/the items have all been removed.] [Image taken 30.4.23] York Road, Haxby, close to the ring road. To reach the Haxby Cycleway from Haxby, people on cycles need to cross the (busy, fast) … [more]

A traffic filter to slow cars down which speed up the hill.

Narrow the road to make cars slow down. As I approached the speed warning sign two cars passed doing 45+ at the start of the 30 zone.

[Image taken 19.4.23] Russia Dock Woodland, Rotherhithe, London. [NOTE Posted and captioned on behalf of the photographer] "I hope what they put in is temporary, it's a rectangular metal mesh tube and the sign appeared two weeks later. The … [more]

Pedestrian crossing needed here for safe access to Co-op shop and bus stop.

Long-term temporary closure of the northbound (west side) cycleway and footway on the Erskine Bridge. All to use the path on the east side.

The section of canal towpath between the Murano Street bridge and Shakespeare Street (see #192196) remains closed for resurfacing.

Busy road outside children's hospital leading to high levels of air pollution - Road should be changed to limit traffic

The carriageway of Wright Street has a temporary fence across the full width of it, so cyclists are forced onto the footway to get around it, but the footway beyond is shared-use anyway.

The former Renfrew to Paisley railway alignment is presently being rebuilt as a cycle path. This will run from Wright Street to Abercorn Street, under the motorway and past the sewage works.

Fast single lane, no paths and lots of walkers, restriction of traffic needed

Toucan crossing required across the A325 dual carriage way

The school entrance is very dangerous with cars swinging into Belle Friday Close at speed. Need them to slow down and give families priority crossing

20mph along Farnborough Road. Since the HGV ban on upper ale Road, far more come down too fast, and children at all the schools are at risk.

Speeding cars ignore the smiley face signs. Needs proper speed cameras on this road.

Major parking issues on Sunday here with lots of double yellow parking "just for a minute". Should be pedestrianised.

There is frequent parking on double yellow lines here which reduces visibility and makes it very dangerous for children crossing the road to get to school. Increase patrol around drop-off time

The canal towpath is now closed for resurfacing. Work can be seen going on in the distance. However, the only information for the diversion route is on the notice at the closure. The route itself, which is via the parallel main road, is not … [more]

Cars are parked on one side at all times. Bottleneck at peak hours as it becomes a one-way road. Please widen this road (from 2 to 3 lanes) or put a double yellow line. A temporary traffic light at peak times would also help. Cars can then … [more]

Wegen Baustelle am Straßenrand ist die Straße für Radfahrer gesperrt. Einzige Alternative: Schieben?!

Haywood Village used as a rat run by through traffic

Car Park Here not marked

Traffic filter slowing cars as they approach the bend near the castle coming from Winscombe - there have been lots of accidents with people coming round the corner too fast

The pedestrian zone on this part of Swan Hill is ignored by a lot of drivers. Adding some actual enforcement here would stop rat running along narrow roads and encourage drivers to use more appropriate roads to access the town. Access … [more]

It's quite common in Derbyshire for roads to be closed, usually due to subsidence, but as a rule the council is pretty good at making it clear that there's access for pedestrians and cyclists.

Bamford Clough, perhaps the steepest road climb in Britain, has now been closed to vehicles with no sign of any construction taking place - this is quite common in Derbyshire, usually due to subsidence (eg #191339 ), but the council is … [more]

Cars are parked on one side at all times. Bottleneck at peak hours as it becomes a one-way road. Please widen this road (from 2 to 3 lanes) or put a double yellow line. A temporary traffic light at peak times would also help. Cars can then … [more]

Very narrow all along Blackmoor cars drive so fast and we all have drives straight onto the lane. No pavements and no street lights mean walking and cycling is so dangerous as well. Our children have to walk down the Lane to get the school … [more]

Drivers don’t stop at mini roundabout and cut corners at speed. So dangerous for us cyclists!

Alter the angle of the road to slow traffic better enabling elderly pedestrians crossing from Hammond Court and customers to businesses towards the gates.

Cars travel dangerously fast around this bend, especially during 'rush hour' periods. Pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians are at risk in these areas.

Speed limit here too high, a path or better signage in the least is needed, pedestrians regularly use the public footpath in the Show Ground which is accessible from the road, traffic on the road is way too fast considering there is a … [more]

Used by HGVs sometimes, trying to cut through traffic - very dangerous! Ladymead Lane, Pudding Pie Lane, and Jubilee Lane all need a width and weight restriction.

Slow the traffic that races down Mendip Rd to bypass the congested high street

This part of West End Lane is single use and traffic drives too fast making it dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders.

30mph limit needs to start here. Existing location does not have impact. Village gateway feature with central island would reinforce.

30 mph limit needs to start here as existing position does not have impact. Village gateway here would reinforce speed limit.

Make all side roads in Nailsea 20mph, making space for all the community.

Reduce traffic speed to make it safer for cycling, walking and horse riding

Make the road around the green behind Baltic Place one-way with marked parking.

Traffic travelling through Cleeve at 40 mph is dangerous and noisy. Some vehicles, including heavy lorries ignore the limit and thunder through the village, causing my rooms to vibrate!

Reduce speed along the whole length of Sheepway to 20 or 30mph. A lot of traffic is "rat run" and the cars speed through.

Rat run cars go far too fast. This should be a one way system too

Pavement only on one side of the road and that is often obstructed by parked vehicles

Too many cars and they go too fast. Lots of walkers and children about also there is a school further down the road

20 mph zone needs to be implemented on this road

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

20 mph zone needs to be implemented through the village from this point

No pavement exists on this road. A 20 mph zone needs to be enacted along this road.

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

20 mph zone needs to be extended to this point

Hanham Way and The Causeway are used as a rat run. 5000 vehicles a day every day. Speed down Hanham Way is too fast for safety and noise reasons. Make Hanham Way 20mph. Make The Causeway one-way (heading out of Nailsea) it is too narrow, … [more]

Exit lane widened and visibility from taxiway improved

Extend left turn flare

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