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Photo listing : temporary closures (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This part of St Mary’s Rd seems far too much through traffic - filter would be great here.

During drop off and pick up times cars should be banned on Newstead Road enabling parents to use the road to social distance. It will improve childrens safety.

There is only school on that road. No other buildings. With a lot of kids and parents on the drop off and pick up it’s hard to keep social distance without waiting on the street. Also during the school hours kids need to cross this road g ... [more]

This road should be pedestrianised as a matter of urgency. Currently due to covid restrictions parents have to wait in the road for their children as there is not enough pavement space to wait at a safe social distance. I see no reason ... [more]

Since the local market stopped, this part of Maple Road has become a rat-run and yet, with a school one side and a church and shops the other side, it has huge potential as a community hub - less traffic, more walking and cycling

This road needs traffic calming measure as cars race down this road at very high speeds preventing children from crossing safely on their way to school.

Traffic too fast past school - reduce to 30 mph

Please restore the vandalised planters. They're sure to improve pick up/drop off at Chantry Academy. They were in place for less than 24 hours, that's no time to measure their effect or to let the community adapt to them and see if they ... [more]

Make it possible for cyclists to pass between these two roads to improve access to the station. Currently there is a kerb with no gaps.

This road should be closed to traffic between 8.20-9.20 and 2.40-3.40 daily. This would allow parents and children to safely socially distance whilst waiting to enter or leave the school.

In order for parents to be in line with the covid 19 guardlines of social distancing this road needs to be temporarily closed. There are now 3 school gates/doors facing this road for parents to collect kids and it is almost impossible not t ... [more]

With the current Covid situation; children, parents and teachers need more space to be able to drop children and keep a safe level of social distancing

At the moment, the parents at St Thomas More primary school are trying to social distance during drop off and pick up and as they are not able to go into the playground, the parents are spilling out onto the road. If this road is temporaril ... [more]

This is a one way road outside a school. During this time of social distancing, school have had to stagger start and end times, vary entrances to site etc. There are lots of children and parents having you sure as out around the area. It is ... [more]

Newstead Road is one way, with only a school located on it (no houses or other buildings that require access). There is Ratcliffe Road and Knighton Road which run parallel as an alternative. This road should be closed to allow school childr ... [more]

Traffic Calming measures: The speed at which vehicles race down to the lights makes this a very horrible stretch to cycle. Parked cars either side of the road make leaves you open to door strikes.

Traffic calming measures needed here. People use it as a loop-road to avoid the Primrose Way junction. Frequently high speeds on narrow carriageway.

Hawks Road is too busy for the size of road and due to narrow pavements and amount of pedestrian and cycle traffic. Perhaps make one way to resolve.

This road is very dangerous for people dropping off children at Fairlawn school at school drop-off and pick-up. Pavements are far too narrow, and traffic is far too heavy and fast. The road should be for cyclists and pedestrians only at the ... [more]

Cars make school drop-off and pick -up very dangerous here. The road should be for cyclists and pedestrians only at these times.

Cars are very dangerous on this road at school drop off and pick up. Motorised vehicles should be banned at these times.

Cars frequently speeding down Cambridge road. Add traffic calming measures or reduce to 20mph.

Contraflow cycle route in place but traffic coming other way not expecting it and potential risk at entry and exit of filter on this corner

Traffic cuts through the winding village road up Fosse Lane and Main Street. It is high in volume at peak times and often exceeds the speed limit.

Stop rat run to avoid queue on London Road and protect children playing on residential roads

Restrict parking times to avoid school run parking. When I went to this school 40 years ago not car drop offs we all walked or cycled

Cars drive 40 mph plus in middle part of Risborough Road, many kids live on street.

Maldon High Street has died during the current Virus restrictions and you would be luck to see people in the high street, which has brought many businesses to their knees and making pavements wider would have no effect but to make it harder ... [more]

Stop cars parking here. Double yellow lines needed due to excessive cars accident waiting to happen from football cars

The flow of traffic needs to be diverted back to All Saints Road. No traffic filters will help the situation. Increased noise and pollution is no calming measures which was once a very quite and safe road. It's called a Garden suburb for a ... [more]

Put an immediate stop to the proposed testing plans for diverting traffic from All Saints Road into Woodend as a cut through to get onto Angel Hill Road

DEATH TRAP. a CHILD will DIE HERE. CRAZY PLACE TO HAVE A ROAD CROSSING A SCHOOL ENTRANCE, cycle lane pedestrian lane, bus lane and roundabout. blind spots and unaware children. this is a terrible place its only a matter of time. there was a ... [more]

Crazy squeezed cycle lane (with lamp post!) and mixed up area of pedestrians cyclists and road traffic

Recently 3-4 school buses have begun to park outside Wilko`s in the morning so on my commute across town I now face city buses on Charles street having to pull out into on coming lane fully blocking the road for cycles going through Charles ... [more]

Either ban on street parking or ban large vehicles using stour road station side to create space for safe cycling and pedestrian routes particularly with the number of school children using this route. This would also improve traffic flow a ... [more]

Signs are not facing the correct way to warn of cyclists/school - they are twisted

Crossing Petersfield at the junction to Harewood Avenue to get to and from school is a terrible accident waiting to happen. Hundreds of children and parents trying to cycle and walk across Petersfield while cars are travelling up and down e ... [more]

I have almost been hit by cars at this junction a number of times as the view up Oak Avenue is often obscured by parked cars/vans. Double yellow lines for a good distance either side of the junction would make a difference.

Tiny road with motorway-level traffic since 14 September.

Some form of filter is needed here to stop it being used as a rat run. There is a nursery at the corner which is negatively impacted by the pollution and noise of through traffic

Cars turning in from main road do so at high speeds making it difficult to cross the road especially as you have no option but to cross here to get to the tool hire side of the road.

Wider crossing point so cyclists and pedestrians (pushchair/wheelchair users) can safely cross esp. at busy times when cars have no patience and are edging towards the crossing or blocking it.

Keep left signs to help cyclists and pedestrians to be safer and socially distance.

Keep left signs to help pedestrians and cyclists.

Make this area one way so that children can walk to school safely.

School street: close road at start and end of school day to enable space for social distancing.

Pedestrian crossing point to reduce need to go to busy KFC crossing or further into Narborough Road. Would also slow down cars.

Visibility and road severely restricted from cars parking both sides of road, especially around the church. Suggest double yellow lines along the Park on Park side

Keep left signs so it safe for both cyclists and pedestrians to overtake/pass.

Cars driving extremely fast around the Park/Ashcombe avenue rat run. Danger to people access park crossing road

Keep left signs needed, particularly just before bend so that it is safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Limited space to pass even without need to social distance. Bollards need widening so that cyclists can pass safely. Suggest clear cycle and pedestrian lanes from Bede Park to the Boulevard.

More needs to be done to discourage cars from parking on corners (double yellow lines). Poor visibility for cyclists, cars often blocking dropped kerbs for pedestrians and dangerous for cars that enjoy cutting corners.

In between Compton and top side Haddenham there needs to be a narrowed road with bollards so that cars driving from top of Haddenham Road are forced to slow down and can see cars turning in from Compton Road. This will also allow children t ... [more]

This road from springwell in downwards needs speed cameras and bumps as cars frequently race up and down doing a lot quicker than 30

Only current entrance to school, impossible to socially distance due to narrow paths and/or people parking on path to avoid single/double/zigzag yellow lines.Make Road one way from top of West Lane towards Winlaton village therefore space ... [more]

Victoria Road is a narrow, residential road, with a number of cars parked outside the victorian houses, further narrowing the street. The footpaths on both sides are also narrow. Cyclists are also brought into conflict with vehicles, as the ... [more]

Wasted council money now a dangerous roundabout

Route heavily used by cyclists and pedestrians, introduce 20mph speed limit for cars

Surely having the filter here rather than at the Fernside Rd Junction would cause less disruption to residents of Churchfield Rd, removing the need for an excessive diversion via Civic Centre gyratory while retaining the benefit?

Cycle lanes on the promenade would be very dangerous. They will lead to increased speeding and how will families in beach huts stay safe? It would be dangerous to cross to the sea. The promenade is for walkers and beach and beach hut users.

Pavements too narrow

Congestion, dangerous parking and not enough space for pedestrians or cyclists during school run. Create 1-way system. Probably 2 anticlockwise loops with left turns only, including Windsor Road, Kimberley Rd, Powell Rd and Alton Rd.

This road is on the recommended cycle route and signposted so. Unfortunately cars use it as a cut through to avoid the main Alma Road and tend to speed down it causing it to be unsafe for cyclists who have been directed to go that route by ... [more]

Too many cars/vans and larger vehicles using Guilford Road as a cut through. The road is long, straight and wide which is why they speed plus they are cutting the corner off as they should be staying on London Road. Weight limit is s ... [more]

Create cul-de-sac to prevent rat run

Terrible traffic run through, too fast, inconsiderate. Many children use this road to go to school, the lollipop lady puts her life on the line every time she steps out into the road!! Please close the road to traffic!!

Prevent rat-run through residential area

Busy rat run to town centre. Traffic regularly exceeds speed limit on twisting road with poor visibility. Very unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians.

This road is very narrow. Cars and HGV users drive up and down this road very fast. Many pedestrians use the pavements. They are at risk. Also groups from school on corner travel up to the church at the top of the street. The children and t ... [more]

This road is very narrow. Cars and HGV users drive up and down this road very fast. Many pedestrians use the pavements. They are at risk. Also groups from school on corner travel up to the church at the top of the street. The children and t ... [more]

Block the road to stop dangerous rat run. Also to stop drug dealers outside Alexandra Park.

Terrible speeding, used as a cut through. High volumes of traffic. Very dangerous driving on a narrow road. Accident waiting to happen and it’s getting worse.

A pedestrian crossing point is required to cross the A50 with a build-out to improve pedestrian visibility when crossing this busy main road. This measure would assist safety for users walking between Church Lawton and Lawton Heath.

A crossing point with central pedestrian refuge on the town side of Edwards Way is necessary as this is the main walking route to the town centre, schools and other amenities.

Used as a rat run to avoid Poole Road. Excessive speed as no calming measures implemented, 20mph signs ignored.

Built up area with no pavement.. Heavy use by pedestrians, cyclists and through traffic. 20mph limit essential.

Numerous accidents but lights will cause even more congestion. Suggest yellow box placed at junction

One way. Would improve parking for residents as well as prevent rat runs. Would suggest only Weymouth road is the 1 way.

Excessive speeding on a residential road. Why are you waiting for a serious RTA before something is done?

Countless accidents at this junction - it needs lights. Maybe move the pedestrian crossing to this junction

Wellington Rd is used as a rat run for vehicles which are avoiding congestion on Penn Hill Ave, Woodside Rd and Kingsbridge Rd. As this is a residential road with cars parked on either side and with an increasing number of young families an ... [more]

Zebra crossing with lollipop person required. The school children need help to cross the busy road.

Zebra crossing and lolly pop person required to allow the school children to cross the busy road safely. We also need a cycle path to the high school and Pikemere school that extends to the surrounding areas of Alsager and Church Lawton to ... [more]

Alexandra Road has had traffic issues for many years, the traffic calming measures introduced have simply not worked. If anything it has created a one lane race track. There have been numerous accidents over the last few years. 80% of tr ... [more]

Parents and toddlers on starter bikes, elderly walkers, school children and family walkers all need to cross here to get on/ off the salt line. Visibility is poor. The cars need to be slowed down to 20mph and a zebra crossing made. A paveme ... [more]

Speed limit 60mph- traffic travels too fast round this corner, too close to cyclists and pedestrians. There is no walkway or cycle path. Cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles travelling towards the corner In the opposite direction and vehicles em ... [more]

The A158 is too wide and busy to cross for cyclists and pedestrians. Adding a ‘refuge’ at the centre of this road (where vehicles filter to turn towards Nettleham) would enable safer crossing of one carriageway at a time.

White lines required, not reinstalled after resurfacing

White lines were never reinstalled after road resurfaced

Pedestrian Crossing with loud beeping sound

Best place for Bus Gate on Mount Pleasant - stops rat run from New Barnet but allows 384 bus and school buses

This part of Front Street—similar to other comments—could be exclusively for buses and otherwise pedestrianised. Traffic is often busy at peak times, making crossing the road difficult. Cyclists going into the main town centre would als ... [more]

With the seafront closed, the volume of traffic here makes crossing the road on foot or by bike a dangerous nightmare. At the very least it needs a light-controlled crossing outside Dolphin Court, or better still a zebra crossing and a spee ... [more]

There is some form of crossing furniture but without the lolly pop man it is very dangerous with poor and too short sight lines.improved traffic calming measures should be added to enable safe crossing.

This is a very dangerous crossing, a consequence of a historic changing of the junction. Cars turn left at 30 mph. It is neither simply safe to cross nor cycle along.

Traffic thunders along here, should be lower speed limit (currently 40mph). Maybe even a school zone. Walking the school run to Reepham is frankly a harrowing ordeal.

I live on Gosbrook Road for 10 years now and haven't seen such a traffic here as it is now. Absolute nightmare, children are not yet back to schools and now to get through Caversham is much faster walking. I dread to travel when they will ... [more]

Needs a crossing so it’s safe to cross. And bus shelter

Remove the awful one way system for traffic it makes no logical sense forcing cars to go into Caversham to head away from Reading.

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