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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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A secure bike hanger for users of the park to lock their bikes up safely

Where can we store our bikes safely? There's only space to park cars - should be encouraging greener transport methods especially during covid

Would be great to have a bike hangar around here as there is no provision for bike storage in many flats and no nearby storage options

Cycle parking is needed in this area

The Victorian houses in this area are too small to allocate for bike storage. Please build one on white road

Cycle parking needed by the Co-op bank. Plenty of space, nearest is on High St

There is no parking on this street. I've seen many residents with bikes etc.

SW19 3AT

The new LTN means lots of cyclists are now using Odessa Road including myself. I would like to support the local stores here, but a problem with bike parking means I can't.

For visitors to the bakery/cafe

There are currently a couple of stands outside the Gate library, but there should definitely be more at such a large public building.

There is already a bike storage hanger for 10 bikes, but there is a long waiting list, with 5 people already on it. It's a residential area so I'm sure it will get used.

Cycle parking should be here instead of travelling across the car park where cars often do not look out for anything and avoids cyclists using pedestrian footpaths to get across to park their bike.

The new WEP Project promised cycle parking but residents need SECURE PARKING - the two santander stations are always empty for residents and local buildings have no bike storage policies.

Install a bike hanger to secure park up to 6 bikes

1 x hanger needed for 2-4 cycles on Keston Road, SE15 4JB

Aylesbury Road SE17 is has some enclosed bike hangars but they are full capacity so more are needed as well as visitor parking in the form of Sheffield stands

It would be really great if we could get some parking for bikes where the entrance to our flat is.

1 above refers to 1 x bike hangar = 6 spaces. The existing bike hangar on Lyndhurst Grove is full and lots more people are cycling now. The houses on this road all have steps up and down and few have garden access making it difficult for pe ... [more]

Shenley Road and surrounding roads house many residents who have bikes. We have 2 in my flat and 3 in the flat upstairs, and our immediate neighbours also have multiple cyclists in each property. We have no rear access so on street safe par ... [more]

• our shared building has shown interest in a Bikehangar as there aren’t any available spaces nearby, • especially on the south side of Grove Park, SE5, are a large number of flats and estates without outdoor space to park their bik ... [more]

Please add bike storage options in and around Thorburn Sq. (SE15QF). As can be seen in the cyclehoop rental map (, the entire area from Dunton Rd to Raymouth Rd betw ... [more]

Hi, It would be nice to have a cycle parking in Brondesbury park. Any plan to develop the network? Thank you Riccardo

Selwyn Road not only has a primary school at the end of the road but a large mosque. As a resident of the street it is rather busy for residential. A few cycle parking facilities on the road may cut congestion. Residents are also taking to ... [more]

Lots of residential property but no biking space at all in the 3 miles

We would like a Bikehanger as there aren't any available spaces nearby. Due to Covid-19, the number of bikes has increased and we need a place to safely store them.

Poorly maintained and narrow cycle path.

We have just moved into a first floor flat (no garden) and would like to park our three bikes securely on our street; Oglander Road SE15 4EN. A bike hangar would be really helpful and useful to us. All bike hangars around us are full and we ... [more]

I live in a house of two flats and between us we have 5 bikes and are all looking for somewhere to store them. We are confident there is the demand for a hanger from our house alone.

Outside Blackmans Bay Hall

Fitchburg bicycle parking census Properly installed Non-recommended rack type

Fitchburg bicycle parking census Non-recommended rack type Improperly installed: blocks pedestrian access

Space for a cyclehoop bike hanger. The street has a lot of driveway parking, but no provision for cycle storage for upstairs flats. I have had verbal support for some residents and will seek signatures.

There is no space to leave bikes in the short front yards, and no cycle storage on the street for dozens of bloxms. Hangars please!

There's a big residential building - Exeter Mansions. Multiple tenants would like to commute to work by bike but there is nowhere they could park their bikes (neither around nor inside the building). Moreover there are no bike parkings anyw ... [more]

Fitchburg bicycle parking census Non-recommended rack type Improperly installed: not secured to ground, too close to obstructions

So many bikes, so little space

The bike hangar location should be on the corner of Holmdene Avenue and Herne Hill. There is a widened area of pavement here or it could occupy one parking space on the corner, which is located behind a bollard which adds extra safety/prote ... [more]

Lots of offices around here and insufficient secure cycle parking. The cycle hoop down the road is full.

There are several cyclists on this road who need somewhere outside to store bikes

Notting Hill Genesis own the grade 1 listed building otherwise known as Isokon Flats situated on Lawn Road, NW3 2XD which also houses a gallery exhibition centre open to the public. There are 36 residential flats in total from whom we have ... [more]

I recommend that some secure parking should be provided near to Hillside Court as this building does not have cycle storage facilities and the flats and hallways are not suitable for bike storage.

We could really do with a cycle hangar on our street to support and encourage cycling

Bike theft is rampant around these parts (I've just had mine stolen). There's space for a secure locker on either side of the street at this junction - I'm sure it'd be a popular location.

Know a lot of people in my building/road that are struggling to store bikes or it is putting them off buying a bike because of lack of storage

Cromwell Close is a large residential development with no provision of any bike storage/parking. We need bike storage to avoid public transport.

There is no bike parking around the Brimington Estate where people live in flats and have nowhere to store them

There’s no bike parking in either the estate or down the main road. Many people in the estate live in flats and do not have space for a bike. With a lot more people cycling it would be great to have more storage facilities.

Cycle parking needed at Aldborough Roman Site (there's a flight of steps to reach this point)

Cyclehoop. I've previously had my bike stolen from this street.

Wheelbender stands and alternative option at the Black Sheep Brewery, Masham

There are three lockers within Tyers Gate development and a hanger on the street itself. All full, more required please

Sorry... this is the closest thing to cycle parking at Tesco in Whitehaven

I live in a block of flats with a lot people who cycle. there is currently no where to store bikes which means people are carrying them up and down the stairs and it's very difficult. There is lots of space either in the grounds of on the r ... [more]

Secure cycle storage or lockers at Lucy Tower car park

No cycle parking at Carlisle Castle

Suggest 1 x cycle hangar for 6 cycles on restricted parking bay, e.g. outside 11 Alpha Street

The exisisting lockers have been fully booked from the past 3 years. There is space for at least 2 more lockers.

There are two Sheffield stands near the library and a few more nearby at the Coop grocery. But none near the podium or High Street. They just revamped the podium last year... would have the opportune time to add a couple Sheffield stands, ... [more]

Cycling has become a necessity for getting around safely but not all flats have space/contracts that support bike storage indoors. Council provided bike storage would be really valuable in alleviating this challenge and support a healthier/ ... [more]

I am a prospective tenant for a flat on this road, however the flat has no bike storage and is on the third floor making it not very practical to carry my bike up and down every day. I love cycling to work both for the physical and mental h ... [more]

This will be a decent link when proper dropped kerbs are installed.

Outside the Hobart Town Hall

SECURE bicycle parking needed

SECURE bicycle parking needed in Abingdon centre.

Secure bicycle parking needed at every shopping/business centre.

The pavement was just redone and there is a lot of space to install bike parking - which is urgently needed.

I live in Cambridge and we have far more bike racks than London. I could find nowhere to lock my bike here. If the government is serious about cycling they need to emulate Cambridge with lots of racks and also bike parks. We have two large ... [more]

Nowhere to park outside the sports shop, lots of bikes locked to the railings and very unhelpful sign on Piccadilly tube station railings that cycles will be removed. Far more cycle racks are needed in London if TFL wants to increase cyclin ... [more]

This road could easily accommodate more cycle hangars as it has hardly any houses or cars parked and the area desperately needs more bike hangars

East Dulwich is extremely short of space to park bikes, as many including us, are in flats or terraced houses.

Broken racks - nice idea in principle to provide wheel supports against these stands, like on the left. In practice though they have turned out to be fragile.

Need for cycle parking in Ross Street.

I would like a Cyclehoop hanger on Crawthew Grove.

The nearest ones [?] to where I live are almost 10 min walk and most are full.

I would like to have a bike rack parking there

Lots of residents on this street would use this [what?]

Mundania Court is a block of 50 flats with no possibility of on site bike storage. Currently residents leave they bikes in common areas but we have been advised that his contravenes health and safety and insurance regs and we will be requir ... [more]

The cycle parking at Woodbridge Station looks like a couple of rusty Sheffield-style racks and some broken lockers.

There are remarkably any within 5 min walk radius Queen Anne Street / Wimpole St junction. Best placed outside cafes and busy buildings, to deter thieves.

This is a dead end road so a cycle hangar could be installed without taking away parking or blocking a pavement. It's right next to a current cycle path through to Dyne Road

It would be great to have 1 cycle stand on each side of Teignmouth Road where it meets Walm Lane.

Bike hangar to be place on road to occupy one of the soon to be introduced CPZ parking bays. There are currently no safe public parking spaces for bikes in the area and bike thefts are common

Residential area near shops

It would be amazing if Wesley Avenue or near by could get some cycle stands. Ideally, it would be fantastic to get something like other councils install - bikehangers schemes . ... [more]

A bike hanger of any description would be a welcome asset to the many cyclists forced to store bikes in their front gardens! The pavement is HUGE as the road was narrowed to slow traffic and improve safety - also one less parking space wou ... [more]


Space to park bikes, as these are flats with no place to put bicycles, it would be helpful to have space on Leighton Gardens.

At northern entrance to Coles car park. The ground is not flat.

West Suffolk College is largely closed at the moment, but it does seem to have liittle cycle parking compared to the large areas of car parking. In addition, these stands seem to be just bolted to the paving slabs without any deeper anchora ... [more]

Need some secure cycle parking for office workers, suggesting a Cycle Hub similar to those in Finsbury Park, Enfield and Edmonton (

There is a lack of cycle parking in the centre of Ironbridge, which is a popular cycling destination. Bikes end up being parked at random locations

Suggest bike shelter

Maude Road, resident parking, but hardly anyone parks here so better used for bike hangar

There are multiple households cycling on this street and there have been bike thefts recently.

Many of of the residents of our building are cyclists and it would be much easier if we could keep bikes securely outside

There are hundreds of people living in these flats and hardly any bike storage. I am on the waiting list for an existing hangar on the road and am 47th on the list! So clearly lots of demand.

We work in an office block and would like a secure sheltered unit to park our bikes on the public footpath or highway. There's a motorbike as well as parking zone outside so should be easy to install.

Please could I request a cycle parking hub for harvist road. As there are no cycle hubs available In the nearby area presently. [Harvist Road, Queens Park, London NW6?]

I'm living around here and as you can see there's no bike stand at all

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