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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

A few of the pop-up cycle stands at Trumpington Park & Ride could be taken apart with an Allen key.

Road closure - once again the NHS provides car parking but does a poor job of cycle access. At least there are a couple of Sheffield stands.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

Wheel benders at St Philip Howard Catholic Church.

[Image taken 26.2.21 during lockdown] Micklegate, York. Two scooters among the Sheffields. The one on the left is in the correct location. The one of the right is not and blocks use of the 2 cycle parking spaces. In March 2019, City of York ... [more]

No Bicycles sign - if they provided something better than wheelbender parking, there wouldn't be an issue.

[Image taken 18.2.21] Flyparked cycles on Micklegate, York. The owners were getting coffees next door. Just one example to illustrate that more cycle parking is needed at this end of the street. See also #164327, #164328

[Image taken 18.2.21] On Micklegate, York, a gap in the Sheffields opposite the post office has been marked up with a scooter symbol. E-scooters/hire scooters from appeared in this city on 20 October 2020 ( ... [more]

There's a some kind of space where you could easily fit a safe parking space there

[Image taken 16.2.21] The Asda at Monks Cross, York, has Sheffield stands (some under cover) and wheelbenders. The Sheffields are behind the photographer and to the left ie adjacent to the wheelbenders in this image. Staff definitely use th ... [more]

There is no cycle parking on the street or on the estate. All houses have small front gardens that wouldn't fit bikes, and people just lock bikes to lamposts. Also, all the houses are flats or half houses so they all share hallways and cann ... [more]

There are two small shops on Godwin Road. 2 Sheffield stands outside each would be extremely helpful and welcome.

Co-op might want someone who has seen a bicycle to reposition the cycle rack in front of its store, if it wants more than one person to stop by.

There is no secure cycle parking available for Whorlton Road, despite a lot of demand for this. The road has also recently become a cul-de-sac so there is now more opportunity to install this parking.

No way to obtain a space in a cyclehoop - all local cyclehoop spaces are waiting listed and have been for at least 12 months. Please add more, demand clearly there. [Cycle hangars? Cycle hoops are on poles and free to all]

There are 6 flats in my building and each would love to have access to safe cycling storage

All local cycle pods hangers are full - I am cycling resident in Peabody building, storage here would serve people like my partner and me and many others. Clearly, demand is high for these spaces - please create more.

These cycle spaces should be offered to children of Arts and Media School Islington (Secondary School - Marriott Road Side) for free to help the cycle to school programme as there are currently no free spaces to park bicycles safely. These ... [more]

There is no secure cycle available hangar in the vicinity.

Secure bike storage needed as apartments have none

Bike racks? We don’t need no stinkin bike racks. #PennStation The station has had a recent makeover

For the residents of Renforth Street Estate - a lot of cars park here, and this congestion could be eased by a number of bike spaces. As it's a cul de sac, bikes are often stolen from outside and, therefore, many residents who would like to ... [more]

Reflections flooding

All nearby Cycle storage schemes are fully occupied. Southwark have implemented lots of new quietways for cyclists but have not increased storage. We are a household of three adults who would all like to cycle but nowhere to store our bikes ... [more]

Space to the right of the York Community Stadium Leisure Complex. It could be realistically and usefully used for cycle racks for families and people with disabilities. Racks could be a mix of lower and standard height longer Sheffields, sp ... [more]

The frontage of the new (opened December 2020) York Community Stadium Leisure Complex. There's space for - signed - cycle parking for family groups and disabled/wider than standard cycles to the right of the entrance. See also #157906, #157 ... [more]

Cycle parking already in use despite being far from the entrance to the newly opened (mid-December 2020) York Community Stadium Leisure Complex There are no wider spaces for families or trikes ... [more]

Cycle parking at the newly opened York Community Stadium Leisure Complex. It's further from the facilities people will be visiting than the car parking. See also #157906, #157907

Car parking - disabled and non - at the new (opened mid-December 2020) York Stadium Leisure Complex ( is closer than the cycle parking. There is no specific cycle parking provision for family g ... [more]

Why have these inconvenient racks?

This broken rack has been lying around in this cycle park for months.

Monks Cross additional cycle parking issues... Cycle protrudes into tarmac (parking area), racks are just 79cm apart (between the mid points of the top bars), abandoned trolley. See also #156553, #156554, #156555, #156556, #156557, #156626, ... [more]

Monks Cross, cycle parking too narrowly spaced and too close to the car parking such that cycles protrude into the area. See also #156553, #156554, #156555, #156556, #156557, #156626, #156627, #156628, #156845

Many residents in Alaska Buildings and nearby buildings don't have any secure cycle parking.

2020: Latest iteration of bad cycle parking at 24 Hills Road 🤭 2019: #112492 wheelbenders 2012: #35336 oversize hoops

Plenty of room along this stretch of pavement to have a place to park/store bikes for access to shops/restaurants

There is no bike hangar on Rossetti Road, Stubbs Drive. With the number of residents cycling from those streets, we will have 6 spaces taken.

Add cycle parking

Add bike parking - there is nothing on CPR

No public cycle parking nearby and no private either

Insecure cycle parking outside the shop at Kirklee crossroads. There is a step down at the end of the paving slabs.

This would not be taking up any parking spaces either

This road is off the main road and does not reach capacity for parking so it is ideal for cycle storage.

Hi. Myself and our neighbours are keen to get a cycle hoop fitted on Central Park Road East Ham. There are 3 families who are keen and would make a big difference. Thanks

Bike hangar needed

Always very crowded/scarce cycle parking in this area. Desperately needs cycle hangars for secure parking.

Absolutely brand new Co-op shop, and they've put the cycle stands as far away as possible from the entrance - so no-one will use them, and Co-op management won't bother next time.

1 x Cyclehoop bike hangar needed for 6 bikes

Public space available for cycle store to be used by local terraced houses

Public space available for cycle store to be used by local terraced houses

Public space available for cycle store to be used by local terraced houses

Public space available for cycle store to be used by local terraced houses

Public space available for cycle store to be used by local terraced houses

[Secure cycle parking requested, presumably] My housemate and I will both use it, as will our downstairs neighbour

Street cycle parking space needed here.

Total shit at the arse end of the car park. Do better @asda and maybe our towns wouldn't be so clogged with motor vehicles. This is a town centre store in the middle of Warrington FFS. See also #84872.

More cycle parking at St Martin's needed now old ones are removed

For new Aldi

Cycle parking at the Trumpington Road P+R. Toast racks like this don't look permanent to me, but I'm guessing these are. Not good enough, if so. They should be covered and more secure to start with.

Under a bridge

Stands gradually being removed as they become loose, due to being wrongly installed in the first place

There are no cycle hoops yet on this street, whereas most of the neighbouring streets have them

The bike racks here are always full or close to full - more needed.

Many residents in my street are in favour of cycle hangars and the number is increasing.

A lot of people on Holmdene Avenue would like bike storage which would ease pressure on driving/owning car

There are lots of neighbours on the street who would like on street parking (e.g. cycle hoop hangars) as the houses/flats aren't conducive to bike storage.

There are no secure bike hangers or lockers in the area.

I am a resident of Cross Court, Denmark Hill Estate, and there is no public cycle stands or anywhere to keep our bikes inside the flat. The Cyclehoop locker is full.

Having cycle stands at this location would incentivate cycling for local residents, and help the council keep this pavement clear of rubbish.

There are hundreds of residents in this square and loads of space to add secure cycle parking.

We request a bike Hangar for 6 bikes be inserted here given the high volume of residents who cycle, and the lack of secure off-street parking that is available to them.

Several residents along Wood Vale live in small flats and have nowhere to store their bikes. A bikehanger would allow us to securely store and regularly use our bikes.

Would benefit the whole estate and is well suited due to proximity to the quiet route.

Would be great to have hangars to store bikes as is difficult in shared accomodation

162 Underhill Road there are 6 of us who would use a bike hangar.

A couple of abandoned/damaged bikes at Partick station.

We have a lot of bikes on our street and nowhere to keep them. Leaving them outside feels unsafe in the area.

Cycle parking needed at the ticket office for the Neues Palais, Potsdam (two standard bikes and my folder attached to the only poles available).

There is a space here beneath a bridge which is often used by fly tippers. If we could replace these with bike stands it would be great as 1. They are under a bridge, so are naturally covered; 2. They would be used by people visiting the lo ... [more]

With new parking restrictions and permits for residents, a safer and more secure place to lock bikes would be extremely helpful.

No cycle hangars available, lots of on street parking left empty, mostly small flats with no bike storage, high crime area and lots of theft

There are no cycle hangers for several roads and all nearby are oversubscribed.

Need for cycle Parking in Thoday Street.

Non-recommended rack type

Would be great to have a few more bicycle storage options in the neighbourhood, it would go a long way to encouraging more people to invest in cycling. it's hard if you don't have street access to your garden to keep bringing a bike though ... [more]

It's hard to lock a bike securely in Copenhagen

With the road closed one end and CPZ finally operational the road has more space for cycle storage including bike hangars. This will help residents and commuters for East Dulwich station. Secure storage would be better.

Non-recommended rack type

We're currently campaigning to get more bike hangars on our street. We've done a survey on the street and of those who have responded, 100% are positive and there is extremely high demand for more space (most of us have been on waiting lis ... [more]

There are a lot of young people and families on the street and given the lockdown and fact that everyone is commuting via bike or cycling recreationally, a bike hanger or lockers on the square would be much needed and used.

A secure cycle hangar would be preferable to a cycle stand. There is a lot of free space in the parking lot so it should be possible to install without issues.


Cycle Shelter to leave bikes when using the bike facilities

Potential spot for a bike hangar.

Anti motorcycle and vehicle barrier on RCR11

Scooter and child sized bike parking needed

No staff or visitor bike parking at the School

A secure bike hanger for users of the park to lock their bikes up safely

Where can we store our bikes safely? There's only space to park cars - should be encouraging greener transport methods especially during covid

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