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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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I need no have space in the flat please

Horsenden Farm is a thriving community asset managed by Ealing Council and the Friends of Horsenden Hill. The Gruffalo Trail and children's playground attract a great many families, who have next to nowhere secure to lock their cycles when ... [more]

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Two (count them, two!) Sheffield stands at the new library and community hub in Sawston - but maybe some more will appear when it's finished.

Jealously guarded car parking at Sawston Parish Council but just a couple of wheelbenders for cyclists.

I live with two people in a flat and we really want to get bikes but have no storage for them. Having spoken to some neighbours, they have said they'd welcome some bikes cages too.

Strange - absurdly over-specified cycle stands with the other side taken out of use to allow a second car to be squeezed in (as visible on Google satellite).

Bikes recently damaged when changed to the bike stands along the road, flats are small with narrow hallways without space to store them inside. I am collecting signatures of neighbours supporting the idea

I have been on a waiting list for a bike hangar near me for almost a year and still on the waiting list. There are lots of residents with bikes who would like to park them safetly

There is no secure cycle storage within any of the blocks of flats in the close vicinity, and there has been no availability for any nearby cyclehoop lockers or hangars for months. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and many keyworkers living in t ... [more]

I'm living on Simms Road. There are lots of unused on-street parking space but no bike hangars. Now the Covid-19 lockdown is being lifted and the government is encouraging us to cycle. We would ideally need bike storage or hangars to buy an ... [more]

Near bus stop

Hangar for six cyclists at least

Health Centre currently no cycle parking

There are outdoor cycle stands at this junction, which are frequently pilaged. Bikes left here are often left without wheels and more. Many local residents are keen to find a better storage for their bicycles.

Trafford Retail Park There is cycle parking but hidden in a corner and no CCTV . Requires signage at least with a post to indicate its location.

There’s lots of cyclists living along Roundwood Road but we have no access to back gardens so I think a cycle hangar would be very popular. Maybe on the corner by Roundwood Park would be a good place. Sheffield stand would be no good due ... [more]

I think one of the parking spaces could be converted into cycle parking.

There is absolutely none around this postcode location, those are a few blocks here that could do with it especially those that live up above ground floor level. Tenants are not allowed to keep bikes etc on landings and communal property a ... [more]

My bike has been stolen during day time, there is only 1 stands front of the house for 2 bikes, which is not enough.1 bike hangar would be good for 6 bikes.

there are currently 5 hoops split either side of the station

Bike Hanger would be preferable on Exon or Freemantle Street. Next year I will need to cycle to St Marys Hospital to work as a doctor and I have no space to store a bike in my flat

parking for 2 bikes

For residents of the surrounding blocks

We have 3 bikes currently in our flat, top floor flat so we have to carry bikes up and down each day which then scrapes walls and carpets. To have bike storage on the road would be a huge help, and I know there are a lot of other neighbours ... [more]

Cycles are often parked here, but there is no formal cycle parking.

Cycle parking needed here.

Schlechte Fahrradständer vorm Feneberg im Gwendt

Cycle parking needed here.

Bike shed needed along Chichele Road. Lot's of people in flats who cycle but no space to park their bikes.

There's a brand-new cycleway to the Cambridge crematorium, and this is literally the only cycle parking there!

Cycle parking needed here.

Really, what is the point? Take every second stand out and you might have something useable. And it's been like this since at least 2003 - #7011.

schlechte Fahrradständer vor der Kirche St. Magnus. Räder lassen sich schlecht festsperren

Cycle parking needed here.

It is not practical to store a bike in our flat. The council recently widened the pavement on the corner where Chesterfield Grove meets Melbourne Grove and fitted a bike rack - however, this is not secure and is therefore wasted space. Loca ... [more]

There are bikes in every porch and only one has a wall anchor fitted - the rest are just unsecured.

There are bikes in every porch and only one has a wall anchor fitted - the rest are just unsecured.

Cycle parking needed here.

Umbau am V-Markt. Aktuell fehlen Fahrradständer.

6 schlechte Fahrradständer vorm Aldi ohne Überdachung. Fahrradständer zum Ansperren und Anlehnen der Fahrräder mit Überdachung.

Cycle parking needed here.

5 schlechte vorm Modeon. Unterm Dach. Insgesamt 13 Radständer am Modeon und 150 PKW-Stellplätze + Stellplätze am Schotterplatz

5 sehr schlechte Radständer vorm Modeon Restaurant Insgesamt 13 Radständer am Modeon und 150 PKW-Stellplätze + Stellplätze am Schotterplatz

Cycle parking needed here.

There are a number of bicycles on this road that are secured to lamp posts due to the absence of secure bike storage. My bicycle was one of these until it was recently stolen. Secure parking here would help cyclists out on this road.

9 schlechte Radständer an der Magnuskirche. Räder können nur schlecht festgesperrt werden. Schlecht für breite Reifen

Informally parked cycles in Richmond Terrace. It’s about time that official space is found here to provide secure and welcoming place for them.

20 schlechte Fahrradständer am Fendt-Forum / Shop. Mehr, Bügel, an die man die Räder gut festsperren und anlehnen kann. Wenn möglich mit Witterungsschutz.

PRIVATE PROPERTY NOT NO CYCLING symbol NO BICYCLES PLEASE LOCKS WILL BE CUT WITHOUT WARNING ALL ATTACHED ITEMS WILL BE REMOVED There are clearly lots of cyclists who live near or in this private development, but there’s apparentl ... [more]

It is incredibly necessary to accommodate the cycling residents around here. There are no nearby storage options and the residential units are small with very little space for storing bikes inside (and are often split into flats, anyway).

7 schlechte Fahrradständer an der St. Martin Grundschule. Zu wenig. Räder können schlecht festgesperrt werden. Überdachung, da Räder während der Schule und der Gottesdienste länger abgestellt werden

schlechte Fahrradständer am Hallenbad. Schön ist nicht immer gut. Rad steht schief im Ständer. Rad schlecht ansperrbar. Überdachung fehlt... Unbedingt tauschen

Schlechte, teilweise verbogene Radständer vor der Mittelschulturnhalle

Manchester Chorlton. New Coop store has cycle parking for 3 bikes in correct place but are too close to the wall (there should be space for 4 at two hoops). Near front entrance and overlooked.

We have 3 bikes between 3 of us in a very small flat so badly need public storage.

2 schlechte Fahrradständer am Mohrenhaus (Mode Martin). Verbogen. Fahrräder schlecht ansperrbar.

Cycle parking needed here.

Schlechte Fahrradständer bei Mode Huttner.

Great Kneighton

Schlechte und zu wenige Fahrradständer am Biomarkt

Radabstellanlage Bhf.: Ständer gut, aber zu wenig und nur zur Hälfte überdacht. Kapazität verdoppeln, mit Überdachung + absperrbare Räume

Unterirdischer Fahrradständer vor der Raiffeisenbank. Radständer aufbauen, an die man das Rad sicher ansperren kann

Wheelbenders at Woolworths supermarket

REQUEST FOR A BIKEHANGAR • our neighbourhood has shown interest in a Bikehangar as there aren’t any available spaces nearby, e.g. none in Grove Park nor Pelham Close • especially on the south side of Grove Park, SE5, are a large num ... [more]

Please place stand on Willoughby Road between the high street and Rudall Crescent - There is nowhere to park bikes on our street nor on the Kemplay Road

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Schlechter Radständer blockiert Gehweg, Ansperren des Fahrrads nicht möglich.

Llanfairpwll etc etc - the station with the longest name in the world and the most tightly packed cycle stands - almost unusable.

Cycle parking at Sainsbury's Kingsgate store, as far from the front door as possible, only convenient for the fire door, and attracting a predictable level of usage.

Oft loving this office blocks secure cycle parking!!! 🤣👍🏻

Cambridge CyclePoint - a visit on an infrastructure tour. The main problem of this cycle park is no-one wants to pay to maintain it properly. Hence it is dirty, littered with broken racks and has a high rate of cycle theft.

I need place to park 3 bikes for my family,I have neighbours too who need spaces

There is currently no weather-proof parking on Avondale Rise. I think it would be much needed. Thank you!

The area of Willesden Junction is desperately and dangerously polluted; with a primary school, and many families and old people living nearby. Cycling must be improved in the area: in particular with cycle routes around the Junction and int ... [more]

Poor cycle parking at this school

Two-tier cycle parking at the new Worcestershire Parkway station - a shame, there's plenty of room for proper Sheffield stands.

Covered wheelbenders 😟☹️

We would prefer a Bikehangar

Covered, lockable storage Cyclehoop style covered safer storage for commuters living in flats nearby that do not have space for bikes

There is already a cycle hanger on Bethwin Road, but it is full and myself and my flatmates have at least 5 bicycles we'd be interested in storing in a hanger.

Cycle parking needed here.

Several hoops needed on Rucklidge Avenue; Willesden Junction and its environs is a highly polluted area, and there are primary schools nearby, as well as people with respiratory conditions and normal run-of-the-mill folks who do not want to ... [more]

There is a CycleHangar on the corner of Holland Road, but it is fully booked. This site is a good location as it is outside the tennis court so will not impact residents parking.

Outside Tappesfield Estate. It's a wide, no-through road with lots of space both on and off the kerb

A collection of loose nuts - evidence of theft.

Back to using ordinary nuts on bolts?

As it is a terrace it is hard to store bikes at home safely. It would be wonderful to have a Cyclehoop to use

Stand should sit outside school entrance/side where it will not disturb cars parked opposite houses. This side is normally free from cars.

It is just off the cycle path, and next to the common. The nearest current stand is nearly a mile away down hill next to Tooting station.

Ideally a hanger

Cycle box needed. Lots of us locally would like to keep bikes on the road

Middle of a Wednesday and this cycle parking is full again. It really needs expanding.

Bins and bikes dumping ground :-/ Video in this tweet:

City-centre parking fully occupied by 09.25 - now if only there was a nice covered cycle park where shop staff could leave their bikes, it might be easier for their customers to get in....

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