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Photo listing : cycle parking (problem)

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Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

In the loop of Enterprize way facing the Jodane street estate there are currently 4 stands. They are constantly busy and some bikes are parked on the door poles too. It also appears the stands aren’t spaced properly as it is very tight to ... [more]

Can see a lot of people parking their bikes quite insecurely in front of their terraced houses or having to carry them all the way to the back of the house to the garden.

Rails too close together

There is only a bikeshed at the end of the road. However, they're all taken and I have been waiting for 6 months now and still have not bike shed. We have not room in the house for a bike. If you could install more bike sheds in this place ... [more]

Wheelbenders at the cem and crem.

At the western end of the ExCel Centre, this is grandly signed as Cycle Park, but is a bit rubbish - better go to the east end.

There is barely any cycle parking on whitehall - but lots of people go to pubs there to meet friends after work - it would definitely encourage more civil servants to cycle!!

Bikes on the footway.

Bikes on the footway.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Not a lot of cycle parking at Truro College (empty because of half-term)

We are a household of 5 people, 3 of us already have bicycles and 2 want to get them but we don't have where to park them

Bike storage for an estate. Not sure how many stands would be needed but there are at least 6 - 8 bikes chained up in the estate at all times, which would use the lockers

Gym, yoga studio in plough court, lots of bicycles chained to lamp post etc in this area

These racks are very heavily used and in their desperate need to park securely the bikes are being moved so that more bikes can be attached. The result looks very untidy and is not a great advertisement for more racks, which is what is real ... [more]

In the Winchendon Road and all parallel streets to it there are no bicycle parking racks, which causes many bicycles sitting next to electricity poles.

Please can you put one at Rudall Crescent NW3 1RR? We have none. Thanks.

Please can you put one at Rudall Crescent NW3 1RR? We have none. Thanks.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Manchester Urmston. Trafford General Hospital . This cycle parking near the entrance is hidden and not signosted. Not easy to notice (needs signs) . The nearby covered cycle parking is often full.

Manchester Urmston. Trafford General Hospital . The covered cycle parking near the entrance is very full. More cycle parking is nearby but not easy to notice (needs signs) .

Urmston Eden Sq car Park has some bike stands . It's not clear whether they are to be used for motorbikes or cycles . The lack of clarity may be why some people have decided to stack trolleys here. Some signage to state the purpose of the ... [more]

Aan de voorzijde van het Northwick park station zijn er te korte fietsenstallingen en er is veel parkeergelegenheid voor auto's na de station panel. neem een ​​kijkje en je ziet het drama elke ochtend om een ​​cyclus te parkeren!

There are only 4 stands and never any space when I arrive in the morning. People are chaining their bikes to the fence but I worry that they will be removed. Denmark Hill is a busy commuter station and not enough cycle parking has considere ... [more]

I live with 3 other bicycle owners and my neighbours are also cyclists and would like bicycle parking. We live on a quiet cul de sac and have had illegal theft occur multiple times by the garages next to our house and so we really need safe ... [more]

We work in a block of offices and have noticed that our own employees as well as others in the building are bringing their bikes inside of the offices as there is nowhere to safely and securely store them outside.

Keen to get my kids into cycling but I have no storage for the bikes

The problem here isn't inappropriate use of the cycle shelter. It's the fact that that's the only use for it, because the road environment doesn't invite pupils to cycle to school and back. This is a good illustration of why we need to ... [more]

Lots of insecure cycle parking on the new promenade at Carnac-Plage.

Shame on the Addenbrooke's site - instead of providing plenty of cycle parking at the new developments here, visitors are having to find places like this to leave their bikes. This is some distance from the main buildings, and provides none ... [more]

Cycle racks at Addenbrooke's crammed full as usual.

Cycle parking needed here.

no available cycle parking nearby

Cycle parking outside of school gates to provide parents with facility to park their bikes for drop off/pick up. Currently the cycle parkings are on main, busy road. Those are commonly used as there are shops/gym next to it and are too clos ... [more]

New tram stop at Caen station, with evidence of a lack of bike parking.

Very steep wheeling ramp, two-wheeler parking swamped by motorbikes as usual in France

Wheelbender cycle parking at the Grotte Chauvet 2 replica cave

I don't think anyone is taking this cycle parking seriously at the Mas du Terme hotel

Secure parking preferably

Cycle parking needed here.

One of many very poorly secured racks at the Cambridge railway station CyclePoint.

Everything at Sebastien Bras, a gastronomic restaurant with rooms, is incredibly stylish except for the cycle parking (2 e-MTBs are available for guests).

Cycle parking needed here.

abandoned unused and unusable locked bikes block access to this Sheffield bike stand

There's plenty of room for some cycle parking between the trees at the back of this car park.


Double decker / two tier racks at Northampton Station. I think they’ve been placed too close together as the fully extended rack illustrates.

Residents on this estate have been struggling to find space to lock up their bikes. We have received letters from Southwark Council asking us to remove bikes from communal areas in our building because these are a hazard, but so far no alte ... [more]

There is nowhere safe and secure to park a bike in this area. I suggest Kensal Rise station and Kensal Green station as a minimum. There could also be secure parking spaces at the end of the residential streets for all the people who live i ... [more]

Wall hoops

Secure cycle storage needed for residents on the street as there have been some attempted robberies when chained to railings.

Altrincham Hospital. Do the NHS (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust )really believe they are encouraging active travel ? Their case ref P19/3267 states that the barriers to the cycle parking are not operated by cycles - I can say th ... [more]

I applaud the Newnham Bakery taking over a parking space for cycle parking, but I wish they'd installed stands which actually support bikes - it's not that well used as a result.

The cycle stands at the new Co-op in Longstanton are too close to the wall - my bike fell over.

I would suggest at least one or two hangars as this seems to be a completely dead zone on the Hangar map with CycleHoop!

Wheel twister cycle parking outside the Co-op in Ilkley town centre.

No through road for cars so a very quiet residential road which regularly has vacant parking bays to put a Cyclehoop BikeHangar in for 6 bikes Pedestrian access through from Chamberlayne Road so would be useful to cyclists in a number of n ... [more]

Vital footway space taken by bikes and cars.


There are cyclehoop lockers on Fletching Road which have been full for years. I've been on the waiting list since they were installed. I live in a 1st floor flat with 2 others people and we all have bikes which we have to lift. I am using m ... [more]

Suggested location for Bikehangar secure storage unit

Needed for flats with no outside space with safe cycle storage

Woeful lack of bike parking outside Brixton Village.

Great spot outside the park.

Bikehoop would be great here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Cycle parking needed here.

Bike hangar Secure bike parking. For flats or houses without space

There are several bikes on the estate and up the road chained to lampposts and railings, including my own and my flatmates'. I would like to upgrade my own bike so I am able to cycle to work, but am unwilling to leave a new bike outside due ... [more]

There is big cycle parking issue at Uxbridge station, no bike parking at the station itself and overflowing at racks on the High Street which aren't adequate for the number of cyclists.

Cycle parking needed here.

There is a ridiculously long waiting list for the other covered stand on the same estate - currently 10 months and counting. Tenants aren't allowed to store bikes in public areas, which leaves us with very few options.

There's a need for cycle parking in the centre of Helston - the museum would be as good a site as any.

lots of cycle owners in the area, not enough storage. Tall blocks with no lifts and difficult to carry up stairs.

Cycle parking needed here.

Lots of stolen bikes in this area by professional thieves with angle grinders.


Secure, sheltered and lockable bike storage hangar for residents of Thorburn Square Estate. They could be located adjacent to the square or within the square itself.

We are a business with a LOT of cyclist and nowhere secure to put their bikes. There are 2 bike stands but firstly this is not enough and secondly they are not safe - 3 bikes in 2 years have gone. The company is happy to pay for a secure lo ... [more]

New cowork opening so great to have more short term bike parking

Cycle parking at the staff entrance to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital. There is better cycle parking over by the car park at #107103.

This is a no through road so would be perfect for the bike hangars, not disrupting roadside parking.

Off commercial street with space for several stands, near restaurants, pubs etc.

None of the houses near the park and local schools have rear access all the houses of young families want to have somewhere that bikes can be stored so they can use them to cycle to school. We are at 129 court lane and would happily hire 4 ... [more]

Beside the Santander bikes would be a great space and very helpful for those who work in the Nova building

Some very poor cycle parking stands at Westerton Hall & Library.

I am writing to request cycle parking directly outside 36 Oglander Road. I currently cycle every day to Vauxhall and due to new owners of 36a I am no longer able to store my bike in our shared hallway and have no outdoor space. If I a ... [more]

There is no on-street parking on this or surrounding street - many bikes chained to poles. Parking sign poles need loops fitted, or some Sheffield stands in front of the church, or Bikehangar by removing parking space

Spacious pedestrianised square which is often busy and overlooked by shops so would provide good passive security for cycle parking. The square is where several main Chinatown thoroughfares meet and would be a useful central base to park a ... [more]

There is NO proper cycle parking anywhere near the main entry to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Why does the NHS find this so diificult?

The only cycle parking I saw at the Royal Cornwall Hospital - and it's useless!


All of the cycle parking stands in this central part of the city centre appear to be formed of two bollards connected by poles, which are quite awkward to lock to with a D-lock if you want to lock a wheel and the frame without an extension ... [more]

Some very poor cycle parking arrangements in the Short Stay car park at Carlisle station, plus a sign for NCN route 72 (which should have brackets for 'leading to NCN72'), although routes 7 and 10 are closer.

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