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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Great to see new @WG_Economy funded #activetravel schemes in #aberystwyth @CeredigionCC [The replies to this tweet do not appear to share the opinion that this is in any way 'great'.]

The usual inconsiderate and illegal parking in the contraflow cycle lane in Mawson Road.

Meadway shared path with cars blocking

Meadway shared path

Meadway to Kirby Road shared path.

I'm not sure which way the shared-use route is supposed to go from this new crossing.

I was reading the other day that David Hembrow likes cycle paths constructed out of concrete for their smoothness. He won't like this one however, because even without all the stones and muck it is still extremely bumpy! The shared footw ... [more]

The M8 cyclepath crossing the A8 sliproad and A752 at grade. No tactiles at this side.

The M8 cyclepath crossing the A752-A8 sliproad at grade. Why are some 'Give Way' and other signs lit but not other similar signs at this junction?

The M8 cyclepath crossing NCN75 and the A752 at grade. Signage this way for NCN75 but not straight ahead to Glasgow.

Broken glass on the cyclepath under the Bredisholm Road bridge, next to the new M8 motorway.

Unfortunately the paths and crossing do not align, on this newly built estate. Very poor planning.

According to my map from the council, Cumbernauld Cycle Network route 4 turns the corner here, which may account for the difference in path widths. But no signs.

End of shared-use path - to get to the busway route cyclists need to somehow get to the path on the other side of the road.

Good try, Northstowe, but those really aren't dropped kerbs.

It's pretty poor that on purpose-built new infrastructure, cyclists on NCN route 51 should have to take a sharp turn and use a zebra crossing.

Odd - there was no indication of a shared-use path until it suddenly ended.

A new cycle route on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park. A bus stop impasse? It appears the intent is that cyclists using this cycle lane should use the dropped kerb to join the footway and go around the back ... [more]

A new shared footway on Archerhill Road, leading to the BMX Centre at Knightswood Park. The approach to the toucan crossing appears to be quite messy. I'm not sure why the white lines extend around each corner into the side roads. Maybe thi ... [more]

Tree root damage to NCN 7 cycle path in Partick.

The approach to the Clyde Tunnel cycle tunnel entrance from Holmfauld Place, with no dropped kerb for anyone that missed the dropped kerb in #99461.

When I turned into Holmfauld Place from Govan Road I noticed a white line on the footway. On investigation, it turns out the only way onto this shared cycleway is via the dropped kerb next to the black car.

A blind corner risk on the new Summertown Road shared footway. Note that the position of the dropped kerb discourages cycling away from the wall and towards the kerbline where there is better visibility.

And so we get to Summertown Road with a blind corner to start with. It sets the tone! See also #99174.

An obstacle course of poles and a random channel snaking its way across the surface. Not good enough!

Behind me is a shared-use footway sign. Across the junction and to the right is an "End of Cycle Route" sign. Are they related? Is this shared-use footway nothing to do with the one a little distance along Govan Road at #99434? But still th ... [more]

The Govan Road shared-use footway crosses sides here, although there is only the presence of a toucan crossing as a clue. As always, the asphalt does not provide a direct route to the crossing, and as the wear on the grass shows people are ... [more]

Now that NCN7 has been moved onto the footway at Harvie Street there is a new blind corner problem. Also, why is there a priority crossing at Govan Road and no priority for crossing Brand Street?

I don't know how this is supposed to work, with the eastbound cycle lane on the wrong side of the road.

Sign for short shared-use section on segregated cyclway - needless confusion.

The predictable huge detour for cyclists on the Foxton-Hauxton cycleway.

The signs say walk to the right of the line.

cycle route ends just before toucan crossing Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

cycle path ends near supermarket Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

cycle path ends after the toucan crossing Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

shared use path deliberately narrowed by cattle fencing after pelican crossing, along the A329 Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

narrow shared use path and graffiti are not an appealing combination Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

Poor connection from the Trumpington Meadows housing development to the meadows themselves.

Poor connection from the Trumpington Meadows housing development to the meadows themselves.

Could the route alignment be any worse? How about a cycle crossing straight across to the new path (see #93791) at the Village development rather than the split toucan?

If you're expecting signs for NCN 7 or 75, they are visible on the right.

A variable width newly nominated shared-use footway alongside the Fastlink busway. Also in the picture, cycle parking for the Village development.

The cycleway gives way to a disused gateway.

Ladies and gents, I give you the Olympic Legacy

Despite the Clyde Gateway road and new police headquarters being built alongside, the cobbled ramp still remains unaltered. A flight of concrete steps has been provided for access to the police headquarters.

The footway of Old Polmadie Road has been designated as a shared-use footway, with hazards such as cars being reversed out of driveways, and the alternative is the road with rough surfaces through each junction. This will become the dire ... [more]

The footway in the foreground was widened when it was converted to shared use (although the lampposts were left where they were), but beyond the toucan crossing the section to the shared use ramp to Old Polmadie Road has been left at its or ... [more]

Broken path surface and broken glass on the climb up from Drumoyne Road to the Craigton Road underpass.

The transition from path to street is not exactly award-winning.

Two-stage crossing on this radial pedalway, Norwich - it needs to be single-stage.

Greater Manchester Sale Cranleigh Drive one way street New homes (Trident Apartments) are built here with ample parking at the rear of the properties and yet this cycle lane is regularly obstructed by parked cars. Questions for Planning De ... [more]

Cycleway admits to being narrow.

Cycleway admits to being narrow.

Cycleway admits to being narrow.

The horrors of footway cycleways.

The horrors of footway cycleways.

A sign near here #97861 instructs cyclists to be on this section, which due to flooding has become really muddy.

flooding in the tunnel

This footway at Springburn Road appears to be part of the cycle route to Springburn, but there is a complete lack of shared-use signage. It also suffers from pavement car parking (see Streetview) on weekdays.

No option for taking a shortcut down the embankment. Pedestrians have to walk this unnecessary distance too!

So tell me again why there isn't a ramp from the far side of this bridge directly towards Strathclyde Country Park to the right?

The most indirect route possible has been chosen for the cycle route between Bothwell and Strathclyde Country Park through the Raith Interchange.

I did suggest at a meeting with Transport Scotland that they link the two bridges across the Raith Interchange roundabout with a bridge over the M74 motorway, creating a far more direct route. But they weren't having it. "Eyesore" or "distr ... [more]

The path linking Bothwell and the Raith Interchange shared-use paths still looks like a building site, despite the motorway junction having been open for several months.

The southern footway of Pacific Drive has now been declared as shared use. For no obvious reason, it does not have the marked "buffer zone" that Govan Road (see #97688), rebuilt at the same time, has. Note also the bus stops on the main ... [more]

The northern footway of Govan Road, between Harvie Street and Pacific Drive, has been rebuilt as shared use, including a marked buffer zone between it and the carriageway. However, the dropped kerb for anyone exiting Festival Park now has a ... [more]

looking east on Reading Road A329 towards Woosehill roundabout. Both pavements are poor-quality shared use paths, planned to become part of the NCN422 Location: , Woosehill (England, United Kingdom)

Looking west along Reading Road A329 - new shared use path bollards have appeared on the southern side Location: , Woosehill (England, United Kingdom) Both pavements are poor-quality shared use paths, planned to become part of the NCN ... [more]

The traffic lights default to green for the road and red for the busway - they seem to have totally forgotten about the cycleway!

@CroydonCyclists rubbish and an inch of mud on the cycle lane on Ampere Way in @yourcroydon impassable on road bikes.

bizarre cycle lane that features a raised kerb and a bollard Location: , Cantley (England, United Kingdom) also a shared use path sign

Mandatory cycle lane ends just before traffic lights to join existing shared use path, to be followed by a pelican crossing or a toucan crossing Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom)

Good segregated cycleway on route EV6 (Loire a VĂ©lo) and horrible lumpy footway, Saumur

Dismount or use a mountain bike here on NCN route 1

Poor surface on NCN route 1

No traffic on the bridge over the New River - but there are no signs to mark this as the obvious cycle route to Myddelton House and Forty Hall

Very short shared-use footway!

CS5 crossing CS8, with no signs or provision for turning from one to the other.

CS5 crossing CS8, with no signs or provision for turning from one to the other.

Poor link to CS8 - dropped kerbs needed.

Poor link to CS8 - dropped kerbs needed.

Halfway across Wandsworth Bridge before there's a sign that it's a one-way cycleway.

Hewitts corner

The River Wey Navigation has a much poorer towpath that the Basingstoke Canal.

Unsigned cycle route which needs to be properly linked to the new bridge over the Basingstoke canal.

The cycle access to the south side of Woking station is not signed.

shared use path along Reading Road - the cycle lanes have ended in time for the busy junction Location: , Winnersh (England, United Kingdom) The A329 between Showcase Roundabout and Woodward Close consists of off-road shared use paths ... [more]

Cycle lane narrower than a bicycle Coming to the end of NCN73 in Kilmarnock. The other end of the narrow path seen in #96166. A narrow two-way cycle track between a new housing development and the railway viaduct. There was a cycle track here before the housing was built, and it went through a car park and was wider (see old Google Stree ... [more] Toucan crossing for NCN73, and beyond that a cycle lane continuing along Portland St.

I found this cycle track today... Toucan crossing at Kilmarnock end of NCN route 73.

The County RoW officer says that local residents object to the surface of the Grantchester Meadows path here being repaired "because it would encourage parking". Well the state of it clearly doesn't deter parking, people park on the bits wi ... [more]

Left-side cycle lane on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston - it would be far better to have a proper cycle way in the central park.

The Beach Street closure, through the Chinese Arch in Boston, should be explicitly signed as a cycle route.

poorly surfaced, overgrown cycle path

Portland State University - this should be improved for cycling.

No treatment of #SWCW yet, although mini-gritter was on pavement of St Andrews Rd as I passed. Will check on way home tonight.

The short cycle link past the Anglican cathedral, Victoria BC, ends near a zebra crossing, with no other provision for onward connections.

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