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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Hard to believe that this is signed as a mountain-bike trail.

Blockage on cycle route 15: seeing this on The Viking cycle route this made me want to wield an axe ):-(}

I wonder if @forthroadbridge have plans to trim the bushes, as pedestrians can't keep to their side of the line.

Narrow section of shared-use footway beside the D1506 past Chamonix

Why park over a cycle lane, isn't there a delivery bay near Hampton Court Bridge? @BidfoodUK

The inevitable result of placing a barrier in the way of the path and not diverting the path directly to the forced crossing point - a worn path across the grass. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that fence panel not meant to be inst ... [more]

I guess they never thought that anyone would cycle to the industrial units, so never thought to install a dropped kerb where the path meets the road. Of course, the majority of users will be going the other way, so why the turn away from ... [more]

The vegetation needs better management on what has become a blind corner on NCN1.

The narrow path in #91163 joins a wider path that has come down a slope from Tweedbank Drive and is both NCN1 and the Southern Upland Way. Only the latter is signed as going up the ramp here. But the narrow path is the more direct route and ... [more]

Cycleway switches from one side of the road to the other with no assistance to cross.

cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Runcorn Loop cycleway crosses the busway via a pedestrian only crossing.

Cycleway to Norton Priory starts on the right hand side of the wall. Completely unsigned - you would never find it if you didn't know about it.

Path width changes clearly not worked - still too narrow.

There appears to be a gap in the Silverburn to Pollokshaws & Newlands cycle route at this bus stop in Barrhead Road.

The path through Greenbank Park takes a detour around the Harriet Place flats. There are no cycle facilities on the adjacent and direct Nether Auldhouse Road.

No sign to say the Silverburn to Pollokshaws & Newlands cycle route turns right here.

NCN 562 is routed directly in front of the shops. Not really an appropriate place for cycling.

cycleway is diverted up a service road then crosses via tight right-angle turns with no priority.

cycleway crosses car park entrance

cycleway gives way to access drive

cycleway gives way to access road

cycle path gives way to access drive

Runcorn Loop cycleway is narrow and becoming obstructed by vegetation.

Runcorn Loop cycleway yeilds priority at a side road.

Runcorn Loop cycleway is signed along this short narrow unsurfaced path.

As welcome as the rebuilt paths connecting to the Kelvin Walkway are, some have brought thier own problems, including here mud washing down onto the main path. There were problems here before, but now worse than ever! The sign covered in ... [more]

Welcome as these improved paths are, they've caused problems on the main Kelvin Walkway, including mud washing down the hill.

An unnecessarily sharp turn at the junction of the Kelvin Walkway and the path to Southmuir Place. This could potentially be a main route into North Kelvinside and the West End from the Kelvin Walkway. No addition to the signpost to refl ... [more]

The protected cycle lanes on Hamilton Road still need a good sweep!

The contraflow facility in King Street is provided by permitting cycling on the existing footway.

The narrow path is covered in mud washed down from the Cathkin Relief Road embankment.

The new route of NCN756 is over the right fork to the toucan crossing. The path ahead leads to a high kerb. I took a group ride over this and half of them went straight on, and it's not difficult to see why, especially with the old Give Way ... [more]

Markings largely destroyed on this cycle lane in Nice

Cycle lane sign next to a line of parked cars, cycle lane in the dooring zone, and obstructed by a car in the distance.

New North station bus stop area. Cycleways and poorly placed humped, non-priority crossing. First day of station opening so many people interested.

Shared use footway/cycleway crossover section.

Segregated shared-use cycleway crosses from one side of the pavement to the other. The markings on the ground are contradicted by the sign.

A mix of 'hazard' (on the pedestrian side) and 'cycleway' tactile paving slabs. They should all be the latter variety. The orientation is correct.

Painted markings direct cyclists from Rutherglen onto the road to the right, but NCN756 actually goes left towards the Smart Bridge. Some dropped kerbs nearer or behind the camera would be useful here.

Many parents pick-up their children at the daycare centre by bike, which is great. The shared-use path is clearly insufficient, however.

Milton Road NW-side is busy with cycling, especially after school lets out. The shared-use path is insufficient to the needs. A proper 2-way separate and protected cycleway is needed here.

Bizarre juxtaposition a national speed limit (60mph) and a cycle route the trans pennine trail NCN62 no less ! And when you pan left you see yet another a cycle route ahead sign on the same post as a national speed ... [more]

Poor-quality surface, non-flush dropped kerb, not-so-great bollard, and a neglected but very clear desire line. This is the connection from Wadloes Road to Ditton Meadows.

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway - narrow section, which is the exception

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway - junction handling not done

Leeds Bradford Cycle Superhighway - blind corner

Hmm I wonder why this cycle through route is not being used much? #Crawley #cycling

The solution to the Whistleberry gap was not to build a ramp to the steps next to the A725, but to sign the existing footway as a cycleway, with no widening at bus stops, just markings.

The solution to the Whistleberry gap was not to build a ramp to the steps next to the A725, but to sign the existing footway as a cycleway.

Crossing Main Street. I didn't bother trying to use the footway of the road to the sports centre on the far side of the road.

The end of the Ravenscraig cycleway and the provision at the A723/B7066 roundabout. Cyclists to merge onto the road, with sliplanes provided both sides. Hopefully this will be rectified when the road is dualled. A new footway/cycleway is pr ... [more]

End of the line-segregated cycleway through Ravenscraig. Why doesn't it continue through to Craigneuk St?

The cycleway from Carfin doesn't yet extend to the end of Robberhall Road to meet the Craigneuk St roundabout cycleway.

The cycle route turns sharp right around the back of the bush to where the van is parked. The sign is facing the wrong way, and the footway markings are worn out. It's like they are not even trying to create a decent cycle route. The mod ... [more]

The Chapel St crossing has a 'Cyclists Dismount' sign, even though it has toucan crossing like most of the other crossings. Not much thought has gone into aligning this junction for walking and cycling.

South Lanarkshire Council is excelling itself here, I think.

Not good for cycling, not good for bussing.

Totally inadequate shared footway/cycleway in downtown Blantyre, with toucan crossing in the distance where route (74) crosses the A724 to meet NCN74 in the park.

Route (74) is signed along this fairly ordinary footway.

Awful surface and markings on cycleway

It's a good thing the Milton parents did keep the free bus for Impington Village College. The fairly new cycle path along Butt Lane is becoming virtually unuseable owing to lack of maintenance. This is one example photo over overhanging ve ... [more]

linked to 89679 - sentiments the same, location approximate - there are plenty of examples along there. Note the bramble - luckily I was wearing knee-length leather boots so neither suffered damage to clothes nor to bare skin. That's eye ... [more]

Dingy underpass. Would be best to have a proper controlled crossing to favour walking and cycling over motor vehicles.

Loose surfaces and more conflict. Not great changes.

Exactly where you should not put a cycle lane - in the footing zone.

A decaying cycle marking on Edinburgh Road. There is so much potential for a protected cycle facility along the full length of Edinburgh Road, but this is about all there is apart from some ASLs.

A narrow "converted" footway alongside the A752, where I had to go onto the rough strip next to the carriageway to pass someone coming the other way.

A steep ramp out of underpass at Old Glasgow Road.

Cyclists Rejoin Carriageway, at right angles!

This traffic island has a cage.

The cycleway around the roundabout at Drumsagard, where the traffic island isn't even big enough for the Give Way triangle!

A ludicrous arrangement at the bus stop on Main St. Not just the conflict caused by directing cyclists through the bus stop waiting area on the footway, but the raised kerb and drain cover at the start of the cycle lane! See also #89204.

A crazy arrangement for cycling on the footway through the bus stop. And watch out for the kerb when joining the cycle lane ahead - only the left side is dropped. See also #89206.

Cyclists are expected to cycle on the footway past a blind corner and then through the bus stop waiting area.

A busy shared-use footway outside Cambuslang station.

I guess it's a cycleway.

The cycleway carries along the footway as far as the next junction, then ends.

The cycleway on the footway starts just after the first M74 on-ramp junction.

The route just ends at the traffic signals before the M74 off-ramp junction, with a Give Way into the Advance Stop Line. It's hard to see any logic as to when cycle facilities are provided here. Westbound it is to cross the off-ramp, with n ... [more]

The toucan crossing signal boxes are positioned so they face away from approaching users.

A horrible pinch point on the brow of a hill as the A50 Knutsford Road leaves Warrington and traffic accelerates to the national speed limit. A pathetic attempt has been made at a cycle bypass, but it just throws you unextepectedly back int ... [more]

If you wouldn't walk on it, why expect people to ride on it? East Parade, East Perth

A narrow blind corner on the Broomielaw shared-use footway, with some upstand for anyone approaching from a position where they can see at least some way around the corner.

A terrible layout for the Broomielaw shared-use footway at the Fastlink busway. See also #88469.

As if the Broomielaw shared-use footway wasn't bad enough in its own right, there is vertical upstand on the kerb at this private car park entrance.

Unprotected crossing of entrance slip road to Bridgewater Expressway. Traffic turns off Astmoor Road at speed.

End of Runcorn Promonade cycleway - no dropped kerb to join the road.

NCN562 crosses the extremely busy exit ramp from the Queensway Bridge with bo protection whatsoever

The Runcorn Loop Cycleway crosses Heath Road here. The central island is too narrow for cyclists to stop and creates a pinch point for cyclists riding on the road.

A minor sideroad crossing on the Cowdray Avenue cycle track. I don't think the Dutch would do it like this!

The white line appears to suggest the cycle route crosses the road, but the shared use provision continues straight ahead.

Poor sightlines at uncontrolled road crossing from narrow line-segregated cycleway.

Tran Pennine Trail goes through a large muddy puddle through the bridge under the A56

Bridgewater Way (RCN 82) goes up these steps to merge with the Runcorn Loop Cycleway - and then follows a ramp back down to the canal. It is much more sensible to keep to the tow path.

Link to Wrexham hospital - but then it all falls apart, there's no clear route through the site and no cycle parking.

Cyclists, wheelchair users etc on the cycleway beside the A539 have to go a ridiculously long way up this side road in order to cross it - why not a raised cushion right at the junction?

Very muddy surface on this stretch of the Bridgewater Way (RCN 82)

Steps - not the ideal choice of route for the Runcorn Loop Cycleway.

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