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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This useful cycleway is unfortunately badly overgrown.

Tunnels on this route are long , curved and dark! Lights required

Tunnels on this route are long, curved and very dark! Good lights required

Badly flooded sections of paths like this are simple to fix but councils never seem to bother. This will only get worse, but the solution is very simple - create a drain to the left.

Exit from route through car park, Bratislava - a proper crossing to the excellent riverside route is needed somewhere.

An interesting way to mark a cycle lane but the end result is that it's almost invisible to everyone, and completely invisible to those pedestrians with poor eyesight.

Timperley nr Manchester . A cycle lane and a segregated cycle lane are discontinued just when it's needed the most . At the junction the rider is expected to rejoin the road largely unseen and in danger of being left hooked or head on colli ... [more]

It is days like today that highlight how car centric Glasgow is. Almost 50% of Glaswegians don't have access to a private car. While the roads were ice free, the paths were like ice rinks. #activetravel #travelpoverty ... [more]

Bridge linking the two parts of Staverton Road, Daventry - showing the lack of a safe crossing and space for cyclists to dismount

Bridge linking the two parts of Staverton Road, Daventry - showing the lack of a safe crossing and space for cyclists to dismount

Narrow cycle lane on bend - see #104442 on other side of road

northbound cycle lane looking south to show narrow lane round band with railings and pavement below road level. With the construction taking place why not take to opportunity to move everything over and make this safer?

Point where cycle path re-joins road after going onto pavement to pass a central reservation that makes road narrow. Note give way lines as this is also a road junction from left. also note that the cycle lane from this point is narrow (and ... [more]

So-called cycleway and steps to the bridge over the A11 between Abington and Babraham. This does nothing at all to get cyclists off the A1307.

Typical British mentality - put in a reasonably expensive bridge and do nothing beyond a sign to improve access. This does nothing at all to get cyclists off the A1307.

Lots of root damage on the shared-use path past Linton Village College - and alternative route to the right

Northbound view of bridge over Stockley Brook. Note the bridge structure is raised from the trail and is vertical - ok for MTB but not narrower section tyres.

Why is the shared-use still present?

Why is there a no cycling sign on the Q6?

Towpath junction with footbridge over A61 to Wharf Lane (left) and route over river to right - note the raised access if using a cycle...

I see from my diversionary route this morning that CS6, open for [checks notes] 8 weeks, is holding up about as well as can be expected in these parts...

The council decided on a right angle. A lot of path users have voted with their feet to use a smooth curve. New shared use path on Crockford Lane near A33 Reading Road Location: , Chineham (England, United Kingdom)

irrelevant sign for cycling on roads on a shared use path - presumably this should be an End of Cycle Route sign pointing the opposite way Location: , Cliddesden (England, United Kingdom)

Getting the sense these prefab kerbs fitted to anchor points aren't suitable on a route with such heavy traffic (Middlepath St, Belfast)

bus shelter in the middle of the cycleway

Cycleway goes up steps!

Cyclist in underpass, Urgench - there is a small ramp off to one side, but it requires right-angle turns.

start of shared use path on Harrow Way - for some reason, you can't cycle from Lister Road to get here Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

There is no provision for westbound cyclists here, and eastbound cyclists will have already negotiated a busy roundabout. New shared use path starts after island crossing, Harrow Way, Basingstoke Location: , Basingstoke (England, Unit ... [more]

For some reason, the shared use path doesn't help westbound cyclists, and eastbound cyclists would have had to negotiate a busy roundabout to get here. Looking east along Harrow Way towards the new shared use path Location: , Basingst ... [more]

new shared use path starts here - for some reason, cycling is not allowed to the actual dropped kerb Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

To get here, a cyclist would have cycled round a busy roundabout and along a dual carriageway, so why the shared use path starts here is beyond me!. New shared use path starts just before toucan crossing Location: , Basingstoke (England ... [more]

Very poor ramp for access to the Samani Park, Bukhara

rubbish shared use pavement - with a green box

shared use pavement loses priority at side road

@TrothBen @CycleInfraDay @Fenmonkey @bencooper Here is my trike on the bridge. Not much room for anyone coming the other way.

The Humber Road cycling improvements are coming along in Beeston. What do people think? @broxtowebc @D2N2GrowthHub @Anna_Soubry "Beware of opening car doors" (and signs on the cycleway).

Despite the hot dry summer (or maybe because of it?) these roots are getting worse for cyclists.

UPDATE see also #102221 and #102220 + tweet Comment has appeared It's the comment covering the dis of 'Dismantled Rai ... [more]

A solitary sign outside the chip shop declares that the footway on this section of James Street is shared-use. Leads to #33490.

Road closure, Utrecht (no room for cargo bikes)

Link to the youth hostel from the cycleway by the Robec stream, Rouen (shame about the steps from the bridge)

Link to the youth hostel from the cycleway by the Robec stream, Rouen (shame about the steps from the bridge)

Altrincham nr Manchester a bridge requires widening to accommodate cyclists and walkers

Bizarre juxtaposition a national speed limit (60mph) and a cycle route the trans pennine trail NCN62 no less ! And when you pan left you see yet another a cycle route ahead sign on the same post as a national speed ... [more]

Where the path meets the perimeter road the highway engineers provide safe crossi... just kidding, they don't give a shit about you, you're just some schmuck on foot or a bike.

Eventually the spine path turns into this.

Unmaintained path unceremoniously dumps you onto roadway. Someone left me a trolley, how thoughtful.

Degraded path.

Path junction with no visibility splays at all. Clearly not designed for cycling, nor for personal security. Very anti-social design, with the buildings turning their backs and presenting blank walls to the path. Unsurprisingly nobody wants ... [more]

Exclusionary barrier blocking one of the main paths inside Bar Hill. Of course everyone just goes onto the grass...

The only cycleway connecting to Bar Hill dumps you onto the big wide perimeter road where you are left to fend for yourself against speeding motor traffic. Rather defeats the point of having safe separate paths...

Bridge in poor shape along path, steep upstands on either side as path settles.

narrow rutted cycle route to bar hill

The shared footway to the north of Blackwood is fairly narrow, right next to the carriageway, and ends pretty much as soon as it's past the 30mph signs. So roadies don't use it and it would be difficult to pass someone coming the other way ... [more]

Bump up over the kerb to join this 10m long cycleway, dodge a sign and then bump down behind the give way line of a side road.

Grantchester Meadows path. Thistles and nettles growing out of the fence by 1m. These will reach half way across the new narrow shared path, visible in the background. Narrow paths, encroachment by vegetation, these are not new problems. ... [more]

Grantchester Meadows path. New 1.5m wide path under construction, tight to the fence. This will be just as unsatisfactory as the existing narrow path alongside Skater's Fen. Why such a narrow path when there is so much space available? An ... [more]

Paved byway at Stonehenge - cycling is legal, but the route has been blocked by gates

The connection to NCN7 at Sandholm Terrace is formed with horrible concrete blocks with gaps in between.

The Dyke Road cycleway at the Craggan Drive junction. Although the cycleway markings suggest the cycleway has priority, the 'give way' markings at the kerbline have not been refreshed and there is a danger drivers from Craggan Drive will pu ... [more]

I skidded to a halt to take photo #101275. Didn't expect that.

I genuinely thought they would widen this extremely narrow footway as part of the Knightswood cycle route works, but no. See also #99502. At this point the shared-use footway on Dyke Road changes into a cycleway formed by orcas.

A blind corner on the Dyke Road shared-use footway. See also

The end of the on-road cycleway on Lincoln Avenue, but where next? The fresh dropped kerb across the junction suggests that it is onto the existing footway. And another corner for collecting detritus.

The new cycle lane in Archerhill Road needs swept, and a motorist has decided to park in the gap between orcas at the BMX centre entrance.

The A9 shared-use footway/cycleway turns a corner into Mungalend and just ends. The A9 itself continues without any cycle provision. The car parked on the footway across the junction has 'for sale' notices in the window. Buy from a pavem ... [more]

The shared-use footway alongside the A9 crosses sides for some reason.

The shared-use footway alongside the A9 crosses sides for some reason, although there appears to be room for it to stay on the same side. There's even a signalled crossing in about half a mile or so.

The shared-use footway alongside the A9 crosses sides for some reason, although there's a choice of going clockwise or anti-clockwise around the roundabout. But someone going to Abbotsford Business Park has to cross the A9 twice.

No provision for joining the ramp down to the Forth & Clyde Canal directly coming from the west, so must make sharp turn. Maybe not the most popular direction to approach from, but would have been easy to build at the same time as the rest ... [more]

Redesigning this junction to prioritise walking and cycling would help create a quiet alternative to the A56 Manchester Road.

The path, rather than coming to an end as the sign suggests, crosses the A9 at grade, and continues across the far side. There is also a shared-use footway alongside the A9 to the right.

One missing bollard at the end of Bog Road and the joyriders are out taking advantage of it. When is the motoring community going to get to grips with this sort of behaviour?

new narrow shared use path on Windsor Road Location: , Runnymede (England, United Kingdom)

new narrow shared use path on Windsor Road Location: , Runnymede (England, United Kingdom)

new narrow shared use path on Windsor Road Location: , Runnymede (England, United Kingdom)

old cycle path from Runnymede Roundabout to Egham - poorly surfaced and narrowed by overgrown vegegation Location: , Hythe End (England, United Kingdom)

Poor link to the bridge over the railway at Hessle Road Junction.

Road closure in Hull - better cycle access needed.

Pigeon mess problem at the Cowal Road bridge.

Poor forward visibility on the bit of the Kelvin Walkway that dips down next to the river then climbs back up quite steeply (out of sight around the bend).

The bridge to the right leads to the Hudson Way - signage needed

Cyclists at the chokepoint between Leeds Lock and the Royal Armouries on NCN routes 66/67.

Very poor bit of shared-use path towards the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

An already narrow shared-use footway in Fairlie, with a bus stop.

A narrow shared-use footway in Fairlie. I've no idea why specifically West Kilbride railway station is signed, when Fairlie's own station (with all the same train services) is much closer.

cycle path west of Didot Parkway station to the short stay car park Location: , Didcot (England, United Kingdom)

A very poor access ramp between the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath and Glendinning Road.

A poor surface on the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath between Yoker and Whitecrook.

A poor surface on the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath at Whitecrook.

An update on #99502, double white lines have been added. Note the two on bikes on the footway across the other side of the road.

This just doesn't look good at all.

The cycleway suddenly turns from a shared-use footway behind the bus shelter and jumps into an on-road two-way cycle lane.

The bus stop impasse (seen in #99495) has now been painted up. A closeup of the dropped kerb can be seen in #100294.

An unsurfaced link to the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath from the end of a residential part of Netherton Road. See also #100261.

A canal towpath access path, unsigned, and comprising just a dirt path. Why is this not surfaced to the same standard as the main path?

This sign has evolved to grow up through the dense foliage and flower to reveal it's vital message: Cyclists Dismount to warn of the unmarked crossing of an industrial road.

Dangerously overgrown cycleway near this cycle crossing of the A5, Hinckley.

Dangerously overgrown bush near this cycle crossing of the A5, Hinckley. See #99974

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