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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

This "cycleway" is a complete mess and nothing more than a very old pavement with a line of paint.

There's a cyclists dismount sign here despite 2 city councils and 1 metro borough adopting a policy that all new bridges should allow cycling without dismounting !! Adopted March 2008 Salford CC Manchester CC Treafford MBC https:// ... [more]

This side road crossing used to be quite good, but it's since been repainted incorrectly..

Very recently constructed cycle/pedestrian path George Road Stockport. Cycle lane has no drop kerbs and Give way markings are side street are too far forward for safe use. I certainly won’t be using it! @Chris_Boardman @StockportMBC http ... [more]

A traffic jam on quiet way 2 yesterday 🙄😣☹️ @FixedFun @COHnF @OldOakCentre @LBHF

Design fail: When there's a bus waiting at the rising bollard / traffic signal the exit from this cycle slipway is blocked.

Buses waiting at the rising bollard block this access to the road.

Annoying Give Way marking at the exit from Magdalen College, and sign forbidding cyclists to use the footway.

This is part of the diversion from the Fallowfield Loop while the bridge is being replaced, but the lack of dropped kerbs makes it inaccessible by bicycle or wheelchair.

A lack of maintenance has left this ramp in a disgusting and possibly dangerous condition. Reported.

Hasty Lane: A solitary bollard (thank God it isn't a chicane) protects this overgrown and slippery ramp down to the tunnel beneath the motorway.

Still no dropped kerb at Pinkston Road to join the path between the M8 motorway and the former Sighthill Park. The new location for the Sighthill standing stones can be seen to the right.

There's a cycleway into this closed-off road but not out - a wasted opportunity.

High Orchard Bridge unmetalled Canal Towpath which is made of very rough old railway ballast and it is so uncomfortable to ride a Bicycle here. On the left is a kerb over the drain in the awful unfinished ground work.

High Orchard Bridge. Here the Lifting Bridge has Shared Use Bicycle and Walking over the Canal and Towpath on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal. The Shared Use Towpath is metalled here but not underneath the bridge.

A 'Give Way' for something or other, and lots of money spent paving a footway so that it looks nothing like a cycleway.

Apparently this narrow footway is shared-use!

Vandalism of cable on Riverside Bridge - photo 2 - showing that wire was cut. See: * *

Vandalism of cable on Riverside Bridge - photo 1. See: * *

The shared cycleway on Park Grange Road looking suspiciously like an ordinary footway, and certainly no wider than an ordinary footway.

No proper dropped kerb at the end of the Cobweb Bridge at Sussex Street.

Washed out sand on the ramp down and under the Derek Dooley Way bridge.

A poor transition between two bits of shared footway, and attracting mud. Why is this not on a straight through alignment for cyclists?

Tree root damage on the path alongside Ben Nevis Road.

Tree root damage on the path alongside Ben Nevis Road.

A poor change of surface on the path from Crookston Road into Rosshall Park.

A terrible change of surface on the path from Rosshall Park to Crookston Road. Mind how you go!

The path between Rosshall Park and Cardonald Drive, on the original Glasgow-Paisley cycle route, is divided in two by a central railing for the section over the railway bridge, making it difficult to pass people coming the other way.

The path between Rosshall Park and Cardonald Drive on the original Glasgow-Paisley cycle route is not only narrow but is divided in two by a central railing, making it very difficult to pass anyone coming the other way. The sign has also co ... [more]

Work on the paths left in a dangerous unfinished state for over a month

Brief gap in the Montevideo rambla - alhtough the alternative is a very quiet stretch of road.

As I've mentioned before (see #107159), this is listed in Glasgow City Council's database of cycle routes.

Shared Use Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Light Crossing in St Oswald's Road. Photo taken from Sandhurst Road across the road is Sandhurst Lane which does not have a Shared Use Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic Crossing or Traffic Calming. So ... [more]

The works to upgrade paths on Parker’s Piece look very incomplete.

Estcourt Road has some Cycletracks from the Inter War Era. They could be updated into proper Dutch Style Segregated Bicycle Paths. Here is the Shared Use Bicycle and Footpath. The work to improve the Crossings with Safe to use at the bus ... [more]

Effectively the end of the new cycleway alongside St Rollox Drive, with no way back onto the road and only a connection to the old footpath.

Just put up a sign on an inadequate footpath and call it shared-use ?

National Cycle Route 45 - the alternative is a dangerous dual carriageway. Why this former railway can't be given a surface is beyond me. This locks people out of active travel. [approximate location]

Proper cycleway needed along the Quai de la Londe, Caen

The access to the two-wheeler parking at the Grotte Chauvet 2 replica cave is marked for motor bikes only.

In the photograph I'm on the cycle path looking north. To continue I have to turn and cross the road, then turn again. Why can't the cycle path simply run across on a diagonal line to cross at the same point, with simple markings to alert ... [more]

This cycleway is quickly being eroded by water. This is why we should use sealed surfaces on cycle routes - not gravel.

This cycleway is fast becoming unusable due to water damage. A sealed surface here would have ensured that the path remained in perfect condition. Why skimp on such things if you're just going to have to repair them later?

New cycleway across Cutacre Country Park. Loose gravel surface so be careful when turning.

The unsealed surface on this new cycleway is already beginning to show signs of water damage.

Narrow shared use foot / cycleway, Hereford.

NCN44 Hereford Bit of a messy zig zag instead of staying on the old railway alignment.

No right of way on this shared use footway where pedestrians and cyclists are expected to give way to motor vehicles entering and exiting the petrol station.

Very narrow shared-use route, Sarlat

The tarmac finishes here

Come on Salford, this isn't good enough. The surface would be fine were it not completely overgrown and almost unusable.

An unusual sign for a line-segregated footway. The cycle route crosses four crossings to get to Wakefield Road... #110661 Some of the toucan crossings do not have call boxes on both the left and right hand sides of the crossing.

This is perhaps not how the Dutch would approach a crossing of a main dual carriageway. Give Way to the traffic island?

Pavement hopping cycle infrastructure coming into Bingley town centre.

A bit dusty and gravelly here but the surface is fine. You have to be careful when turning though as you can easily slide.

There's a shared-use path alongside the A1123, but it changes sides several times without any kind of crossing, which makes it fairly useless.

The surfacing on the towpath has now ended, unsurfaced for a number of km

cyclists must give way in order to reach this very short cycle lane hugging dangerously close to stopped busses in the blind spot - then give way again at the other end. All while the general traffic lane sails serenely past. Utterly bonker ... [more]

General traffic lane has priority over traffic entering the road from the right, but the cycle lane gives way.

Cycle lane channels cyclists to the left hand side of a left hand filter lane. Are they trying to engineer left hooks?

I'm not quite sure why the council didn't just build the track through the stone wall to the right, but perhaps something is needed to stop idiots parking on the pavement - like the van driver...

Coventry Road shared-use cycleway or motor vehicle storage?

The path has no connection to Barrangary Road, but instead curves around and the first connection with the road network is at Forge Crescent.

After a brief piece of asphalt at the railway access point, the path reverts to a soggy soft surface for the unexpectedly steep climb.

A newly built soggy wet path alongside the railway in the southern part of Dargavel.

A soggy wet path to Bishopton station from the new housing development. All of the roads have asphalt or paved surfaces, so why this for the main path?

A soggy wet path from Bishopton station to southern Dargavel.

New layout at A505 crossing. No flush kerb where one should be.

NCN11 A505 crossing approach. Terrible layout with drop kerbs for pedestrians, not cycles. There needs to be a flush kerb on the desire line, giving a direct approach as there was for many years before this development.

The Madingley junction from the A1307 - designed for cars and not for anyone trying to cross the side-road.

Corduroy 'hazard' tactiles used in place of 'cycleway' tactiles on NCN 7/10/72 on Castle Way. These caught my tyre slightly as I was cycling over them. Some of the paving slabs along here were a bit uneven too.

A narrow faded line segregated footway/cycleway for NCN routes 7 and 10 over the bridge on Bridge Street to get to the crossing. I don't know what standards this may meet. But three lanes for westbound motorists.

Site closed long before the cycle path was created - yet the designers still feel the need to make cyclists give way.

This faded green marker is the end of a shared-use path to Sallanches from the north.

The crossing point has been moved.

Two routes, no signage - the near one leads to a bridge over the river, the far one is the main (paved) cycle route.

The cycleway here is narrow and the surface poor, but this isn't such a bad thing - go too fast here and you risk a head-on collision with another cyclist. I think the overgrowth needs cutting back though.

New cycle lanes are currently being laid on @CamSciencePark. It’s a lovely day so let’s take a look. Follow the link above for series of tweets explaining how a dreadful cycleway has been built by avoiding con ... [more]

This is where the surfaced section ends. You can turn and go beside the wood or through the wood onto the transPennine trail.

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, northern section. Verge and gravel infill by cyclepath - no problem to increase path width!

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, central section. Fence protects rock cages supporting difference in levels of up to about 1.5m. This would need to be stabilised before the path could be widened about 1.5m to boundary fenc ... [more]

Busway cyclepath, Cambridge Assessment frontage, southern section. About 1.5m space available to increase width of cycleway to boundary fence.

Busway cyclepath looking north from corner of Clare College sports ground and along University Press frontage. Plenty of room to widen cycleway.

Busway cyclepath looking north at the corner of Clare College sports ground. A culvert inhibits easy widening of the cyclepath at this point.

Busway north of Long Road underpass. With moving of light pillars and cutting of hedge at least 1.5m could be added to width of busway path.

Trumpington cycleway at Long Road underpass. To improve sight wys and prepare for re-opening of southern access from Long Road the line of the path should be moved away from the busway to permit sighting through the tunnel on approach.

Trumpington busway where a culvert narrows options for widening cycle-path at this point.

Trumpington Busway crossing Hobson Avenue. Electrical switchboxes on the edge of the cycle-path would require a lot of work to move for path widening.

Trumpington busway behind Fostar Road looking NE. A short section wheree the graded margin slopes down to the path. Could be dug back and stabilised with rock-cages and light pillars moved to add width.

Trumpington busway looking NE under Shelford Road Bridge. With removal of lighting pillar 1m could be added to the width of the path, even under the bridge.

Trumpington Busway looking NE, behind Cranleigh Close. Over 1m could easily be added to the width of the path by surfacing up to the cages.

Trumpington busway path looking back to Hauxton Road bridge. There is no possibility of widening the path under the bridge but minimal works could add 1m width.

Tight curve on a steep gradient entering the busway path at Trumpington P&R. Could be improved by following line of busway?

@helenpidd This one is pretty special - near Middlesbrough’s football ground

These staggered bollards are a much better solution than the gate that previously occupied this position, but the gravel surface combined with the steep slope makes passing through them a dangerous prospect. The new gravel surface should b ... [more]

Molehills in the asphalt?

No dropped kerb at the start of the path on Garbett Place. No signage either, even though this is part of the HArTT cycle route.

No properly dropped kerb at the steps and ramp (ramp out of sight to the right) up to the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath at the Carmuirs Park football ground car park.

The tree roots have got so bad that there's been a collective move by cyclists to riding on the grass

The railings on this bride seem a bit low and permeable for a cycle route.

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