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Photo listing : cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Missed opportunity for a riverside route behind the new Public Service Hall, Tbilisi.

Staggered crossing via an incredibly thin central island. I think the Chreshire Cycleway (RCN 70) is supposed to cross here now that the traffic lights at Bucklow Hill have gone - though there are no route signs.

Crossing on the new off-road cycle track along Pekini (Peking) Ave, Tbilisi - just using regular pedestrian lights.

Cut-through needing improvement in central Hitchin

Good new Toucan crossing providing a direct route from Newnham via the fens to the station and various private schools - but it's a shame that the crossings at either end of Bateman St both have ridiculously long wait times for pedestrians/ ... [more]

Entrance to the guided busway cycleway is a little awkward

A minimum-width two-way cycleway and no dedicated footway means both people walking and cycling have to take avoiding action even when there are only three of them

New route avoiding Station Square - if only there were dropped kerbs.

Rubbish narrow shared use pavement cycleway part of a new development. Cyclists and pedestrians tolerate these things rather than enjoy them. They look ok here but the problem occurs at side roads where priority is lost. All they acheive is ... [more]

Taunton shared use footway see comment at #93459.

Taunton shared use footway see comment at #93459.

@BCCletts #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 light was fading. Using a filter and an arrow; waiting to shipwreck the next unsuspecting vessel...

#GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 multiple high threat ironworks ❌ paint added for extra danger ❌ in spite of this still an important route.

Waterloo St looks nice, but the traffic light phases are just wrong and you end up waiting at every junction. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Obligatory shot of the teeny tiny shared-use path on Broomielaw for #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Tale of 2 councils: Part 3 East Ren let down by this poor shared-use path through Govan… which nobody uses. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Really unsure what this piece of lowered curb is for. No use for entering or leaving lane. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

Not quite so nice, junction on same path. Several near misses here due to drivers failing to giveway (or even look!) #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

This useful piece of infra (Balshagray Ave) is always thick with mud. Oh and overhanging trees. More cyclocross. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

The exciting end to two random blocks of cycle lane. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

London Rd cycle track/leaf trap (2011) 500m? Scrub/wasteground either side to extend. Spot the Shared sign in trees. #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17

#GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 Torrisdale St

Great route at #SWCW but no maintenance. Regularly flooded, full of debris, never swept. #GlasgowInfraDay17 #FitAndForget by @GlasgowCC ?

The already-too-small cycleway is being overgrown, as happens every year, by surrounding greenery.

After a few minutes one car slowed down a little bit to give me a gap and I managed to get across the A1307. Now looking back over to where I was.

Trying to cross the A1307 at the Babraham Campus roundabout. Very scary, very high-speed traffic, no gaps. Exit lane appears wide enough to fit two cars too.

Crossing the A1307 outside the Babraham Campus roundabout.

I made it to the central refuge island finally, but the traffic is moving too quickly for the mother and her two kids.

We're trying to cross the nasty roundabout without getting killed.

Nasty thorns on the nasty path around a nasty roundabout. Nonetheless, this family is heroically trying to cycle up to Wandlebury.

Trumpington Road scheme ends at the newly painted & slightly widened ASL.

Still a fairly intimidating place to cycle, due to sandwiched cycle lane.

Bad County! Bad bad bad! They lecture us about 'safety audits' all the time and yet this pile of crud has passed 'safety audit'. What a joke. Encourages people to cycle up the left-hand-side of left-turning traffic. Most people cycling will ... [more]

Weird entry to new cycleway from High Cross junction on Madingley Road

Sadly the good times end & we go back to tar spray and chip all over. And it's not swept, so I don't dare venture onto it. Even a slight nudge with my bike tire & it's covered in pebbles that I have to pick out so they don't penetrate my ti ... [more]

Brand new 'Ridgeway' covered in slippery leaves. This was built back in the early Spring and has sat unused for almost 6 months, fenced off.

The end of the ramp from the Raith Interchange roundabout cycle bridge (see #93301) ends at the A725 sliproad. There are then some right-angled corners to turn at and toucan crossings to cross to get to Bothwell. Queuing drivers also see ... [more]

The ramp from the cycle bridge over the Raith Interchange roundabout comes down in the No Man's Land between two dual carriageways, rather than on the side where Bothwell is. Users therefore have to cross four carriageways using toucan cros ... [more]

An enforced sharp double-back to get to cross the new cycle bridge across the Raith Interchange roundabout coming from Strathclyde Country Park. Very poor design!

The footway past the bus stop is shared use, but how would anyone alighting from a bus know?

A very narrow shared-use footway adjacent to the 'no expense spared' A727 dual carriageway flyover and sliproads.

A very narrow shared-use footway past a bus stop.

An extremely narrow section of path along the canal below the Ruchill St bridge. Shameful that something so bad could have been built in modern times!

Unnecessarily narrow cycle lane - could easily be widened

Hard to believe that this is signed as a mountain-bike trail.

Blockage on cycle route 15: seeing this on The Viking cycle route this made me want to wield an axe ):-(}

Shared-use, dangerously positioned against driveways

Valiant attempt to provide priority at the sideroad for what is a poor-quality shared-use pavement that needs to upgraded

Old-fashioned road layout with poor cycle facility

Random usage of tactile pads that seems to be thrown in for no apparent reason. Not the worst thing, but yet another maintenance item & potential slip risk. Behind them are the shared underground bins. Neat system. Stores waste undergrou ... [more]

A really weird way to create a pedestrian crossing of a cycleway. Basically, there's a short segment of shared-use. As a result there's an overusage of tactile pads. TSRGD 16 now allows Zebra crossings without Belisha beacons to be deplo ... [more]

A really weird way to create a pedestrian crossing of a cycleway. Basically, there's a short segment of shared-use. As a result there's an overusage of tactile pads. TSRGD 16 now allows Zebra crossings without Belisha beacons to be deplo ... [more]

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on what was supposed to be a priority cycleway. We don't know when it will be fixed.

Opened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards, misplaced lamp-posts, and loose gravel on the cycleway. Naturally nobody wants to cycle on loose gravel so everyone cycles on the tiled side that was supposed to be the footway. ... [more]

Unopened section of Ridgeway with weirdly shaped bollards & loose gravel pathway (supposed to be swept clean eventually).

The contractor disobeyed instructions and painted give-way markings on the cycleway to give priority to cars entering a minor car park. In a development that is supposed to be all about walking and cycling priority. Shameful.

Tiny shared use pathway along Madingley Road west of Conduit Head Road. Going to be very interesting when thousands of people are living in NW Cambridge site.

I wonder if @forthroadbridge have plans to trim the bushes, as pedestrians can't keep to their side of the line.

This shows why keeping paths too narrow is worse than providing a proper width

This shows why keeping paths too narrow is worse than providing a proper width

Narrow section of shared-use footway beside the D1506 past Chamonix

Why park over a cycle lane, isn't there a delivery bay near Hampton Court Bridge? @BidfoodUK

The inevitable result of placing a barrier in the way of the path and not diverting the path directly to the forced crossing point - a worn path across the grass. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but is that fence panel not meant to be inst ... [more]

I guess they never thought that anyone would cycle to the industrial units, so never thought to install a dropped kerb where the path meets the road. Of course, the majority of users will be going the other way, so why the turn away from ... [more]

The vegetation needs better management on what has become a blind corner on NCN1.

The narrow path in #91163 joins a wider path that has come down a slope from Tweedbank Drive and is both NCN1 and the Southern Upland Way. Only the latter is signed as going up the ramp here. But the narrow path is the more direct route and ... [more]

Contraflow - shouldn't really be marked out in the dooring zone; simple arrows would be better

Contraflow - shouldn't really be marked out in the dooring zone; simple arrows would be better

Cycleway switches from one side of the road to the other with no assistance to cross.

cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Cycleway yields priority to a side road.

Runcorn Loop cycleway crosses the busway via a pedestrian only crossing.

Cycleway to Norton Priory starts on the right hand side of the wall. Completely unsigned - you would never find it if you didn't know about it.

Path width changes clearly not worked - still too narrow.

There appears to be a gap in the Silverburn to Pollokshaws & Newlands cycle route at this bus stop in Barrhead Road.

The path through Greenbank Park takes a detour around the Harriet Place flats. There are no cycle facilities on the adjacent and direct Nether Auldhouse Road.

No sign to say the Silverburn to Pollokshaws & Newlands cycle route turns right here.

NCN 562 is routed directly in front of the shops. Not really an appropriate place for cycling.

cycleway is diverted up a service road then crosses via tight right-angle turns with no priority.

cycleway crosses car park entrance

cycleway gives way to access drive

cycleway gives way to access road

cycle path gives way to access drive

Runcorn Loop cycleway is narrow and becoming obstructed by vegetation.

Runcorn Loop cycleway yeilds priority at a side road.

Runcorn Loop cycleway is signed along this short narrow unsurfaced path.

As welcome as the rebuilt paths connecting to the Kelvin Walkway are, some have brought thier own problems, including here mud washing down onto the main path. There were problems here before, but now worse than ever! The sign covered in ... [more]

Welcome as these improved paths are, they've caused problems on the main Kelvin Walkway, including mud washing down the hill.

An unnecessarily sharp turn at the junction of the Kelvin Walkway and the path to Southmuir Place. This could potentially be a main route into North Kelvinside and the West End from the Kelvin Walkway. No addition to the signpost to refl ... [more]

The protected cycle lanes on Hamilton Road still need a good sweep!

The contraflow facility in King Street is provided by permitting cycling on the existing footway.

The narrow path is covered in mud washed down from the Cathkin Relief Road embankment.

The new route of NCN756 is over the right fork to the toucan crossing. The path ahead leads to a high kerb. I took a group ride over this and half of them went straight on, and it's not difficult to see why, especially with the old Give Way ... [more]

Markings largely destroyed on this cycle lane in Nice

Cycle lane sign next to a line of parked cars, cycle lane in the dooring zone, and obstructed by a car in the distance.

Poor crossing from shared-use at new Cambridge North station

New shared-use at Cambridge North station

New shared-use at Cambridge North station

New shared-use at Cambridge North station

Cut-through needed here to access Cowley Road

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