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Photo listing : dutch-style cycleways

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

The UK’s first Dutch roundabout design under construction

cycle bridge with separate footway

Llanthony Bridge over the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal in Gloucester Docks. The Bridge only allows for Bicycles, Walking, Buses and Taxis. Dutch design lift bridge allowing for Ships and Canal Boats in Gloucester.

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. Bicycles and Walkers mostly cross the lifting bridge deck, with the odd Taxi and very rare Bus.

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. There is mostly Bicycles and Walking on the deck of the lifting bridge crossing over.

Llanthony Road and Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester Docks. Mostly used by Bicycles and Foot, seldom used by Taxi or rare by Bus.

A good quality cycle crossing enables people to cross this busy road in comfort and safety.




Superb bidirectional cycleway alongside a river and main road.

Green End Road opening ceremony, a happy straggler.

Green End Road opening ceremonial ride

New cycle provision on Hills Road

A much improved surface here, albeit gravel. Care is to be taken cycling here as the front wheel may step out unexpectedly.

Segregated cycleway using simple dividers, very common all around Barcelona now. Used also by electric scooter users.

Cycleway along the beach

Rainbow style divider set used to create a segregated cycleway, Barcelona

Segregated cycleway along the middle of Paral.lel

New cycle control for the crossing. Buttons are better than induction loops, which can sometimes fail to register the presence of a bicycle.

New cycle crossing at West Point. The lights are controlled by a button (out of frame). This enables a completely safe crossing of this risky junction.

An old but excellent piece of cycling infrastructure, with bus bypasses. Streetview shows it there in 2009, so I don't know when it was installed.

An old but excellent piece of cycling infrastructure, with bus bypasses. Streetview shows it there in 2009, so I don't know when it was installed.

Conceptual cross-section for Chesterton Road with protected cycleway, separate footway, and an avenue of trees in planted grass verges.

This cycle crossing is also perfectly placed for pedestrians, which invites conflict. It might be better to widen it significantly and remove all road markings - let people decide what they want to do.

An issue with this junction is that parked vehicles block the view of anyone cycling in the lane. This is a particular problem for people driving from Henrietta Street to East Union St. The road layout means that their view of any cyclist ... [more]

A new combined pedestrian and cycling zebra crossing is provided here.

Here the cycle lane splits. Right for cyclists, left for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers on the far side of the junction. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the left fork, because it's easier.

Here the cycle lane splits. Left for cyclists, right for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the right fork, because it's easier. I mean, why wouldn't you? ... [more]

Design vs user experience. Many cyclists are using the obvious, slightly bumpy route on the left. But the designer wants them to take the less obvious, more difficult route to the right. Bit of an oversight here - give people two options ... [more]

Cycleway on Fulbourn Road with priority over side road

Another loss of priority to a road used by very few vehicles. The cycle lane should continue straight across here, and cars be forced to give way.

A protected bypass has been built here, although it might have been better if it remained protected the closer one gets to the bridge (see the photo on the corner).

An excellent example of how to build a safe environment for all. This design is used on the north side of the bridge too.

A new section of cycle path alongside the A555. The surface is high quality and it's quite wide (there's a big deep ditch to the right that restricts it).

A new ramp down to the new cycle track alongside the A555. This is a good surface and is well signposted.

Priority given over to a side road that serves only one property. This is utterly pointless in a location that sees very low level of traffic. Priority should be given to walking and cycling here.

Priority taken away from the cycle path and given to a petrol station that is closed, and a hotel that sees low traffic levels. Both these are entrances to private property. Priority should remain with the cycle path.

Dashed lines across the carriageway might help here, but give way markings are needed before the tactile paving so cyclists aren't tempted to wander into the carriageway. The surface here is loose, the turns are tight, this could lead to p ... [more]

Here priority is taken away from the cycle track and given over to a road that sees little to no traffic. This is pointless and dangerous - motorists should be expected to wait for cyclists before crossing the cycleway. The signage is con ... [more]

Two junctions with light traffic that force cyclists to cede priority. Why is this the case? There is enough space to make motorists wait for pedestrians and cyclists to cross. The result is unnecessary conflict. It's worth noting that ... [more]

New protected infrastructure under construction in Wigan.

A good path that needs clearing of debris and cutting back of overgrowth (which blocks the streetlights)

Part of the Lostock Road 1930s cycleway, in a very sorry state and blocked by illegally-parked vehicles.

Underpass under Birchwood Way, smooth and wide with gentle ramps.

Cycle route continues west between the highway and a sports ground. I suspect the land behind the fence will soon become overgrown.

The cycle path leaves the main highway and continues west toward Woodford Road.

Cycle crossings alongside the new A555 bypass. Not yet complete in this picture.

High quality shared cycle path alongside the new bypass. It is a little on the narrow side but there aren't that many pedestrians or cyclists here.

High quality access ramp to the cycle path along the new bypass.

Stretford Manchester The correct sign when there are roadworks and there are narrow lanes. Segregated Infra is now in place and police are starting to enforce. On 28/11/18 an unmarked police vehicle is seen at the scene of 2 obstructing veh ... [more]

Route F1 past Antwerpen-Centraal station

Cycleway, Antwerp

Entering Antwerp

Cycleway in Nieuwkerken-Waas

New cycleway, route F4, St Niklaas

Sale Trafford Contraflow cycle lane. Good Pracitice except that warning signs are required because this facility is quite rare see #96157 The with flow lane could do without the cycle lane and the width reduced so that it is not possible fo ... [more]

Since the NCN74 cycleway is separated from the road by a decent sized verge, there is no question of roadsigns blocking the cycleway.

NCN74 alongside the B7078 (the old A74) where the former dual carriageway has been converted into a single carriageway road and a decent cycleway.

After a rubbish detour around Lesmahagow, the cycle route becomes rather good again! The former dual carriageway has been converted into a single carriageway road and a decent cycle path.

The cycle route south of Blackwood starts off as a shared footway, but then it changes into a proper cycleway.

Typical Lea Bridge Road side road treatment. Continuous footway aligned with cycleway

Bus-stop bypass, Manchester

Cycleway alongside light rail.

Cycleway from airport to Bergen.

Wide foot and cycleway at Fleesland, Bergen‘s airport.

Hybrid cycle track

Dutch-style cycleway by the A11 in Norwich

Route to Padua station

Cycleway near Padua station

Cycleway, Padua

Along the Inn Location: Hotting, Innsbruck (Tyrol, Austria) Cycle path next to the River Inn, Innsbruk

Another spot on CS8 where cyclists have no help at all. Very dangerous junction for all especially cyclists.

Crossing Cheyne Walk at Battersea Bridge is treacherous for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Cycle lanes along embankment and leading into Kings Road needed for safe access to local schools & shops

I always find getting through King's Rd a challenging task. The route for a cyclist is too narrow. As this road is mostly jammed the cars tend to push the cyclists towards the pavement (not enough space to get through). This is the reason I ... [more]

CS6 on Blackfriars Bridge

Cycle Superhighway 53, along Constitution Hill. It's fairly obvious where the cyclists are meant to go, but there are still plenty of cyclists on the road, and pedestrians on the cycleway.

Cycle Superhighway 53, along South Carriage Drive, Hyde Park

Where Bishopsgate turns into Shoreditch High Street the quality of the road goes severely downhill - potholes everywhere, where great puddles collect after rain. The concentration of buses here means bikes often end up going through all the ... [more]


Vauxhall Bridge with barrier separating motor traffic.

Improved lighting in the cycling/pedestrian tunnel beneath Manchester Airport.

Pathway behind hedges again for a bit.

Hedge protected pathway

Pathway gets a nice healthy 2.5m-wide verge for a bit.

Wide smooth tarmac cycleway passes under the new A556 road via a well lit underpass. There are steps for horse riders to dismount.

Cycleway along old route of the A556 takes a long detour and yields priority to cross the side road.

Cycleway alongside former route of A556 yields priority at a side road

cycleway yields priority at side road crossing.

Cycleway loses priority at a side road crossing. There really is no excuse at this location as the cycleway used to be part of the A556 carriageway - so the give way markings had to be deliberately moved.

Cycleway crosses, then re-crosses the old alignment of the A566

Diagonal road crossing - no priority to cycleway.

Cycleway alongside former route of the A556 detours up side road then makes a sharp right-angle turn to cross the road without priority.

Brand new cycleway alongside the old route of the A556 surfaced with loose chippings.

Old Hall Lane pedestrian/cycle/equestrian underpass access ramp.

Cycleway through the Poblenou area

Probably nicest section, near western end of Sawston-Babraham cycleway. Shielded from car headlights by hedges, fields on other side.

Central section of Sawston-Babraham path is shielded by hedges, which is nice, but for some reason has become rather dirty.

Eastern end of Sawston-Babraham cycleway.

Space for walking, cycling, horseback riding and cats. [ed: I've seen partridge right here as well.]

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