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Photo listing: dutch-style cycleways (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

I'm sad. These signs are going against Highway Code 195 that states that cars must give way to pedestrians and cyclists on the parallel crossing or waiting to cross. Please can we get the priorities fixed? JJ Thompson Avenue.

[Image taken 8.1.22] Monks Cross, Huntington/York. The issues here continue. This time the car nearest the photographer was blocking access to/from the cycle parking. The two-way route for motor vehicles should be one way, one carriageway. … [more]

[Image taken 23.10.21] Between Greggs and Boots, Monks Cross retail park, York/Huntington. [NOTE: streetview shows the previous layout of this site] Just one of many incursions onto the cycleway I saw on my brief visit. Other images here … [more]

[Image taken 2.10.21] Monks Cross Retail Park, Monks Cross, Huntington, York. [Note: streetview shows the previous layout of this site.] Despite the heavy rain, the two-way track is visible. Other images here today: #174535 and links.

[Image taken 16.2.21] The cycle route around York, Monks Cross retail park is open to the road on this side. The blocks of paint link with a zebra crossing to the left. Therefore it is clear they comprise a pedestrian crossing. However if … [more]

[More recent image: #174535 and links] [Image taken 16.2.21] York, Monks Cross retail park has a two-way cycle route around the perimeter. At the point pedestrians may be crossing there is tactile paving in the cycle route. There are no … [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] York, Monks Cross retail park has a bi-directional cycle route around the perimeter. Pedestrian routes 'trickle' from the car parking areas to the retail outlets and must cross the cycle route. Some pedestrian routes … [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] This pedestrian route leads right through the York, Monks Cross retail park car park. There is a warning sign for pedestrians at the point it crosses the two-way cycle route: Look both ways. It does not specify that it … [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] York, Monks Cross retail park has a network of pedestrian and cycle routes around and through the car parking areas. The pedestrian route here seems to me to be very obvious. There is tactile paving on the pavement and … [more]

[Image taken 16.2.21] Monks Cross, York, retail area has a network of pavements and cycle routes including around the perimeter. However, there are gaps in the continuity. For example there is no drop kerb for pedestrians or people on … [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, Monks Cross, Huntington/York. How was it intended that cyclists using the substantially segregated, red-tarmaced cycle route bridge the gap here? There's space for a parallel crossing on this … [more]

The new CYCLOPS junction at Bolton Trinity Street. This has made navigating this junction much safer. Unfortunately there are no sensors to detect the presence of bicycles, and users have to press a button to cross/turn. This is … [more]

Somewhat excessive use of wands to separate out left/ahead turning cyclists

Slightly over the top use of wands to separate out left/ahead turning cyclists

This cycle crossing is also perfectly placed for pedestrians, which invites conflict. It might be better to widen it significantly and remove all road markings - let people decide what they want to do.

An issue with this junction is that parked vehicles block the view of anyone cycling in the lane. This is a particular problem for people driving from Henrietta Street to East Union St. The road layout means that their view of any … [more]

Here the cycle lane splits. Right for cyclists, left for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers on the far side of the junction. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the left fork, because it's easier.

Here the cycle lane splits. Left for cyclists, right for equestrians. The cyclists' option has barriers. The equestrians' option has no barriers. So everyone just takes the right fork, because it's easier. I mean, why wouldn't you? … [more]

Design vs user experience. Many cyclists are using the obvious, slightly bumpy route on the left. But the designer wants them to take the less obvious, more difficult route to the right. Bit of an oversight here - give people two options … [more]

Another loss of priority to a road used by very few vehicles. The cycle lane should continue straight across here, and cars be forced to give way.

Two junctions with light traffic that force cyclists to cede priority. Why is this the case? There is enough space to make motorists wait for pedestrians and cyclists to cross. The result is unnecessary conflict. It's worth noting that … [more]

Here priority is taken away from the cycle track and given over to a road that sees little to no traffic. This is pointless and dangerous - motorists should be expected to wait for cyclists before crossing the cycleway. The signage is … [more]

Dashed lines across the carriageway might help here, but give way markings are needed before the tactile paving so cyclists aren't tempted to wander into the carriageway. The surface here is loose, the turns are tight, this could lead to … [more]

Priority taken away from the cycle path and given to a petrol station that is closed, and a hotel that sees low traffic levels. Both these are entrances to private property. Priority should remain with the cycle path.

Priority given over to a side road that serves only one property. This is utterly pointless in a location that sees very low level of traffic. Priority should be given to walking and cycling here.

Part of the Lostock Road 1930s cycleway, in a very sorry state and blocked by illegally-parked vehicles.

A good path that needs clearing of debris and cutting back of overgrowth (which blocks the streetlights)

Sale Trafford Contraflow cycle lane. Good Pracitice except that warning signs are required because this facility is quite rare see #96157 The with flow lane could do without the cycle lane and the width reduced so that it is not possible … [more]

Cycleway along old route of the A556 takes a long detour and yields priority to cross the side road.

Cycleway alongside former route of A556 yields priority at a side road

cycleway yields priority at side road crossing.

Cycleway loses priority at a side road crossing. There really is no excuse at this location as the cycleway used to be part of the A556 carriageway - so the give way markings had to be deliberately moved.

Cycleway alongside former route of the A556 detours up side road then makes a sharp right-angle turn to cross the road without priority.

Brand new cycleway alongside the old route of the A556 surfaced with loose chippings.

cycleway veers across high speed slip road.

Cycleway emerges onto the road into the path of a bus starting from the bus stop. At this point the cyclist is hidden behind the bus shelter and the bus drivers attention is devoted to their right mirror - looking for a gap in overtaking … [more]

Fortunately the cyclist was riding slowly so was able to avoid this left hook.

Cyclist has to swerve to avoid car pulling across his path on the Curry Mile cycleway.

Van obstructs cycleway while waiting to turn onto the the road The planter supposedly "protecting" the cycleway obstructs the view from the proper give way position.

Start point of Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway

Cyclists heading straight ahead along the cycleway are given a green light at the same time as drivers turning left across their path. Thus designing in left hooking collisions. This cyclist is sensibly avoiding the risk.

Yet another speed bump and more painted signs warning pedestrians to look.

Yet more rumble strips to control cyclists speed as they ride behind the bus shelter that obstructs the view of pedestrians crossing the next speed bump #87806..

Another speed bump - this time with zebra stripes on the top. A few metres along there is yet another rumble strip behind a bus shelter #87805.

Another rumble strip to keep cycle speeds low - as you approach the speed bump #87804.

Attempt to mitigate conflict with pedestrians accessing the bus stops. Speed bump on the cycleway slows down cyclists and large painted signs warn pedestrians which way to look. A bit further along are some rumble strips #87803.

Rumble strips needed to control cyclists speed to mitigate conflict with bus passengers. A few metres later you come to a speed bump #87802.

SLOW sign at the entrance to a cycleway that veers behind very well used bus shelters. The degree of conflict with the very high volume of pedestrian traffic around Manchester University means cyclists riding here (rather than on the … [more]

Exemption from No Right Turn permitting cyclists to turn right from Oxford Road into Brunswick Street is welcome. Unfortunately the raised kerbs prevent cyclists getting from the cycle lane to the correct lane position to make the turn.

Signalised pedestrian crossing crosses cycleway - but there are no signals to stop cyclists when the green man shows.

How not to perform a right hand turn: Swerve across the path of a bus just as the lights turn green.

We need a way to turn to the right!

Narrow cycle lane leeds to a dead end with a right angle swerve across the path of traffic. This is the Bradford end of the Leeds-Bradford cycle superhighway.

Leeds-Bradford cycle "superhighway" - complete with supersized lamppost slap bang in the middle. Ed (simon) Aug 2023: that post appears to have been moved now, see #196724 (in the distance).

Cambridge road maintenance: clear the gutters of dirt & muck, throw it across the cycle/foot path. Mostly 2-3 inches thick, mud/ grass & presumably lots of broken glass too. First noticed on Monday, no attempt to clear up by Friday

Bus Stop Bypass needs to be enabled. Very dangerous and very busy bus stop so cyclists in big danger overtaking 3-5 busses at a time

Bus Stop Bypass needs to be enabled. Very dangerous and very busy bus stop so cyclists in big danger overtaking 3-5 busses at a time

New cycleway from Wandlebury to Babraham. Give way markings at every driveway.

New cycleway from Wandlebury to Babraham. Give way markings at every driveway.

New cycleway from Wandlebury to Babraham. Give way markings at every driveway.

New cycleway from Wandlebury to Babraham. Give way markings at every driveway.

Difficult turning movements for cyclists traveling eastbound from Goodge Street to Chenies Street. Conflict with other turning vehicles. Install a leading cyclist signal at the intersection with Tottenham Court Rd to allow cyclists to get … [more]

No westbound route between Collier Street and York Way. Cyclists forced to use the busy and dangerous Pentonville Road. Create a quiet back street alternative by installing a contraflow westbound cycle lane on Wharfdale road. This would … [more]

The pedestrian and cyclist signals never line up for westbound cyclists coming from Constitution hill to Hyde Park resulting in having to wait at three separate signals to get through the intersection. Re-time signals to allow for smoother … [more]

Massive traffic back ups and tight lanes don't allow cyclists to pass stopped traffic. Route all northbound motorists through the tunnel and only allow buses and cyclists to proceed north to Strand.

Along the west side of Southhampton Row provide a contraflow cycle path (southbound) to make life easier for westbound cyclists turning from Guildford Street who are headed westbound on the south side of Russel Square. The right turn from … [more]

Abolish the horrible Gyratory north of St. Pauls. Or at least install a contraflow cycle lane for eastbound cyclists. The turning movements required at present are dangerous as they put cyclists in conflict with motorists.

Northbound cycle only signal phase from Queen Street plaza crossing Queen Victoria Street. The signal only operates if button is pushed. If the plaza has a lot of pedestrian traffic it is nearly impossible to get to the intersection and … [more]

Three motor vehicle lanes at this intersection leaving little to no room to pass cars stopped at the light in order to get to the advance stop line. Continue the protected cycle lane from Southwark Bridge to the intersection with Upper … [more]

Roadway narrows here for small central median forcing cyclists into the same lane as motorists. Keep neck down for motorists, but add separate cycle track to reduce conflicts. This would require removing poorly situated parking.

Remove ridiculous signpost on Union Street at Great Guildford Street in the middle of contraflow bike path (making it difficult to ride past) telling cyclists to dismount. Also a tricky intersection at Union Street and Southwark Bridge … [more]

Make Newcomen and Snowfields streets two way for cyclists in order to tie in with Union street, which is a great two way cross town route.

Install contraflow bike lane southbound on Bermondsey Street to link up with Contraflow bike lane further south.

Taxis constantly dropping off passengers in the bike lane (and double red line) in front of More London plaza. Install a protected bike lane here to allow for safe passage eastbound.

Ban left turns from King William Street (London Bridge Approach) onto Monument Street. Dangerous left hook turn conflict with cyclists and huge conflict with large pedestrian flow.

Three motor vehicle lanes in each direction on London Bridge, despite one lane (each way) streets at either end. Remove a lane in each direction for a protected cycle track and widened footpath (they are like sardines in the morning on the … [more]

Not a cycling issue, but there is no pedestrian signal to cross King William Street. And thus no warning for when traffic is about to start moving. Very dangerous situation, as there is loads of pedestrian traffic at this intersection.

Ban left turns from King William Street to Lombard Street. Foot traffic here is huge in the morning, and turn conflicts are ripe! Plus, backed up turning vehicles block free flow of southbound cyclists and cause left hook turn conflicts.

There is no legal northbound route from Coleman St. to Fore Street. Space for a route exists in the center median of London Wall. All that would need to be installed is a curb cut off the centre median at Fore Street Avenue. Also, making … [more]

Bath Street narrows here for a stretch. Cars are often parked on the west side of the street causing northbound motorists to veer dangerously into oncoming contra-flow cyclists (taxis of course being the worst offenders, they don't slow … [more]

It is currently illegal to continue southbound from Shepardess walk to Bath street. The offset junction is also unsafe heading northbound due to turning conflicts. Ban motor vehicle movements north from Bath St. to Shepardess walk and … [more]

Old Street roundabout - too many motor vehicle lanes and high speed traffic. Abolish the roundabout and install a regular intersection. This would make traversing the intersection by foot and bike much easier and also open up extra space … [more]

In order to cycle the designated cycle route from Pitfield St to Paul street (or in opposite direction) requires traversing Old Street and Great Eastern Street via a number of pavement shared spaces. The space provided struggles to cope … [more]

This one way section of Hoxton Street prevents cycling northwards towards Hoxton street market.

This is a two lane one way street northbound and not possible to cycle southbound. This is a wide road yet no space provided for cyclists.

Two lanes of fast moving traffic westbound on Great Eastern Street and no space for cycling. I'm a fit confident cyclist and even I think twice about cycling along this section of road. Very unpleasant.

I don't know the solution for Old Street roundabout but it is currently just an unpleasant experience for cyclists and pedestrians. The car is king here and street life suffers as a result.

oops.. i picked the wrong location on the map for my earlier comment (see marker next to this one). Should of course have been further south on Pitfield St (on the one way section of road).

I would just like to make a general point. Great idea from LCC to provide opportunity for cyclists to make proposals for 'Go Dutch' locations. However feel this web page needs greater prominence from the LCC homepage rather than tucked … [more]

20mph needs to be enforced on this stretch of Southgate Rd. This is a busy section of road for cars cyclists and pedestrians. Car drivers seem to take opportunity to speed between Baring Street and the traffic lights on Downham road. Badly … [more]

Fully agree with other poster regarding this dangerous mini roundabout. Many cars travel along Southgate Rd above 30mph nevermind the 20mph speed limit.

Rat run on northbound narrow one way street.

Lack of permeability. Raised kerb prevents access between Rotherfield Street and Essex Road.

large number of car drivers use this street as a rat run to travel from Great Eastern Street (westbound) to New North Rd thus avoiding Old Street roundabout. This is a very narrow one way section of road with a high volume of cycle … [more]

All of Orpington could do with better cycle facilities. Sevenoaks road between Green Street Green and Orpington Town Centre has two primary schools. It is quite narrow, and is a bus route, so I would propose a 20mph limit to make things … [more]

Middleton Road generally, especially the part between Kingsland and Queensbridge Road and junctions with these roads. HRV are breaking ban, large volume of goods vans traffic through residential road and major bicycle route.

I don't understand how anyone who's been to Tavistock Place at rush hour can oppose further + better segregation.

UPDATE 5/7/2013: from @Salfordcouncil @Cyclinstructor Hi, thanks for the information this section has now been cleaned Eccles tramline and bus stop with segregated cycle lane in very poor state (lack of maintenance - accumulation of mud … [more]

This road is routinely used as a rat-run by speeding traffic, and is often very unpleasant to cycle along. The numerous traffic calming islands in place down this narrow, residential street cause pinch points and danger to cyclists.

This junction going eastbound, and the one preceding it, positions a cycle lane for going straight on directly across a lane for ongoing traffic to turn left. Cars here tend to drive quickly and the left turning lane always seems to have a … [more]

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