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Photo listing : enforcement

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

[Image taken 28.9.21] North Street, junction with Bridge Street and Micklegate, York. Double yellows. The solid white line leading from an advisory cycle lane into an ASL (bike box). Pavement parking. There was a vehicle here when I passed. ... [more]

[Image taken 28.9.21] A driver (with a broken back light) with bright orange food collection bag (Just Eat) on the back seat drove into Library Square, turned round and stopped. But kept the engine running. There were two people in the car. ... [more]

[Image taken 27.9.21] Route between West Esplanade car park/riverside and Leeman Road, York. Context see: #174488 and links

[UPDATE: see #174478 and compare the registration numbers.] [Image taken 21.9.21] North Street, junction with Bridge Street and Micklegate, York. An all too frequent sight on this key link route (and elsewhere in the city including: #171447 ... [more]

[Image taken 20.9.21] West Esplanade, York. People fishing and a white van on the cycle-ped-wheelchair route alongside the river. I've seen this combination closer closer to Clifton Bridge, York. I don't know if the people fishing are anyth ... [more]

[Image taken 13.9.21] Library Square, York. The blue badge space outside the library is used by a food collection driver - see: #174134. Other instances of parking on the blue badge spaces: #173012, #173302. And of parking in other places i ... [more]

[Image taken 13.9. 21] Library Square, York. The man with the Just Eat bag is using the blue badge (disabled) parking while making a food pickup. See: #174133. Other images today: #174131 and links

[Image taken 26.8.21] Tanner Row, York. Increasing numbers of people on cycles, scooters and on foot are using Tanner Row. It is part of the Scarborough Bridge to Ouse Bridge Flood Scheme diversion route and there is a Tier e-scooter/e-bik ... [more]

[Image taken 20.8.21] Library Square, York. The driver of the black car was collecting a food order. She argued the parking was for library users. But didn't go into the library. She didn't seem to have a mobility issue and didn't mention t ... [more]

[Update: on 19.8.21 I saw these had been removed.] [Image taken 17.8.21] Tanner’s Moat, York junction with Rougier Street. Same issue – #171434 ie dumped/uncollected cycles – but I have re-taken the image to help CYC find them. ("The ... [more]

[Image taken 17.8.21]. Esplanade car park, York. The (albeit small) sign immediately in front of the vehicle says Emergency exit keep clear. The text on the ground (partly under the vehicle) says Keep clear. This is now part of the diversio ... [more]

[Image taken 14.8.21] Deangate close to the bollards (filtered permeability) with Minster Yard, York. This driver has not noticed the new 'at any time' restrictions on loading (see: #173205 and discussion). Other images today: #173230 and l ... [more]

[Newer image: #173233] [Image taken 13.8.21] Deangate junction with Minster Yard, York. No loading at any time sign and markings have appeared. Alas, according to the Highway Code, this does not mean people cannot be set down or picked up. ... [more]

[Image taken 3.8.21] Library Square, York. For context see: #173012.

[Image taken 3.8.21] Library Square, York. The scaffolding has been removed from the front of the library. This means the racks to the left of the entrance (left out of shot) are again full with ‘York’cycles ie bikes that carry kit and ... [more]

[Update: see #172827] [Image taken 30.7.21], Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Explanation see: #172716 (also links to other images here today). Other images today: #172722, #172723, #172724

[Update: see #172827] Note: blocked also on: 1.8.21, 31.7.21 [Image taken 30.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] The only exit/entrance between the car park and the cycle-ped-wheelchair link passing it is ... [more]

[Image taken 28.7.21] Deangate/Minster Yard, York. On my way through (in the direction the camera is facing) there was a York, yellow, minibus where this car is. It was disgorging a group of passengers into the path of people cycling in th ... [more]

[Image taken 27.7.21] Museum Street, York. I was behind this driver as he crossed Lendal Bridge. He had also obstructed the other (clearly marked) Keep clear space meaning the island was inaccessible to everyone trying to cross on foot incl ... [more]

[Update 5.8.21: An email from the Leathams Operations Director said: "I apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused by the actions of our driver in York, and will address directly with the individuals Line Manager to ensure no repetiti ... [more]

[Image taken 6.7.21] Tanner’s Moat, York. This driver is partially blocking the cycle cut-through and the wheelchair ramp (see: #171342). The person was not in the vehicle so it was not possible to ask him/her to move it. This space must ... [more]

[Image taken 6.7.21] Tanner Row, York. Driver obstructing the contraflow cycle lane. An all too frequent sight on this street. Other images today see: #171434 and links.

Update 1.7.21. Signs and work area had gone. [Image taken 29.6.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Works in the road but no company name, no contact details. This means it's impossible to report issues. I understood it was a legal requirement to pr ... [more]

Update 1.7.21. Signs and work area had gone. [Image taken 29.6.21] Bootham Terrace, York. Works but no company/contact info to report problems to. See also: #171135 and links.

[Image taken 26.6.21] Navigation Road, York. This taxi driver was blocking access to/from the key motor traffic-free link Navigation Road-Palmer Street through the Hungate development. He was also idling. The corner here is a blind one - fr ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.21] Station Road/Lendal Bridge, York. This is a local taxi driver obstructing the ASL. No excuse. Other images this ASL see: #170663, #170664. The damaged kerb stone to the right of the ASL was reported 14.5.21. Other imag ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.21] Station Road/Lendal Bridge, York. A second 'professional' local driver obstructs the ASL (see also: #170661) in the minute I was there. He is trapping the cyclist. He is also ahead of another cyclist - see image: #1706 ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.21] Station Road/Lendal Bridge, York. This driver is not a good advert for this York-based company. See also: #170663 and links

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner’s Moat, York. The rider from: #170667 and #170668 is now obstructing the ASL on Rougier Street. Other images today see: #170661 and links.

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner’s Moat, York, cycle-specific cut-through to-from Rougier Street. This rider is using a cycles-only piece of infra. See also: #170667 and links.

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner’s Moat, York, cycle-specific cut-through to-from Rougier Street. Unassuming but critical – see: #166027. I will continue to ask City of York Council to relocate the motorcycle racks from this end to the othe ... [more]

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner Row, York. Despite the ‘Except cycles’ sign the driver of the white/silver car turned left. See also: #170665. Other images today see: #170661 and links.

[Image taken 25.6.21] Tanner Row, York. The driver of the white/silver car is blocking the entrance to the contraflow cycle lane. S/he is also, despite the ‘Except cycles’ sign, indicating left. See also: #170666. The diversion signs fo ... [more]

Update: 23.6.21 Reply from Rentokil: "We endeavor to identify and reward drivers who show respect to other road users, however, we have taken your feedback onboard and will actively start to review our driver and Highway Code Training." "[I ... [more]

Cycle thief making off with his spoils - red bolt cutter in his left hand.

Compliance with the new Braidcraft Road bus lanes seems to be poor. Only one of the vehicles pictured was identifiable as a Private Hire Car (taxi), the others all appreared to be private cars. If cyclists are to see any benefits from a bus ... [more]

[Image taken 13.4.21] Library Square (Museum Street/Lendal Bridge), York. During covid-19 lockdowns, the previously safe and 'human-feeling' space in front of York Explore (library, cafe, events space) has become a de facto parking area. Po ... [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] No Entry roundel and Except Cycles sign in the direction of Rougier Street from Tanner's Moat, York. Perhaps the most critical element for the permeability of the cycle network in the city. Despite the clear signage it ... [more]

Also fined another vehicle in Burton Green for obstruction. There is zero need to park on the pavement and where we see this kind of parking we will issue tickets. Hope you’re all staying safe PC JONES / PCSO CLAYTON ... [more]

Out today talking bollards, 198 to be precise within a half mile stretch. No wonder it was in excess of £40k.

Pavement parking

Surprise, surprise. You’d think the long line of new cycle posts outside each house on Lostock Rd would be a clue that motorists shouldn’t obstruct the path, but as usual, no. Is there a plan B?

Motorbike parking in the cycle lanes a problem here.

Really? Pavements are for pedestrians,wheelchairs,buggies, park with consideration to others. #HereForYou #RoadSafety From an: Official @cheshirepolice twitter account. Noticed from this tweet which points out ... [more]

Standard obstructive parking in Chorlton. Just completely unacceptable and never enforced.

Tesco lorry routinely parks here on the pavement, over a zig-zag line, over yellow lines and a cycle lane. Yet there is a car park at the back.

Cycle lanes repainted and yellow lines finally added!

At last! Disgraceful pavement parking continually of this vehicle now being ticketed, thanks to the new yellow lines.

Years of campaigning by Camcycle have finally paid off! Yellow lines, will mean fines for anyone parking on the pavement have finally been installed. This persistent offender has finally got a ticket.

Disgraceful parking like this can now be ticketed thanks to the new yellow lines

Years of campaigning by Camcycle have finally paid off! Yellow lines, will mean fines for anyone parking on the pavement have finally been installed.

Albert Road Hale . Filtered road. Modal filter with inadequate and poorly located dropped kerb. Quite often the access is blocked by many parked cars (google view from Albert Road .

Silver Street bus gate is now 24/7.

It’s never possible to park legally on one side of Kingston Street - vehicles block either the pavement or the road - so these should be double yellow lines.

Illegal pavement parking rampant here

Driver of DE09 JVY illegally driving through Mill Rd bus gate. Tailgates person riding as well. Over to you @CambsCC or @CambsCops to do something? cc @camcycle

Despite a road with masses of space now without the traffic, drivers still parking on the pavement

Sale Trafford Greater Manchester . Typical street

Broadheath Altrincham . There used to be pop up cycle lanes in Timperley and then a pop up cycle lane here was to be set up until a few motorists complained. Now it's pop up driving and parking instead !

Stretford Manchester . Cycle lane used for parking . It's also a bus stop ! Enforcement required.

What sort of thoughtless person parks like this? How is someone in a wheelchair supposed to get past this?

An unlicensed and uninsured driver who drove off after hitting a cyclist leaving him with life-changing injuries, gets an 18-month community order and 250 hours of unpaid work and an 18 month driving ban. ... [more]

Still shaking after this terrible road behaviour. Had to swerve to avoid being hit from behind by the driver of LS07 LXO. Obviously against Highway Code 163, and probably constitutes behaviour well below that we expect, thus careless ... [more]

Any wonder that we struggle to keep the public behaving correctly on road when we have this LK68 CMV example. Legislation says emergency services can stop here ONLY in the event of an actual emergency. Note roadspace on side street, ... [more]

This is behaviour from someone driving that is not usual but is far more prevalent than it should be. As someone riding, I have the right to not be threatened by others behaviour. We have lanes to indicate where we have priority. At the ... [more]

Next day, same issue, almost certainly same people and same vehicle. A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy legal option ... [more]

And yet more illegal positioning this time by A few people under specific circumstances are allowed to stop or park in a cyclepath. Scaffolders are not. And there is an easy safer opt ... [more]

This is where the driver of this van and trailer decided to stop and have a phone call. Completely blocking the cyclepath and pavement. I had to stop and ask, then shout "hello" as he wasn't paying any attention to other traffic. Why not st ... [more]

Auch im Alltag scheitern viele Verkehrsteilnehmer an dieser Frage Mehr kontrollieren!

Driver of DX67 KTG @OpenreachHelp lorry speeds, close passes, and tailgates vulnerable road users on #CherryHinton High St, #Cambridge

Am Kreisverkehr haben Fußgänger Vorrang, da Vorfahrt gewähren Zeichen vor dem Fußgängerweg ist. Autofahrer und Radfahrer aufklären, dass Sie Fußgängern Vorrang gewähren

Driver of SK67 UJZ speeds in wrong lane over Mill Rd bridge. Close passing 2 riders and driving at another. #Cambridge @camcycle @roxyfromoz @dave4labour @sargemike @anna4labour

Driver of 629 FLO completely fails to drive properly and distance properly on Devonshire Road. When pointed out, they haven't got a clue what they've done wrong.

You had thought that people would work out to give space in this difficult time. Not here though. Here's @jrhoardingltd illegally blocking the cycle access across Newmarket Rd. Driving into this site through here has been expressly forbidd ... [more]

Micheletalweg Tempo 50

Weitfeldstraße Tempo 50. Gefährliche Querung nach Weibletshofen. Geschwindigkeit kontrollieren

Urmston/stretford M41 A segregated cycle way is compromised because the adjacent pedestrian path is completely blocked by cars parked

Stretford Mancheser M32 a segregated cycle lane is obstructed at the beginning. Also the road markings showing the start of the cycle lane have faded. Bollards required to deter.

Einer von täglich ca. 20 40-Tonnern, die durch die Wohnstraße Moosstraße / Schwabenstraße abkürzen, obwohl das Gebiet für LKWs über 7,5 t gesperrt ist

Anforderungsampel zwischen Alsterberg und Jörglweg. Lange Wartezeit für Fußgänger. Autos geben vor Rotphase noch Gas und fahren teilweise bei Rot durch.

Ennenhofener Str. Tempo 30. Geschwindigkeit kontrollieren, da die Straße von LKWs und Rasern als Abkürzung genutzt wird

Ortsverbindungsstraße zwischen Ebenhofen und MOD. Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung von 60 km/h wird selten eingehalten. Radweg wäre wünschenswert. Geschwindigkeit besser kontrollieren.

Überholabstand von 1,5 m innerorts einfordern. Hier dürfte bei Gegenverkehr definitiv nicht überholt werden?!

Hindernisse auf dem Geh und Radweg verhindern. Zusätzliche Unfallgefahr bei schlechtem Belag und Bordstein zwischen Geh und Radweg.

Mülltonnen verengen den ohnehin schon schmalen Gehweg (Radfahrer frei). Mülltonnen nicht auf Geh und Radwegen abstellen.

Für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrter Weg Richtung Marktoberdorf. Sehr gut für Radfahrer geeignet, aber leider trotz Sperrung oft von Kraftfahrzeugen benutzt

Für Kraftfahrzeuge gesperrter Weg Richtung Altdorf. Sehr gut für Radfahrer geeignet, aber leider trotz Sperrung oft von Kraftfahrzeugen benutzt

Radweg in Riching Geisenried. Ampel gilt auch für Radfahrer, die geradeaus fahren. Das solte geändert werden, da es keinen Sinn ergibt

Beginn der Sperrung für Schwerlastverkehr (7,5 t) ab dem Buchenweg. Sperrung sicherstellen.

Radweg-Anschluss nach Ebenhofen und zur Wertach fehlt. Geschwindigkeit und Gewicht begrenzt. Dennoch viele Autos zu schnell. Radweg bauen und bis dahin Geschwindigkeit kontrollieren

Sometimes people park on the dropped kerb crossing point

Pavement car storage absolutely endemic.

Taxi illegally driven into the pavement being enforced, for once

Service vans for the hotel starting to become a pavement blocker

Yellow box junction often ignored

Not only illegal but dangerous parking - on both the pavement and in the cycle lane on a blind bend

Parking in the cycle lanes is endemic here

Parking in the cycle lanes is endemic here

Brazen pavement parking. How is a wheelchair user or buggy user supposed to get past?

A learner driver being taught to stop short of the (worn out) Advance Stop Line and Box Junction, while another driver stops right in the Box Junction.

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