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The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

[Image taken 28.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Puddling blocks route for all users. Plus, despite the dark spells during storms, the lighting was not on. Other images this issue here today: #172629 a ... [more]

[Image taken 28.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Puddling blocks route for all users. Other images this issue here today: #172629 and links. Other images today: #172632, #172633, #172634, #172635

[Image taken 28.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Puddling blocks route for all users. Other images this issue here today: #172630, #172631. Other images today: #172632, #172633, #172634, #172635

[Image taken 18.7.21] Starbeck station, North Yorkshire. Cycle secured to a rack has been stripped. Not a good advert for using these racks or for cycling. Needs to be flyered with contact details of the authority and a date given by which ... [more]

There's a No Cycling sign at the other end of this path.

[Image taken 12.7.21] Leeman Road, York. The flooding in the cycle lane (see: #171908) continues into the pedestrian crossing. I have an email trail that shows I reported this issue in December 2018. It refers to my having raised it on a pr ... [more]

[Image taken 12.7.21] Leeman Road, York. Most of the width of this narrow cycle contraflow is under water. Real likelihood of people cycling in it getting flats. More people than usual are using this route as it is part of the Wellington Ro ... [more]

[Image taken 11.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Details of damage to fencing between the car park and the cycle-ped-wheelchair route that passes it. Other images this issue today: #171864 and links to ... [more]

[Image taken 11.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Damage to fencing between the car park and the critical cycle-ped-wheelchair route that passes it. (I was able to take a photo as there were few vehicle ... [more]

[Image taken 11.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Looking from the currently unprotected exit/access between the car park and the critical cycle-ped-wheelchair route that passes it, towards the EV charg ... [more]

[Image taken 8.7.21] York rail station fallen sign. Does it get picked up only to be knocked over again? It was on the ground on 5.7.21 see #171404. I picked it up. See message: #171576. Note: No streetview at this location. Other images t ... [more]

[Image taken 8.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location] The barricade is reducing the width of the route. It also reduces the attractiveness and feeling of safety. But it does help keep track of the growth throu ... [more]

[Image taken 4.7.21] Memorial Gardens, between Esplanade car park and Leeman Road, York. This is now the diversion route for people in wheelchairs. The space between the shrub on the left and the delineation of the planted area on the right ... [more]

[Update: cone has been removed] [Image taken 4.7.21] Bootham, York. Another redundant cone (see also 'redundantsign'). This is an eyesore, potentially a weapon and a hazard. Discarded items tend to attract further waste/litter. Other images ... [more]

[Image taken 4.7.21] Esplanade car park, York. Dumped pillars or bollards presumably removed for the diversion (search on wellingtonrowesplanadelivediversion) in place during the replacement of the flood gates under Lendal Bridge. They are ... [more]

[Image taken 3.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. The ramp was installed in the first couple of days of July. Two months after the route along the riverside was closed for the replacement of the Lendal Bridge gates. I asked the person in the wheelc ... [more]

Update see: #172507 [image taken 3.7.21] Marygate car park. One of the two original barricades (see: #169993) has been moved back to the car park side of the fencing. But who moves these and why? It seems they shouldn't be here at all: "[im ... [more]

[Image taken 28.6.21] Foss Islands Path entry/exit York (between the junction of Crichton Avenue and Wigginton Road.) The top of the steep, rough steps. Remainder see also: #170967. Some route users including smaller children and those acco ... [more]

Update: I saw on 4.7.21 this had been repaired. [Image taken 26.6.21] Station Road (Lendal Bridge) junction with Rougier Street, York. The gap was wide enough for me to put my foot into. It's a hazard for pedestrians, which includes as I sa ... [more]

[Image taken 21.6.21] Monkgate, York. Cyclists are asked to dismount - not only to reach the cycle parking in front of the building visible in the image, but also to reach the GP practice and other health facilities further into and at the ... [more]

[Image taken 21.6.21] Monkgate, York. Cyclists dismount signs at the vehicle entrance/exit to this GP practice and health centre. Other images this issue today see: #170530 and links. Other images today see: #170523 and links

[Image taken 21.6.21] Monkgate, York. Cyclists dismount signs at GP practice and other health facility. There's no drop kerb to access the pavement from the road. Other images this issue today see: #170531, #170532, #170533. Other images t ... [more]

[Update see: #171727] [Image taken 17.6.21] Marygate car park, York. This gap is now 65cm due to the unchecked plant growth. Previous images see: #170159 and links. Other images today see: #170258, #170267, #170271, #170277

Better access needed to Victoria Quays, Sheffield

[Image taken 11.6.21] York Stadium Leisure Complex next to the LNER Community Stadium, Kathryn Avenue, Huntington, York. (The streetview dates from some years ago and shows the previous leisure centre.) There is too little seating here. Inc ... [more]

[Image taken 9.6.21] Filey Terrace, York. It's only a small cone but the pavements here are very narrow - families/friends/couples have to walk single file rather than protectively or sociably. Plus it is a trip hazard. I'd like every cone ... [more]

[More recent image: #170670] [Image taken 8.6.21] Marygate car park. The gap was open at 15.45ish today. But the sandbag was again a hazard. See previous images this issue: #169955. Other images today: sign removed: #169953, other errant si ... [more]

[Image taken 7.6.21] Marygate carpark, York. Greenery including the thorny, scratchy, tear-the-skin-and-clothes-kind coming through the fencing from the York-Scarbrough railway. This dogwalker is 6ft 2". He just fitted underneath the flower ... [more]

Big car-focussed police station - no cycle facilities

[Update see: #169879 and links] [Image taken 26.5.21] Marygate car park, York. "Intermittent footpath closure" notice with dates 1-22 June and map was on the signpost: #169733. Now it's on the ground and is litter. Related images: #169720 a ... [more]

[Update: on 11.6.21 I saw the old post had been removed.] [Image taken 28.5.21] The original post (see: #167624) remains as litter/a hazard. A replacement post - without the cycle-ped symbols - is in situ. Reverse of this post see: #169759. ... [more]

[Newer image see: #169823] [Image taken 25.5.21] Marygate car park, York. This exit/entrance is not flagged up either because people may need to use it or to alert users of the route to watch out for people exiting including on hire scooter ... [more]

[Image taken 21.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. After heavy rain, there is now also puddling again at this end of the Bridge. See: #168503 and links.

[Image taken 21.5.21] Marygate carpark, York. After heavy rain there was surface water to/from entrance/exit closest to Bootham Terrace adding to the hazards of moving through a car park. See also: #169487 and links

Oldenburg's rolling bascule railwaybridge over the river Hunte has a footpath attached on both sides. The rail network operator DB Netz AG is blocking the footbridge on the city facing, eastern side of the rolling bascule bridge. Re-openi ... [more]

North Wootton village hall - a nice new expanse of gravel but not a single cycle stand.

Update: Light still out 27.6.21. [Update: A reply in the name of the Customer & Resident Services Manager on Monday, 24 May 2021, 13:25:52 said: The current status of your report is: closed - development works. This street light has been t ... [more]

[Image taken 14.5.21] Ramp to/from rail station, York near Royal Mail building between Leeman Road and West Esplanade/the river Ouse. [No streetview at this location.] Light is out and it’s dark. Same issue, same time see also: #168906 an ... [more]

The only way from the car park to the Civil Engineering building - with a No Cycling sign at the end

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Mud at the bottom of the steeper of the two slopes between Scarborough Bridge and the route through Marygate car park. Location: #168565. See also: #168578 and: #168579 for a sense of scale. All ... [more]

[Image taken 6.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Mud. It could cause someone to skid. All images today: #168548 and links.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Scarborough Bridge, York. Return of puddling after rain. Disappointing. It had seemed resolved in November 2020. Images of the problem from September 2020: #168503 and links.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Mud. I put my phone (length: 11cm long, width: 4.5cm) next to it to give a sense of scale. See also: #168579. For the newly reopened route through Marygate car park see: #168548 and links

[Image taken 4.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Mud, with phone to provide scale. See also: #168578 and links.

No Cycling - but the full width could be paved.

Some kind of link from the Bessemer Way to Nursery Hill would be helpful

Some kind of link from the Bessemer Way to Nursery Hill would be helpful

Footpath beside the A1000 - it wouldn't take much work to make this a shared-use route.

[Image taken 17.4.21] Rougier Street junction with Wellington Row, York. This triangle has become cluttered. You can't see through two of the panels of this (one of two) bus stop which reduces natural surveillance and obscures what the site ... [more]

[Image taken 17.4.21] Rougier Street junction with Wellington Row, York. This triangle has become cluttered. Second 'overview' image: #167517. Tier hire bike see: #167509 and links. All issues here including Tier hire scooters see: #164846.

[Image taken 12.4.21] Rawcliffe Bar, York, Park and Ride. See also (this location): #167104. For issues at the ladies loos at York station see: #166524

Update: An email from City of York Council dated 13.4.21 says: "We are working with First to open the toilets for longer. These toilets have been vandalised on numerous occasions. First did not have the capacity to have someone up at the s ... [more]

Underpass near Reigate station, not very welcoming

Steps to underpass

[Image taken 31.3.21] In February 2021, the ladies loos were relocated. The new handwashing facilities (from Dyson) are so unlike taps and dryers there are now posters to show how to use them. (If you need a video there's one on the Dyson w ... [more]

Cycle theft blackspot -

[Image taken 3.3.21] At Tanner Row, near junction with Rougier Street, York, the only drop kerb (step-free) access to/from the cycle parking. It's tight, it's behind a signpost. Access is from a busy road and from a contraflow advisory cycl ... [more]

[Image taken 2.3.21] Blank hoardings at York St John University, York are a missed opportunity to promote itself and its achievements to allcomers. Unadorned they also feel more like the barriers they are - unsafe and oppressive. The Tempor ... [more]

[Image taken 27.2.21] The new Dyson handwashing facilities in York rail station. Do you steer them or wrestle them? Completely overdesigned and inappropriate for a place you get all ages, all levels of education, and people who are short of ... [more]

Poor surface

[Image taken 1.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, York. Pavement ends. No drop kerb for people in wheelchairs, using wheeled walkers, with a wheeled shopping bag. See also #162107 #162108 #162109

[Image taken 1.2.21] Monks Cross retail park, York. No drop kerb to assist anyone who might need it and despite the disabled parking spaces opposite. See also #162104, #162108, #162109

[Image taken 1.2.21] Walking route with symbol. By contrast the cycle route 'ends'. Though it is also the 'start'. So why the word and not a cycle symbol as elsewhere eg #156848? See also #162104 #162107 #162109

[Image taken 1.2.21] York, Monks Cross, segregated cycle and pedestrian routes end without a drop kerb despite the family and disabled parking bays opposite. By contrast access from the car park/parking spaces to the shops is kerb free and ... [more]

Manchester Stretford - Granby Road leading to Stretford Grammar School. Dropped kerbs will help.encourage cycle to school and connect to shared path on Edge Lane.

Monks Cross Retail Park two Saturday's before Christmas. The 'traffic lanes' are very narrow. You can hear them in use. There is a drainage channel alongside the cycle route. The noise of wheels on grille is audible. The driver in this imag ... [more]

Fundraising vehicles on the second Saturday before Christmas block the cycle route that runs around the perimeter of Monks Cross retail park. See also #156553, #156554, #156555, #156556, #156557, #156626, #156627, #156628, #156845, #156846 ... [more]

The relocated toucan crossing is a key link between Newnham and the station as well as various schools - but it's biased against pedestrians and cyclists with a very long wait for the lights to change, even when there's no motor traffic. It ... [more]

[Image taken 8.12.20.] Exhibition Square, York (3/5). Yet another statue of yet another bloke in 'funny clothes' ( And an oblong tray of fountains which resembles nothing so much as a 'paddling po ... [more]

[Image taken 8.12.20.] Exhibition Square, York (2/5). The Square ( is a space that could be - should be - a meeting place for people. A sociable area. Yet any character is defined by vehicles ... [more]

Monks Cross retail park (Huntington, York) 5.12.20. Heaving due to it being not long till Christmas and the first weekend since the lifting of the second lockdown. Drivers using the cycle route as parking. Just before I took the image ther ... [more]

No cycle parking at tourist information in Goslar

[Image taken 24.9.20] Scarborough Bridge, York. Puddling on the new bridge (formally opened April 2019). The bridge is an accessible replacement for the original. It links the station and areas beyond with the Clifton/Bootham side of town a ... [more]

[Image taken 24.9.20] Scarborough Bridge, York. Puddling on the new bridge (completed February 2019). The water remains after rain stops. It hugely reduces the usable width for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users. Puddling at other e ... [more]

[Update see: #161553] [Photo taken 21.9.20] The area of Clifton Moor, York, retail park with Dunelm (furniture and homeware outlet) at one end and Tenpin (bowling) at the other is connected to another retail park by a pedestrian-cycling lin ... [more]

Dog excrement has been bagged and hung up on a sign post at head level on the approach to the footbridge on the North side of the River Mersey. The excrement will be festering inside the bag waiting for someone to accidentally break the bag ... [more]

This notice has appeared (August 2020) outside Tarka's Cafe at Baythorne Hall (which is the name of a small commercial development by the A1307 a few miles SE of Haverhill).

Bad news for those who want 4WDs banned from the green roads in the Lake District -

This pedestrian crossing does not currently change to green for pedestrians even when there are no motor vehicles to be seen in either direction. In fact it should be the opposite, with shorter than normal waits for pedestrians.

Obstructive "pinch stiles" on the cycleway between Dry Drayton and Bar Hill.

Obstructive "pinch stiles" on the cycleway between Dry Drayton and Bar Hill.

Lost space surrounded by parked cars - and yet there's no cycle parking anywhere in Lavenham. Why not here?

Lots of footway parking here in the new town of Cranbrook - cars are meant to be kept behind the houses.

No cycle facilities of any kind at the National Trust's Trengwainton Gardens, despite their being right on the edge of Penzance.

A proposal to make Budleigh Salterton High Street a single one-way lane to allow for social distancing by shoppers on foot has been abandoned after protests by shop-owners.....

Trying to illustrate the swathes of car parking at West Suffolk College, and the lack of cycle parking.

Sale, Trafford - Park Ave warning signs but the road narrows sign is on a pavement and is leaving less than the legally required minimum of 1m. Coupled with the pavement on the other side of the road being CLOSED ! AND during Covid19 emerg ... [more]

The railings around the refuge herd people together. This is a busy crossing for commuters using the station.

Flixton - kerbs need dropping on both the main Flixton Road and the minor Flixton Road also path needs widening. Would avoid a nasty junction (Flixton Rd and Irlam Rd)

[Image taken 21.6.20] York: Bishopgate Street junction with Price's Lane. See also: #165589 I have uploaded it to show the narrowness of the cycle lane, the carriageway, the bend, the walls. The signs and cones have long been removed. They ... [more]

Paint almost completely worn away, no signage at this end of this cycleway

It's hard to know which route this refers to - it is possible, but scary and dangerous, to cross the roundabout exit to reach the southbound entry.

Remove cycle path and lanes from Braunstone Gate. It causes pollution and congestion. Bring back the on street parking to promote local businesses.

Outdoor seating for the restaurants

Cambridgeshire County Council, if you're not going to fix the 'safety' barriers (it's been years), perhaps you could just remove them? [now done]

It's hard to see what purpose this serves as EXCEPT as cycle parking - so why the No Cycles stickers?

Partington. A path under the busy Manchester Road. Path surafce and access paths need improving with gentle sloped ramps.

New development in Trumpington with car parking but no cycle facilities.

Altrincham nr Manchester Junction of Marlborough and Ashley Rd Remove anti-pedestrian barriers and triple the width of the pavement of Marlborough and Ashley Rd. Remove vegetation that is obstructing the pavement here (may be the green ... [more]

Maintenance needed, or there'll be a line of trees (mostly ash) in the middle of the guided busway

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