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Photo listing : other (event)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

[Image taken on 4.5.22] Start of Bootham Stray, just north of Nestle entrance, off Wigginton Road, York. [No streetview at this location.] I and a friend chopped down the branches on Thursday, the day after I saw there was a problem here [s ... [more]

An article from 1996 about the introduction of cycle rickshaw taxis in Oxford.

An article from 1996 about the introduction of cycle rickshaw taxis in Oxford.

[Image taken on 9.4.22] Bridge Lane, York. (Note: No streetview at this location.) Over a year after they went up, the hoardings are finally being used to tell people what's happening here: context: #165208. (Hoardings start page: #165189.) ... [more]

[Image taken on 24.3.22] Wigginton Road, York looking into the connector to/from Foss Islands Path. Well signposted and very well used route (people on foot, cycles, mobility scooters, in wheelchairs) linking schools, unis, workplaces, resi ... [more]

[Image taken on 24.3.22] Foss Islands Path, York. (The bridge in the background carries Wigginton Road.) [Note: No street view at this location.] This is a critical motor traffic-free link for many non-motorised users and is also part of th ... [more]

[Image taken 23.2.22] Looking north east towards the Millennium Bridge and, on the far side, a flooded Rowntree Park-Terry Avenue, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Other images of the flooding here today: #179285 and links.

Cockfield, where a 100-year-old veteran of World War 2 still cycles 10 to 20 miles a day -

Funny old world - no barrier was needed between busway and cycleway, but now that this side of the busway is closed a barrier is needed. But it's blown over.

Jim Chisholm showing friends the new bridge on 'his' trail.

[Newer image: #178807.] [Image taken 11.1.22] Marygate car park, Frederic Street/Marygate Lane pedestrian entrance, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The works for which the compound and that lime-green two-storey prefab support ... [more]

[Image taken 31.10.21] High Petergate, York. Context: #175434 and links.

[Image taken 31.10.21] High Petergate, York. Since 2020, following lobbying by the York Cycle Campaign ( this route is open in one direction (from the arch in the background ... [more]

Super-car rally, Roma

Cycling group at the cathedral of Montefiascone

[Image taken 20.10.21] Leeman Road, Memorial Gardens, York. Pushing off when the light opposite has turned green and the signal is audible. There is no protection from pedestrians crossing ahead of the cyclist. There is no protection from t ... [more]

Lots of cyclists at this photo exhibition!

Guided cycle group making a slightly irregular use of a pedestrian crossing, Marseille

Guided cycle group, Marseille

Guided cycle group looking out over Marseille harbour

Finally, the cycle race, Dinan

Finally, the cycle race, Dinan

Ready for a cycle race, Dinan

[Image taken 21.9.21] Rowntree Park, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] The poster explains that this installation is to celebrate the 100th birthday of Rowntree Park. It includes this link: Other image th ... [more]

[Image taken 21.9.21] Rowntree Park, York. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] This cycle-ped-wheelchair route is regularly yarn bombed. Other image (with explanatory poster) see: #174356. Other images nearby today see: #174351 and link ... [more]

[Image taken 8.9.21] Clifton Backies, Sutton Way, York entrance. COUNT. Very hot. All schools now back. Some people are still working from home. RESULT: 16.37-17.37: 129 people. Only one child in a pushchair this time. One (non-Tier) e-scoo ... [more]

Cycle group on the Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge, Torino

Torino Porta Susa station - no cycling allowed inside.

[Image taken 26.8.21] South Colonnade, London, E14. Tandem Lovers by Gillie and Marc Schattner. Full details:

Lots of bikes on the last train of the day from Truro to Falmouth.

Minor rockfall on NCN route 3

[Update: the sign has been removed. A large heap of sand/grit remains see: #173207.] [Image taken 26.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Surely this sign can be removed now. Together with the redundant ba ... [more]

[Image taken 22.7.21] Marygate car park. (No streetview at this location.) The greenery has been cut back along the fencing but remains overhead. Other issue with unchecked greenery and blind users read updated caption for: #172059. See als ... [more]

[Update: the diversion will remain in place until 22 October 2021.] [Image taken 20.7.21] Memorial Gardens/Leeman Road, York. The overgrown foliage (see also: #172861, #172862, #172863, #172864) creates a completely blind corner. It may als ... [more]

Note added 25.7.21. This black bin is for depositing dog waste. Over several months the briars and (see: #169951) nettles grew over it. On 23.7.21 I was here with the CYC walking and cycling officer to put my view the infra here is critical ... [more]

[Image taken 15.7.21] Marygate car park, York. [Note: No street view at this location.] Greenery from the rail line side of the railings has been cut back. Compare with #169951 and #169952. Other images here today: #172057 and links.

[Image taken 8.7.21] York rail station. [NOTE: No streetview at this location.] Social distancing sign. But who is the contact to ask if it can be removed/checked on and picked up if it falls? LNER? CYC? Why don't organisations label their ... [more]

[Image taken 4.7.21] York rail station, York. Car park still signposted as closed. But today there is at least a gap through and no cyclists dismount signs. Images from yesterday see #171329 and links. Once through the visible exit, it was ... [more]

[Update: pedestrian sign now realigned: #172340] [Image taken 4.7.21] Memorial Gardens, Leeman Road, York. The diversion for wheelchair users now exits onto Leeman Road here. There is no gate to get into/out of the park at this side - compa ... [more]

[Image taken 3.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. The colour of the temporary ramp might make wayfinding easier in dull weather. It might mean people do not struggle to see the location of/edge of unmarked kerbs. See also image: #171340 and links

[Image taken 3.7.21] Tanner's Moat, York. Temporary ramp added perhaps on 2 July 2021. I hope its presence means a permanent dropped kerb here will be reinstated. There had been a dropped kerb here between the bollards. It was removed in Ja ... [more]

Aurrigo autonomous vehicle on trial on the West Cambridge site - there was a human on board who seemed very ready to hit the brakes if needed.

We only ate here because of the placemats, honest. And not needing to lock our bikes.

[Image taken 7.6.21] Marygate car park, York. The gap between the cycle-ped-wheelchair route and the car park was closed. The barricades with protruding foot, and sand bag reduce the already limited width of the route and create hazards inc ... [more]

[See newer image: #170854] [Image taken 22.5.21] Lendal Bridge/Station Road at the Rougier Street end. The orange spot means it's been found and marked for action. I'm concerned the damaged ASL (see: #168910) next to it will have to get sim ... [more]

[Image taken 21.5.21] Leeman Road, York. A pedestrian uses the contraflow cycle lane perhaps due to social distancing (covid-19) conventions. This means the person has their back to cyclists and wheelchairs using the Wellington Row diversio ... [more]

It's a bit counter intuitive, but a group of cyclists on NCN route 51 seems to have stopped for a snack at the A14 services.

[Update: 8.1.22 I saw the light was lit again.] [Image taken 14.5.21] Ramp to/from rail station, York near Royal Mail building between Leeman Road and West Esplanade/the river Ouse. [No streetview at this location.] Light is out and it’s ... [more]

[Update: 8.1.22 The light was working again.] UPDATE: 6.10.21 Light out. [Update: Light still out 27.6.21. ][Update: A reply in the name of the Customer & Resident Services Manager on 18/05/2021 14:16 said: The current status of your report ... [more]

Some nice ice-cream bikes.

[Update see: #169878] [Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Hoardings around the Environment Agency works compound. The previous Scarborough Bridge had many problems. One was the dark, oppressive feel with no natural surveillance ( ... [more]

[Update see: #169878] [Image taken 12.5.21] Marygate car park, York. Hoardings around the Environment Agency works compound see also today: #168797 and links. All images this location today: #168788 and links

I think there's a camera up there to monitor use of the bridge.

[Image taken 26.4.21] Navigation Road, York. I took the pic to show how much space a scooting child and accompanying adult need when moving and communicating. This is a pavement. It is not shared with people on cycles. Though it is two-way ... [more]

[Image taken 21.4.21] Station Road, York. Heading towards the Minster. Drivers may be able to see the colours but they can't smell the scents. Further images of daffs and blossom from today see: #167608 and #167610. For images of the daffs ... [more]

You can trot if you want but you won't outpace a cyclist.

Bikepacking with a fit model, no backpack and a bike without a rack? Yeah right, Sunday Times, totally plausible.

Maglev test track at Lathen. In 2006, 23 people were killed in an accident here, involving a Transrapid passenger train and a maintenance vehicle. The accident was discovered to have been caused by human failure. An emergency services worke ... [more]

[Image taken 28.3.21] Between 14.30 and 15.30, two residents counted people on Terry Avenue, York on a blustery but dry Sunday. The reason was to get a benchline ahead of the closure of the route for flood works at Clementhorpe (see also: # ... [more]

New development in Romsey.

[Image taken 18.2.21] Terry Avenue, York. Half-term, during lockdown. A family takes a break while cycling along the motor traffic- (and therefore also noise- and air pollution-) free riverside. They were unaware the route will close to peo ... [more]

Not the largest lorry to be driven into the city centre but I can't help thinking that vehicles of this size and larger (and some that are a bit smaller too) shouldn't be allowed in. This one stopped here for sometime.

[Image taken 5.2.21] York, the car parks around Monks Cross Park & Ride offer space to scoot while schools and everywhere except essential shops are closed during the lockdown of early 2021. The surface is smooth tarmac and well drained. In ... [more]

A white van man took the roundabout too fast and ended up in the trees. Police car and ambulance to the right.

Fire at Hope Street yard behind the bike shop.

Anti-HS2 encampment (and bikes) at Euston station

Cycling demo in Marburg

Waiting for the train on the Harz Narrow-gauge Railway

Cycle parking outside the Berggruen Museum, Charlottenburg, Berlin - and someone wearing an airbag collar (the second one I've noticed recently).

Changing the Guard, Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Cargo bike and the changing of the guard, Copenhagen

Walking the dog in the old town of Odense

Developer day at Thrive

A cyclist! A rare sight on EuroVelo3 in September.

Bikes on escalator, Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

An out-of-control motor vehicle has clearly crossed the cycleway here.

Journey planners have told me to leave the B6254 and use the station underpass to cut off a couple of hundred metres - not worth it!

Touring cyclists stop for excellent pizza

Bikes waiting on this swing bridge to cross to NCN route 4.

Electrician's van at Combe Down tunnel on the Colliers Way (NCN 244) - signs warn of reduced lighting in the first half of the (mile-long) tunnel, but light and sound effects were as normal in the second half.

There's no sign at the bridge, but this footpath may still be closed, in theory.

Ramps in place for the Chesterton-Abbey bridge, which is waiting on the north side of the river to be lifted into position.

< State TV regularly shows President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan lifting weights in the gym or cycling on his bike. He is the main driver of "health and happiness" campaigns in which state employees wearing identical uniforms ... [more]

Cycle tour company at Conwy Castle

Temporary two way traffic signal on Corn Exchange Street while Bene't Street is closed for sewer works.

Temporary two way traffic lights on Wheeler Street while Bene't Street is closed for sewer works.

Four fine people who were there at the first meeting of Camcycle back in 1995.

Urmston Active Neighbourhood event advertising sign 23 JAN 2020

Meeting for a cycle ride at a petrol station... very odd.

In the Air Europa in-flight magazine - 'Europe's most bike-friendly cities'. Paris, Vienna, Helsinki, Oslo, Strasbourg, Antwerp, Bordeaux, Amsterdam, Utrecht and in first place, Copenhagen.

Cycling promotion in the HSBC bank - with free membership (of a sort) of British Cycling.

Cycle tour group at the German battery of Longues-sur-Mer

Cyclists trying to get through the market in Montignac

Cyclist protesting on the Nordtangente section of the motorway around Oldenburg.

Parking on the railings and substitute Camcycle stall bike at the Cambridge Museum of Technology for the Exploring the Science and Technology of Cycling day in the Cambridge Festival of Cycling.

Maintenance vehicle on the busway maintenance track carefully allowing cyclists to pass (approximate location).

Construction site for the Abbey-Chesterton bridge on the Chisholm Trail (and a train from Cambridge North to London)

Special walk-and-text lanes have been provided in Spinningingfields, Manchester - for one day only, it's actually a marketing stunt.

Mountain bikes at the Mont-Fort hut - with a view to Mont Blanc

Mill Road Summer evening July 4th

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