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Photo listing : obstructions (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Access between Elder Park and Drive Road hindered by a railing, yet signed (in tiny writing) for cycling.

Road closures either end of an abandoned section of road in Craigton. It may suit formal conversion into a park, and there is already a small park the other side of Carsaig Drive.

A road closure with just a dropped (fallen) kerb at the side to enable cycle access. Needs formalised with a proper exemption.

Old barriers still blocking footbridge over White Cart, now part of the Cardonald Quietway.

A poor transition between one section of riverside path and another, which could be made much smoother to allow users to concentrate on not hitting the posts instead.

In addition to the obstructive railing and poorly positioned dropped kerb, the poorly placed signage has completely faded out.

No dropped kerb at the south side of the toucan crossing seen in #112196, for access to the crossing from a network of low-traffic back-streets.

Now that the cabins are away and the street has returned to normal, it appears that nothing was done to improve cycle permeability. There is an off-centre dropped kerb, but the 'No Entry' signs prohibit cycle movements across the road closu ... [more]

For fucks sake, @CityofYork, we're a tourist city; you're meant to welcome people, not terrify them! St Helen's Square has always been a place of people gathering, this is just awful.

The path to Stockiemuir Road, and across to the Baljaffray estate, could easily be upgraded for cycling, along with the rest of the route from the Allander Centre.

Barrier to contraflow cycling - which really should have allowed here.

No level access at Baldock station

Motoring filter that should be modified to allow easy passage of bicycles.

Short pedestrian area that could use a more appropriate design to allow cycling.

Around the Houses. There are Barriers Galore on this Shared Use Path. A very long and slow way to go around the Houses. These Barriers hinder everyone on Foot and Bicycle. They could be removed and replaced by tactile paving.

A serious lack of attention from the council has resulted in this useful path becoming hugely overgrown. It is almost at the point of being impassible.

barriers on the route through Truro College

Totally blocked by deliveries on both sides.

Dropped kerb needed

Can't be good to feel like a mug for following official cycle route signs. This is part of the Wirral Circular trail in West Kirby. For me it's irritating, those with mobility issues or nonstandard cycles are simply excluded. We can do bett ... [more]

Come on guys new #barriers on #NationalCycleNetwork Route4 in #Newport not even sufficient clearance for handlebars!!! Perhaps at least make them adjustable #EqualityAct #PathsForEveryone @NewportCouncil @SustransCymru ... [more]

Battered railings encroaching further into a narrow shared path. Why exactly are they needed? The next crossing does not have railings.

This was already a very tight and awkward gap to negotiate. Knuckle crusher rails were installed last year to punish anybody who didn't get their alignment quite right. This bollard has now been added to make it even more difficult and make ... [more]

This was already a very tight and awkward gap to negotiate. Knuckle crusher rails were installed last year to punish anybody who didn't get their alignment quite right. This bollard has now been added to make it even more difficult and make ... [more]

Burst water main, not being fixed. Grantchester High Street

Barrier to any tricycle or tandem on route to Oxenholme station

Dropped kerb needed and a cycleway along the Quai de la Londe, Caen

This 'wheeling channel' at Avignon Centre station is so close to the wall and the handrails that it's unusable.

Nothing has changed at Avignon TGV station - there are still cars parked in all the cycle lanes.

Cars parked in eastbound advisory cycle lane and on pavement, Roman Road in Bethnal Green

TWO years on and there is still no way to cycle from Runcorn to Widnes during weekdays.Work has overrun on the old bridge and cycling is prohibited on the new one - #103166

The footway is totally blocked, so everyone walks on the cycleway

Absolutely gigantic oversize barriers lead to a very poor quality gravel path, before you can access the better quality asphalt path that takes you into the industrial estate. These need to be removed.

Crazy not to provide a dropped kerb on this new link to Oxford station

Clear line of desire where the busway failed to provide a direct link from Over to the maintenance track - people are clearly carrying bikes across the busway here.

The shared footway takes people away from Manchester Road and over to Nelson Street, whether they want that or not. It seems some people ride across the grass so presumably they wish to stay with Manchester Road.

A gate and A-frame barrier blocking the way to the National Cycle Network at the far end of Sandal & Agbrigg station car park.

Guardrail is shit.

Extremely low bridge over the canal

This needs to be opened up for cycling as well as pedestrians.

The worst anti-cycling barrier I’ve ever seen, erected by @TelfordWrekin. Those sharp corners are about at eye height on a road bike and approached around a bend on a down slope.

Received a torrent of abuse from drivers today when riding 300m on the A40 because of this ”sign” blocking the bike path. @OxfordshireCC, why are your contractors doing this? Location between Witney & Barnard Gate. Cc: @cllrbartington h ... [more]

Steps down onto cycle path, with wheel gutter available

This is where the good parts of the cycleway start - south of this location, the surface is gravelly and not very good. It's perfectly ridable, just nowhere near as nice. And unfortunately it's full of silly barriers like this one.

Annoying barriers on this cycleway.

Chester Road Household Waste Recycling Centre . Stretford near Manchester. A pavement is completely blocked by a guard rail and overhanging vegetation forcing people to use the access road used by cars and HGVs. Reported to Trafford via ht ... [more]

It's annoying but not surprising that a multi-million pound high-level bridge can be built across an estuary in only 3 years, but a simple cycle lane takes even longer. Cyclists have to take a diversion around busy roads to bypass this clo ... [more]

NCN route 5 blocked by cycle stands added by the Westgate development.

Barriers obstructing the tram side cycle track

An awkward barrier at the foot of the ramp up to the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath, and no dropped kerb. The only way to the Clydebank Business Park that could possibly be just a quarter of a mile is to head in the opposite direction from ... [more]

As if this gate wasn't awkward enough to negotiate before, somebody has bolted a post onto the narrow cattle grid. Why is there so much resistance to making this busy, popular route to Granchester cycle friendly?

When Drumry Road East was first closed off at the Great Western Road roundabout, the traffic order exempted cycles from the closure. But nothing was done to facilitate cycle access, and even now that there is a shared-use footway on the oth ... [more]

NCN75 goes right through Gourock station, but it doesn't look like anyone is getting in this gate today. A path to the left is really what is needed, allowing access past the station to reach #91054 without dismounting.

Obstructive Barriers next to Emmanual School on the cycle track

Obstructive barriers on cycle track between Emmanual School and Gresham Sports Ground

Obstructive barriers on the tram-side path, modified within weeks of construction as they were preventing access by people using non-standard bikes

No connection to Bramble Lane

The barrier requires bikes to be lifted over since, even with the pedal at its highest point, the smallest of the metalwork pieces is still higher than the pedal.

Steps on the Hadrian's Wall Path, under a former railway viaduct.

The narrow path connecting Willow Holme Road to the riverside path is overgrown with nettles and some thorns.

Once over the flood defences, the path alongside the stream is of poor quality, and liable to flooding.

The path to the riverside is accessed via these steps over the flood defences.

This is not wide enough! My handlebars just fit, but no room for me as well. Not good enough for access to the cycleway.

Sharp and narrow turn on crossing on NCR 756. Lamp post further obstructs turning space for bicycle.

Busy bus stop on shared path on NCR 756. High traffic noise means people often cannot hear bike bell.

Traffic lights obstructing shared use path on NCR 756

After huge @GlasgowCC investment in active travel and purpose built cycle path on Sauchiehall Street, its now being used by @Treatzdessert as A-board site 😔 Right in the middle of cycle path! It's ok to advertise, but be a lil more consi ... [more]

A good example of how useless barriers like this are. Everyone just skirts around it. How much did this barrier cost, and who paid for it?

A problem many will be familiar with - overgrowth blocking the light from a streetlight. These things are often forgotten about by councils because they don't really affect motorists, but dark paths at night is a serious safety concern for ... [more]

This bridge could be part of the generally ok cycle routes in this area, but it needs a more gradual slope so the steps can be deleted. This is also a barrier to disabled travel.

Manchester Wythenshawe . One wonders why all that money was spent on creating a level crossing and not allowing it to be used . Cyclists will ride on pavement after using dropped kerbs to ... [more]

Manchester Wythenshawe . One wonders why all that money was spent on creating a level crossing and not allowing it to be used . Cyclists will ride on pavement after using dropped ... [more]

Awful Anti-Bicycle Obstruction under the South Wales Railway on Alney Island, Gloucester. A Mental Metal Contraption to stop Bicycles on the National Cycleway Network. It locks people out with Dutch Bicycles, Tandems, Wide Handlebars, lik ... [more]

Despite being a signed cycle route between i3 and Irvine station (which also connects NCN73 and NCN7 although this is not mentioned on the signs), there is no dropped kerb at the end of the path to the Fullarton Street zebra crossing.

A kerb across the path into Fairweather Park from Greenlaw Road.

Access onto canal towpath is blocked now due to overgrown vegetation. This was left as a promised legacy from the path improvements scheme . The path was left as an alternative to a more expensive but more direct access from the Watersmeet ... [more]

Barrier too narrow for my handlebars. That is the Lands End to John O'Groats map on my map holder.

Same as it ever was

Barriers too close and no drop kerb. Worn grass shows desire line. A bit of a shame but ramp is still useful to link Rigby Street to Rigby Crescent and avoid traffic on Shettleston Road.

A frame not wide enough! please replace with bollards.

This is only really a useable path for people on mountain bikes but at least it's now accessible (it used to be blocked off). This stick-out bit of fence seems pointless though.

It won't be long before the TPT here is completely invisible.

Wasted opportunity for a riverside link to the University of Northampton's Waterside Campus

Full-width barriers and no thought of cyclists at the University of Northampton's Waterside Campus

All options for a riverside route east from the Wathen Wigg bridge to the University of Northampton are blocked.

No disabled access here, just a locked gate and a very narrow A-Frame.

A severe barrier on the path between Duncryne Place, Bishopbriggs and Ashgill Road, Glasgow.

Randomly placed bollards leading up to the main event.

Slow for a sodding gate post? Surely priority signs like those on the adjacent road would be more appropriate.

A barrier over the HArTT cycle path at Carron Road, and a diagonal crossing over to the next section of path.

Although the HArTT cycle path has been given a raised crossing (see #108674) and there is no road access across it, there are also no dropped kerbs to allow convenient access onto the cycle path for anyone living nearby. Some of the signs a ... [more]

An access ramp and a barrier (with a BMX style bypass) on the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath.

A barrier at the Cumbernauld Road bridge and crossing on the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath, but no asphalt for the bypass gap.

National "Cycle" Network Route 6 - steep bridge over NET and the Robin Hood Line

Locked gate and horse access only

No cycle access, No disabled access. Access for rangers vehicles (locked). Horse traps and pedestrian access. How unsatisfactory is that for a gate on a cycleway.

Four chicanes along this stretch which drops to the underpass level.

The barriers and bollards at this curious road layout seem over fussy.

Road closure with no cycle provison, Benitses, Corfu

Anti motorbike barrier

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