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Photo listing : obstructions (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Vehicle parked overhanging the cycle parking buildout (which has lost its protective bollard) - making it harder for us to wheel our bikes in and out of the house.

Bollard damaged and lying in a nearby bush. Reported at: Reference: 00311822

Tesco probably paid for this bridge but didn't want to sacrifice the space for a ramp.

New steps and bridge to Tesco Extra with level access at this end but only steps or a lift at the other end.

Barriers on cycle route parallel to the railway to Dundee station

New steps down to Tesco Extra, Dundee - there's plenty of room for ramps, but no, anyone with a wheelchair, buggie or bike has to go the long way round.

A barrier at the entrance to The Saltings local nature reserve from the car park. There is another barrier further along the path, between The Saltings and Donald's Quay.

horrendous A-frame barrier that stops anyone with a tricycle, recumbent, or any form of adapted cycle for people with disabilities

Horrendous A-frame barrier that stops anyone with a tricycle, recumbent, or any form of adapted cycle for people with disabilities. Even more horribly, this is right next to the Woolgrove school, for special needs, thus ensuring that the ... [more]

Horrendous A-frame barrier that stops anyone with a tricycle, recumbent, or any form of adapted cycle for people with disabilities. Even more horribly, this is right next to the Woolgrove school, for special needs, thus ensuring that the ... [more]

Nice to have a link through but I had to dismount.

This small gate is all that stops people accessing a potential very quiet route from the A580, through the cemetery to the A6, beyond which they can get onto the Linnyshaw Loopline.

It's difficult to use a cycle lane when blocked by a huge truck. The crew was apparently cleaning drains, but had no answer when I asked them why they chose to block the cycleway and not park on the road (which has space to overtake).

Unusual - cars blocking the cycle lane in an effort to turn right a fraction sooner.

Truck on cycleway, Bratislava

As part of the National Cycle Network route 422 development, Bracknell have decided to forbid cycling on the proposed route.

Pedestrians and cyclists have to use the busy road along the Danube - a crossing to the excellent riverside route is needed.

Didsbury Manchester Corrections @BBCNWT - road space NOT parking space; Vehicle tax NOT road tax LAs can do something to stop pavement parking @livingstreets @MayorofGM @DJLewisUK @R ... [more]

Cut-through to Monthope Road - shame about the barrier right across the dropped kerb!


Fairfield East Manchester a NEW cycle open filter is blocked by a van and car . The @placesforpeople van is also obstructing the pavement (not a place for people thanks to @placesforpeople ) . The google image shows the warning signs for th ... [more]

A useful underpass currently blocked, probably because the estate around Chain Bar Lane has been demolished.

Barriers like this really aren't necessary and tend to block these routes to disabled folk. There should be a bollard or two, nothing more.

There's no level access to the London-bound platform at Kingham (though it would be fairly easy to provide a link from the road) and no wheeling channel on the footbridge, let alone a lift.

Barriers on link to underpass, Daventry

Long Buckby station - no lift or even a wheeling channel.

I'm not normally one for ragging on my colleagues but this shiny new car park at Gloucester station is an active travel crime scene. True @bollocksinfra

Road closure - why are there no dropped kerbs?

Lamp post in the middle of the cycleway

Dunham Massey Footbridge crossing from Trafford to East Cheshire see also #83857 and #104220 . On a busy day this bridge has large queues as only one direction at a time is possible. This crossing is not fit for purpose and will not allow ... [more]

This gate needs to be replaced, preferably removed, so people can walk and cycle without obstruction.

Manchester in Trafford. Sale M33 . Even with a narrow footpath motors will drive and park on pavement and directly underneath a @irwellvalley CCTV camera as well. A pedestrian wheelchair dropped kerb obstructed as well.

Not again... key crossing blocked again for construction.

A lorry parking on the new cycle path on Lea Bridge Rd.

Car parking on pavement on Lea Bridge Rd, presenting a hazard to pedestrians who may be forced to use the cycle lane to get around it.

Van joins the car obstructing the new cycle path on Lea Bridge Rd

New cycle lane on Lea Bridge obstructed by parked car

When vehicles park outside our front door it makes it much harder to get the bikes in and out of our hallway.

As on the south side of the railway, barriers here encourage the growth of weeds that eventually make the path too narrow to be shared. The barriers should be removed, the overgrowth eliminated, and the path restored to the full width of t ... [more]

A barrier encourages the growth of weeds on this approach to a walking/cycling bridge over the railway. These should be removed and replaced with a simple, single bollard.

Zero maintenance here has caused the path to become completely overgrown.

An unreasonable layout here, probably due to the large gates. The path should be straight across, to avoid making these awkward turns.

I'm not sure why the path is laid out this way but why can't we just cycle in a straight line, rather than have to weave through these obstructions?

Pointless barrier on this former railway. The area is littered with rubbish like this.

Visit the new Krypton Factor studios in Dunham to find a series of fiendishly difficult barriers to cycling.

Path over brook, not great for cyclists or people that can't jump currently. Could do with a little bridge over it, then it create ideal access from Shuttlewood to Seymour/Woodthorpe/Staveley without having to use the busy roads.

Very good potential route between Winchester and Canterbury Roads.

Potential route across the railway bridge, between Higher and Railway Roads.

A poor quality exit from the bridge onto Railway Road. Should be a raised crossing with ped/cyclist priority. The current layout encourages collisions between pedestrians and cyclists.

Ridiculous obstructions that should be removed. The bollards should be replaced with something spaced further apart, so larger bicycles and tricycles can pass.

A potential route to Pennybridge Lane? Needs vegetation cutting back, barriers removing.

Potentially useful link (moreso for pedestrians I think) westwards.

Potential route through here, needs obstructions removing and surface treating. Potential for slight widening by taking some of the allotment land.

Potential for a good route here between Carrington and Woodsend, quiet streets.

Potential for a good route from Carrington to Woodsend, this section would benefit from extended footways either side (there is space for this) and a central cycleway straight through.

Potential for a continuous route here, enabling cycling on quiet roads between Carrington and Woodsend. Two footways required, with a central cycleway. There is enough space for this.

Sudden end of cycle route to Cambridge Regional College. How hard would it be to sort this out? There are barriers in the underpass too.

Railway bridge under Station Road. Large heap of earth currently prevents access through from Westthorpe Hills

A3(M) Bridge Park Lane Cr

@oisinshare @firststreetmcr Ed: We're told it will be moved soon:

end of cycle route sign prevents cycling on the south side of Harrow Way - despite what developers think! Location: , Cliddesden (England, United Kingdom)

Utterly pointless cycle barriers. No reason for them to be here. Visibility is good, there won't be a speed issue on the bridge given the approaches, so the only reason I can think that money has been wasted here is to prevent motorcycle ... [more]

Walls are being built around the old parts of Tashkent, with pedestrian-only gaps.

No through road, gated access

No way across to the traffic-free route through central Tashkent.

Kissing Gate

Kissing gate on path along Woolston flood defences. The wide circular gap is just big enough to wheel a bike through, but still not a good idea.

Stepped access to the only way across this car-dominated junction

Unnecessary steps on this potential riverside route, Tashkent

UPDATE Jan 2019 - Looks like these bins have been elocated !! Manchester Metropolitan University Bonsall Street Hulme Manchester a cycle junction is impeded and made unsafe by 2 large bins and 2 small bins belonging to MMU @ManMetUni @Green ... [more]

Absolutely no need for these steps on what should be a very useful cycle link

Pointless closure of the route through the park to the station in Kogan (Bukhara)

Cycle barrier. Rounded shape enables a normal bike to be wheeled through, but it would be difficult with a tandem or trailer.

Cycle Barrier. not quite as inconvenient as it looks.

Access to the park is fenced off in front of the government building, Nukus, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

Road closure in Khiva - deliberately made impassable to wheelchairs and bikes

The shared use path ends before it reaches Lister Road, so doesn't really go anywhere. There is no provision for westbound cyclists here, and eastbound cyclists will have already negotiated a busy roundabout. "End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclist ... [more]

"End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclists Dismount" sign on new shared use path, Harrow Way Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom) There is no provision for westbound cyclists here, and eastbound cyclists will have already negotiated ... [more]

End of Cycle Route/Cyclists Dismount sign - for some reason, cycling to the dropped kerb is not allowed Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

crossing of Hill View Road - unfortunately, cycling is not allowed here Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

"End of Cycle Route"/"Cyclists Dismount" sign on Lister Road Location: , Basingstoke (England, United Kingdom)

Arbitrary road closure with no provision for cycling.

Barriers at Lionthorn Road crossing.

A kerb and barriers across the start of the newly rebuilt path to Falkirk High station. There is a dropped kerb but it's off to the left (see #103465).

Lack of permeability at the end of Parkhead Road in Hallglen. There is a similar step off to the left as well.

As seen in #103422, the dropped kerb on the Glenburn Road toucan crossing does not cover the full width of the tactiles.

At toucan crossing across Glenburn Road, the dropped kerb covers only about half the width of the tactiles. See close-up view at #103423.

The road towards Callendar Woods at New Hallglen Road.

A track that used to lead to a bridge that the HArTT cycle route used to cross the railway line. However, the bridge has been removed, leaving only the New Hallglen Road bridge to cross by. The HArTT cycle route sign at #103163 can be se ... [more]

Steps down into the Westquarter Glen. Maybe next time I'm in the area I'll explore the other options the HArTT cycle route could have taken.

More steps on the path through the Westquarter Glen.

Steps on the path through the Westquarter Glen. Not what you'd expect on a signed cycle route.

A single bollard in an already narrow path, approached in all directions by paths. Is this really necessary? No directions on the signpost for the route to the right, which also happens to be the HArTT cycle route.

A path connecting Chisholm Place to Portal Road, without even basic crossing facilities like dropped kerbs where it crosses Newlands Road.

A path connecting Portal Road to Chisholm Place, although there are no dropped kerbs (nor any other crossing facilities) where it crosses Newlands Road. The whole length of Portal Road (which runs parallel to the A905 Beancross Road) is rid ... [more]

The transition between shared footway and road is a mess, with right-angled turns, and a bin and a cabinet blocking the way.

NCN76 goes up this flight of steps to the Kinneil Estate. Smooth earth next to the steps acts as a sort of wheeling ramp. A single sign - easy to miss on this downhill section of road. I don't know why the path at the top of the steps co ... [more]

A sign with its posts blocking part of the width of the shared-use footway along Inchyra Road. The path clearly predates the sign. If someone is coming the other way, one of you will have to slow down to let the other go first.

NCN76 joins the shared-use footway alongside Inchyra Road, but has several barriers across it.

The exit from Rannoch Park, a path from Rannoch Road, and their connection to the shared-use footway alongside Inchyra Road.

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