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Photo listing : obstructions (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Mere near Knutsfrod . There used to be a bridge here . Mainly for wildlife but also a right of way. It was damaged years ago by a lorry then demolished immediately and never replaced.

Barriers on a cut-through, Bury St Edmunds

Fence and new kerbs blocking access to Partingdale Lane

Dead end - there's an active railway there, so who knows what they were thinking.

Hale Trafford - Obstructing barriers. At both ends of the path.

Hale Trafford - Obstructing barriers 2 sets . At both ends of the path.

Missed opportunity for a link from Hauxton Meadows to the A10 cycleways.

Missed opportunity for a link from Hauxton Meadows to the A10 cycleways.

Shallow steps on a path connecting Collina Street with the Forth & Clyde Canal and Maryhill Road.

No dropped kerb at the start of a path connecting Collina Street near new housing development to the Forth & Clyde Canal and Maryhill Road. The path is in poor condition and has some shallow steps in it too.

More pointless barriers. Cyclists aren't stupid. If there's a risk of conflict, put SLOW on the surface, as we do on the roads. Don't put these unforgiving barriers in.

It seems that someone is annoyed that cyclists are avoiding the stupid barriers placed here.

Barriers on a cut-through in Cottenham - blocking wheelchairs, buggies and bikes

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There will be roadworks on Histon Road for the next year - as promised there is a contraflow (southbound) cycleway, but all the signs ignore the existence of cyclists. And of course some people are allowed to park their vehicles in it.

Barriers force pedestrians and cyclists through a narrow gap and make it difficult to keep children on the pavement.

Bespoke barrier made from KeeKlamp. Some bikes can fit under the rail on the left but wheelchair users (and others) have to go the long way round

Entrance to covid-19 pop-up cycle lane blocked by cones and a sign.

Pop-up cycle lane on Bold Street now has more substantial barriers ... obstructing the exit onto Wilson Patten Street

Obvious crossing point on Elizabeth Way - but the crossing is just to the left at a much narrower and less important footpath. Move it here!

Cycle lanes aren’t real lanes.

Trafford Brooks Drive public right of way has been blocked off by very high (looks professionally installed) fencing. Blocks what would otherwise be an ideal quiet route linking Hale Barns. ... [more]

Bad chicane / anti-pedestrian railing forces people into conflicting situation precisely at a blind corner in the path. Really dumb design, forces people to get too close to each other without being able to see each other. Needs to be remov ... [more]

Narrow chicane entering onto a road with an obstructed view.

New housing development, ideal location for walking/cycling permeability linking up to lcn89

A double set of barriers with slightly narrow spacing on the north set

Narrow barrier spacing

Timperley Trafford . Obstruction impedes access for disabled, triple prams etc. and cyclists.

Stepped access at the rear of Churchill Cillege - why?

Cyclists Dismount sign and steps (why?) at the rear entry to Churchill College - there is a stepfree route but it's narrow and awkward.

Barrier by-pass

Car parked in Mandatory Cycle Lane on the Cambridge ring road

Pointless barriers on the cycleway from Great Kneighton to Hauxton Road - the road is a quiet dead-end, and could easily give way to this useful cycle route.

Unnecessary barriers on the new cycleway from Hauxton Road to the Novo development at Great Kneighton

The Mere Way byway - dropped kerb needed.

Bikes (buggies, wheelchairs etc) have to be lifted over the logs on the Girton to Histon bridleway

Cars parked as if the new cycle lanes hadn't been painted - because of course they're advisory and thus useless.

Now that Histon Road Recreation Ground has been improved for cycling, it's time this barrier was dealth with.

Poor track to the guided busway stop - dropped kerb needed

Altrincham. Path from Timperley to Altrincham has barriers that need removing

Altrincham. A short missing link for a route from the Bridgewater canal .

After intervention from Midlothian's access officer (thanks @MidHelp), @networkrail have installed 'access' through their barricades. Passable if you're walking, able to get off your (standard two wheeled) bike and push and maybe with a bug ... [more]

Sale nr Manchester route from Priory Gardens a Kissing Gate. There is a locked gate here preventing access Simple solution is to toremove the gate to allow free flow of active travel. This would be a fantastic route to avoid A56 from Sale ... [more]

Sale nr Manchester Priory Gardens . There is a locked gate here preventing accessSimple solution is to lock one of the large access gates in a semi open position to allow free flow of active travel. This would be a fantastic route to avoid ... [more]

Overranking continues despite the Covid-19 lockdown.

Strange - absurdly over-specified cycle stands with this side taken out of use to allow a second car to be squeezed in (as visible on Google satellite).

New advisory cycle lanes painted by Cambridgeshire County Council because proper mandatory lanes would take time and effort - so drivers leave cars in the cycle lane and the cyclist is pushed out into the road.

Access by stile only on this footpath - now that the A14 works are complete, surely it's time to allow access for bikes and wheelchairs again?

Shaftesbury Avenue to Loraine Road

Well trodden desire line now in place past unnecessary barriers

Temporary access to the Vet School during construction of the Cavendish III Lab - dropped kerb needed

Parking on the footway seems to be part of the plan at this new development in Trumpington.

Next level anti cycling infra on a path near patchway, south glos. Maybe they had a anti social behaviour issue with youths riding tanks??

New Tarmac and Old Barriers. Very poor Obstruction in Hempsted.

Only the narrow path to the right is open, but it should be possible to open up the old route to the left.

Only the narrow path to the left is open, but it should be possible to open up the old route to the right.

THIS IS ADDED TO INTERACTIVE MAP #SAFESTREETSTRAFFORD A route to avoid a busy road bridge is compromised by barriers see also #95761 . Remove the barriers and leave only a post or bollard ... [more]

Timperley in Trafford off Raven Road and on to Wood Road HIS IS ADDED TO INTERACTIVE MAP #SAFESTREETSTRAFFORD ... [more]

Bridleway under the A1307 (former A14) - there are awkward barriers at the bottom.

Dropped kerb needed at this cut-through in Fenstanton

Astonishing - the new shared-use path by the A1307 comes to an abrupt end here (on the far side), by the south/eastbound carriageway, with no way across for north/westbound cyclists etc.

Astonishing - the new shared-use path by the A1307 comes to an abrupt end here, by the south/eastbound carriageway, with no way across for north/westbound cyclists etc.

Astonishing - the new shared-use path by the A1307 comes to an abrupt end here, by the south/eastbound carriageway, with no way across for north/westbound cyclists etc.

Ironmongry galore

Dead-end route, potentially from the Park & Ride to Trumpington Meadows

Stepped access to Trumpington Meadows

Dropped kerb and signage needed at the start of this shared-use path

Pram handles on the pedestrian side, so anyone with a wheelchair, buggy or indeed pram has to use the cycling side. Dropped kerb also needed.

Off-road cycleway and floating bus stops required - buses can wait quite a while here.

Temporary (one hopes) end of the new Nine Wells path, with no crossing to the shared-use path across the busy main road.

There's a gap of a few metres betwen the end of the footway and the end of the new Nine Wells path which comes across the busy main road from the shared-use path.

Great Braitch Lane: Gate and kerb barriers to cycling

North west entrance to Great Braitch Lane blocked by gate and kerb

Sale near Manchester link betwen Chester Ave and Riley Close. Over restricted with complex barriers. Remove horizontal bars.

There's no traffic during the Covid-19 lockdown, but still, the police should not be leaving cars in the cycle lane.

A Silly Scaffolding Barrier Obstruction to hinder Bicycle use. Sustrans National Cycle Network NCN 42.

Strange that the British Antarctic Survey has nice new covered cycle parking but has done nothing to put in a dropped kerb or remove the barriers to Madingley Road.

The National Cycle Network NCN 41 barrier collection.

Another Awful 'A' Frame by the gate which can be Locked.

Dropped kerb needed for the route to the cycle parking to the north of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences

The first of the far too many obstacles on the poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41 from Gloucester to Cheltenham.

Barriers and a Lamppost in the very narrow John Woods Alley in Gloucester on the poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41.

The poorly designed National Cycle Network NCN 41 in John Woods Alley, Gloucester. It is far too narrow and an obstacle course.

After the barrier followed by a rough and steep BMX track. It is supposed to be for Bicycles but is really dire.

An Awful 'A' Frame on National Cycle Network (NCN 41). Abysmal 'A' Frame which is so bad there is reflector stickers on it which suggests that at night it is a nightmare obstruction and danger!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Warning on the Gate and the Awful 'A' Frame. This is in Churchdown.

The National Cycle Network (NCN) 41 is signed on different ways in Churchdown. Here is another Barrier to hinder people on Bicycles.

Traffic Light Sign placed on the Bicycle Path sending out the wrong signals to hinder Bicycle users.

Another poorly positioned Sign in the middle of the Bicycle Path.

Barrier where there is no Dropped Kerb when the Signed National Cycle Network (NCN) 41 points to the left. A right palaver!

The poorly designed National Cycle Network (NCN 41) which is too narrow and is a barrier to progress in more ways than one.

Barriers Galore.

National Cycle Network 41 (NCN 41) Obstacles.

I don't think there's any interest in stopping drivers from parking in the cycle lane at Darwin Green.

The Worst Dangerous Obstruction a Bicycle Path in Gloucestershire. The Shared Use Bicycle Path does not have the legal recommended width of over 150cm width for a Single Lane Bicycle Path. This Bicycle Path is two way even so, with this B ... [more]

Urmston Davyhulme m41. Approach to roundabout has a cycle lane in a completely useless place. 95% of cycle lanes in Trafford are used for car parking

Is this a barrier to social distancing as well as a bit of fencing that should probably have been removed long ago?

Bollards at Panshanger Lane entrance to Panshanger Park, a barrier to disabled and family cycling

Bollards blocking access to disabled and family cycling at Birch Green entrance to Panshanger Park

Entrance to cycleway to Panshanger Park at Birch Green. No drop in kerb.

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