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Photo listing : road environments (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Tanner Row, York. This contraflow cycle lane is not safe for any user. Yet is now also signed for people in wheelchairs. See also: #168584 and links.

[Image taken 4.5.21] Wellington Row, York. These signs are not true. I am baffled by wheelchair users being directed this way. The pavements are not wide enough and the carriageway under pressure and hazardous. See also: #168585. Wellington ... [more]

Road resurfaced here end of April 2021 to a really high standard. The path is just soil ! There is NO path on the other side . Reported to Trafford : Carrington Lane West bound and West of junction with Banky Lane. Road has been resurfaced ... [more]

The Ely Southern Bypass - massively over budget, but they couldn't find a few quid for a cycle lane.

Very narrow pavements with lorries passing right up to the kerb with wing mirrors very close to pedestrians. More space needed for people walking.

A 20mph zone and recommended route for cycling into Govan, but no dropped kerbs or raised crossing to help pedestrians to cross the road.

Excess road capacity on Lyoncross Road is simply hatched out, rather than creating a two-way cycle track (leaving the opposite side for residential parking).

Narrow paths and too many cars parked

[Image taken 29.4.21] Bridge Lane junction with Wigginton Road, York. View from the pavement approaching the turn from the direction of the hospital. Cyclists get a green signal. But they are set so far back they can't see if pedestrians ar ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Hurricane Way, York. Hurricane Way is a through route for people on cycles and on foot - it's permeable-ish (see: #167734) only to these modes. It's also a retail destination. You can get here mostly traffic-free from ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Hurricane Way, York. It's a long way to the other side: four lanes including the right turn into B&Q. On a heavy and/or laden cycle or with a trailer of purchases you won't be nippy and there's no drop kerb to access t ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Hurricane Way, York. A driver cuts the corner. I've experienced drivers cutting off much larger chunks here and at the other exits from the outlets on this road. For other images on this topic see: #167969 and links. F ... [more]

[Image taken 23.4.21] Hurricane Way, York. There is no provision for people on cycles to exit B&Q: a) to reach the shared-use, offroad route on the opposite side of the roads, or, b) to use the carriageway easily/safely to be able to turn r ... [more]

[Image taken 18.4.21] Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor, York. Overview image of this right turn. Other images of this issue today (measurements): #167738 and #167741, also #167740. For many other issues near here search on: Hurricane Way. For la ... [more]

[Image taken 18.4.21] Hurricane Way, Clifton Moor, York. The right turn space at its widest is 105cm. Other images of this issue today: #167737. For other issues near here search on: Hurricane Way

[Image taken 23.4.21] Clifton Moor Gate junction with Stirling Road, York. This is not a safe-feeling stress-free crossing despite it being just one lane and that it leads to a family destination. The coloured paint has worn off. Drivers co ... [more]

The "protection" on this protected cycle lane is pretty minimal. Compare with #117893. Still some people using it in the opposite direction though, showing there's demand for a protected two-way facility.

This is meant to be a protected cycle lane, but there is no protection on this section, just paint!

There's not much left of the protected cycle lane on Broomielaw, under Central Station bridge.

A poorly designed corner on junction at Cable Depot Road. The verge and tactile paving is being run over by vehicular traffic.

Come with me on the deeply unpleasant experience that is #cycling to the hairdressers on Ecclesall Road #Sheffield S11

Very poor crossing of the A1000 dual carriageway

Two-lane crossing at a roundabout exit for the new link road. This is not good enough - it should be a single lane, and the speeds should be significantly lower. This is dangerous.

An upstand high enough to allow a bike to be parked, at a turn into a side road, see #167163

The junction of Histon Road with Canterbury Street (and other side streets) has been designed with an upstand of 25mm, enough to throw a rider off their bike unless they turn sharply.

[Image taken 13.4.21] Bootham, York. Driver turning out of queueing traffic to travel on the wrong side of the road (the oncoming carriageway) into Marygate. See also: #167116

[Image taken 13.4.21] Bootham, York. When there is queuing traffic towards Bootham Bar, some drivers heading for Marygate (perhaps the car park at the end) get impatient. They turn out of the queue and drive on the wrong side of the road in ... [more]

[Image taken 9.4.21] Rougier Street, York. The driver of a Travelodge vehicle avoids loading taking place on the left but uses the contraflow cycle lane to do so. At the junction, a metre further up, the driver turns right (not shown) and t ... [more]

A local crossroads junction has just been remodelled into a mini-roundabout. "A perfect chance to upgrade the cycle route's crossing using latest LTN 1/20 guidance," I hear you say. Well, I'm pleased to report that t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶h̶ ... [more]

Poor connection to the public bridleway from Weaver's Field, Girton.

The South City Way cycle route on Victoria Road. Note how the right hand side of the cycle track gets narrower over the width of the road crossing. The markings should guide cyclists away from this area, where the kerb has upstand as the ra ... [more]

A dropped kerb for cycling from Cavendish Street towards the South City Way, but now it is aligned with a large patch of grass, so requires awkward turns to get around.

[Image taken 1.4.21] Perimeter route of one of the Clifton Moor, York retail areas. This one with a Tesco Extra. There is no convenient, comfortable, accessible exit - ie no drop kerb - to the road network for people on cycles other than by ... [more]

Drainage problems on pop-up cycle lane in Bilsland Drive at toucan crossing next to Ruchill Park.

A bus stop boarder followed by a sudden swerve around a marked parking bay.

”Out of Touch” more like - the latest political leaflet to come through my door, one candidate advocating a return of the suffocating traffic on Mill Road, despite claiming to support “greener healthier living”. No solution given ... [more]

Bodged repair, almost blocking the drain.

[Image taken 26.3.21] Family from Dringhouses on The Stonebow, York. I stopped to ask about their experiences of cycling on York's bridges. They push their cycles over because drivers - including bus drivers - pass too closely. I believe Yo ... [more]

[Image taken 24.3.21] Layerthorpe, York. Grating in carriageway. It is dead centre in the side road. The slots are in the direction of travel ie right where someone on a cycle is positioned. Tyres could go in. Someone could come off. Wheels ... [more]

The newish one-way system makes cycle access to Moreton-in-Marsh station difficult.

An important bollard has been removed here

I don't understand why a road like Bramford Lane needs central hatching or even a centre line. Surely we should be trying to make it safer to cycle considering it is supposedly a cycle route. Zebra crossings would be a better use of paint h ... [more]

Heart broken to see these tree stumps line the roads in Suryabinayak and Jagati. The beautiful tall trees are all gone! Some nearby trees can be seen in this Mapillary image: ... [more]

[Image taken 21.3.21] Tanner Row, Rougier Street, York. Police parking bay (see also: #164847). Parking by any vehicle along this stretch of Tanner Row reduces the available width of the carriageway such that drivers have to use the advisor ... [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] I have seen car transporters making this turn. I've never been standing at the junction with a camera at the time. Bootham is part of the inner ring road but has very limited space. There are advisory cycle lanes on bo ... [more]

[Image taken 20.3.21] ASL on Museum Street, York at its junction with Rougier Street. Damage to the tarmac immediately - unavoidably - where cyclists enter the ASL. See also: #165154, #165766

[Image taken 19.3.21] Cyclist in York. She has come from either Rougier Street (avoiding Lendal gyratory) or Tanner's Moat who has dismounted to access the pedestrian crossing and is now continuing her journey on her cycle across Lendal Bri ... [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] ASL on Rougier Street, York where it joins Lendal gyratory at Station Road. The two-way cycle cut-through between Rougier Street and Tanner's Moat is to the right. The cyclist has come from Tanner's Moat and is headin ... [more]

[Image taken 19.3.21] Pedestrians in York approaching the cycle cut-through between Tanner's Moat and Rougier Street. If you are a cyclist on Rougier Street and you want to reach Lendal Bridge (Station Road-Museum Street) to the right in th ... [more]

[Image taken 18.3.21] Mill Lane, York. You have to be right at the junction to see the gap that enables people on cycles to make a right turn into Heworth Green. See also #165640, #165642.

[Image taken 18.3.21] Very faded cycle lane on Mill Lane, York. See also #165640, #165643.

[Image taken 18.3.21] Mill Lane, York. There are no signs to tell any road user approaching this junction that people on cycles can turn right into Heworth Green. I approached believing I would need to get off my cycle and finesse my way ac ... [more]

[Image taken 18.3.21] Grit and its source - extensive damage to the road surface on Malton Road, York. Grit is a real danger to people cycling. Your tyres can't get purchase on the road surface so you skid. Even at low speeds. See also #165 ... [more]

[Image taken 18.3.21] Grit on cycle symbol on Malton Road, York approaching the roundabout (Stockton Lane, Heworth Road, Heworth Green). The grit caused me to skid despite my low speed. It looks as if the grit has come out of the myriad are ... [more]

The new road layout on University Avenue does not meet with the approval of at least one cyclist (who stays on the footway).

I saw a car being driven on the footway- the wet tyre track shows the path skimming past front doors at speed as the driver lacked patience.

A section of the Springburn Road residential access road is one-way, and the path down to the expressway is of limited use for cycling since it leads only to a pedestrian crossing, with no footway continuing on this side.

Grit from disintegrating road surface covering cycle lane. But makes seeing several sets of bike tyre tracks easier.

Left hand filter lanes are awful for cyclists heading straight on as you need to negotiate into the middle of the road. This one is particularly gratuitous since hardly any traffic heading ion this direction will take that turn. The reverse ... [more]

Resurfacing with massive 20mph markings on a dead-end where no-one should be anywhere close to that speed - this is mainly a cycling/walking route, so couldn't something better be done here? Start by moving the car storage to the right and ... [more]

Uncontrolled crossing of Alderman Road, signed for cycling and walking. View opposite to that in #165306.

Uncontrolled crossing of Alderman Road, signed for cycling and walking. No change from #36030.

The Alderman Road cycle lane ends by veering into a signed but not marked shared footpath across to Kelso Street.

Deteriorating road surface beyond the mini-roundabout on Alderman Road. The cycle lane appears to be in the poorest of condition compared to the surrounding road surface.

Deteriorating road surface on much of the Alderman Road cycle lanes. The opportunity could be used to swap the parking and cycle lanes about, which would result in less wear and tear on the cycle lane in future.

The crossing from Red Cross Lane to Nightingale Avenue - eventually I suppose the pedestrian crossing will have to be moved here to allow a straight-across movement for cyclists.

Clearly fed up locals

Some time ago I saw a plan that showed a proposed "No Entry except cycles" at Great George Street, but it hasn't happened and the rat-running traffic continues.

Fen Causeway has been resurfaced, and the awful ski-jump has gone - but the tatty shared-use path has not been fixed, of course.

Wasted space, a railway bridge just used for car storage - at the least there could be a route for cycles to turn left off Farringdon Rd.

Road closure - once again the NHS provides car parking but does a poor job of cycle access.

@A428Cat 9 months on and @HighwaysEAST have still failed to commission the NMU' lights at #BramptonHut Meanwhile lives are put at risk daily as vulnerable road users attempt to cross the A14 and still no date for fixing them. @camcycle @Ran ... [more]

Caption: [Image taken 26.2.21]. Despite the cyclists dismount sign there is a route through. So why the sign? See also: #164583, #164584, #164585, #164586. Newer images: #166495, #166496

Traffic speed too high, blind bends and lack of space for pedestrians and cyclists. Reduce limit to 30 mph. Cut back scrub to remove blind bends. Provide marked foot path.

[Image is of the document AOD_20_00269-PEDESTRIAN_AND_CYCLIST_DIVERSION-2330317 published on the York planning site on 03 Feb 2021]. It shows the signs required to enable people to find and follow the proposed - not yet agreed (19.2.21) alt ... [more]

Stretford Town Hall Trafford . Cycle lane lines and green are being repainted. They are being painted exactly the same sub standard width . Should be 2 metres minimum especially on this national cycle route 55 and as there is plenty of spac ... [more]

The cycleway heading out of the city is a narrow shared use footway.

[Image taken 5.2.21] How do cyclists using the cycle route around the Monks Cross, York retail park cross between the two sides here. (On the left out of shot is a line of shops in the direction of the camera starting with a Primark. On the ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] People riding on the Monks Cross, York retail park cycle route have lost the red colouring of the tarmac and now have to rejoin the road. There is no kerb but the angle is such that I feel even with no mobility issues i ... [more]

Crossing needed here to link the shared-use path on the east side with the new route across the A14

Right on the airfield cycle route to Oakington and Cambridge, this is a typical car-swamped housing development.

There's no safe crossing of the A1307 here, but the shared-use path on the far side simply ends and cyclists towards Fenstanton are supposed to head north on the A1307 here (but it seems the farm access road to the west is an alternative).

Crossing needed here to link the shared-use path on the east side with the new route across the A14

The cycle lane soon ends, but if space was taken from the hatched area on the right it could be extended a bit closer to the new shared-use path across the A14.

Someone has suggested removing accesss for cars as they can come down the M275. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea as this is a main road through the centre of Portsmouth. To suggest traffic should use the M275 clearly shows that there i ... [more]

Very slippery conditions in the shadows on this on road section of NCN11 in Shelford.

Assault: I'm done with cycling. Just been attacked by 2 men in a small silver car. Drove at me on Wexford Road without leaving space. Then reversed at me to try to run me over. Then his passenger threw his drink at me. Shouting about ... [more]

Drainage problem on Coronation Street, Cambridge.

"Now, brother! Be quick! If we set off now we can reach the other side by Easter!" (Not sure this is the right location - but this is an area where the footway has been reduced - making the crossing much more diff ... [more]

Poor drainage at this corner of Devonshire Road and Tenison Road. Works are ordered according to: reference: 353717 when checked 23/12/2020.

Has anyone @BuryCouncil considered how these these repeated kerbs / car driveway access arrangements (eg St Marys Rd, Prestwich) are a real barrier to disabled people, ppl with V small kids etc? @cllralanquinn @LBBuryS @pootlers @walkridepw ... [more]

COVID-19 testing for drivers ONLY. Good bit of analysis in the @FT this morning. UK's disregard for public transport for decades, particularly in rural areas, now has literally meant that having access to a car is required for vaccinatio ... [more]

Modal filter with semi-permanent winter puddle - would it be better with cyclists passing to the sides?

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. At this point, it is a door-zone painted cycle lane next to marked car parking bays.

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. This bus stop appears to have been forgotten for the bus boarder treatment. Hatching has been removed from the centre of the road to make room for the cycle lanes, which much improve safety for as lo ... [more]

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. At this point, the door-zone painted cycle lane (see #156185) leads into the remains of the original cycle lane in Hawthorn Street (see #25292), without addressing the problem of them being on the wrong ... [more]

Dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. Significant remaining upstand renders it dangerous for oblique approach.

New dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where the Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. It's not even close to 'flush', and potentially very dangerous for any oblique approach from the on-road painted cycle lane.

No, those wands aren't there to protect the paintwork on your Audi. 😡 (Rosendale Road, W. Dulwich).

The pedestrian crossing is in the wrong place. It is difficult to see pedestrians emerging and dangerous. It should be moved onto or across the bridge, most users going to/from Maldon to/from Fullbridge or the Cromwell Lane footpath in any ... [more]

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