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Photo listing : road environments (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Fen Causeway has been resurfaced, and the awful ski-jump has gone - but the tatty shared-use path has not been fixed, of course.

Wasted space, a railway bridge just used for car storage - at the least there could be a route for cycles to turn left off Farringdon Rd.

Road closure - once again the NHS provides car parking but does a poor job of cycle access.

@A428Cat 9 months on and @HighwaysEAST have still failed to commission the NMU' lights at #BramptonHut Meanwhile lives are put at risk daily as vulnerable road users attempt to cross the A14 and still no date for fixing them. @camcycle @Ran ... [more]

Caption: [Image taken 26.2.21]. Despite the cyclists dismount sign there is a route through. So why the sign? See also: #164313, #164583, #164584, #164585, #164586

Traffic speed too high, blind bends and lack of space for pedestrians and cyclists. Reduce limit to 30 mph. Cut back scrub to remove blind bends. Provide marked foot path.

[Image is of the document AOD_20_00269-PEDESTRIAN_AND_CYCLIST_DIVERSION-2330317 published on the York planning site on 03 Feb 2021]. It shows the signs required to enable people to find and follow the proposed - not yet agreed (19.2.21) alt ... [more]

Stretford Town Hall Trafford . Cycle lane lines and green are being repainted. They are being painted exactly the same sub standard width . Should be 2 metres minimum especially on this national cycle route 55 and as there is plenty of spac ... [more]

The cycleway heading out of the city is a narrow shared use footway.

[Image taken 5.2.21] How do cyclists using the cycle route around the Monks Cross, York retail park cross between the two sides here. (On the left out of shot is a line of shops in the direction of the camera starting with a Primark. On the ... [more]

[Image taken 5.2.21] People riding on the Monks Cross, York retail park cycle route have lost the red colouring of the tarmac and now have to rejoin the road. There is no kerb but the angle is such that I feel even with no mobility issues i ... [more]

Crossing needed here to link the shared-use path on the east side with the new route across the A14

Right on the airfield cycle route to Oakington and Cambridge, this is a typical car-swamped housing development.

There's no safe crossing of the A1307 here, but the shared-use path on the far side simply ends and cyclists towards Fenstanton are supposed to head north on the A1307 here (but it seems the farm access road to the west is an alternative).

Crossing needed here to link the shared-use path on the east side with the new route across the A14

The cycle lane soon ends, but if space was taken from the hatched area on the right it could be extended a bit closer to the new shared-use path across the A14.

Someone has suggested removing accesss for cars as they can come down the M275. This is an absolutely ridiculous idea as this is a main road through the centre of Portsmouth. To suggest traffic should use the M275 clearly shows that there i ... [more]

Very slippery conditions in the shadows on this on road section of NCN11 in Shelford.

Assault: I'm done with cycling. Just been attacked by 2 men in a small silver car. Drove at me on Wexford Road without leaving space. Then reversed at me to try to run me over. Then his passenger threw his drink at me. Shouting about ... [more]

Drainage problem on Coronation Street, Cambridge.

"Now, brother! Be quick! If we set off now we can reach the other side by Easter!" (Not sure this is the right location - but this is an area where the footway has been reduced - making the crossing much more diff ... [more]

Poor drainage at this corner of Devonshire Road and Tenison Road. Works are ordered according to: reference: 353717 when checked 23/12/2020.

Has anyone @BuryCouncil considered how these these repeated kerbs / car driveway access arrangements (eg St Marys Rd, Prestwich) are a real barrier to disabled people, ppl with V small kids etc? @cllralanquinn @LBBuryS @pootlers @walkridepw ... [more]

COVID-19 testing for drivers ONLY. Good bit of analysis in the @FT this morning. UK's disregard for public transport for decades, particularly in rural areas, now has literally meant that having access to a car is required for vaccinatio ... [more]

Modal filter with semi-permanent winter puddle - would it be better with cyclists passing to the sides?

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. At this point, it is a door-zone painted cycle lane next to marked car parking bays.

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. This bus stop appears to have been forgotten for the bus boarder treatment. Hatching has been removed from the centre of the road to make room for the cycle lanes, which much improve safety for as lo ... [more]

Pop-up cycle lane on Hawthorn Street. At this point, the door-zone painted cycle lane (see #156185) leads into the remains of the original cycle lane in Hawthorn Street (see #25292), without addressing the problem of them being on the wrong ... [more]

Dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. Significant remaining upstand renders it dangerous for oblique approach.

New dropped kerb at Barnwell Meadow where the Chisholm Trail will meet Newmarket Road. It's not even close to 'flush', and potentially very dangerous for any oblique approach from the on-road painted cycle lane.

No, those wands aren't there to protect the paintwork on your Audi. 😡 (Rosendale Road, W. Dulwich).

The pedestrian crossing is in the wrong place. It is difficult to see pedestrians emerging and dangerous. It should be moved onto or across the bridge, most users going to/from Maldon to/from Fullbridge or the Cromwell Lane footpath in any ... [more]

Very poor apportionment of road space outside Harrods

Dual carriageway ring road crossing confronts cycle crossing at Nuneaton

A driver going through the other side of the pinchpoint, Felixstowe



Children after school technically criminalised by cycling on Burleigh Street at 3pm

A total lack of cycle facilities on Govan Road at the Pacific Drive junction. On the right is an approach lane for the Fastlink busway on Pacific Drive.

No dropped kerb at the end of MacLellan Street, at the path to Gower Street, although the kerb does get quite low nearer the fence.

The surface of Lymburn Street is rather bumpy, with poorly relaid cobbles.

The cycle lane is too narrow (but 'protected' by a solid white line) on this bend

Wide road with absolutely no cycle markings.

The cycle lane merging like this is a nice idea, but it should be reinforced with wands in the chevron area.

These typical TFGM crossings are better than nothing but the controls are very difficult to see while cycling and the layout is difficult for a cyclist to navigate. Also, pedestrians and cyclists should not have to cross the road in stages ... [more]

The crossing is welcome but the approach is difficult to navigate. Cyclists do not ride in right-angles, they ride in curves, and so the approach should be curved. And the buttons can be difficult for someone on a cargo bike to reach with ... [more]

More gas works :(

Make Arbury Road clean and safe, say residents

No dropped kerb at Windsor Street/Windsor Terrace to get through to North Woodside Road at the Lidl supermarket.

Poster erected by ad-hoc committee of traders and residents implying (falsely) that the whole community is behind their campaign to reinstate all the pollution and injuries arising from through-traffic on the bridge. In fact, only 50-70 ... [more]

Mill Road in top 10 collision cluster sites

Lots of space for a contraflow cycleway by this one-way road.

“Stay safe on the bridge - Go by car” say some Mill Road traders. Utterly negative message to be turning away potential customers with. How about campaigning positively instead for improved signage, short-stay customer car parking ou ... [more]

Overly wide and dangerous expanses of tarmac to cross, with vehicles speeding on/off the roundabout, a Highways England signature.

Overly wide and dangerous expanses of tarmac to cross, with vehicles speeding off the roundabout, a Highways England signature.

The road markings tell cyclists to turn right from the left-hand side of the lane - potentially disastrous.

Developers have provided a footway for 150m north on NCN route 6 - they should have done a proper job and linked up with the existing shared-use path.

The usual semi-finished look of a new housing development, with piles of asphalt instead of proper dropped kerbs.

The poor footway by the A1041 ends without a dropped kerb.

Poor stretch of footway by the A1041.

Wasn’t much rain yesterday, a runner and I awaiting at a slightly flooded Keyhole Bridge for passage into Poole Park. One of the DfT Active Travel priority experimental measures for ⁦@BCPCouncil⁩ area Janu ... [more]

Walking route is very narrow and cycling this road feels treacherous. Cycle link required from Watton at Stone to the Stevenage cycling infra to make this commute/retail route viable for people to leave their cars behind. HCC spent £ms on ... [more]

The Great Western Road pop-up cycle lane. Some of the traffic cylinders were missing on this section.

No bus boarder at this bus stop, requiring anyone cycling to overtake stopped buses in the busy outside lanes. The cycle lane starts just after the bus stop.

No cycle lane on this section of Great Western Road, just arrows urging drivers to move out.

Plenty of space for a cycle bypass if motor vehicle storage wasn't seen as more important.

Soft sand, small wheels, impossible to ride hard work to push!

The nearby lanes are all very quiet, but the B3293 is a busy road and cars go very fast especially on this straight - speed cameras would help.

@GlasgowCC @SustransScot That's great! But why the parking spots just down the road before the British Linen Building? They have not been there before, there is no need and it generates a dangerous bottleneck between opening car doors on th ... [more]

The advisory cycle lane in University Avenue changes to a mandatory cycle lane, but the double yellow lines stop.

A poor surface in the University Avenue cycle lane, and incursion by a car driver.

The wet tyre tracks in the Gordon Street contraflow cycle lane reveal that some motorists are entering it in lieu of slowing down to make a tighter turn.

The pop-up cycle lane on Great Western Road is to end at Lincoln Avenue. After that, there are just discontinuous peak hour bus lanes.

No provision for safe cycling on Duntreath Avenue.

A couple of hundred metres of shared-use path would keep Cambridge-Newmarket cyclists off the A1304.

Glasgow cyclists, be very wary of the new cycle path at Mosspark Boulevard & Drumbrek Road, The removal of cones means cars are treating it as a left hand car lane. You could get hit by oncoming traffic

Warning signs on this new road and pavement parking

Diagonal implied crossing, paint's a bit worn already.

Diagonal implied crossing rather than straight matching the desire line to the stairs

Entrance to golf club, slip road approaching from the north so traffic could be travelling at speed

Path caked in leaves and mud, the NCN 12 sign shows the route that most sensible people would take.

Someone acting as lookout on the southern side of Clay Hill for children on bikes crossing from Flash Lane going down to NCN12, could do with a crossing or island on this junction

Absolutely horrible right turn here on NCN route 11

This on southbound A7. There to protect cycle lane to #ERI. Wands dumped inside entrance to park. @EdinPolSE @lmacinnessnp

It looks as if they took out the traffic calming but left a sort of cycle bypass. Get rid of it.

Unprotected right turn to reach the A10 crossing and the cycleway to Landbeach

No signage at the start of Butt Lane for the route to Histon.

Terrible surface here, just where you have to ride to avoid dooring and overtaking motor vehicles

Horrible 20 metre-long tramline in the tarmac, causing instability just where you have to ride to avoid dooring by parked cars and either overtaking by impatient drivers in inadequate space or harassment from behind. Repeated requests to Co ... [more]

There is an advance cycle stop box at these traffic lights, but it was never repainted after being resurfaced several years ago. The cycle lane leading to it is also almost invisible. The road is narrowed here by a central island. Major haz ... [more]

Believe it or not, there is a painted cycle lane here, but drivers cannot see it and often encroach

Merging from shared-use path onto road can be scary, not helped by missing bollard at tip of build-out kerb, giving drivers no warning of cycles appearing

There will be roadworks on Histon Road for the next year - as promised there is a contraflow (southbound) cycleway, but all the signs ignore the existence of cyclists.

Give way paint not renewed in resurfacing work last year, leading to confusing directions that differ for those leaving vs those entering

Becoming overgrown reducing path width and visibility

Metal dropdown "gate" plates. The cycle parking is behind these so to ride to the cycle parking you have to go over these or walk via the pavement area. Grip seems a bit degraded when wet

Wrong sign, it's all shared path here

New Public Space This suggestion is part of Hackney Cycling Campaign's 'Vision for Hackney'.

Huge amount of space available to remodel (currently car parking) This suggestion is part of Hackney Cycling Campaign's 'Vision for Hackney'.

No entry to Worship Street from City Road northbound This suggestion is part of Hackney Cycling Campaign's 'Vision for Hackney'.

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