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Photo listing : road environments (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Shared Use Bicycle and Footpath with out Traffic Lights for Pedestrian and Bicycle users. Going from Tewkesbury Road turning into Estcourt Road which is a blind corner. The accelerating traffic from Tewkesbury Road Roundabout/Traffic Circ ... [more]

There really should be cycle access here.

Dangerous Cycleway Design forcing the person on a Bicycle into the path of the prevailing traffic. The Zebra Crossing has been built out for Pedestrian safety yet adversely comprises the Cyclists safety. The SLOW road paint is where the p ... [more]

‪#CamRideHome night survey looking at the green priority crossing the busway cycleway - the priority should be the other way round given very low level of cross traffic 🤔‬ ... [more]

The new road layout at the junction of Fountainwell Road and St Rollox Drive does not include a connection to the new cycleway. The speed of some of the traffic on the new road seemed quite high.

The road past the south side of London Bridge suddenly becomes one-way, although there's room for a contraflow cycle lane - most cyclists keep going anyway, as there's almost no motor traffic.

The only purpose this junction has is to allow high speed left turns. It's duplicated by the left turn at the junction a little further east. Crossing this junction as a pedestrian can be difficult, especially given the speed of traffic h ... [more]

Baud, Brittany - lots of cars, no cycle facilities, no cycle parking.

Narrow footway used by many cyclists going uphill.

Big junction

A typical sight throughout Britain - if a car can't drive along it, let's not bother looking after it. This could be part of a good route between Tyldesley and Bolton but its poor condition renders it an unattractive proposition. Further ... [more]

This narrow street cuts through a pedestrian area at a junction where there is very poor visibility, ideally it should be closed to motor vehicles. There's a 20mph roundel here, but even that is too fast for the intersection.

Hereford should open the one way streets to two way cycling.

This road was spoiled for us by close passing impatient motor traffic. We took the recommendation of this sign to turn right towards Holmer - Grimmer Road!

An unpleasant crossing point of Hereford's race track of a ring road. At least this is traffic signal controlled and there's some attempt at cycle markings.

An unpleasant crossing point of Hereford's race track of a ring road. At least this is traffic signal controlled and there's some attempt at cycle markings.

This is a bit of a dead end for cycling as there's not a nice way to cross the race track that is this ring road. The subway is No Cycling. The dual carriageway has a railing preventing at grade crossing, and anyway there is aggressive spe ... [more]

This quiet looking pedestrian route in the centre of Hereford is spoilt by motor traffic crossing right to left here on a narrow road with very poor visibility.

This lovely pedestrian route is rather spoiled by motor vehicles passing through rather assertively on the narrow road from left to right and might catch out the unwary.

Cyclists on the verge

Monmouth Road

Monmouth Road

Monmouth turn

Hereford to Ross

Hereford shared use on Ross Road.

Hereford shared use on Ross Road.

Despite the crossing at #110453 being a toucan crossing, the next crossing encountered is just a pedestrian crossing. Nelson Street is straight ahead and the first section of footway is shared-use.

A discontinuous cycle lane on Lower Kirkgate.

Cycling about town in Ilkley.

Some sort of gyratory system in the centre of Brighouse.

A road with 4 then 5 driving lanes and a painted cycle lane, with an overhead gantry sign. Must be suitable for cycling... #110658

A nib blocking access to a short cycle lane which in turn leads into the back of parked cars.

A traffic dominated environment in the centre of Skipton.

Narrow paths either side of the A6011 crossing on a curve in the road, no markings to indicate people are crossing on this busy road

The newish A394 Helston bypass, with no cycling facilities

The newish A394 Helston bypass, with no cycling facilities

Short cycle lane into a traffic light.

Narrow subway under the A52

Narrow path into Subway below the A52

A new roundabout for a big new Tesco supermarket, but nothing has been done for cycling apart from a bit of white paint.

This is a (relatively) safe crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11 leading south to Duxford. The damaged safety fencing gives an indication of how fast drivers go ... [more]

This is the southern end of a short cul-de-sac off Moorfield Road, Whittlesford, close to the A505. Slightly hidden behind a large bush (near where the cab of that passing lorry is) is a safe crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 ... [more]

View of a short cul-de-sac off Moorfield Road, Whittlesford that leads towards a safe cycle/pedestrian crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11. You can see the cro ... [more]

View from Moorfield Road, Whittlesford looking down a short stub of road that leads towards a safe cycle/pedestrian crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11. However ... [more]

View from Moorfield Road, Whittlesford looking south towards the A505 junction (a staggered cross-roads beyond which a continuation of Moorfield Road leads to Duxford). This is NCN 11. The short stub of road to the right leads towards a ... [more]

The soggy path meets the road network but there is a concrete edging strip sticking up. Uncomfortable to cycle over, and a tripping hazard for walkers.

There is NO proper cycle parking anywhere near the main entry to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Why does the NHS find this so diificult?

Typical car-dominated housing development, despite being five minutes by bike from the centre of Truro

The lower route to Truro station turns right here, but you wouldn't know it.

Acres of car parking at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, and no sign of any cycle parking. Why does the NHS find this so diificult?

A narrow split pedestrian crossing for NCN routes 7 and 10 crossing Bridge Street. There is a sticker for NCN72 at this location, and upon checking the Sustrans website, it appears to have been relocated from the riverside path to here.

This 'No Through Road' leads to the National Cycle Network.

Extremely busy crossing on NCR 756. Either have to step out into traffic when queuing or wait for driver to give way. Pedestrian island between lanes is barely wide enough to accommodate bicycle.

Welcome to Dumfries 🤦‍♂️ @CyclingDumfries

The canal towpath near this point has now been given a much improved sealed surface, so it's a shame that this point of access has been completely untouched.

Another example of the poor cycle infra in the Newmarket Road retail park. The driver just pulls up and stops (without indicating to traffic behind) in the cyclelane and the passenger opens the door straight away. This, combined with https ... [more]

New, very poor cycle infra in the retail park. Note "Cyclists use cyclelane only" is advisory so will confuse a lot of people. And it's a very bad place to ride, as shown by people walking in it. Just 10 metres earlier, this happened: https ... [more]

Totally un-cycle-friendly dogs-leg pedestrian crossing on NCN route 6 in Northampton

Extremely narrow cycle track adjacent to tram tracks

Mevagissey harbour, where driving is allowed but cycling is not - though that surely wouldn't stand up in a court of law.

A long lead up and sharp bend mean this was very hard to get a cargo bike round. It requires hefty wiggling. Ok for normal bikes but beware if you have a tandem, Tagalong or cargo.

The recently redesigned Sevenways roundabout has some minor improvements for pedestrians, but on the road it's a very different matter. Very few road users pay any attention to the road markings and choose to move straight over them, leadi ... [more]

Intermittent painted cycle lanes on the 40mph A88 Bellsdyke Road, a signed diversion route for the M876 motorway.

The end of the cycle path from Cumbernauld Road and the Forth & Clyde Canal, but neither a dropped kerb to get onto the carriageway or a shared footway in either direction. Allandale to the left, Castlecary (and the quieter Walton Road to A ... [more]

The cycle route crosses so many lanes on this trunk road intersection - it's not obvious which toucan crossing buttons and lights to use.

Bendbow Rise underpass

Vans might be alright! Suitable for cars Light vans at risk 2.6m 8'-9"

Traffic chaos outside Wellacre school. Many children ride their bikes to and from this school, and lots more would like to join them, but for scenes like this. The road should be closed to through traffic and a clearway should be implemen ... [more]

Pelican crossing - with two cyclists waiting to cross New Parks Boulevard.

No drop kerb at angled access to staff cycle parking. Likely to cause falls.

No drop kerb so inaccessible and narrow for shared use.

View from the south gate of Kotor, Montenegro - there needs to be a cycleway between the traffic-choked main road and the sea.

Sofia station - organised for cars, not buses or bikes

Despite the controlled access to the old town of Plovdiv, it's full of cars.

This is one half of the huge Istanbul bus station - lots of car parking, no cycle facilities.

Proper crossing required, Istanbul

A split pelican crossing across Redwood Drive, rather than a toucan crossing with extra call buttons, when it forms part of a cycling route. It took a while for the lights to change.

The Stewartfield Way cycleway crosses Macneish Way (which is the entrance to the Morrison's supermarket) here, but no help to cross this busy road, not even use of a central island due to where the dropped kerbs have been installed.

The footway on this section of West Mains Road is not shared-use, although it looks little different from the section that is, and the carriageway is just as busy and fast-paced, so why not fill this gap in the network?

No room for a cycleway alongside Queensway between Righead and The Murray Roundabouts? Pedestrians have their own footway all the way.

A split toucan crossing across A749 dual carriageway for NCN756 to get to Nerston village en route to Rutherglen and Glasgow.

No improvement at the Kingsgate Retail Park entrance crossing on NCN756.

A new pedestrian crossing connecting the shared-use footway on Stewartfield Way to a sports centre across the road. Why no provision for cycling across?

To get onto the cycle route to Stewartfield from NCN756 on West Mains Road, the simplest way appears to be to use the slip onto Torrance Road and then the dropped kerb inside the junction.

A decrepit shared footway approaching the uncontrolled crossing across the High Common Road sliproad from Strathaven Road. Room for improvement.

Roundabout at the southern entry to Caceres - cyclists on the roundabout have to give way to motor vehicles exiting, not fair!

Dumped rubbish partially blocking a dropped kerb at Fir Drive garages.

The continuity of Netherton Road (now a path) has been destroyed by the junction at Applegate Drive. Not even a dropped kerb at the end of the path (which has been slewed away from its original alignment).

East Kilbride's cycle route 1 crosses Greenhills Road at this roundabout. There is a plan to dual Greenhills Road because it is so busy at peak times (although you'd never guess at 11am!).

East Kilbride's cycle route 1 crosses Greenhills Road at this roundabout. Quiet enough mid morning, but this road is so busy at peak times it is to be dualled.

Where now? Again, missing any signage, East Kilbride's cycle route 1 goes onto what looks like a footway at the far side of the junction, which is a path that leads to an underpass at the Righead Roundabout.

No sign on East Kilbride's cycle route 1 for the turn into Brouster Hill. There is a sign in the other direction, see #31508.

People are reluctant to cross Girton Road here to reach the crossing of the Huntingdon Road, because of fast cars turning into Girton Road.

Apparently a crossing here would make the right-turn lane too short so motor traffic into Cambridge would be held up. Oh dear what a shame that would be.

A failure on so many levels.

Looks like Wigan council didn't get the memo about greater manchester investing in cycle infrastructure. I genuinely didn't know these were cycle lanes until now. My shoulders are wider. Here's a tip, if you can't fit the bike picture in ... [more]

@hopsncheese George Street, #Huntingdon would benefit from 2 way cycling - part of @sustrans #NationalCycleNetwork route. @Huntingdon_Town views needed. @AmyBurbidge2 @Tomstukeley

The road markings on part of Alderman Road have been renewed, including a buffer strip between the parking bays and the cycle lane, but there's really no point in painting it less than the width of a car away from the kerb.

The start of the West Thomson Street cycle lane, opposite Clydebank High School.

The cycle lane up West Thomson Street ends in a car park at the Clydebank Health Centre.

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