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Photo listing : road environments (problem)

The most recent photos are listed first. See also photomap view.

Streatham Hill is one of the most unpleasant places in London to ride a bike. The current layout priorities cars, not people. Today we've published plans to make it better for people walking, cycling & using public transport 🚲🚶‍♀ ... [more]

Anyone else think this is good #CherryHintonHighSt cycle infrastructure? No, I don't either. This was put in only a few years ago, and from the road-use it's clear that it's worse than no cyclelane at all. And yet the council are about t ... [more]

Hi @A14C2H, this is the (complete?unfinished?) NE corner of the Histon roundabout. It is way too narrow to allow safe 2-way cycle traffic (and esp for cargo/trailer bikes). Could you please look at this? @camcycle

Belgrade Cycling Campaign reporting on pollution, on Branko's Bridge

A flooding problem on the road to Robroyston station.

The King's Parade security gate is now in use, with cars having to turn around at the junction with Bene't Street, which is closed for utility works (thanks to Lucinda Price).

Design fail: While buses wait for the rising bollard to drop, the backend of the bus partially blocks the carriageway.

Crossing of the dual carriageway in Winchester.

This is a dual carriageway in the heart of Winchester, notionally 20mph but a horrible road environment for us on the narrow footways.

ASL across four lanes of traffic and a warning to “right turners” to give way to oncoming traffic. Taken from a seat on bus 233.

Road closure - this should be improved as a cycle link

No safe crossing of the A752 at Commonhead Road, on the Seven Lochs Trail, and not even a dropped kerb! Just a promise of a future bridge across the M73 and A752, if it gets funding.

The Seven Lochs Trail crosses the A752 and goes into Drumpellier Country Park. But there's not even a dropped kerb to help with the crossing of this busy A road at Commonhead Road.

A poor transition between path and road at Balcurvie Road.

The entrance to the Robroyston station car park on the Millerston side. A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign but nothing to say motorists can't drive all the way to their parking spaces.

A roundabout where a bend would have sufficed. At least the previous roundabout has imminent plans for actual roads leading off to a new housing development.

The station is straight ahead, but again footway users have to go beyond the roundabout to cross, then head off to the right, to another roundabout.

Footway users have to go beyond the roundabout to cross.

There's nothing to indicate whether the footway that came from the toucan crossings back at the motorway junction is shared-use or not. In any case, anyone using the footway has a particularly indirect route to the station. At this roundabo ... [more]

A cover over one of the traffic signals at the partly signalised roundabout at the M80 Robroyston junction at Saughs Road.

Since there is only a shared footway on this side of Saughs Road at this point, anyone using it wanting to go to Robroyston station must go left to cross Saughs Avenue before starting to head towards the station.

The shared-use sign seen in #112689 is single-sided, and there is only a dropped kerb crossing on the southwest and southeast sides of the roundabout, not the northeast side.

A rather steep upstand for a supposedly 'flush' Cambridge kerb. This could easily cause someone to come off their bike if they didn't know, especially in the wet.

Huntingdon Road - I didn't dare to venture beyond here - as I'd be funnelled through a huge motorway junction in a concrete trough.

A narrow island forming part of a staggered toucan crossing. This isn't going to work well if more than one person tries to use it at the same time in opposite directions.

No cycle infrastructure on Crow Road through Anniesland Cross.

The staggered toucan crossings across Berryknowes Road do not even line up with the path from the flats.

Toucan crossings at the junction between Berryknowes Road and Kingsland Drive, although there are no cycle routes or shared footways leading up to them.

The straight across access from Kingsland Drive into the road in front of the Berryknowes Road flats has been closed off, without exempting cycles.

The footway markings on Leverndale Road end into an Advance Stop Line at the Crookston Road junction. There is no cycle provision on the main road. If there is moving traffic, this layout means cyclists waiting until the lights turn red ... [more]

Unusual markings on the footway.

Langhaul Road approaching the Leverndale Road roundabout. Suddenly cycle marking start appearing on the footway, without any dropped kerbs to get there.

Someone got paid for this work at Chirmorie Place!

The cycle lane approaching the Lidl store ends abruptly.

A huge roundabout for a junction between two residential roads.

The Hurlet junction is arranged for the convenience of motorists at the expense of all other road users.

The A726 dual carriageway approaching the Hurlet junction.

The A726 dual carriageway approaching the Hurlet.

The A726 dual carriageway between Dykebar and the Hurlet.

The A726 dual carriageway has a continuous footway from the edge of Paisley to the Hurlet and beyond, which could be upgraded to shared-use standard for those that need to use it.

The lack of cycle facilities on the A726 could be addressed by a modest upgrade of the existing footway to shared-use standards. Note that the dropped kerb crossing on the far side of the roundabout has been completed blocked for pedestr ... [more]

The dropped-kerb pedestrian crossing across Hurlet Road, near the roundabout for Grahamston Road.

No cycle facilities on the busy Grahamston Road, outside Dykebar Hospital.

Damage to pedestrian guard railing on Hurlet Road.

Unprotected painted cycle lanes on Clarence Drive, with parking on one side of the road.

Road closure for car parking - no cycle facilities.

Incorrect 'hazard' tactiles used for a road crossing.

Shared Use Bicycle and Footpath with out Traffic Lights for Pedestrian and Bicycle users. Going from Tewkesbury Road turning into Estcourt Road which is a blind corner. The accelerating traffic from Tewkesbury Road Roundabout/Traffic Circ ... [more]

There really should be cycle access here.

Dangerous Cycleway Design forcing the person on a Bicycle into the path of the prevailing traffic. The Zebra Crossing has been built out for Pedestrian safety yet adversely comprises the Cyclists safety. The SLOW road paint is where the p ... [more]

‪#CamRideHome night survey looking at the green priority crossing the busway cycleway - the priority should be the other way round given very low level of cross traffic 🤔‬ ... [more]

The new road layout at the junction of Fountainwell Road and St Rollox Drive does not include a connection to the new cycleway. The speed of some of the traffic on the new road seemed quite high.

The road past the south side of London Bridge suddenly becomes one-way, although there's room for a contraflow cycle lane - most cyclists keep going anyway, as there's almost no motor traffic.

The only purpose this junction has is to allow high speed left turns. It's duplicated by the left turn at the junction a little further east. Crossing this junction as a pedestrian can be difficult, especially given the speed of traffic h ... [more]

Baud, Brittany - lots of cars, no cycle facilities, no cycle parking.

Narrow footway used by many cyclists going uphill.

Big junction

A typical sight throughout Britain - if a car can't drive along it, let's not bother looking after it. This could be part of a good route between Tyldesley and Bolton but its poor condition renders it an unattractive proposition. Further ... [more]

Box junction on Hereford's grim ring road.

This narrow street cuts through a pedestrian area at a junction where there is very poor visibility, ideally it should be closed to motor vehicles. There's a 20mph roundel here, but even that is too fast for the intersection.

Hereford should open the one way streets to two way cycling.

This road was spoiled for us by close passing impatient motor traffic. We took the recommendation of this sign to turn right towards Holmer - Grimmer Road!

An unpleasant crossing point of Hereford's race track of a ring road. At least this is traffic signal controlled and there's some attempt at cycle markings.

An unpleasant crossing point of Hereford's race track of a ring road. At least this is traffic signal controlled and there's some attempt at cycle markings.

This is a bit of a dead end for cycling as there's not a nice way to cross the race track that is this ring road. The subway is No Cycling. The dual carriageway has a railing preventing at grade crossing, and anyway there is aggressive spe ... [more]

This quiet looking pedestrian route in the centre of Hereford is spoilt by motor traffic crossing right to left here on a narrow road with very poor visibility.

This lovely pedestrian route is rather spoiled by motor vehicles passing through rather assertively on the narrow road from left to right and might catch out the unwary.

Cyclists on the verge

Monmouth Road

Monmouth Road

Monmouth turn

Hereford to Ross

Hereford shared use on Ross Road.

Hereford shared use on Ross Road.

Despite the crossing at #110453 being a toucan crossing, the next crossing encountered is just a pedestrian crossing. Nelson Street is straight ahead and the first section of footway is shared-use.

A discontinuous cycle lane on Lower Kirkgate.

Cycling about town in Ilkley.

Some sort of gyratory system in the centre of Brighouse.

A road with 4 then 5 driving lanes and a painted cycle lane, with an overhead gantry sign. Must be suitable for cycling... #110658

A nib blocking access to a short cycle lane which in turn leads into the back of parked cars.

A traffic dominated environment in the centre of Skipton.

Narrow paths either side of the A6011 crossing on a curve in the road, no markings to indicate people are crossing on this busy road

The newish A394 Helston bypass, with no cycling facilities

The newish A394 Helston bypass, with no cycling facilities

Short cycle lane into a traffic light.

Narrow subway under the A52

Narrow path into Subway below the A52

A new roundabout for a big new Tesco supermarket, but nothing has been done for cycling apart from a bit of white paint.

This is a (relatively) safe crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11 leading south to Duxford. The damaged safety fencing gives an indication of how fast drivers go ... [more]

This is the southern end of a short cul-de-sac off Moorfield Road, Whittlesford, close to the A505. Slightly hidden behind a large bush (near where the cab of that passing lorry is) is a safe crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 ... [more]

View of a short cul-de-sac off Moorfield Road, Whittlesford that leads towards a safe cycle/pedestrian crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11. You can see the cro ... [more]

View from Moorfield Road, Whittlesford looking down a short stub of road that leads towards a safe cycle/pedestrian crossing point where cyclists can cross the A505 one lane at a time using a large central refuge. This is NCN 11. However ... [more]

View from Moorfield Road, Whittlesford looking south towards the A505 junction (a staggered cross-roads beyond which a continuation of Moorfield Road leads to Duxford). This is NCN 11. The short stub of road to the right leads towards a ... [more]

The soggy path meets the road network but there is a concrete edging strip sticking up. Uncomfortable to cycle over, and a tripping hazard for walkers.

There is NO proper cycle parking anywhere near the main entry to the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Why does the NHS find this so diificult?

Typical car-dominated housing development, despite being five minutes by bike from the centre of Truro

The lower route to Truro station turns right here, but you wouldn't know it.

Acres of car parking at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, and no sign of any cycle parking. Why does the NHS find this so diificult?

A narrow split pedestrian crossing for NCN routes 7 and 10 crossing Bridge Street. There is a sticker for NCN72 at this location, and upon checking the Sustrans website, it appears to have been relocated from the riverside path to here.

This 'No Through Road' leads to the National Cycle Network.

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